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You are here: > News > April 23, 2011

Russia claims Raphial's MYT engine design its own

Russia is taking great pride in a new hybrid car called the e-Mobile or Yo-Mobile going into production, with support from Prime Minister Putin and the richest man in Russia.  It turns out that the rotary vane engine design strongly resembles Raphial Morgado's MYT engine.


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

After we posted our last story about Angel Labs' MYT engine installed in a Ford Focus in 2004 running on air, we were notified by email and in the comments on the story that there is a Russian firm that is putting forth an engine that has strong resemblance to Raphial Morgado's MYT engine.

They have received extensive press, and have created some very impressive marketing and descriptive materials.  Here's one of their promotional videos (posted on Christmas day last year) that shows the engine operation, components and applications.  It's one of the most well-presented technology videos I've seen; and the resemblance to Raphial's MYT engine is clear. 

Mikhail Prokhorov, one of the founders of the e-Mobile projectThey call it a rotary vane engine; and the engine is slated to be integrated into Russia's first hybrid car, λ-Mobile (Ё-мобиль; also called "Yo-Mobile").  E-Mobile is being developed by YAROVIT Holding, which has involvement by Mikhail Prokhorov, Russia's richest man, and one of the founders of the project. (Link)

According to Wikipedia, E-mobile is a planned Russian hybrid car, implementing a design which is supposed to use an electric drivetrain with combined power from the generator powered by capacitors and a rotating gasoline rotary-vane motor. According to the developers, industrial production of the cars is scheduled for September 2012, with the cost of the car being 450,000 rubles (around 16,000 USD).  They will start taking orders in May. (Link)  A German manufacturer has contracted for two production lines, with the first 40 models being produced this Fall for crash testing. (Link)

The E-mobile on display in Moscow, January 2011. Photo by Miosw

In March, Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin tested the e-mobility while traveling to a meeting of the Russian Security Council, giving it a thumbs up. (Link.)

Apparently, there is quite a bit of patriotic pride in the e-Mobile car. (Link)  In times past, Russia has had the unfortunate reputation of producing shoddy vehicles.  "This is one we can be proud of," is the sentiment expressed in an interview with Russia Today.

Similar to Morgado's MYT IP

I talked to Morgado about this, and he confirmed that the Russian engine design definitely is a copy of the MYT engine. And no, they did not authorize that deployment; and yes, he has contacted his legal team. "We're hoping we can negotiate in a peaceful way," he said.

It would be in the best interest of the Russian group to properly license Morgado's technology, since Morgado has many improvements that would benefit their deployment.  If not, there are plenty of heavy legal groups in the U.S. that will take on cases in an if-come basis when a win and award is strongly indicated.

Morgado recalls a couple of Russian groups coming to his ranch to see the technology a few years ago, and he remembers that one group was reluctant to sign the NDA, but he insisted. He has all that on file.

Bottom line is that now this American Invention is going to be first benefitting the Russian Economy by a technology that isn't their own.  Proper credit should be given, both for the IP and the financial benefits.

e-Mobile MYT Engine

cut-away view

comparing size for same output

Rotary Vane animation (source)


- - - - -

The e-Mobile engine as shown on their website.

The Up Side

Like with the case in which Morgado's revolver design was infringed by an Italian manufacturer (link); while this copy of Morgado's intellectual property is a downer, there are a lot of benefits that Morgado appreciates.

  1. It strongly vindicates the viability of his design.
  2. They are very far along in their development, nearly to market.

Coming News

This is not the big MYT announcement I mentioned in the last story.  That will be made known probably in the first week of May.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.


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  6. Consider investing in Angel Labs LLC.


Feel free to view/post comments down below.  This one came in by email.

