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You are here: > News > May 15, 2011

Report on Reich Research from Group in Greece

An introductory paper giving a Reichian perspective on zero point energy, global weather phenomena, free energy, modern science and non-science, misconceptions and associated dangers; as a contribution to discussions involving climate changes, disasters, and the quest for new energies.

by Bababamoto, 2011-05-10
for Pure Energy Systems News

"Once get passed the long bio the info gets good. HAARP for the do it yourselfers." -- Aburg Cory

Jim Murray and Paul Babcock's 4790% SERPS Presentation

Ignition Secrets DVD by Aaron Murakami 

A&P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


This paper is based on our own research and experience.

In view of the, for some, controversial nature of what we are trying to get across, it seems prudent to go into some detail about our scientific and psychological background:

My brother and I have been in the fortunate position to be able to run our own privately funded research laboratory in Greece for some years. We both have a background of university-based, down-to- earth engineering and science as well as practical skills in mechanical solutions and implementation. I have also been an airline pilot and later on a training captain and examiner on heavy jets for 42 years, whereas my brother is a kind of a genius in mathematics, originally leaning towards and educated in a strictly «Newtonian» view of the world, which is now much enhanced expanded due to our research and corresponding findings. Apart from my aviation activities, I have been involved in academic studies and research in various overlapping fields over the past 50 years.

Our father, who emigrated from Germany to Sweden in 1953, was apparently instrumentally involved with a highly secret development program involving nuclear weapons technology in Sweden between 1953 and 1962. The Swedish government will, as it has all this time, vehemently deny this fact, but we can be quite sure that Sweden has been and is a country with nuclear weapons capabilities since the time the research program was officially abandoned in 1962. This, through our family life, entailed that both my brother and I were influenced from our early years to be logical in the western linear mind-set (a product of the so-called enlightenment), as well as thinking along the leading edge and boundaries of our common concept of the universe, regarding technology in a philosophical spectrum of mind and matter. Thus, at the tender age of six, I knew all about nuclear chain reactions and their effects, I knew all there is to know about Wernher von Braun and his (at that time) future space program, and much of was there to be known about classical astrophysics , rocket propulsion, and man in space, as well as man-kinds vigorous and futile attempts to fill and fix the gaps of «scientific» knowledge and proof about the wonders of the universe with various implements of philosophy, religious beliefs and dogma.

I later studied mechanical engineering, music and philosophy, but somehow ended up in Lufthansa Aviation College to become an airline pilot. My brother studied electrodynamics and information science. Our quest for knowledge has fueled our research for more than fifty years.

Both of us have always been keen on exploring technical and philosophical boundaries, and it just so happened that we came across the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Apart from his literary contributions and research in psychology and sociology, we became enthralled by his meticulous research and, in the mainstream controversial, findings, as detailed, recorded and commented in his laboratory experiments, resulting in what he called the «life force» and its various applications, later labeled ORGONE.

Dr. Reich’s research about this universal energy encompasses various applications and effects, ranging from molecular and cellular interactions, holistic healing of various traumata and cancer therapy, electromagnetic interactions, adverse response to radioactive substances, benefits of metered exposure as well as serious dangers of over-exposure, and some macro-environmental interactions (weather modification).  

Dr. Reich was a not only a gifted psychologist and medical practitioner, but also a meticulous and forward-looking researcher in medicine and physics, un-afraid of the borderline science he entered into with his work. He was, after having fled from Nazi Germany, foremost a humanist with a firm belief in scientific freedom of research and expression, somewhat naively working for the betterment of mankind in a country that to him appeared as being the epitome of that very freedom – the U.S. of A. He firmly believed that scientific research and related findings should be free and unrestricted by any dogmata or political correctness, and be published and circulated without fear of suppression or prosecution. He also, quite naively, believed that the U.S. of A. would guarantee this freedom, as opposed to the repression of uncomfortable truths, commonplace in fascist regimes like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union . 

Being primarily concerned with the removal of psycho-physiological blockages as the cause of illness in individuals, Reich certainly under-estimated the fact that similar phenomena could be a cause of detrimental plagues in society as a whole.   

