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You are here: > News > May 8, 2011

Fred Wells Version VII Hydroxy Generator Concept Truck

Freddy has conveyed additional photos of his water fuel powered Dodge pickup truck.  He's also provided some Solid Works files of the design. 

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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

If you're not familiar with the context of this technology, you can visit which forwards to our PESWiki page about this project.  Briefly, Frederick (Freddy) Wells is the one who posted a video on YouTube last August showing a Dodge pickup truck allegedly running on nothing but water.  He has gradually been providing information about how he accomplishes this feat.  This is the latest installment of information from him.

The following comes from a formerly confidential document dated January 12, 2011 and prepared by Future Energy Concepts and a company they were working with.

Future Energy Concepts
Fred Wells Version XII Hydroxy Generator Concept Truck

1993 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck
5.7 liter Hemi Engine
98,800 miles

Controller, 4D 12V Battery, Generator Cell, Gasoline Tank, Water Tank

The Wells Version VII Hydroxy Generator System is installed in the back of the truck so the components are clearly visible. The OEM gas tank has been removed and replaced with two eight gallon fuel cell tanks. The left tank contains gasoline and the right tank water. Quick disconnects allow the tanks to be easily removed from the truck so they can be weighed to precisely determine fuel consumption during test runs.

Water Separator, Fuel Pump, Water Pump

Gasoline Supply Hose, Hydroxy Supply Hose, Hydroxy Shut-Off Solenoid, Gasoline Shut-Off Solenoid, Gasoline Manual Metering Valve, Hydroxy Pressure Regulator, Hydroxy Pressure Switch

Fuel Hose to Injector Rail

Cell Operating Temperature, Cell Operating Pressure, System On/Off, Gasoline On/Off, Hydroxy On/Off, Cell Amperage Control

In addition to the items pictured, an alternator was added to the engine to provide an isolated power supply for the HHO system. The fuel injectors and injector fuel rail were replaced with standard OEM parts. The spark plugs were replaced with high temperature plugs. Off the shelf electronic engine management components were installed to allow the ignition timing to be adjusted outside the limits of the OEM system.

It is important to understand that this system is solely intended to demonstrate that a standard internal combustion engine can be run on water fuel only, gasoline only, or a variable mixture of water fuel and gasoline. It is a concept system that needs additional testing and engineering.

Future Energy Concepts and *** believe that the final design of this system should be released as an emissions control and fuel supplementation device only, and not as a fuel replacement device. We further believe that a fuel supplementation rate exceeding 30% gasoline/diesel replacement will greatly increase the risk of the government classifying the system as a "free energy device", resulting in the seizure of the technology. By strictly adhering to the 30% supplementation maximum, the system that Fred Wells has developed will benefit mankind by extending the life of our world’s oil reserves, and by reducing the health hazards and harmful environmental impact of emissions from internal combustion engines. The level of supplementation can be tightly governed by the controller software which is encrypted and cannot be changed by users.

Additional Photos

Click on images to download enlarged version.

# # #


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  2. Get involved in commercializing the technology.
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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan May 8, 2011
Last updated September 04, 2012




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