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You are here: > News > June 26, 2011

The Astounding Potential of Plasmic Power in PlasmERG Engine

The American company PlasmERG has developed a plasmic power technology that utilizes the power of plasma to power engines. These engines have the potential to revolutionize the energy landscape, and benefit human civilization in countless ways.

PlasmERG noble gas engine

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by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

If you have not read about the American company PlasmERG, and their "Plasmic Transition Process", you should do so immediately. Their technology offers a solution the energy crisis, a way to end the use of fossil fuels, and the potential to jump start a new technological age -- among other benefits! 

The general concept of the "Plasmic Transition Process" is fairly simple to understand. A cylinder (similar to one that can be found in an internal combustion engine) is filled with a mixture of cheap and inert gases, then sealed. A magnetic field produced by a coil wrapped around the cylinder is turned on to "pinch" or compress the mixed gases. Next, high frequency radio waves are emitted into the cylinder to ionize the gases. Finally, a high voltage ball of electricity is formed between four electrodes on the cylinder head. This sequence of events creates a plasma ball that starts to grow. This ball of plasma expands, and produces a linear force against the piston. As the piston cycles, only the magnetic field is maintained. The ionization field on the transition coil is reduced to the voltage on the cylinder coil. The RF is also turned off. The electrodes controller watches the cylinder to detect the starting signature of the event and it turns off the high voltage and tells the master controller to switch the others out as well.

Engines utilizing the "Plasmic Transition Process" are unique in many ways, and offer many advantages over internal combustion engines, electric motors, and turbines. Their capabilities are simply light years beyond any current "mainstream" technology.

For example, engines utilizing this process need very little fuel. Only small amounts of noble gases (although other gases such as hydrogen and nitrogen can also be used) are put into the cylinders of an engine, and one charge of gas can last for months of continuous use before another is needed. The reason such an engine would need to be refueled is because the gas mixture does get consumed and "wear out". Another reason for the recharge is that over a period of time the gas may leak out. It is difficult to create a perfect seal between the piston, cylinder and block in any type of engine. 

It is also important to note these engines produce massive amounts of horsepower and torque. They are extremely powerful. A small two cylinder 1000 cubic centimeter displacement engine can produce hundreds of horsepower, and hundreds of foot pounds of torque. This is of course while producing zero emissions, zero carbon dioxide, and zero particulate matter. In addition, no radioactivity is emitted from the engine. These engines are the ultimate "green machines."

Even though skeptics may think this is impossible, the engine remains cool even when producing hundreds of horsepower. This is possible, because when the plasma ball contracts and the gases return to their normal state, any heat produced is absorbed. Due to this aspect of the process, these engines do not need cooling systems. This eliminates unwanted components, reduces the price of the system, saves space, and eliminates an engine system that could potentially break down. Additional components are also not required. For example, the fuel tank, fuel pump and exhaust system, among others. 

The power, features, and benefits of these engines are amazing. What is even more exciting, is that these engines are about to be commercialized in the coming months! Instead of just being designed and tested, they will be put to use in practical applications. The remainder of this article will cover the uses of these engines, their potential, and how they can benefit all of us in very practical ways.

Speed Regulation

As would be expected, the engine uses a hard cylinder, the metal one; but in addition to this, there is also a VIRTUAL cylinder -- an electromagnetic one.

Of course the hard cylinder never changes in size; but the VIRTUAL cylinder can be modified in it's diameter.  It is this modification that enables the engine to be governed in its speed and power output.  The total virtual volume doesn't change, but with the virtual diameter changing, this is like making the virtual cylinder would become longer or shorter. So as speed goes up, the controller turns the plasma off earlier and earlier to not over run the piston, which has a fixed mobility length.  So by "SQUEEZING" the cylinder, the time it takes to fill the squeezed cylinder is shorter and the engine speed faster.