His publications regarding children and sexuality touched upon deeply rooted taboos in a conservative America of the 1950ies, and augmented by his un-orthodox approach to healing with Orgone, he became a target of some ridicule and even hatred, just as we have seen parallels thereto regarding the UFO phenomenon over the last 60 years. His socio-psychological observations and theories about man living in a «cage», thus being  mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and also cognitively deprived of enlightenment and knowledge, were seen as a dangerous and rebellious incitement for a revolt against what «the powers- that- be» had in mind for a more comprehensive control of mankind for the years to come.

Reich’s «messianic message» was as unwelcome to these powers as any possible proliferation of his potentially empowering and, if misused, possibly dangerous Orgone energy.

Dr. Reich thus made himself into an important and easy target for convenient elimination. He insisted on briefing US institutions on a monthly basis about the progress in his research with the life force, especially regarding the disastrous interaction of Orgone with any kind of radioactivity, precisely at a time when nuclear power was being introduced as the answer to most energy needs, be it generation of electricity or nuclear powered vessels for the navy.

We now have good reason to believe that, apart from his politically «dangerous» publications, certain military aspects of his research caught the attention of the powers that be, and when it became clear that technologies developed from his research not only had an enormous scope in a variety of military applications, but could also be used uncontrollably by anyone and put into action by investing a few hundred dollars in some simple gear, it became convenient that Dr. Reich should disappear in an elegant fashion (1957). A suitable scenario was promptly enacted, and then repeated a year later by targeting another genius working in a related field, namely Victor Schauberger (1958).

All this, augmented by the burning of all of Reich’s lab records and books in Maine by the American authorities in finest Nazi fashion, cried out for some kind of replication of his experiments, if possible enhanced  by further research, which lead us to establish a basic research laboratory in Greece (2005).

Our research, apart from extensive studies of Reich’s records and publications, is largely founded on extensive studies of what is accessible as very comprehensive, but at times also quite fragmented information of the following subjects:

Mathematics, Electrodynamics, Physics (including Nuclear Physics and Quantum Physics), Meteorology, Geology, Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Pathology and Medicine (including so-called alternative approaches), Theology in the widest sense, Philosophy, Mythology, Psychology, Archeology, Astronomy, Occult Sciences, and more exotic fields of research like PK/RPK (University of Glasgow, Freiburg, etc.), J.B. Rhine experiments (Duke University).

If we use the internet as a source, we find that we have to deal with an immense smoke-screen of disinformation and outright nonsense, however, nuclei of relevant information can be filtered out and applied. 

In order to attain a basic understanding of what we are dealing with in our kind of research, extensive in-depth knowledge in all the fields mentioned above is a foundation and indispensable prerequisite.  

Much tribute goes to the following persons/institutions, just to mention a few valuable sources:

Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his team, Carl Gustav Jung, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Harald Puthoff, Bernhard Haisch, Werner Heisenberg, Richard Feynman, Franz Mesmer, Baron von Reichenbach, Dr. David Hilbert, Michael Faradey, Robert Bigelow and NIDS, Trevor James Constable,  Leonardo Fibonacci,  Rupert Sheldrake, Michael Talbot, Aristoteles, Pythagoras, Zecharia Sitchin/Sumerian clay tablets, Rudolf Steiner, Tom Bearden, John Bedini,  Various contributors to the «Joe Cell» and related systems, Academy of Sciences  Moscow, Victor Schauberger, Ken Adachi, James DeMeo, James Maxwell, Universities of Freiburg/ Berlin/ MIT/ Harvard/ Canberra (Cahill)/  Glasgow, Nicola Tesla, Dr. August Moebius,  John Hutchison, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Evgeny Podkletnov, Ruth Drown, Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. Royal Rife, Michelsen and Morley, Agrippa von Nettesheim, the apparent break-through of Ismail Aviso,

and many, many others...

The gathering of useful data and information from the multitude and diversity of the above sources (both quantitatively and qualitatively) requires one to tread a very fine line between a most skeptical approach on one hand, and total open-mindedness on the other.

