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You are here: > News > May 17, 2011

Ampenergo Amps Up Rossi's Energy Catalyzer in America

An American company named Ampenergo has made a deal with Andrea Rossi to market his Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) technology in the Americas. Ampenergo, which has ties to people in the U.S. DOD and DOE, will share royalties with Rossi, and are in the middle of talks with multiple potential customers. 

Screenshot of the Energy Catalyzer as seen in the video The Magic of Mr. Rossi.


by Hank Mills

The saga of Andrea Rossi's cold fusion technology (called the Energy Catalyzer or E-Cat) continues to accelerate. His game changing technology consumes tiny quantities of nickel and hydrogen to produce huge quantities of clean, safe, and cheap energy. Unlike conventional fission based nuclear power, no radioactive materials are used and no nuclear waste is produced. Multiple companies are now positioning themselves to market the E-Cat, both in Europe and the Americas. One of these companies is Defkalion Green Technologies which is based in Greece. Another is company is Ampenergo, which is located in the United States. 

Defkalion Green Technologies has acquired a license to manufacture, distribute, and market the E-Cat in all areas of the world except the Americas. It has recently been announced that another company named Ampenergo, has made a deal with Andrea Rossi (through his company Leonardo Corporation) to market and develop the technology in North and South America. Ampenergo has paid Andrea Rossi for these rights (an undisclosed amount), and in return they will receive a share of all royalties from the sale of E-Cat licenses and products in the Americas. 

In this latest deal, there seems to be three companies involved. First, there is Leonardo Technologies Inc. (LTI) of Bedford New Hampshire, that was co-founded by Rossi. He sold his interest in the company over ten years ago, and has apparently used the proceeds to develop his cold fusion technology. It appears he has stayed in contact with the company since that time, and has worked with them to develop the technology. After selling his stake in LTI, Rossi started his own company named, "Leonardo Corporation." This company has a manufacturing plant in Miami, Florida that is producing the E-Cat modules. In 2009, LTI branched off to create Ampenergo which is located in the USA as well.

Ampenergo was founded by Karl Norwood, Richard Noceti, Robert Gentile and Craig Cassarino. It is important to note that Robert Gentile was the Assistant Secretary of Energy for Fossil Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) during the early 1990's. This helps confirm Rossi's claim that tests of the E-Cat have been observed by the U.S. Department of Defense and the DOE. It is very likely that at least certain individuals in the DOD and DOE are aware and interested in the Energy Catalyzer. However, their silence is deafening. 

It is unknown if any military or secret government research is taking place, but there are unsubstantiated rumors floating around the internet of the US Navy using a nickel-hydrogen cold fusion reactor to power a submarine. Although the rumor is not likely to be true, if they have known about the technology for a couple of years, it is possible testing is taking place. Trillions of dollars go missing from the DOD budget on a regular basis, and the money is obviously being spent on something. 

Interview with NyTeknik

In an interview with the Swedish website NyTeknik, Craig Cassarino of Ampenergo disclosed several interesting tidbits of information about the deal, his company, and their plans for the technology. Importantly, it is clear that Ampenergo is very impressed with Rossi's technology. Craig claims that his company witnessed three demonstrations in the USA, and at least one in Bologna, Italy. They do not fully understand the exact reactions taking place, but are certain that the E-Cat technology works. 

Craig also claims they are in talks with multiple companies in North and South America. Some companies are very skeptical about the technology, but others are more open. The companies they are talking with have many potential applications for the technology. One company they contacted considers the technology as a high power density fuel. This would be correct, because the reaction chamber for a 2.5 kW output is about the size of an adult fist, and with this technology one hundred grams of nickel powder can replace many barrels of oil. In addition, the fuel would be very cheap. Andrea Rossi has recently stated that a recharge that would power a unit for six months would only cost approximately $100 dollars. To produce the same amount of energy from oil would cost thousands of dollars. Most likely, the cost for the fuel would eventually be much lower than $100 dollars for 100 grams (the quantity that can power a reactor for six months). The $100 dollar figure probably does not factor in cost savings that would take place when mass production of the powder starts, and of course the company would be making a profit off the powder. 