An Automobile Coming to Your Local Dealership

The PlasmERG technology can be used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, buses, and any vehicle that people currently use to get from point "A" to point "B." The biggest difference is that instead of burning gasoline, a vehicle utilizing a Plasmic Engine would consume tiny quantities of inert gases. Instead of spending thousands of dollars a year to fuel the vehicle, the owner would pay tens of dollars. This would save the driver massive amounts of money each year. Over the lifetime of the vehicle, the savings could be enormous. Perhaps even enough to purchase a home with, or put a child through college! And the price of the engine will be about one third of the engine it is replacing, and could potentially last longer, given its simplicity.

There would of course be other benefits to owning such a vehicle. It would emit no pollution, would run very quietly, and would not need oil changes (another cost savings). The oil is synthetic and the bearings are roller, so a very low pressure system is used to provide oil as needed. Without heat and contaminants the oil never looses its ability to provide lubrication. The regular maintenance needed would be minimal, although it would still be important to check the air pressure of your tires, take a look at your break fluid from time to time, replace break pads if they get worn, add wind shield wiper fluid, etc. 

The performance of the vehicle would be very high, in that it would have lots of get up and go! Engines utilizing this technology have a flat torque curve, which means all the torque is present at low RPMs (just like an electric motor). The moment you press the accelerator, your vehicle would scoot! In fact, the smallest engine that would be used in a vehicle (at least at first) would be capable of producing over 300HP and hundreds of foot pounds of torque! But the engine is also very much like a Diesel Engine as it is limited to a top rotational speed of 3000 RPM. 

Now, what could you do with this vehicle? There are many possibilities! You could drive it across the country ten times or more without refueling , take a trip to Alaska in the middle of winter without having to buy anti-freeze, or take a drive to Mexico in the summer without having to put a drop of water in a radiator. Computations show over 144,000 miles per fueling

Another interesting possibility is the idea of taking the output of the vehicle's alternator, or generator and using it to power your home whenever your not driving! Whatever electrical power you do not use, could be sold back to the grid (for as long as it exists after this technology launches). Perhaps such a vehicle could allow you reduce your electric bill, or even make money!

Finally, such a vehicle would probably be cheaper than the equivalent with an internal combustion engine or even an electric motor. In a conventional vehicle that gets 30 miles per gallon, paying $3.31/gallon (current low price in Utah) the cost of gas to run 144,000 miles is nearly $16,000. The previously mentioned two cylinder 1000cc engine, when mass produced, is expected to cost around $500 dollars retail. This is a fraction of the cost of a traditional engine. It is also much less than the huge battery packs needed in electric vehicles. Basically, for less money, you would get a vehicle that consumes almost no fuel, has better performance, fewer parts, emits no pollution, runs quietly, and has almost infinite range! 

A Generator for Your Home

A Plasmic Transition Process Engine connected to a generator could be used to produce all the energy needed to power your home. In fact, a small two cylinder 1000cc engine can produce over 200 kilowatts when connected to an electrical generator capable of generating this amount. This is far more electricity than is needed to power the average home that uses an average of 1 kilowatt. (Link) With that kind of generating capability, a single engine could power a neighborhood! 

Realistically, a normal home may use a maximum peak power of around 10 kilowatts or so. To be on the safe side, let's assume a home utilized 20 kilowatts when the demand was greatest (nearly everything running). An engine much smaller than 1000cc (which is already small) would be capable of producing the output required for the energy needs of the home. Once this technology is mass produced, such a small engine and generator might only cost a few hundred dollars. The fuel cost would be minimal, and the engine would require little maintenance.

The result of such a home power system would be tremendously reduced energy costs. In a few months, the system could pay for itself. After that, the energy could be almost free or at a minimum, dirt cheap. Considering the current price of dirt it may even be cheaper that that!

Another important benefit of owning such a system, is that you would have power even if the grid failed. There are many events that could cause a loss of power including hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, or earthquakes. By owning such a system, you would have electricity regardless the state of the grid. 


