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You are here: > News > May 3, 2011

Stiffler's Space Energy Coherence (SEC) lights up

Dr. Stiffler has posted another video demonstrating how to collect energy from the ambient environment, in this case brightly lighting 12 LEDs. His simple setup utilizes a couple of coils and a "Spacial Energy Coherence" (SEC) circuit along with a small tower resembling those used by Nikola Tesla.

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by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Collecting free energy from the ambient environment (aether) is a very popular concept. Nikola Tesla did it with his Magnifying Transmitter, EV Gray harnessed such energy with his special Gray tubes, and Ismael Aviso apparently is doing it with his self charging battery technology. Dr. Stiffler has posted a new video showing it done with his Space Energy Coherence (SEC) circuit, a couple of coils, and a small tower.

This is not the first setup Dr. Stiffler has demonstrated. Videos of other experiments he has performed along with transcripts can be found in our March 5 story: Stiffler Frequency Amplification Effect Replicated.

The result of his latest setup is that twelve ultra white LEDs are illuminated. Although he is powering the exciter circuit with a 12.6 volt battery, any power from the battery has to go through a hundred thousand ohm resistor. Due to that resistor, there is no way enough power to light those LEDs is coming from the battery. This is proven when he touches the sphere like collector at the top of the tower, and the LEDs go out. 

Apparently, his device is collecting energy from the aether, the zero point energy field, or some other unknown source. It has been claimed by some people that his circuits simply absorb energy from radio frequencies. Personally, I tremendously doubt such a small antenna could power twelve extremely bright LEDs from radio frequency energy alone. 

It would be interesting to see if his device can work in a Faraday cage, totally isolated from any radio frequencies. Perhaps that is something that could be tested in the future. If the device worked in a Faraday cage, it would be proven beyond a doubt he is tapping into the aether or some other non-conventional source of energy. 

Go ahead and check out the video

"A variation on the first videos to show how little energy is really needed to cause Spatial Energy Coherence. Powering a SEC Exciter with ~126uA and running 12 White LED's in series to maximum brightness." (YouTube; April 28, 2011)


Ok. Basically this is a part of the three coil demo, but it is not using the coils or the same configurations. The only thing that is similar here is the same exciter I have used in all the three coil videos. But what I need to show you here is how little power it actually takes to excite a SEC exciter so that we can obtain energy from a tower. 

Now what I've done here is I have a 12.6 volt lead acid battery. The positive lead goes right in the positive rail of the exciter. The negative lead out of the battery is going through a 100K ohm resister. A hundred thousand ohms into the negative rail. Now I am also coming off of the power I have an AV plug right here which is outputted from this three coil which goes back. And this is merely a connection to these two wires together into this black wire which goes to the aluminum foil onto the side of the 12 volt battery. I then take and tune to the tower via the tuning on the 18 board. I then come off of the lower tap of the tower through another L3 to a twelve super white LED board.

I am counter balancing the tuning that I obviously do not have on this side after the L3 with this clip lead laying here. As you can see it is hooked to nothing. And you can see there is no power going into this thing except through this 100 k resistor. And we have the tower, the small clip lead to balance it out on the side, this L3, the L3 back here hooked to the side of the battery. So let me go ahead and take this black paper off of the LEDs I've been shielding so that it would not cause any problem. Now remember we have twelve super white LEDs here. We are powering that supposedly through a 100k resistor. Which if you know anything about LEDs and if you have ever taken, and driven them through a resistor itself off of twelve volts you are going to see you cannot drive these twelve leds at this intensity through a 100K resistor. Now if I take and touch this clip lead here you will see that there is very little difference in intensity. So our adjustment of balance here is fairly close that is why we have just the short clip lead. 

Now so where is the energy coming in at? If I touch the tower look at what happens. So either this exciter is being excited through this one hundred K resistor and causing spatial energy coherence via this tower to power these LEDs, or I guess I'm a magician.

# # #

This story is also posted at BeforeItsNews.

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan May 2, 2011
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