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You are here: > News > June 14, 2011

Tesla One-Wire Transmission by Bill Williams

Bill Williams has posted a video to YouTube demonstrating a transfer of power both wirelessly, and with one wire. The demonstration seems to confirm the results of other replicators who are working on Tesla technologies.

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by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Nikola Tesla demonstrated repeatedly how he was able to transmit power over long distances. Using longitudinal waves generated by his high voltage transmitters, he would remotely power lights, motors, heaters, and other devices. Tesla's plan was to use this technology to power the world without wires, but the power barons of his day realized such a technology would threaten their continued domination of the energy sector. Over the years they tried to suppress Tesla's work by taking away funding, attempting to murder him (blowing up his New York laboratory), and tearing down his Wardenclyff transmission tower. Unfortunately, they succeeded. 

Now over a hundred years later, researchers are successfully replicating portions of Tesla's later technologies. 

Bill Williams has posted a video to YouTube demonstrating both Tesla's wireless transmission, and one wire transmission technology. 

Some of you who have been following our news for years will recognize the name of Bill Williams.  In April, 2006, Williams told a discussion list that he successfully tested a device known as the Joe Cell. It allegedly feeds off Orgone energy and uses electrically charged water as the "gate" or medium through which the aetheral energy is drawn from the surroundings and transferred to the automobile engine. We reported that Williams was in process of disclosing how he accomplished this when confronted on April 11 by two unidentified individuals who told him to cease all of his alternative energy work or there would be dire consequences. "Williams complied, but others involved are doing all they can to make sure the information is republished and replicated widely."

In the following video, you will see how Williams uses a Tesla transmitter to send power wirelessly to a receiver. Then power from the receiver is used to operate a florescent light and a small motor. 

If you would like to learn how to build a similar setup, PESWiki hosts an open source project that offers plans, instructions, and kits.

Video Transcription

Okay, today is June 7, 2011 and I wanted to post a small video here on Tesla one wire transmission or wireless transmission. So I am going to show a couple things here. What I have here is a power supply. It is variable. Power supply comes down to the electronics. From there it runs to the transmitter of the Tesla style transmitter. Primary, secondary, and pancake coil. From there it comes from the ground of the output which is here. It travels on across the table. Over here to the receiver which is lighting up a florescent bulb. And from there I take it off the primary of this receiver and run it through a full wave bridge rectifier and to a small electric motor. What I am going to do is disconnect the ground wire, and the motor should as well as the light should go out. We will see what happens.

Okay. I disconnected the wires, the motor stopped, the light went out. Now I am going to reconnect and the motor should restart. Well, it didn't. The light bulb went. Lets see what happens when I touch this. Now I have it set down at a very low current setting with this power supply. It is 300 milliamps when I move this little switch up, or 100 milliamps when I move it down. I have it set at the 300 milliamp level on 7 volt scale. I am going to click that up one which increases voltage to the system obviously. And let's try that again and see what happens. Move this a little closer, the motor stopped and the light went out. I will actually turn the light off. That is not a good idea. I am going to hook the ground wire back up and you should see the motor restart and it did. Of course the light came back to. So what this does, it verifies for me that the one wire transmission, basically a ground wire that is coming from the negative of the power supply, which is this wire here, runs over and then on up to where I make a connection to the wall wart.

Currently the transmitter is putting out about 675 kilohertz in frequency and the receiver is running at about 1.12 megahertz. I don't quite understand that one. But they are working, and it is transmitting useful power. Because obviously the motor is running. And here, I have a small light bulb I was using initially before I tried the motor. And it is a resistive type light bulb. Not like an LED. It actually is a resistive type kinda like an incandescent light, but just small. The power is limited obviously, but it does prove the fact the system does work for me as well as other folks that are replicating this. But I wanted to show you this. Things are unorganized, but I don't care. This is me and my stuff, and it works.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

What You Can Do

  1. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  2. Replicate the wireless power transmission effect and explore new applications.
  3. Join the forum formed around this open source project.
  4. Start new industries based on this technology.
  5. Let professionals in the renewable energy sector know about the promise of this technology. 
  6. Donate to PES Network to help us keep this news and directory and networking service going.
  7. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.

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