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You are here: > News > March 27, 2011

The Enigmatic Solid State Gravity Box

An anonymous individual referring to himself only as "S.F." has posted a series of videos detailing experiments performed on a gravity defying black box along with propulsion characteristics. He claims that it violates Newton's laws producing action without reaction!

On Dec. 29, 2014, I was notified the the video links now to go a porn site, so I removed those links. I've kept them here in case someone can recover a genuine location using or other services.

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Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Internet videos of devices claimed to break the laws of physics are pretty common these days. However, once in a while one comes along that makes you look twice. An anonymous individual identifying himself only with the initials "S.F." has posted a series of enigmatic videos of a very curious black box. During the video, tests are performed on this black box and a voice over describes the technology. Please visit the following link to view all the videos and click on the embedded video below to watch the overview.

Watching the videos you will see a remotely controlled black box move across low friction surfaces such as water, spheres resembling ping-pong balls, and what appears to be glass marbles. In each situation there is no apparent "reaction" from the movement of the black box. For example, when it is placed on a transparent platform (free to move in any direction) the black box will not push the platform backwards as it moves forward. Instead, it will pull the platform along with it. In another video you will see the box (which is claimed to weigh one pound) push against a concrete block. The result is the concrete block moves a substantial distance without any apparent reaction force. 

During the video, the device is described as representing a gravity control technology that produces action without reaction. Gravity is actually claimed to be produced by the box via the use of solid state components. This reaction-less propulsion mechanism is claimed to be more efficient than any current technology used today and can be used to produce motion in any direction, potentially including up or down. S.F. claims that this technology can allow for travel through any medium including water, gas, and the vacuum of space.

For brief moments you will occasionally see what looks like a remote control in the hand of the individual performing the tests. The enigmatic, modulated voice states that the device is remote controlled and represents a breakthrough technology that will make rockets, propellers, jets, and all conventional propulsion technology obsolete. He states that a device the size of two fists can theoretically lift the weight of a person. Furthermore, it is claimed the technology could allow for a rapid trip to the planet Mars in only thirty nine days. It is claimed to be so energy efficient (around 98%) that during such a mission the propulsion system could be powered by solar panels. A slow ascent from the surface of the Earth to orbit is also stated to be possible using only solar power.

The Benefits of Such a Technology

The potential of this technology (if validated) is beyond staggering. Such a gravity control technology could literally open up the solar system and beyond to our species, allow for efficient transportation of resources, boost trade and commerce, and allow for rapid shipment of relief supplies to disaster stricken areas. It could potentially help us pull out of the current global economic recession!

If this technology could take us to Mars utilizing only solar panels, what would be it's performance be like when connected to something more powerful? For example, I can hardly fathom its potential when linked up to Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer or to Ismael Aviso's MEG (Motionless Electric Generator). Could the result be cities floating in the sky or space stations built on Earth and slowly lifted into orbit?

One potential application mentioned by S.F. is a personal "jetpack" like device that would utilize this technology. Currently, jetpacks are loud, large, bulky, and heavy. They also have very limited range due to the fuel they need to carry. A device the size of two fists that could lift the weight of a person makes me imagine flying around like Superman. This technology might not only be practical, but also very fun!

Anonymous but Seemingly Sincere

S.F. seems to be very sincere about this technology. In an impassioned email to Sterling Allan, he expresses how the technology is 100% real, legitimate, and valid. He claims not to be faking anything or trying to trick anyone. However, he is not willing to give out his name, location, or address. He does not want publicity and does not want people coming to his door. 

What he does want to do is prove the technology is absolutely real. An upcoming video is in the works, and he would like to know exactly what people want to see and what would be convincing. He is willing to perform whatever tests or experiments are requested (within his budget). The only thing he warns is not possible with this prototype is actual levitation of the black box. In his words,

"You probably want to see a working flying saucer rising off the ground. But that's difficult. Science isn't video-game exciting. Its about boring experiments laid out according to strict rules and the scientific method. Plus, I'm not a mechanic. It was really difficult for the Wright Brothers to get a plane off the ground with a propeller. It took decades before someone pointed the propeller "upward" and mechanically solved all the details to turn that into a helicopter."

The most obvious thing many people would want to see is the internal components of the device. He has not stated he is unwilling to show the contents of the box, but he has not openly stated he is willing to show them either. Images of the inside of the box, a list of components, a wiring diagram, and an explanation of how the effect is produced would go a long ways towards convincing people of its validity.

Perhaps those reading this story could provide some additional ideas for his future videos and post them in the comment area below this story. We seem to have an individual with a potentially game changing technology that is willing to do what it takes to convince us. Let's give him the opportunity. 

What do you want to see in future videos? 

# # #

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You can view post comments down below.  Here's one that came in by email:

US Patent 3404854: Apparatus for imparting motion to a body

On March 27, 2011 8:18 PM MST, Ron Kita wrote:

There is a chance that the Gravity Box may be a device similar to the inertia drive of Professor Alfio di Bella of the University of Genoa, Italy.

Professor Di Bella was professor of naval science and propelled what he called "cases" '/ boxes via interial propulsion.

US Patent 3404854

He also propelled canoe like un-forward biased flotation devices.. ..he even lofted a balloon- a great well as a torsional pendulum test.

The box looks like something is rotation..slowly inside the box.....really doubt that it is solid state. A di Bella device would exhibit similar characteristics.


On March 31, 2011 4:51 PM MST, "S.F." wrote:

The box is solid state. It is not related to the Di Bella approach that you suggest. Yes, rotation, but only that it is standing on "passive rollers." So it would not "drag" along, two clear CD were used to let it roll. But they are not "attached" to anything. Just "passive rollers." I researched that Di Bella approach at seeing your comment. Sincerely, I know it is reported as working but my training in science thinks it doesn't work. Slinging weights around, hitting surfaces or instead use of springs. Motion is motion. Every action must be accompanied by equal reaction, even through a spring. That aside. These good old gentlemen and lady invent ors of the past didn't have the advantage of the invention of the transistor. Please consider that any physical "machine" may be made into an analogous solid state circuit. A sinusoidal frequency of a wave is actually a rotation. Capacitor, resister, inductor all represent analogs of physical, mechanical effects. Gears or any such thing can be translated into an electronic representation.

When an electron moves from higher orbit at quanta jump and light speed it produces a photon at right angles. The electron also instantly loses energy and so its mass quantity is reduced at light speed. Unrelated, standard science notes that when stars collapse, their quick reduction in size produces a "gravitation wave." We might postulate that the electron at quantum jump is related to both photon production and has some relationship with or production of some gravity related phenomenon. All solid state. Nothing to do with these good people from history with their mechanical efforts.

* * * *

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