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You are here: > News > April 12, 2011

Keshe selling 3-4kW plasma generators . . . next year, with class

M.T. Keshe of Belgium, says that by next year he will be delivering ten thousand 3-4 kilowatt generators that run on plasma power – a form of free energy. He is also launching an institute. At least his Quixotic claims are entertaining.

by Sterling D. Allan with Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

According the Keshe Foundation site, "voltage is collected in a cola bottle reactor only filled with a Kt plasma, without Kt liquid."


On April 11, I received an email from M.T. Keshe announcing: 

The following is the first commercialization of our plasma power generators.

I hope you can let your people know that now we are in course to change the energy technology with our plasma reactors

Yours faithfully
M T Keshe

Sale of Keshe Foundation 3-4 KW power generator

As has been explained on the Keshe Foundation forum
Stichting the Keshe Foundation to support the setting up of its International Space Institute from today proceeds with the commercialization of the its power generators. We Initially offer 10 000 units of 3-4 KW AC/DC portable domestic Keshe electric power generators. 

I then called and talked to Keshe about this development.

He said that these would begin to be made available in April of 2012, around the same time the Keshe International Space Institute is tentatively scheduled to begin.  When they are ready for coverage, they will be bringing their prototype to Elektor magazine.

Purportedly, the generators, costing €5,000, will provide continuous, clean power.  Keshe said the generators create energy from the creation of the plasma and the release of dynamic magnetic field interactions.  He said it doesn't come from the environment.  I guess he thinks it comes ex nehilo.  Whatever.  As long as it works, right?

3-4 kW isn't enough to handle higher loads in a home, but with a battery bank and inverters, you could store low-usage times to handle high-usage peak times.  Similarly, 3-4 kW could power an electric vehicle (via the same principle).

He said that they are accepting a €500 deposit on the generator sales, with the balance owed upon completion of the generators for delivery. (Ref.)  There is also a €100/year maintenance fee involved. No termination date is mentioned.

He said there is a "money-back guarantee." He said: "Refunded money which will be [kept in an] escrow account," but I'm not sure how an escrow-controlled account constitutes a relinquishing of the money back to the customer.  That's not a "refund" in my dictionary.

I reminded him of the precedent of Mike Brady "selling" 100 kW electromagnet motors, with half down; and now he's in jail for embezzling several million from 60 German customers who never got their product (and that doesn't include the many customers from other countries who made deposits, while Brady lived the high life in Switzerland). That fraud makes people very leering on new technologies like this. And like Brady, Keshe doesn't have a demonstrator unit he is willing to let people see first, though he claims to have one that has been tested and validated by scientists.

Keshe said that his work in healing speaks for itself, with many satisfied customers vouching for its efficacy. And there is the recent announcement by the Iranian government that they have flying saucer technology, which Keshe has been telling us for a couple of years he developed and has been presenting to them.

Keshe said he would have already been in production now in Belgium where he lives, had it not been for the U.S. Government meddling in the approval process of the production plant. We've reported previously that one person in particular, who was paid millions of dollars, appears to have been commissioned by some dark forces to impede Keshe's work.

Keshe is launching his International Space Institute as a professional academic setting where licensees from various countries can come to learn how to successfully replicate Keshe's technologies, including the water entrainment, flight system, energy generators, liquid CO2 energy generators, drought and frost resistant seeds, etc. All of these are purportedly designed to be able to support space missions.

The enrollment will be limited to 100, typically one person per country; and half of the slots are already spoken for, according to Keshe. A look at the Space Institute forum thread shows one page of a few posts, beginning in July of 2009, with three users showing an interest in attending.

He said that people who become students at the Institute will also be agents for the Keshe Foundation in bringing the technology to their countries. They will sign non-disclosure agreements and will be screened by the Foundation for their suitability as business partners. There is no sigh-up form. Keshe says interested persons should just send a private email.

This certainly isn't the way things are usually done, and the typical mind might struggle to figure out the logistics of how this could work successfully. It does seem to be Quixotic in the extreme, as do most of Keshe's technology claims. Even I have a hard time taking it seriously, and as you know, I have a very high threshold for easily believing things. I'm the extreme of Quixotic to most normal people; and Keshe is the extreme of Quixotic to me.

The reasons I'm taking any time to report on this include the recent flying saucer announcement by the Iranian government. That does seem to corroborate what Keshe has been telling me for a couple of years, though it isn't nearly as far along as the anti-gravity demonstrations that he was saying would be happening in cities around the world by last year, but was stopped through governmental intervention. (Ref.)

What would provide Keshe a measure of instant credibility is some official reference connecting him to the Iranian saucer project. However, he has not produced any official documents, memos, reports, or statements from the Iranian government that would provide evidence for his claim. Also, a search of the internet did not turn up any such references. All we have to go on is his word at this point – on pretty much everything he has claimed.

If his word turns out to be true, then amazing things could be in store for the world due to his technology. But it just seems improbable that all of his many bold claims are totally factual. Could Keshe really have produced a technology that can solve almost all of the world's ills? He claims the technology can provide physical healing to the point of bringing "brain dead" patients back to full health, control of gravity, super-luminal propulsion, magnetic force fields, and unlimited electrical energy.

Without any reports from third party testing or official references it is difficult to comprehend all of his claims are truthful.  Keshe responds that the coma page on his site has videos showing him in presence of medical doctors who were supervising this process; and he said the technique has been shown to medical personnel in the past 12 month in in Belgium.  Also, he says that his water system been reported through independent test by Elektor in their May 2010 issue.

While that is helpful, the magnitude and diversity of his claims beg for more evidence to back up his statements. Obviously, he is under no obligation to reveal any thing, but otherwise it will be difficult for many people to take him seriously.

He said that in the past few days, agreements have been reached that will allow a limited filming of the weight reduction system that results in prototype reactor being lifted in a laboratory.  He also said that archive videos filmed in the past two years by the Foundation will be shown to member of media in the days to come.  (Inasmuch as he says his units being "on sale" refers to something happening in a year, you might hold back in your anticipation about this happening "soon", as in days or weeks from now.)

# # #

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  2. Apply for the Institute experience.
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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan April 12, 2011
Last updated April 23, 2011


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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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