Our own experimentation was facilitated by the fact that Reich’s work has been pushed into the domain of New Age pseudo- science over the last 50 years, which allowed us, quite unlike Reich, to progress with our research unimpeded by any ridicule or power structures of suppression.

Dr. Reich’s work in the field of this universal and unexplored energy, successfully hidden behind this credibility-shield, is ground- breaking. He called it Orgone, for lack of a word more acceptable in modern physics. It is nothing but what was known as ETHER or AETHER of old, but now often referred to as ZERO POINT ENERGY, ZERO POINT FIELD, DARK MATTER, QUANTUM VACUUM, and so forth. Reich found this all-pervasive energy not only to be the driving force and perhaps the very source of life itself, but also to be somehow interactive with human intent and spirit.

This interaction with human thought and intent gave rise to what he termed the Y-FACTOR, the YOU-Factor.

Reich points out the importance of the Y-factor in any experimentation again and again, a fact that is often forgotten or ignored when various people or institutes attempt to replicate his experiments to either prove or disprove a variety of his specific findings. An experimenter with a negative Y-factor may find that he/she does not produce any verifiable results and data at all – a fact that really hampers any uninitiated attempts at experimentation with Orgone.

Nevertheless, shortly after his death, the EXPERIMENTER EFFECT or OBSERVER EFFECT became a commonplace tangible reality in the emerging modern quantum physics, and many scientists were forced to acknowledge the undeniable, yet inexplicable, reality of mind-matter interactions, as well what was now to be called quantum entanglement and non-locality, phenomena still termed by Albert Einstein as «spooky action at a distance».

The cutting- edge and borderline character of Reich’s work, brought to a shameful end by the frantic reaction and suppression thereof by the US «system», aroused our curiosity, challenging us to try to replicate some of his experiments in the simple research workshop we established in Greece in 2006.

With some sound initial skepticism, we began our experimentation by replicating Reich’s early versions of MOFs, (Metal-Organic Frameworks) as used in his Orgone Chamber, constructing sandwich-panels of alternating layers of organic and metallic sheets, with the outer layer organic (plywood, followed by a layer of wool), then a layer of wire-mesh, again a layer of wool, and so on, finishing by an inner layer of finely knit wire-mesh.

The result was, as we thought at the time, stunning.

There was nothing we could quantitatively measure – the effect was purely physiological, insofar as when one held such a panel in front of one’s face, viewing the metal side, a strong tingling sensation would be sensed, first on the surface of the skin of the face, and after some time spreading to other parts of the body, even down to the toes, followed by a pulsating sensation of heat in the most exposed areas – more or less as described by Reich himself in his records. During each trial, it took about one to two minutes for these effects to manifest themselves, just as if this radiant energy needed some time to tune in to the person willing to absorb it.

Just as Reich, we experimented by using different metals in the structural sandwich, achieving different physiological sensations and reactions, all as researched and documented by Reich.

Thus encouraged as to the validity of his claims, we began, experimenting mainly on ourselves, to use this energy for speeding up the healing process in cuts and wounds, as well as treating tooth-aches and other ailments, all with notable, at times even spectacular success.

We can also validate Reich’s claims as Orgone being a superior diagnostic tool, as this energy high-lights the location and source of an ailment before effectively delivering remedy and relief.

We soon came to understand that this energy surrounds us, as seen by Reich, in an unfocussed and »wild» state at all times, behaving like some kind of vectorially indeterminate wave-form,   easily collected, focused and directed by use of a variety of technologies, ranging from simple and passive to more complex and active systems.

The focused form of this energy leads us to what is often called scalar wave (which we would prefer to term scalar pulse) technologies. This is conform with Reich’s postulate that describes Orgone energy, the life force, as being pulsating in nature, like most biological, physiological and also psychological processes.

Related research continued unabatedly after Reich’s death in 1957, far expanding on the original metal-organic sandwich technology, be it for medical purposes or weather control, an area in which Reich must be considered a pioneer.

Trevor James Constable, inspired by Reich, found new innovative ways of focusing the life force, primarily for the purpose of weather engineering. In his book «The Cosmic Pulse of Life» Constable quite obscurely refers to certain «geometrical devices» as being efficient transponders for this energy.

