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You are here: > News > May 7, 2011

Seven Reasons to Embrace Rossi's Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat)

There are many reasons to support the adoption and proliferation of Andrea Rossi's "cold fusion" E-Cat technology, including hope for a solution to our energy problems, cleaning up the environment, restoring the global economy, and more.

2.5 kW reaction chamber is tiny.
Naked E-cat – a heating resistor is positioned around the thick part of the copper tube where the reactor supposedly sits inside. The yellow valve is for hydrogen inlet. 
Photo: Mats Lewan, Ny Teknik


by Hank Mills

A "cold fusion" revolution is on the way. This unstoppable revolution will shift the global economy away from tradition fuels such as oil, natural gas, coal, and even conventional radioactive nuclear fuels such as uranium. Instead of burning these polluting, expensive, and potentially dangerous fuels, the world will start utilizing Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) technology, among other breakthrough clean energy technologies now emerging. His tested, proven, and validated "cold fusion" technology uses only small amounts of hydrogen and nickel powder to produce vast amounts of energy. This energy is produced cheaply and cleanly, with no pollution emitted in the process. 

This technology is very much needed by our civilization for a long list of reasons. A few of these reasons will be mentioned in this article. As with any new technology, there will be those that resist its implementation and adoption. By stressing the many reasons there is an urgent need for this technology, we can negate any potential fear mongering or political propaganda that may emerge. The future of ourselves, our families, and our species may depend upon the rapid proliferation of this technology! 

(Please note this list is not specifically in order of importance.)

1) The Environment

We are polluting our world to an extreme extent. The exhaust of cars, trucks, and other vehicles pollute our atmosphere making the air almost unbreathable in many urban locations. Continual exposure to ozone and soot particles in the air can increase the chance of lung disease, heart attack, and stroke. Oil spills such as the recent disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, threaten coastal residents, marine life, and food harvested from the oceans. To make matters worse, chemicals (such as Corexit) used in the cleanup of such disasters are often much more toxic than the oil that gushed out in the first place! 

Of course human beings do not have a full understanding of all the variables that control the climate of our planet, carbon dioxide emissions are climbing higher than ever before. Previously non-industrialized nations are now building coal fired power plants and consuming more oil as their citizens start using gasoline burning vehicles for transportation. As the quality of life (arguably) improves for these citizens, their level of consumption increases. They start to buy iPODs, cell phones, and computers. All of these luxuries require energy to be consumed in their manufacturing process. The result is more carbon and other types of pollution being emitted into the atmosphere.

The E-Cat technology could be used to dramatically reduce these pollution levels. To begin, Andrea Rossi's cold fusion units could be dropped into already existing power plants to generate the steam they need to produce power. Instead of burning large quantities of wood chips, oil, natural gas, or uranium, small amounts of nickel and hydrogen gas could be consumed instead. No pollution of any form would be emitted into the atmosphere! 

A reduced consumption of fossil fuels would result in fewer drilling operations both on land and sea. Logic suggests that fewer drilling operations would result in fewer accidents, such as the one that took place in the Gulf of Mexico. In this scenario, there might not even be a need for deep sea drilling operations at all. The need for dangerous "gas fraking" could potentially be eliminated over a relatively short period of time.

Recycling of materials is also an energy intensive operation. A nearly economically free source of energy could make it much more economically attractive. Perhaps cold fusion powered robots and machines could be built to dig up recyclable materials from landfills and junk yards. The result could be less mining of materials, which could help us conserve our forests and natural landscapes.

The E-Cat offers us a way to clean up our planet. True environmentalists that care about the planet will support this technology and push for it to be rapidly implemented far and wide. Only those fake environmentalists whose true agenda is to establish an all powerful global government that imposes carbon taxes, environmental laws that infringe on the national sovereignty and economy strangling regulations will oppose the E-Cat technology. 

2) Safety and an End to Conventional Fission Based Nuclear Power

The recent events at the Japanese Fukushima nuclear power complex clearly express the dangers of conventional nuclear power. Like many other nuclear power plants, the reactors at Fukushima are positioned in a preciously dangerous location. Japan is in located along the "ring of fire" which is a hot zone for intense earthquakes. A large earthquake and/or tsunami can cut off electrical power that is needed to keep the fuel rods of such reactors cool, and prevent a meltdown. Backup generators can also be damaged, which can result in a total lack of electricity. As we have seen with Fukushima, the final result can be massive leaks of radiation into the environment. 

Radiation from such reactors is long lived and can produce devastating health consequences. Some of the radioactive substances poured into the environment by disasters such as Fukushima can remain dangerously radioactive for generations. In the long term, they can create elevated cancer risks for hundreds or thousands of years. They can create dead zones in which homes, farms, and businesses must be permanently abandoned. Conventional nuclear power is a bad idea, period.