Sterling thinks that perhaps the key vulnerability of the engine would have would be to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event, whether man-made from a nuclear event or natural from a major coronal mass ejection aimed at the earth. In such an event, the integrated circuits in the controller would melt, rendering them irreparable. Perhaps the company will manufacture a unit that is hardened against such an eventuality, but it would probably be quite expensive. The easiest and cheapest way to circumvent this vulnerability would be to sell an extra circuit board that would be placed in a small Faraday cage (e.g. an metal ammunition box with steel wool used in the sealing gasket, for a complete metallic enclosure). That option would require the customer to be able to swap out the circuit board, and might cost another hundred dollars or less, if mass produced.

Rohner says that EMP will not be an issue.  He wrote:

In the early days of EMF/EMP there was a lot of misconceptions and such. The fact is that unless the electronic device has some reference to the Physical Ground, EARTH, the EMP pulse will not be seen as a Voltage spike. In the Engines case the whole system is running on it's own relative artificial ground fully isolated from true ground. Thus the EMP as no reference and as such no harmful high voltage spike. Power for the Engine controls is derived from a DC to DC conversion that is Ground Isolated. The pulse could, if the Alternator/Battery was in contact with the Earth ground destroy the Battery but the alternator is very much hardened against such things. Even today's batteries are somewhat resistant as they are less pure capacitor and more active.The size also natters. An EMP from a nuclear bomb is like a ladyfinger firecracker next to a shot of a solar flair. So my comments here are based at a nuclear device or similar as designed by our military, and the USSR,some 30 years or more ago.

Also all of the Microcontrollers are Rad Hardened to further protect them.

That is why the system is EMP Hard.

A New Age of Aviation

The PlasmERG technology has the ability to spark a new age of aviation. Currently, a big part of the cost of flying is the fuel. Planes consume lots of fuel, and it can be very expensive. If you notice, when oil prices go up airline stocks go down! 

Utilizing Plasmic Transition Process Engines, planes will have near zero fuel costs. This will make aviation much more affordable. It could make airline ticket prices go down, and make owning a private aircraft more economical for the average person.

In addition, PlasmERG's technology could benefit aircraft in many other ways. 

- The engine does not need air, so it would work equally well at any altitude.

- Many components such as exhaust systems and fuel tanks will not be needed, which will reduce the weight of an aircraft.

- A smaller and lighter weight Plasmic Engine would produce the same power as a larger conventional engine. 

- The engine will be quieter, which would allow for a more pleasant flight.

- The plane would have an almost infinite range. A small private aircraft with one of these engines could fly around the world multiple times without stopping to refuel! 

- Due to having fewer moving parts and components, there will be less to "go wrong" with the engine than with a conventional engine. This enhances the safety of the aircraft.

- Using the Engine in Boats will allow Fishermen longer times on station to get more fish and at the same time drastically reduce their fuel tanks and fuel bills, which will reduce the price. Same is true of nearly any Boat.

- Another terrific use is for the oil companies. These engines do not create heat or sparks, and on a drilling rig that means safety. Also as pump motors the oil can be pumped at places currently not available because of getting electric or diesel fuel there. 

- Also there is the possibility of replacing massive generation facilities with what John calls a "Power Farm". This is a network of smaller generators that are controlled by load and switched on or off as needed at a substation. If a generator goes bad it is removed from the network, fixed and then replaced onto the network. What a boon for those above the artic circle or medium sized communities all over. The transmission lines can come down.

One particular hope of mine is that this technology could be used to make a personal flying device similar to a jet pack. I can imagine strapping into such a "Plasmic Flight Pack", and soaring through the sky. Unlike traditional jet packs that can only remain in the air several minutes (at most) before running out of fuel, a "Plasmic Flight Pack" could stay aloft for an indefinite period of time. 

