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You are here: > News > May 11, 2011

Romero's Self-Sustaining Dynamo Drama

An forum member going by the handle "romerouk" claims to have produced a self sustaining "Muller Dynamo." He has posted instructions, specifications, pictures, and videos of the device. Then yesterday, after receiving an unsettling visit, he announced it was all a, "big fake."

by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
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Hope is precious and invaluable. It is the hope for a cleaner environment, a revitalized global economy, a more peaceful planet, and an all around better world that motivates many researchers in the exotic energy arena to continue pressing forward. When hope for a certain exotic energy technology is shattered due to fraudulent claims, the entire "free energy" community suffers a temporary emotional shock. A recent example of this, is the sensational claims and eventual admission of fraud, by an internet forum user going by the handle of "romerouk" on the discussion forum.

Romerouk claimed on an thread that he had built a modified, but self sustaining Muller Dynamo. In dozens of posts, he described his system, listed the components used, shared construction guidelines, released pictures, and even posted videos to Youtube. The videos seem to show a system that was completely self sustaining, and powering a load in the form of a light bulb. 

For those who are not aware, the Muller Dynamo is the invention of Canadian inventor Bill Muller who passed away in 2004. The device is both an electrical generator and an electric motor all in one. It utilized a rotor with embedded permanent magnets sandwiched between two platforms (one below and one above) which held multiple stators. The stators were composed of coils of wire wound around soft ferromagnetic materials (such as magnetite, soft ferrite, etc). In addition, the system would utilize one more stator than permanent magnet. Eight 8 magnets on rotor and 9 pairs of coils for the stator. This would tremendously reduce any "cogging" as the rotor turned, and create a situation in which no stable alignment of poles would be possible. The rotor could be turned by hand without feeling any significant resistance. By properly timing the pulses of the coils (which could function as drive coils or pickup coils) the device could operate without producing significant back EMF. The end result was a claimed gain of energy (mechanical or electrical). A more detailed description of the Muller Dynamo, and how it can function as a generator, motor, or both can be found on the Muller Power homepage

Romero's device was very similar to the Muller Dynamo. All the details including drawings, schematics, and part numbers can be found on the thread. In the thread, Romero answered many questions about the device as potential replicators rushed to obtain all the information they needed to build their own units. Forum members were "on the ball" so to speak, and immediately started the process of fabricating rotors, obtaining materials, and ordering parts. Then out of nowhere, disaster struck as Romero's Youtube account disappeared and his personal website went down. Then he posted the following message on May 10.


T H I S   W A S   A   B I G   F A K E,   S T O P   R E P L I C A T I N G
World will be the same



This came as a shock, spurring speculation on the forum. Romero had seemed very sincere and open about his device. It was also a hard slap in the face to everyone who had been preparing to replicate the setup. Forum members had invested their time getting ready to replicate, sacrificed materials in order to fabricate rotors/stators, and even spent their hard earned money purchasing components. As Romero stated in one of his posts, the device was not cheap to build. He expected the cost of a slightly larger scale version of the device to cost around one thousand dollars.

It was obvious that Romero did not like being in the limelight. He repeatedly stated how he wanted other people to replicate so he could step away.  He claimed no desire for financial gain, nor was he receiving payment of any kind.

Upon learning about this "hoax" post, Sterling Allan posted a question on the forum: "Question, could the perpetrator be criminally charged? Or would this be a civil matter? What would be the charge? Who would /could bring the charge?"

Shortly after that, he received an email from Romero, which Sterling posted to the forum as well, in which Romero claims to no longer have the device, says he was under tremendous pressure, had a visitor at his home, mentioned how he was experiencing memory lapses, and was having issues with his wife. Basically, he indicated that it was better off for everyone to think the device never worked. Here is an excerpt:

First of all I do not have that device anymore, probably is destroyed, I have no idea and I don’t care anymore.

I have spent years in trying to do different things, replicating all sort of devices and spent lots of money for that.

This last week was a nightmare for me, you have no idea under what pressure I have been and how many people contacted me, warnings that I should keep quiet, people saying they run multimillion companies and want be to build for Africa,… and in the end, yesterday, I had a personal visit after leaving my day to day job. 

I had the impression that I live in a free country but it was demonstrated that anything is possible, we will never move forward.

I am an IT guy and I thought that I have a good brain but now after that I even forgot simple passwords and things I use every day, this is how scared I am.

I have a family, kids and they are most important for me. I had a lot of problems home with my wife because this too, she never wanted me to publish any of my work, but I did, and it looks that I should have listen to her. Well, now I learned my lesson.

I have never asked anyone for money or invited them to do a copy of the device I built, I have only showed my results, no intention to harm anyone in any way.

All I want now is to enjoy the life I had before and forget about doing any more research, I don’t have the power to do that anymore.

I am not good for this kind of pressure, I already have heart problems; it is not worth it.

I just hope that one day someone better than me will have the strength to go thru all this.

I have always stated that I have no intention to sell or do any public demonstrations, please check my posts on overunity forum.

This is the end I hope, I don’t want be contacted by any other people, I have no more info to share. All I had I posted free and it is better to be considered as not working.

Hoax or Distress?

Whether this device is actually a hoax or whether Romero, under duress, said it was, as a way to escape; the results are chaotic.

On one hand, if the device was a hoax or faked (not likely), he is guilty of producing false hope in the members of an entire online community; encouraging people to waste their time, materials, and money on replicating a setup that does not work. Even worse, this is likely to make forum members more cynical about the next *legitimate* claim of an overunity technology. He would not only be wasting people's resources in the present, but hindering future technological progress by inducing excessive skepticism in the minds of many.

On the other hand, if the device is legitimate, he has lied to a large group of people who were going out of their way to be supportive of his work, by saying it was a hoax. In addition, he has created confusion among members as to the worthiness of the technology for further testing. Individuals who would have attempted to replicate, may decide not to go forward.  Furthermore, he has given the skeptics an easy target. From this point on, anyone who works on the device can be easily mocked by skeptics who are prone to say, "Why are you working on a device that was part of an admitted hoax?" 

If the technology is legitimate, perhaps future replication attempts will reveal it to be so. founder and moderator, Stefan Hartmann, who has uploaded copies of three (1 | 2 | 3) of the deleted videos to his overunitydotcom YouTube channel, wrote to us:

It is no fake nor any fraud.

He is just totally scared after having had a bad visit.

So he bailed out and deleted his websites also.

He is a sincere man with a good history in doing very interesting experiments and posting this on his YouTube channel, which he also deleted...

He also worked very hardly on the coil shorting experiments generating huge induction pulses in another device and also worked on a Magnacoaster replication.

I think his wife and the bad visit made him very scary and he just bailed out.

Just let him take a few weeks off.
He will surely come back, when the replications will be successful.

Once someone is able to replicate this, we'd be glad to create and open source page at PESWiki to pull all the relevant instruction material to make it easier for others to do the same, so they don't have to wade through all the pages on the Overunity thread (57+ and counting as of this writing) to hunt down the relevant info.

# # #

This story is also posted at BeforeItsNews.


What You Can Do

  1. Let us know as soon as someone replicates this.
  2. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  3. Get involved in replicating, if you're inclined.
  4. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan May 10, 2011
Last updated September 04, 2012 




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"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right."
-- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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