The good news is that nickel-hydrogen cold fusion is completely safe. Andrea Rossi's E-Cat utilizes this type of reaction. Unlike conventional fission based nuclear reactors that utilize uranium or plutonium, no radioactive material is put inside of the reactor vessel. Only completely stable and non-radioactive nickel powder is added along with hydrogen gas. Additionally, when an E-Cat needs to be re-fueled, there is no radioactive waste to deal with. During the operation of an E-Cat, only small amounts of radiation are produced. This low energy gamma radiation can be completely and totally shielded with a couple centimeters of lead. 

In the worst case scenario, the reactor vessel of E-Cat unit could potentially crack in an earthquake or other national disaster. However, in such a situation there would be no need for a special alert or evacuation of the area. Since no radioactive waste is produced by the nickel-hydrogen cold fusion reaction, there is no radioactive mess to clean up. Also, the fusion reaction would immediately cease upon the crack forming and hydrogen being vented from the system. 

To be blunt, there is no longer a need for conventional fission based nuclear power. Andrea Rossi's cold fusion (or LENR) technology can replace every nuclear power plant (such as those at Fukushima) on the planet. In addition to eliminating a potential safety hazard, there would be tremendous cost savings. Nickel fuel is tremendously cheaper than uranium and much less costly to transport, store, and handle. The savings could be passed down to consumers who purchase electricity from the plant!

3) The Global Recession

The world is in the early stages of a global recession that could easily turn into a depression. As can obviously be seen, the causes of this recession are debated all over the internet. Some recurring ideas are excessive government involvement in the economy, out of control spending, the continual electronic printing of money by the Federal Reserve, the artificially low interest rates the FED have established for so long, and of course the increase in oil prices. 

Reducing the size of government, cutting spending (especially military related), eliminating the Federal Reserve, and convincing politicians to allow the free market to make potentially painful corrects to the economy will not take place over night. The only quick solution might be for the Republican Party to nominate a constitutionalist as their presidential candidate for 2012. An ideal candidate who supports the free market and believes in Austrian economics would be Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Of course due to the countless big government warmongers in the Republican Party, that might be a challenging proposition!

One thing that could make a difference in the economy is a rapid proliferation of the E-Cat technology. The technology produces vast amounts of energy with very small amounts of cheap nickel powder. One hundred grams of nickel powder (and around the same quantity of hydrogen) can power a 10 kW E-Cat for a minimum of six months. To produce the same 10 kW of power for six months, a conventional generator would consume thousands of dollars worth of fuel, but the E-Cat would only consume a few dollars (we are talking single digits here). 

Such a vast reduction in the cost of energy could stimulate almost every aspect of our economy. At first, everyone's electric bills could be lowered as power plants switch from burning vast amounts of coal to consuming tiny amounts of nickel powder and hydrogen. Of course the cost of fuel is not the only component factored in the cost of electricity, but it is a very significant component. It's easy to see a situation in a few years where the price per kilo-watt hour of electricity is slashed in half. This would benefit every individual, family, and business. They could use the money saved in a number of different ways which would further stimulate the economy. 

Currently, oil is priced around 110 dollars a barrel. Without an exotic and abundant new source of energy, the price of energy is only going to go up. When the E-Cat and other emerging free energy technologies are incorporated into all sorts of products such as home power generators, cars, trains, hot water heaters, and others the price of oil could drop dramatically. If the world pushes this technology hard enough, ten years from now the price of energy might be cut in half or even ten-fold. 

For a moment, consider a world in which power from the grid is cheap, vehicles can be powered by small quantities of nickel powder, and the price of every good and service is coming down due to energy being so affordable. Such a situation would provide tremendous benefits to the global economy. A new age of prosperity and scientific advancement could begin! 

Another even greater economic boon that comes from the emerging free energy technologies, including the E-Cat, will be the myriad of jobs it will create in manufacturing, distribution, sales, and all the auxiliary aspects involved.

4) More Peace and Less War

Nations go to war against each other for many reasons. This is very unfortunate, because such conflicts create much human suffering, waste resources, and harm the environment. One of the most common reasons nations go to war, is over resources - particularly energy resources. 

In our current age, the Middle East produces a vast quantity of oil that is shipped around the world to power modern civilization. This makes the area a powder keg for conflict as has been displayed clearly in the past decade, and especially the last few months. It's quite obvious that one of the major reasons the USA went to war with Iraq was due to their oil reserves. NATO would probably not be bombing Libya if the nation did not produce oil. The E-Cat could make all of these oil producing countries much less significant, because oil would no longer be as important or valuable. 

With less focus on the Middle East and other oil producing nations, the gigantic and grossly expensive military machine of the USA could be downsized. Instead of being an offensive military force, the military branches could shift their focus on providing for an effective national defense. By keeping troops on our borders here in the USA (instead of all over the world in a hundred different nations) hundreds of billions of dollars could be saved each year. Also, countless conflicts and military operations could be prevented. 

Andrea Rossi's cold fusion technology is a tool that could unite mankind together in the common cause of building a better civilization. It could allow us to work towards a more peaceful, constructive, and hopeful future! Perhaps instead of hearing about the latest war zone on the nightly news, we could hear about the dropping poverty rates and nations working together to improve the living conditions of their citizens! 

