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You are here: > News > May 5, 2011

Mister X, aka Freddy, water fuel (non) disclosure may seem disappointing, but...

On May 4th, 2011 "Mister X" appeared on the "Late Night in the Midlands" radio program. But no plans were divulged as had been promised; neither has anyone that we know of yet been able to replicate the effect first displayed on YouTube last August. Today Freddy conveyed some images

Freddy's reflection in the window of the Dodge truck he claims to have modified to run on water alone. Aug. 2010.

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by Sterling D. Allan with Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Recently, Glenn Canady of the "Late Night in the Midlands" radio show hosted by Michael Vera announced via a YouTube video, that an individual who he called "Mister X" would appear on the show, reveal his identity, and "all the technical details of his invention" that enables his truck to run on nothing but water, except just a little fuel (2%) to prevent corrosion. Canady predicted: "This will be bigger than anything you've ever seen on the fake news. Period." As of the time of this writing, his promo has pulled in more than 42,000 views.

In a recent article here at PESN announcing that interview, we speculated that Mister X might be Frederick (Freddy) Well's of "Future Energy Concepts Inc."

We sent an email to Freddy asking, "Is this you he's talking about?" First, he replied: "And then?"

I took that as a yes. And I forwarded to him my offer to post a clear set of plans, so all people would have to do is go to a domain name and they would have the plans, then they could ask any questions they needed clarification on. Back in August, we registered the domain name, to forward to our PESWiki page about this project for this very purpose, which Freddy's website links to as the official project site.

For those of you not familiar with the history of this, Freddy promised to open source this back in August when he first posted a video on YouTube showing a Dodge pickup truck allegedly running on nothing but water. We had several guys go in with the purpose of helping him compose a clear set of plans and have Freddy help them replicate the design per those plans. However, Freddy was constantly changing his instructions and contradicting himself, making the task essentially futile, despite weeks of sincere effort by all involved, including Freddy. I chalk it up to an extreme right-brain, "invent on the fly" personality, that doesn't know how to convey those plans clearly to another person. We still don't know of anyone (other than Freddy) who has been able to replicate what he claims to have done back in August, though a few have gotten short-term results of some interest.

The newer design, version 7, is not one he's willing to open source. And from what he says, that is the one he's taking to market presently, aiming for 250,000 units beginning in June. These will not be "run on water only" types of systems, but "improve your mileage significantly," to avoid being too radical.

So part of my unspoken concern that I was hinting at in my questions and suggestions to Freddy was "if you were not able to convey your version six plans previously, what is going to make your appearance on this show different?"

Later that day, on May 2, he wrote: "Not me. Sorry. But will be a informative interview. 11 attempt on life. Hurt bad. Must lay low. Please keep tuned."

Here's a link to the 4-hour show as it occurred.

Unfortunately, the show was a flop in several regards. No identity was given; no plans were divulged; pre-paid phones were running out of time; the host was being rude to the callers who had genuine questions and concerns.  All hype and no substance.

I didn't listen to the first part of the interview, because I was driving back from having visited Kiril Chukanov up in Salt Lake (see write-up); but Hank listened to the entire interview.

I happened to tune into the interview just when Freddy joined in (I recognize his voice, and manner of speaking, from his many videos and from having talked to him on the phone).

Even though to me it is obvious that "Mr. X" is Frederick Wells, the hosts of the show and his guests were apparently employing a strategy to protect Freddy by indirectly referring to his technology in third person. But they didn't have the strategy straight, creating confusion amongst themselves and with the audience. The guest, who is some sort of associate of Freddy's, who was on the first part of the show was going by "Dr. X".  (At time stamp 33:54 Dr. X mentions the nickname "Fast Freddy")

Apparently, Future Energy Concepts was told by the powers that be, that they could not commercially sell systems that produce more than a 25% to 30% increase in fuel efficiency. They were told if they did, there would be "dire consequences." 

The system uses an electrolysis cell to produce HHO (special electrolysis of water) which is then injected into the fuel rail

They claim that instead of using many liters of HHO gas per second, only two liters per minute of gas are used. Also, for every horsepower's worth of HHO gas produced the engine produces four horsepower. They stated that the energy produced is not from the hydrogen being burned, but from the zero point energy field or the aether.

In the first part of the show, "Dr. X" discussed many topics with the host that had nothing to do with Freddy's technology. These topics included other free energy technologies such as Nikola Tesla, EV Gray, Moray, and others. Additional topics discussed included the oil spill in the gulf, "clean coal" technology, the aether, and even UFOs.

Eventually, Dr. X ran out of minutes on his prepaid phone, and left the show. Later, another individual came on the show. They called this individual Mr. X instead of Dr. X. They mentioned Mr. X was the individual they were trying to protect. This was Freddy. He made the statement, "This is not my intellectual property, but God's property." 