During the interview, space travel is mentioned as a potential application of the technology. We know that NASA is among those showing interesting the E-Cat. My hope is that the energy produced by the E-Cat would not be used to power a nuclear rocket, but to power something truly exotic. For example, could the E-Cat produce enough electricity to power an electrogravitic craft such as those suggested by Townsend Brown?

It seems that the race is on to commercialize the E-Cat. Defkalion and Ampenergo seem to be leading the way. Of course most of the dumbstream media is remaining silent of this race towards the commercialization of cold fusion technology. As of right now, the best sources for news and information are from alternative news sites such as PESN. I expect this to be the case even after CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC start covering the technology. By staying alert and keeping an open mind, we have a huge head start! 

More Info from Rossi's Blog

Andrea Rossi frequently posts responses to questions on his blog at the Journal of Nuclear Physics. He has been revealing many interesting tidbits of information. However, he still declines to disclose information about the catalyst used.

One piece of information he has revealed is that all 330 E-Cat modules for the one megawatt plant in Xanthi, Greece have been manufactured and are being tested. In previous posts, he indicated that testing consists of modules being in continuous operation. Basically, this means that the one megawatt plant is running right now, but just not in Greece yet. Also, the enclosure for the one megawatt plant is being designed. It is relatively small, being only 3 x 3 x 2 meters and weighing only 2 tons. 

A few additional bits of information from his blog...

* Rossi has began using the term "new fire" to describe his technology. 

* An E-Cat can be throttled down to a lower power level in approximately one minute.

* He is using the term E-Tiger to describe the one megawatt plant.

* He has stated that it is possible a one megawatt plant will be opened in the USA by November.

* In private testing, the temperature inside of the reactor can reach 1,600 C which is hot enough to melt the nickel powder (probably not desirable).

* E-Cats will be sold to the public by the end of this year.

More Test Results on the Way

It has been rumored on the Vortex L discussion list (one of the best sources for cold fusion information on the web) that the University of Bologna is about to disclose additional test results from the E-Cat. As we have mentioned here at PESN, the University of Bologna is in the middle of a one year research program on the technology. Most likely, the data they release will be from extended tests of E-Cat units. Already, all chemical energy sources have been ruled out, and nuclear energy is the only possible source of the excess heat. For example, one test had an E-Cat running for 18 hours producing a constant output of around 15 kilowatts with an average input of only 80 watts. Maybe they have had a similar test running for weeks or months! 

Another rumor on Vortex-L indicates that the Swedish scientists (one of which was the former president of the Swedish Skeptics Society) who tested the E-Cat earlier in the year, have submitted a paper about an additional test of the E-Cat to a peer reviewed journal. Apparently, they are waiting on it to be published before sharing the results of that test. 

Rossi has also stated that the University of Uppsala in Sweden will receive an E-Cat unit for testing. It will be interesting to see what results they get from the E-Cat. Every test of the E-Cat so far has been a success, so there is little reason to think their testing will yield different results.

Catalyst Patent Application

Andrea Rossi's technology produces huge amounts of energy due to an undisclosed catalyst that is composed of two elements that are not radioactive and are not precious metals. He has filed a patent application covering this catalyst. Although a patent covering his reactor design has been published (and granted in Italy), it does not disclose the catalyst. It has been speculated that the patent application for the catalyst is about to be published. This may or may not be the case, because there are ways to prevent a patent application being published before the patent is granted. For example, making many changes to the patent application delays it being published. No one knows if Rossi is taking such steps to prevent his secret from being revealed.

If the catalyst is revealed, it would allow replicators to test the technology themselves. Although individuals would not be able to sell units for a profit, I do not see anything stopping individuals from building units for home use. Although this might be dangerous due to the small amount of gamma rays produced by the device (that can be shielded with 2cm of lead and a layer of boron) and nano-nickel powder being slightly toxic, the technology is so simple, I doubt anyone could prevent such replication attempts from being made. 

The saga of the Energy Catalyzer continues to accelerate. The end of this year could be very exciting. 

As more information about this ongoing saga is obtained, it will be reported on here at PESN. We have also registered the domain name to forward to our feature page at PESWiki, and we have a news page dedicated to the coverage of this topic. Remember that PESWiki is publicly editable, so if you know of significant coverage we've not included, you are free to add a link to it. Our Help page gives instructions for those not familiar with wiki syntax. 

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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