5) A Reduction in Pathological Skepticism

The mainstream scientific community has become quite cult like when it comes to exotic technologies that violate the so-called "laws of physics." Instead of embracing the thousands of successful cold fusion experiments that have been performed over the past twenty something years, they have relentlessly tried to dismiss cold fusion as pseudoscience. Regardless of the quality of data provided to them in support of cold fusion, they resort to name calling and ridicule of all parties involved in such research. 

Pathological skeptical naysayers such as Bob Park have called cold fusion researchers snake oil salesmen, quacks, and promoters of "voodoo" science. In the process of condemning cold fusion research, they attacked other exotic technologies as well. Nikola Tesla faced such skeptics during his age, but I doubt he faced any as ruthless, rude, and dogmatic as the ones that exist today. Instead of modern science promoting critical but open thinking, it has created an atmosphere of fear that makes mainstream scientists avoid reporting controversial test results, theories, and discoveries. 

It's obvious the powers that be have used these skeptics to their advantage, as part of their plan to suppress exotic technologies. They do not want their control of humanity threatened. Technologies such as cold fusion give "power to the people" and take it away from big government, giant corporations, and today's power barons. 

By promoting the wide and rapid adoption of the E-Cat technology we are exposing the fact skeptics denied, condemned, and ridiculed a completely "real" technology. It is something we can hold up to the world and proclaim as a game changing technology that could have been adopted twenty years ago, if the overly cynical skeptics had shut their mouths or kept more of an open mind. 

The proclamation of the truth about cold fusion could inspire a whole new generation of researchers, engineers, and scientists to be more open minded than previous generations. This lack of excessive skepticism could result in the next wave of exotic technologies being adopted rapidly and with less resistance. Perhaps the next few generations will be able to learn from the past, and avoid the mistakes made by the skeptics of our day. 

6) Space Exploration

Our civilization has all of its "eggs" in one basket (the planet we call earth). If a cataclysm happened such as an asteroid impact, ultra intense solar flare, or extremely lethal plague, our species could be brought to the brink of extinction. It's urgent we expand beyond this planet and plant colonies elsewhere in our solar system (to begin) and elsewhere. 

Right now, the best technology to spread humanity across the universe is locked up in black projects. The technology exists to control gravity, inertia, mass, and all the other aspects of our universe. Although it would be wonderful if the powers that be released all these technologies tomorrow of their own accord, that is unlikely. 

By supporting cold fusion technology we can get at least one exotic technology into the market place. The emergence of this technology could potentially inspire some of the powers that be to release other exotic technologies. At a minimum, it could make the public realize that there is a way to harness and engineer the abundant and inexhaustible forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. This includes forces that could allow for fast and safe space travel! 

There are inventors developing anti-gravity and propulsion technologies which, like cold fusion, have been marginalized by mainstream science. As these finally get the support they deserve, they could enable mankind to finally get these technologies for the lay population, whether or not the black ops ever share their technology.

Even by itself, cold fusion technology could serve as a power source for colonies on the moon, Mars, or beyond. With unlimited power, mining, the production of crops for food, construction, and the maintenance of life support systems could be made easier. It is also possible that cold fusion could somehow be engineered into a propulsion technology. Hot fusion has often been theorized as a way to shorten a trip to Mars from years into a few months. Could cold fusion be used in a similar way? 

Eventually, the development and proliferation of cold fusion and other free energy technologies could lead to human outposts and cities across our solar system. This would ensure that despite the fate of our home planet, our species would continue. Perhaps in the process, we might meet up with some interesting cousins from a few light years across town! 

7) Hope

The current conditions on this planet are abysmal. Famine, disease, death, and war are everywhere. We are polluting our planet, wrecking the environment, and killing members of our own species. If a person follows only the fake mainstream news (instead of the alternative media), there is little hope for a better world. There seems to be no end to the fighting between nations, no true game changing technologies on the horizon, and only more human suffering on the way as the global population increases.

Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology can bring our species something it desperately needs more than anything else right now, which is HOPE. 

The E-Cat provides HOPE for a new source of energy to replace conventional fuels.

The E-Cat provides HOPE for a cleaner environment.

The E-Cat provides HOPE for a restored global economy.

The E-Cat provides HOPE for cooperation between nations instead of warfare.

The E-Cat provides HOPE for a world with fewer skeptical naysayers holding back progress.

The E-Cat provides HOPE for a world in which there are no limits to technological progress. All the forces of the universe are engineerable, and anything humanity dreams of can be achieved.

Perhaps most importantly, the E-Cat provides HOPE for a world in which the human civilization survives beyond this early stage of infancy, and eventually expands beyond the confines of our precious but limited blue sphere we call Earth.

As more information about this ongoing saga is obtained, it will be reported on here at PESN and PESWiki We have also registered the domain name to forward to our feature page at PESWiki, and we have a news page dedicated to the coverage of this topic. Remember that PESWiki is publicly editable, so if you know of significant coverage we've not included, you are free to add a link to it. Our Help page gives instructions for those not familiar with wiki syntax. 

# # #

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