Constables work inspired us to experiment primarily with one of the most archetypal of geometric forms, namely the pyramid.

We were quite shocked to find that a simple cardboard pyramid would produce the same physiological tingling effect as experienced through Reich’s MOFs, and that this could be much improved by exact downscaled replications of the Gizeh pyramids, dimensionally based on royal cubits and phi-based geometry.

The effect could be greatly enhanced by using metal-organic castings with an augmentation of crystals, like quartz.

Crystals are usable as latent, albeit efficient transponders for transmitting and directing the Life Force, after being activated by stimulation. This can be through exposure to electromagnetic fields or by mental activation through consciousness, akin to the Experimenter Effect, as we have to be able to demonstrate in repeated and varied experiments. Crystals , as well as metal-organic compounds can be integrated in pyramid construction, considerably enhancing the geometrically triggered scalar effects.   

After distribution of several units in our home and around the workshop, we made the following observations:

a)      Insects died after a short exposure or avoided the area of radiation altogether

b)      Electronic devices like mobile telephones and TV remote control units would become inoperative after a few days of exposure

c)       Slightly radioactive and normally harmless isotopes of certain elements would emit high levels of beta-radiation, causing typical radiation burns which were reversible after removing the source (Gamma-radiation levels always remained below background average at 10 -15 cpm)

d)      After placing a cluster of ten or more units in close proximity to one another in our workshop, the typical tingling sensation of Orgone radiation could be felt within a radius of a few miles from our premises, especially inside or in the vicinity of large steel structures like storing facilities or shopping centers.

e)       Changes in viscosity, specific density, and taste of water after prolonged exposure

f)       Sudden and drastic appearance of geometrical patterns in high clouds (cirrus) above a pyramid cluster

Other more subtle effects (like the morphology of metal alloys on a molecular level) exceed the scope of this introduction and can be presented in a dedicated paper upon request.

It is perhaps also important to mention Reich’s research regarding non-organic substances acquiring life-like properties, following focused exposure to the life force. These experiments and the corresponding findings were meticulously recorded, but unfortunately never replicated, due to his fall from grace and his «demonization» by the socio-political as well as the ossified scientific belief-systems that prevail until this day.

Our own efforts at continued replication of these particular phenomena came to naught due to lack of funding in 2009. However, reversing the implications of Reich’s findings supported the theory that the withdrawal of this life force from living cells and organisms would lead to their deterioration and subsequent death, a supposition repeatedly emphasized in his diaries and confirmed to be correct through our limited research.

Reich was not aware of Orgone energy to be harnessed and used as a form of »scalar waves», a term that, based on Tesla’s work,  achieved some, albeit limited popularity through related research by Col. (ret.) Tom Bearden et alia (  This research, based on an updated and revised understanding of electrodynamics, the quantum vacuum (aether), and hyperdimensional physics, is intimately intertwined with Reich’s Orgone. However only very few researchers can (or want to) see the connection here – Reich having been pushed into a corner of ridicule and quackery, not worthy of any attention or study by those who like to be viewed as «serious» academics.

Based on this new understanding of electrodynamics, paired with all we could find about Reich’s innovative experiments with what he termed Cloudbuster and later spin-offs thereof (Constable e.a.), we decided to experiment with a new and enhanced type of weather control mechanism, more specifically based on scalar wave technology, which we saw as a straight derivative of (or identical with) focused Orgone.  

A cluster of 36 pyramids of specific composition and dimensions served as a power source to feed an array of 4 parallel copper tubes of equal length (directional antenna) with energy from the quantum vacuum, as we may term it, so as to avoid any controversy connected with the term Orgone.  

The purpose of this experimental set-up was to determine whether or not we could divert, annihilate or even reverse the prevalent jetstream pattern over continental Europe, normally an oscillating and undulating band of high-level west to east flow of high level air, interacting with and causing the formation of specific areas of low and high pressure in the region, including the formation of frontal systems associated therewith.