The reason I am not playing along here by calling him "Mr. X", and revealing that I am certain it is Freddy; is because I think it is folly to give in to fear. Bullies thrive on fear. If I can figure out who he is, certainly they can. By trying to play cloak and dagger, it only makes the game more fun for the bullies. We diffuse the Powers that Be by not playing their manipulative games. Momentum, destiny, truth, and freedom are on our side. Why should we cower?

As Mr. X (Freddy) started discussing his technology, it sounded as though version six of his cell has been improved and will be open sourced. Version seven is a whole different setup, and most likely will not be open sourced. He claimed the technology has all has to do with sound. It uses ultrasonic frequencies. Basically, he indicated you have to oscillate the outer tubes of the cell with sound. They have mastered the technology, and now have designed even more powerful systems.

He also stated one of their focuses right now is power generation. They are now working on piezoelectric systems. 

Also, he mentioned how one time in the past a white limousine pulled up to his location, and he was offered a billion dollars to walk away from the technology. They told him if he did not accept the deal things would be bad, but he refused the offer. Freddy only stayed on the show for a short period of time.

A positive thing about the show is that it introduced some newcomers to the promise of the technology. But for those who tuned in hoping to get a download of plans for replicating this effect, as promised by the promo video, they were disappointed.

I've seen this ambivalence quite often in the free energy world. Inventors come across like they'll share their technology with the world in full disclosure, but when it finally comes down to doing it, they shrink. Some of that might have to do with greed, wanting to make a lot of money off of what they have worked so hard to bring forward. Some of it has to do with cowardice. Some of it has to do with ego, not wanting to lose their position as the only one who knows.

Some day, some inventor is going to really do it. I've been waiting seven years, and I'll keep holding out hope that somewhere there is an inventor with what it takes to go the distance and openly disclose a design that can truly change the planet for good.

And just because they openly disclose it doesn't mean they won't make money off of it. I certainly will be sharing with them a healthy portion of what I make off selling such plans, kits, and finished units; and I would imagine most others will also gladly share a reasonable royalty with the inventor.

Post-Interview Disclosure

This morning Freddy called to talk to me about this story, which isn't very complimentary.  He said that he was in process of sending me some new images for me to post to help people who are interested in replicating/pursuing this technology for the planet.

I responded that our coverage would shift depending on how good the material is that he sends.  I reminded him, "This was built this up to be some big disclosure, but then you didn't say anything new; giving people a big let-down.  If you send us clear plans that others have been able to use to replicate your effect of running a vehicle on water, we will certainly give you good coverage."

He's not doing very well health-wise, being in recovery from two recent attempts on his life.  I asked if I could provide some of the details he shared with me about those incidents, but he declined.

In addition to the following images, he also sent the PDF file that contains the ability to view this design from various angles.  I would say that without any kind of a circuit diagram and instructions about materials, tolerances, assembly instructions, installation and operating instructions, and verified replications, this is about as useful as getting a photo of a pretty car.  We can look and dream, but we're not going to be driving down the road because of that photo.

click on images for enlargements

Top view

It's a nice gesture, but is about 20% of the distance toward the "full disclosure" promised.  Without a lot more info, this is just eye candy, not very useful -- except perhaps to a few who have been tracking this for a long time and have a lot of additional nuggets needed; so this might push their 75% to 95% (just guessing, to illustrating a point).

Freddy told me, "I have given all the information needed in various places around the net."  The problem is that there are a lot of versions and changes.  This isn't like assembling one jig saw puzzle.  It's like trying to make sense of five puzzles dumped together of a similar scene into one pile, mixed together, cut by the same manufacture, of similar size.  Not helpful, just mostly aggravating.  There are a few people with a determined disposition, adequate skills and resources, and sufficient patience to pursue this.  But it's nowhere near the 100% transparency, reasonable ease, useful application, and affordability that makes for an ideal open source project.

So yes, in a strict sense of the word this is an "open source project."  But on the gamut from reasonable to unreasonable, it's still weighs heavily on the "unobtainable" end of the spectrum

Meanwhile, on the business end of things, where things are disclosed under NDA, and money is available to build and do R&D and engineer stuff, his story continues to entice (though we have not yet verified any of these statements). Freddy said that he has had third party verification by a renewable energy group that goes all over testing such things as this.  He said that Version 8, which is quite a bit ahead of Version 7 shown above, is presently being tested.

He also said that "financing will be available for someone who wants to buy one of these to put on their car" (referring to the ~30% mileage  improvement version).

# # #

This story is also posted at BeforeItsNews.

What You Can Do

  1. Get involved in the open source project that may arise from this pending disclosure.
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Jan. 29, 2011
Last updated September 04, 2012




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