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You are here: > News > May 24, 2011

Spoiler / Opinion
Unstoppable: Metaphor for Free Energy Slowing Societal Meltdown

The movie, Unstoppable, about a runaway train in Pennsylvania with a highly explosive and toxic load heading toward a highly populated area; contains symbolic parallels to the runaway condition of society. Can the Free Energy sector slow things down enough to prevent total catastrophe?

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The rookie conductor nearly falls as he tries to connect his engine to the runaway trailing car that has been damaged and is spewing out its contents.  Such is a metaphor for the heroics of those involved in the free energy movement who are seeking to bring clean, affordable energy solutions to a planet cruising to destruction.

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My wife and I watched the movie "Unstoppable" last night, which is loosely based on a true story of a runaway train in Pennsylvania, depicting a scenario that could have become the worst rail disaster in the Northeast had it not been for the heroic actions of a few people.

{Warning: what I'm about to say is a spoiler for the plot of the movie, but there is plenty of action, so even if you've not seen the movie yet, this won't ruin it for you.}

The runaway train had a load of highly toxic and explosive cargo heading toward a highly populated city of Stanton with a 15 mph elevated turn next to fuel storage tanks. If any one of the toxic rail tanks blew, it could decimate the city, and the train was pulling several of those. After a failed attempt to derail the train prior to a populated region due to its speed, the train was latched onto from behind by the heroic actions of a rookie and a seasoned locomotive engineer team who earlier had nearly slammed head-on before escaping onto a side rail, but not going unscathed as the last car was hit by the runaway. With difficulty, driving 70 mph in reverse, they latched onto the runaway and began applying brakes, jumping onto the rail cars and engaging their manual brakes as well, just barely slowing the train down in time to prevent it from entirely tipping over on the 15 mph turn, though it did careen on edge around the corner. The injured rookie (from the latch maneuver), had to actually jump onto a pick-up truck driving parallel to the train to get a ride to the front of the train and jump over to the engine to bring it back under control as it was speeding along at 80 mph. Even the act of chasing after the runaway was heroic inasmuch as a derailment would have created a wreck on a wreck, and they knew a derailment was going to be attempted.

Though it turns out that this dramatic depiction doesn't hold very closely to what actually happened still, as I think about this in terms of drawing an analogy to world situations, I can't help but draw several parallels, seeing them as a metaphor to what's going on and where we're headed and how things can be resolved without a disastrous ending.

The runaway train symbolizes society out of control, heading for disaster as it travels at speeds far greater than what the infrastructure can sustain. The US and other governments are spending far more than they have, so they can't even pay the interest on their debt, yet they continue the binge buying; which will lead to hyperinflation and the collapse of the dollar; which will lead to social meltdown, police state, and total tyranny (which is what the conspiratorial planners want). It's as if there is no driver because the leaders are ignoring the people and the Constitution by which they are supposed to operate. They are, generally speaking, committing treason as they contribute to the pending destruction of freedom and civil society.

From an energy point of view, these corrupt leaders are supported by and beholden to the fossil fuel industry and other nefarious influences; and though they give token support to alternatives such as solar and wind, they ignore and even suppress true breakthroughs that could indeed render polluting fuels obsolete. And again, this is in defiance of and is completely contrary to the will of the people they represent, who want to see clean, affordable energy technologies emerge.

So from a "We the People" point of view, we are not in control of this train that is barreling down the tracks, jeopardizing civilization and the environment if it crashes.

The scenario of the Philadelphia train was that an engineer had set the then slow-moving train's throttle to full in order clear a track for an incoming train. He jumped out to change a switch, but the train picked up more speed than he had anticipated, and got away from him. This also is symbolic of how "We the People" lost control of our government by giving it too much power, stepping out, and not being able to get back in.

Two of the heroes in the movie started out in a head-on path with the runaway locomotive. They barely pulled off on a side rail as the oncoming train shot past them and hit the last car on their train. I see this as symbolic of how the remedy appears to be on a collision path with the opposing forces of societal momentum that are out of control. The solutions they provide of clean, affordable energy and individual freedom and responsible government are diametrically opposed to the way things are operating presently in the runaway status quo.