Our system was operated from the island of Crete , just north of the coast of Egypt and Libya , and our target areas were predominantly the British Isles, France and the Benelux countries, Germany , Denmark and Scandinavia . Areas of interest were also the corridors between the position of our device and the specific locations targeted at different intervals.

We were privileged to be able to monitor all relevant meteorological data in almost real-time, primarily using two methods:

a)      Analysis of current data and meteorological charts on the internet

b)       Direct observation, by flying into the targeted areas, close to and also within the transmission corridor on an almost daily basis at high altitude

We found that our directionally precisely aimed system would definitely have a pronounced and immediate effect on the jetstreams we targeted, provided we used a very narrow usable band for the elevation of the antenna array above the horizon.

The system enabled us to divert, fragment, or even reverse the direction of jetstreams in a predictable manner, often causing havoc with the weather of the areas we targeted (freak weather conditions in England , France , Belgium , Germany during the summer of 2008).

According to the feed-back data from weather charts, we were able to deduce the range of the primary effect of our system to be about 1300 Nautical Miles. (Our means were too limited to further investigate the next logical step, Scalar Interferometry [Bearden], to its full potential.)

The secondary effects are more far-reaching, most likely global.

Jetstreams would ultimately re-arrange themselves and re-route around the targeted areas in a hitherto unseen fashion, like the standard west-east North Atlantic jetstream avoiding Europe to the north and re-entering eastern China from Eastern Siberia and the Arctic Sea, carrying with it humid Atlantic air, causing the infamous snow disaster there around Christmas (2008).

The North Atlantic jetstream could also divert to the south at times, causing extensive floods to Algeria and other North African countries.  

In parallel to our experimentation with the passive system, using specifically designed and composed pyramids as transponders for «scalarizing» Orgone (or the Zero Point Energy), we developed an active system, using the same antenna array as with the pyramids, but now fed by pulsed DC current routed through Moebius Coils, which appeared to be more efficient than Tesla Coils in our experimental set-up.

In very simplified terms: The standard electrodynamic model expects a permanent magnet moved across a standard coil made of any conductive material to induce a vectorially determined magnetic field and current flow through the coil. However, in a Moebius Coil, wound to the correct protocol, the induced magnetic fields cancel each other out, and no inductive current can be measured. Likewise, a pulsed current through the coil will not produce a measurable and coherent magnetic field. We can liken this to a collapse of the wave function, which will now allow the zero point field to be harvested from the environment and pulsed through the antenna array as a scalar wave type emission. This field is related to and always appears together with the electro-magnetic  field, either  as a more  - or less -  dominant complementary relative, depending on the nature of the coil used. It follows therefore, that the Orgone or zero point field can also be used to create cascades of collapsing magnetic fields in certain types of coils, causing a pulsating type of current flow that can be harvested [Ismail Aviso].     

Different kind of wave-forms used for induction will yield varying results. A DC pulse of 50 Hz at 12 V and a few Ampere will suffice to create scalar pulses powerful enough for effective jetstream interaction at long range.

A theoretical basis for this collapse of the wave function and its effects can be seen as having a mathematical foundation in parts of Maxwell’s original equations and their partly irrational (or extra-dimensional) solutions.  [Source: Maxwell’s original papers, also Tom Bearden]

In our weather modification experiments, we used the active (pulsed) system in a similar fashion and often in parallel to the passive system, which greatly enhanced efficiency, however with noticeable primary and secondary side-effects.

As primary side-effects we observed phenomena along the transmission corridor that could be associated with an interaction of our energy beams with the ionosphere. Not only was extreme CAT (Clear Air Turbulence) not associated with jetstreams experienced when flying through the affected areas (at 29,000 to 35,000 feet), but enormous Cumulonimbus buildups where observed in concentrated clusters, emitting frequent and extremely powerful (otherwise very elusive) «sprites» into space, an awe-inspiring  phenomenon, especially when observed at close quarters from the flight-deck of our aircraft (Italy, 2008).

This paper presents a short and much abbreviated history of our research and findings. One purpose is to demonstrate that the initial ridicule and violent suppression of Orgone and related technologies is based on the fact that we are dealing with a Pandora’s Box of mixed blessings: Healing properties on one side, a weapon of mass destruction on the other.