The Russian Thieves

On April 25, 2011 8:43 AM Mountain, JG wrote:

     Despite the positive spin on your story, to me this is astonishing news. There are so many ramifications to this that I'm not sure where to start.
     First, there's the fact that there is simply no way I can reasonably believe that those people could NOT have known that they were stealing Raphial's work. If they had any integrity whatsoever, they would have licensed the technology. While there's the slim chance, I suppose, that they planned to negotiate with him at some point, since they did not inform him of this, that's unlikely to say the least.
     Second, this is an in-your-face- America slam. And you know what? We so richly deserve it. Our nation should be standing behind our true scientists and inventors- those who are trying to make this world a better place for all of us. Instead, we leave them to the dogs-the thieves-of the world. To me, they have just re-started the cold war. This time, the war is over energy technology. Perhaps it had already begun at some point. But this, to me, is a clear shot over the bow. America is so backward, so incredibly ignorant on energy technology, that this may be the easiest battle and victory the Russians have ever had. They are simply walking over the finish line, with nothing to stop them.
     We just got whipped by one of the school yard bullies of the world. Perhaps we deserve it, but not at Raphial's expense. How does it feel to be the recipient of an obscene gesture by a former (and current) enemy, all the while saying "thank you" as we may end up driving "our" technology while paying them? Not good. They beat us into space. We recovered and won back some, but not all, playing catch-up. Now? All bets are off.
     A question: How is Raphial supposed to recover in this? Do we believe that Russia will honor any type of international judgment against them? Good luck with that. I have very little faith in the process, which could take many years. By that time, everything will have changed.

* * * *

Breakthrough Seemed Inconsistent with Russian Stagnation

On Fri, 29 Apr 2011 21:45:14 -0700 "V" wrote to Raphial:

Hi. I just learned of the MYT engine and the tiny gun. I hope you guys are going to be able to bring a conversion engine to market within a couple of years. I served in the US Army and by now just know that our country is being handed the short end of the stick as far as power of self-determination, manufacturing capacity, intellectual property rights, freedoms and they are just draining the wealth out of the middle class all in pursuit of some agenda we are not going to like.

I speak Russian, and when I saw the news about the Yo mobile, I was somewhat excited for the Russian inventors who got the unusual backing of a (probably mafia, how else do you become a billionaire in Russia?) mogul, but very taken aback because inventing something so radical is not in their character, after all they have been under totalitarian control for generations now, where inventiveness in private sphere is frowned upon and their inventions are usually stymied by lack of interest and intentional sabotage (sort of like starved rats eating each other in a barrel until only the most vicious rat remains). That is the summary of the competitive spirit in Russia as I see it, and the eastern block in general, China included, and the reason I choose to live in the USA. I am very sad to have realized that they apparently used your invention, however modified, without paying intellectual property dues in both capital and mention of the original inventor. Instead they keep referring to some "crazy inventor from Siberia" who built the engine and power synchronizer all by himself, which like I said is rather out of character and unfeasable without a good team and a hefty sum of money and time. They have made some good improvements though, and a couple of bad changes (fewer cycles per revolution) and drilled coolant pathways through the block making the engine heavier), but I am not an engineer though, there are things I do not understand. 

Sorry for wasting your time with the preamble, but I thought that maybe having a spherical, or even a bit more round cylinder heads than the ones I saw in the San Jose State University Youtube videos, would improve fuel mixture mixing, compression and cleanliness of combustion, sort of whatever Hemi pistons do for truck engines, only this one would be a two-sided and not a hemisphere or a flying saucer in shape. Lighter pistons and larger combustion chamber would probably necessitate a slight change in the size of the power transfer parts to bring the compression ratio back to the ideal, their centripetal inertia (mass) and probably some other stuff. 

I also heard the Russian engineers say in their videos that they are thinking of making the pistons at least partially out of ceramic and not using piston rings at all due to lack of friction between surfaces. I saw that video months ago, so I am pretty sure there are other changes that I forgot. I am pretty sure they too patent their changes, but maybe not in the US, I just do not know the laws. But if you wish, I could translate what they are saying in the videos, maybe it will help you in seeing some better ways of doing things, I really want you guys to succeed in introducing this engine in as many fields as humanely possible as quickly as possible. I especially like the airplane turbofan idea. That would just be AWESOME, I am really surprised that DARPA, the RAND or the Navy has not offered you a grant, but I wouldn't not even accept one from them due to many nasty strings attached.

I am in medical school right now in the Caribbean, but when I get back to the Bay Area in a couple of years, I would like to buy a car with a MYT engine installed or retrofit a junker car with it. 

* * * *

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