An earlier attempt to stop the train involved an engine getting in front of the train and applying its brakes while another person was brought down via helicopter to try and get into the engine.  He was inured and rendered unconscious in the failed attempt.  I see that as symbolizing the various attempts that have been made thus far to get replacement leadership into positions of control, but these have been largely futile as the momentum of the runaway train has been too great.

The two engineers then chasing down the runaway to hook on, represents the quest to bring affordable clean energy solutions into the marketplace in order to provide productive capacity by which society might be able to slow its path toward catastrophic derailment or economic meltdown by providing jobs, independence from the grid, individual empowerment, and hope for a solution. Though the actual implementation might take years, the arrival of the solution itself provides a boost of hope that lifts the human spirit to prevent meltdown.

We are presently in the midst of this stage of the metaphor. Will the free energy community be able to rally enough to resist the perilous rush to destruction?

As the runaway train was approaching the 15 mph turn, the brakes on the rear-attached engine burned up and their engine was overheating.  I see this symbolizing the "burn-out" tendency in the free-energy community, as so many of these emerging and up-and-coming solutions are so frustrating.  Hope gets raised then dashed, over and over, with the various aspirants come and go.  In the movie, this is actually how it is depicted: the brakes are applied, followed by the engine, back and forth, to prologue their net duration.  The take-home lesson is the need to hang in there and do our best and not give up.

The two engineer heroes in the movie didn't have to go after the runaway train. In fact, they were commanded not to, as doing so would put themselves and their engine in jeopardy. Similarly, those in the free energy community could just focus on saving themselves and not try to release their solutions for wider implementation for adoption by the world at large. Trying to bring such a technology forward at this time is a very risky thing, entailing ridicule, difficulty in finding funding, holding a team together, and jumping through all the legal hoops involved in launching a product. It's like trying to latch onto a runaway train traveling at 60 mph in reverse, while usually you don't want to be going faster than 4 mph to latch. The present world economy and status quo is not at all friendly to free energy technologies. It is indeed a heroic act to seek to bring one of these technologies forward in such a hostile environment, in order to help the planet and prevent its destruction.

The attempt to derail the runaway train symbolizes Ron Paul's "End the Fed" movement that launched the Tea Party movement. But the runaway train blew right through that.

The applying of the manual brakes on the cars on the runaway train symbolizes remedial measures within the established runaway system, such as Texas outlawing invasive TSA groping (which is being ignored by the Runaway Feds), Utah making gold and silver legal tender, Jerome Corsi filing criminal charges against the Whitehouse over releasing a fraudulent birth certificate (link). From an energy point of view, this symbolizes deployment of energy conservation measures (including fuel efficiency technologies) to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels; increased deployment of conventional renewables such as solar and wind power. 

After the train rounded the perilous bend, it began picking up speed again. The final act of heroics in the movie involved the rooky engineer jumping from the trailing engine into a pick-up truck to be speed forward to the front of the train to then jump onto that engine (despite an injury to his foot from connecting their engine at the back). Once inside, he was able to power down the engine to a stop.

I see that as being symbolic of the Republic movement that is in process of reinhabiting the abandoned seats of the republic form of government that was taken over by corporations back in the 1870s. Their recent actions are designed to bring the train back under the control of "We the People", rather than the vested interests of oil, banks, pharmacy, and other huge corporations.

As the drama progressed, media helicopters were airborne giving play by play reports on the unfolding situation. I see that as symbolic of the alternative media who sees quite clearly what is happening and is informing people so they can take preventative measures (such as evacuating the potential disaster zones). The mainstream press nowadays is part of the runaway train apparatus that is out of control of "We the People," not doing their first amendment duty to speak the truth, but rather serving as a propaganda arm of the runaway powers that be.

At the beginning of the perilous journey, the first obstacle was an oncoming train full of children on a field trip to learn about train safety. They just barely moved to a side rail in time. I see that as symbolic of how the rising generation is the first to be put in jeopardy by the runaway meltdown of society. It's their world that is being gambled away.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.


Here's the trailer:

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