Amongst other issues, we want to show that HAARP is nothing but a ridiculously extravagant, yet dangerous toy, when we compare that multi-million-dollar high-tech facility with the effectiveness of our cheap and simple technology, which could be available to anyone at almost no cost. HAARP is like using a sledgehammer on the subtle structure on nature, like using a steamroller to manufacture intricate jewelry. We have, in this paper, only mentioned a fraction of the capabilities this technology offers. But from the little we divulge, one can deduce how the described system alone has the potential to cause havoc on this planet, and that Dr. Reich was correct when he determined that mankind is not ready and matured enough for the proliferation of this energy. It is therefore understandable that any means were used to repress Reich  -  But the fact of his absolute suppression also proves to us that this very energy, the theoretical potential and possible implications, were either well known, or at least suspected by the «system» as far back as 1957or even much longer, but were never experimentally followed up upon and developed to their full potential. Due to our initiative, our devices are now much superior to HAARP, especially on a Return-On-Investment basis. We can say with some confidence that the amount of energy used to achieve drastic results when interfering with weather systems and the Ionosphere is of secondary importance. A relatively weak scalar pulse seems to open the gateway for the other, much more powerful  field,  the Zero Point Field, Orgone, or whatever we may call it, to manifest itself in a focused way and do all the «work». Our analysis of weather charts also reveals that such gateways and the atmospheric disturbances created thereby stay in place long after the scalar transmission source has been removed or shut down.

Data show that the effect of our (and similar) systems on the atmosphere and weather systems is drastic and potentially dangerous to the planet, disturbing the natural equilibrium in a powerful and somewhat uncontrollable manner. In order to be able to control the effects of this technology in a way that is beneficial, more and better funded research is required.

We can clearly see that, quite unlike our system, the pumping of megawatts into the Ionosphere as per HAARP, has the potential of opening the path for the unlimited aetherial energy field to play havoc with the planet, especially as this energy and its various side-effects is not yet understood or even acknowledged by mainstream science.

This etherial field is with its associated effects is always present, and any attempt at weather forecasting is severely limited by the total lack of understanding by meteorologists and climatologists about its presence, let alone its effects, especially when it appears in its scalar pulse form. We have established that jetstreams are predominantly driven by a combination of

a)      Pressure Gradient vectors

b)      Coriolis Force

c)       Etherial Effects, especially in their scalar pulse derivative form

In our opinion, underpinned by our own experimentation in this field, the operation of HAARP (and similar systems) has a most pronounced and potentially disastrous effect on global weather and climate. Unfortunately, the operating entities and associated scientists in the mainstream appear to live in total ignorance of etheric effects in general and scalar waves in particular. A huge, but essential chunk of science is missing here  - Hence also the late series of destructive, deadly weather phenomena in the US, which can, in our opinion, clearly be attributed to uninformed, if not reckless operation of scalar wave sources of some potency. In contrast to electro-dynamic sledgehammers like HAARP, I would like to draw attention to more subtle, yet highly effective uses of scalar potentials, like the possible use of scalar interferometry weapons on the twin towers in New York [Dr. Judy D. Wood] and hurricane Katrina [Bearden / Hoagland]. Likewise, the discussion about global warming and climatic/weather effects remains baseless, unless etheric effects and their manipulation are taken into account.

So far, the dedicated, tactical use of scalar interferometry seems to be limited to not more than a hand-full of entities, not all of them being sponsored and controlled by individual states [Def. Secr. Cohen: Warning about Scalar Electromagnetic Geotechnical Terrorism, 1997].

We have, not entirely surprisingly, seen typical signatures of repeated interference with our own systems in 2007/2008.  