Environmental Panacea

The PlasmERG technology has the capability to quickly end the use of fossil fuels. It will be able to power the world's vehicles and produce the electricity our civilization consumes, without producing any pollution. Smog could become a thing of the past and carbon dioxide emissions would suddenly be a non-issue. Since we would not be drilling for as much oil (it would only be used as feedstock for plastics, lubricants, fertilizers and other products), there would be fewer spills such as the one that took place in the Gulf of Mexico.

With all the cheap energy produced we could do many times to protect, repair and enhance the environment.

- We could build Plasmic powered robots that could digg up landfills, and sort the materials for recycling. With cheap energy, recycling will become much more economical. This would reduce the need for mining.

- We could build robotic, remote controlled boats to collect all the plastic and other trash that is currently collecting in our oceans.

- We could use the cheap energy to desalinate salt water, and turn deserts into farm land. 

- We could phase out all existing nuclear power plants that use dangerous uranium and plutonium as fuel, and replace the lost electrical generation with energy produced from Plasmic Engines.

- We could stop destroying the surface of the earth for agriculture, and start growing food indoors. By using full spectrum lighting and other modern technologies, massive amounts of food could be produced. 

Simply put, once proliferated, the PlasmERG technology would solve the vast majority of environmental issues facing our planet. Those who are pushing for carbon taxes and new regulations to fight global warming, will have to find another job! 

Economic Revitalization

The world is in a major economic slump. In fact, some call it a depression. Although the media claims "green shoots" are popping up everywhere, jobs are still hard to find, companies are going bankrupt, food stamp use is at record highs, and millions of people are facing serious hardships. In addition, the United States and many other nations are in massive debt, and the central banks are addressing the issue by printing more and more money out of thin air. 

The PlasmERG technology could be utilized to revitalize the global economy. It could actually bring the world out of recession or depression, and into economic prosperity.

- It would create many jobs and careers, because potentially billions of engines and related devices (such as generators) would need to be manufactured.

- It would reduce the cost of transportation due to the near zero fuel cost. This would make shipping goods and products more affordable.

- It would put more money in everyone's pocket, by cutting their fuel costs and electric bills. They could then spend the saved money, and put it back into the economy.

- It would inspire other exotic technologies to be developed, which would create even more jobs.

- It would decrease the cost of every good and service (energy increases the cost of everything), so a dollar or euro would go further.

The "mainstream" has no clear answer to the economic disaster the world is facing. However, PlasmERG has an answer, and it is coming soon!

Even More Applications

There are so many potential uses for this technology, a book could be written about them. Here are some additional applications of the technology that need to be mentioned! 

- They can serve as a source of power and perhaps propulsion for space craft, satellites, and space stations. It would be easy for a base on the moon, Mars, or beyond to use one of these engines as a power source. 

- They could likewise make underwater and floating cities feasible.

- We could have airborne homes and even airborne cities, having redundancy built in so that if one engine goes out, another takes its place.

- They can serve as a replacement for not only internal combustion engines, but also electric motors and turbines. 

- They can replace electric actuators. 

- They can replace the giant engines in locomotives.

The list goes on and on! The potential of this technology is so immense, that it can boggle the mind.

Paradigm Shifts

In addition to all the direct uses of the PlasmERG technology, the mere existence of it will shatter the current paradigm of mainstream science. According to many mainstream scientists, a technology like PlasmERG's simply should not work! However, it does work, and this fact will force the entire scientific community to re-think what is possible, reconsider the validity of other exotic technologies, and to be more open minded! 

Perhaps the next exotic technology to emerge after the PlasmERG engine could be an anti-gravity device, force field generator, anti-aging drug, or something we cannot even fathom yet! These breakthroughs could lead to others, and in no time at all we could live in an age more technologically advanced than the fictional world of Star Trek!

Coming Soon

Thankfully it seems we will not have to wait years for this technology to emerge. In the next few months the first publicly demonstrated, and mass manufacturable prototypes will be revealed. Licenses will be sold, and engines will start being built. 

This is an exciting age to be alive!

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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