Experimentation with this energy, at least in «modern» times, goes as far back as Mesmer and Reichenbach (18th and 19th century), culminating in etherical discussions and deliberations involving Lorentz, Maxwell, Einstein e.a. in the early 20th century [Einstein’s lecture at the University of Leyden in 1920, as an example]. Etherial theories were soon to be destroyed by «controlled demolition» (or, in the case of Maxwell, convenient omission [as proposed by Bearden]), culminating in Einstein’s Nobel Prize, a media victory with theories of general and special relativity versus hard-core science advancements by personalities like Tesla and, in a more remote sense, Schauberger and Reich, paralyzing not only theoretical physics by aligning to a theoretical dogma for 70+ years, quite apart from notable and applaudable advancements in the physical-philosophical birth of quantum physics [Schroedinger, Bohr, Heisenberg], which would not be so blatantly suppressed because of its apparent lack of immediate and obvious impact on the use of exotic energy, and also its «far out there» nature of initially perceived non-intuitiveness.

In the context of exotic energies and so-called over-unity devices recently introduced, inventors and researchers are fighting battles with the typical modern scientists who, unlike their counterparts in the Renaissance of a more universal education, are blinded by compartmentalization, specialization, and lack of guts and imagination, unable to connect the dots due to a lack of a broader education and overview,  further pressured by their equally dogmatic and un-enlightened peers (Again, Reich’s cage comes to mind). Unfortunately, an agreeable Peer Review is the keyhole to acceptance, success and acclaim in any field of science in our times. The sheep are reviewing the wolf.

This compartmentalization becomes apparent once again in the very recent findings and discussions emanating from Stanford and Purdue, regarding a newly discovered type of particle, capable of permeating anything and everything, also influencing the radioactive decay rates of various isotopes. Comparisons with Chi, the Life Force, and consciousness are coming forth, without any history of fundamental and ground-breaking previous research even being mentioned.

In other words: Reich’s findings are now being repeatedly regurgitated from slightly different perspectives, with the academic praise going to others, 55 years later. The fact that we credit Reich for these discoveries is bound to bring upon us an outcry of outrage and almost certain defamation by the presently prevailing academic biotope. Alternatively, we will be met by icy silence.

The recognition of the «Life Force» or Scalar Potentials (we are reluctant to call them «Waves») should have a profound impact on both physics and, indivisibly intertwined therewith, psychology, theology, and medicine, a hidden interconnecting pathway becoming more visible with deeper understanding and progress in Quantum Physics [Bernhard Haisch, e.a.]

Apart from profound meteorological effects, we can find applications in Radionics (which falsely, albeit unknowingly, ascribes pathogenic and other effects to electromagnetism instead of the co-produced scalar complementary field), effects on an atomic (configuration and spin) and molecular level, encoding of information on scalar pulses, anti-gravity effects, and so-called Free Energy systems, wrongly, perhaps short-sightedly seen as being in violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. (A closed, isolated system is a theoretical construct that may or, more likely, may not be applicable, as suggested by research with all-permeating energy fields or particles, as mentioned above).

Hence, an Over-Unity power generating system is not at all in contradiction with the commonly propagated laws of thermodynamics.

Allow us to conclude this brief overview with a stern warning, enhanced by personal experience:

We did not pay heed to Reich’s repeated references to negative side-effects encountered during experimentation at his facilities in Maine , which almost lead to his daughter’s death around 55 years ago. Spending some time behind our focused and electrically pulsed weather control system, I mysteriously became extremely weak and ill, almost leading to my demise (2008).         I did, fortunately, make the connection to our system being the cause, and managed to recover from a critical condition just so, after having the system re-located.

Our conclusion is that the term Life Force has to be taken quite literally. In its scalar transmission function, the operating system collects the required energy from the environment, in which living entities seem to have the highest potential.

Nevertheless, repeated carelessness in further research resulted in multiple heart failures on my part, culminating  in the need for a pace-maker in December 2009.

The process of physiological degradation when in the vicinity and the «wrong side» of an active system is gradual and therefore barely noticeable, but absolute, until a breakdown quite suddenly occurs.

We wish Ismail Aviso in the Philippines could be made aware of this overview – we see him working under similar conditions with similar coils on various video clips.

Good luck to him... 

Unfortunately, we had to abandon our laboratory and research in 2009 due to lack of funds. # # #

This story is also posted at BeforeItsNews.

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