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You are here: > News > March 25, 2011

Transcription of March 23, 2011 Coast to Coast AM Interview with Sterling Allan and Andrea Rossi

On the evening of March 23rd, Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer (a 10 kW cold fusion reactor going commercial), joined Sterling Allan on Coast to Coast AM with host George Noory.

See story about the interview.

for enlargement
Image featured on Coast to Coast AM home page March 23-24.  Then, on March 25, it was listed under "featured" on their home page.


The March 23 show is posted (playlist) at YouTube by user akcijak.
Part 7/12 (beginning of Sterling's segment)
Part 8/12 (misc. free energy; introduce Andrea Rossi)
Part 9/12 (Andrea Rossi continued)
Part 10/12 (top second hour; how Sterling got into Free Energy; Aviso self-running EV)
Part 11/12 (Aviso part II)
Part 12/12 (mentions New Energy Movement)

Transcription by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

First Hour of the Two-Hour Segment
(not edited)

G - Welcome back to Coast to Coast. Sterling Allan was with me a few years ago. Let me tell you again about Sterling. Founder and CEO of the PES Network and the New Energy Congress which is comprised of energy professionals from all around the world who review the most promising new and emerging energy technologies. Sterling has made the term free energy more acceptable by relating it to solar, wind, and geothermal as well as understood technologies. Here he is back on Coast to Coast - Sterling Allan. Sterling how are you?

S - George it is great to be on again. It has been a couple years; and you know what I found out tonight?

G: What is that?

S - Today is the 22nd anniversary of the Pons and Fleishman announcement and tonight we're going to have on this show with us Andrea Rossi who is commercializing cold fusion. 

G: Absolutely, he will be joining us in about twenty minutes or so live from wherever he is - I think he is out in Italy right now? 

S: Yeah. He is in Rome.

G: Now what has been going on since the last time we talked a couple years ago?

S: Well, you know I had changed my focus from trying to be cover all things free energy as you mentioned in the intro to hone on what I am really good at which is the exotic free energy technologies - the cold fusion, magnet motors, gravity motors, things that physicists raise their eyebrows at and say, "well that is impossible" that is where we get interested. And I found that served us very well because it turned out that in the last couple of years things have really started to rock and roll and we can just barely keep up on top of all the amazing developments that are going on. I'm so glad you have let us go on tonight because we will try if we can in this short time that we have together to hit on four or five free energy technologies that are not just interesting, but are actually in the process of commercializing. They are ramping up for production.

G: When you talk about free energy Sterling I keep thinking of the big energy giants who are probably cringing right now if they are listening to this interview. They don't want free energy. How are we going to change this when they are making so much money and you know they are going to fight you all the way.

S: This goes back to what David Icke was talking about in previous hour. I love him he does such...

G: He is a great thinker. Whether you agree with him or not he is a great thinker.

S: And you know it's time. It's time for free energy to emerge. The big guys are taking down the planet as fast as they can so they can have total control over people. But the day of control is over, their days are numbered, and free energy is actually going to empower the people. This is actually an active revolution to support in a very proactive way a solution to what ails us which is oil and nuclear and this central control grid. 

This enables us to have power in our car. We can drive down the road without stopping for fuel. We can fly as far as we want without having to stop. We can go out and fish as long as we want without having to go to shore and re-fueling our craft. We can have our own power generator in our home which keeps us going we don't have to worry if the grid is going to be there or not. We can grow our own food indoors if we want with full spectrum lighting which enables us to mimic outdoors. We can grow tons of food, organic quality, indoors and that is the world of the future and it is coming right now as these guys are trying to collapse the world.

So they think they have us by the throat, but guess what? We have a winning card that I don't think they were planning on or they have been trying to suppress it all this time but there are so many people working on this. You would not believe how many people are out there in all these different sectors they just can't, the genie is out of the bottle and they can't stop it anymore.

G: When you talk about free energy Sterling are you talking about free energy or low cost energy?

S: When I say free energy I am talking about the source. Solar is free you don't have to pay for the sun. Wind is free you don't have to pay for the wind and it is the same way with the stuff that is more exotic. We are tapping into energy sources that are ubiquitous and inexhaustible. We do not run out of them. It is not like there is going to be peak sun or peak wind. It just is always going to be there and these sources are continuous they are not day or night dependent. They are always there. When you want power it is always there as much as you want.

G: Absolutely. You have monitored one of our regular guests Trends Researcher Gerald Celente. He has predicted that sometime this year we are going to see a huge energy revolution. Do you agree with him?

S: Absolutely. In fact, in his trends research 2011 where he predicts what was going to happen in 2011 he said we are going to see an energy revolution involving breakthroughs in new energy that will shift the whole game. It could be as big as the invention of fire or the invention of the wheel. And he specifically mentions Andrea Rossi's technology that we are going to be having on here on the show in a few minutes as one of the technologies to keep an eye on. And I would argue... I was actually able to help them come up with that trends research version. They consulted with me and several of my associates in composing that and the updates he is doing. 

Lets get this clear. While the powers that be are trying to destroy the planet and control it utterly energy is one of the solutions he specifically mentions as one of the solutions that could be the saving grace that keeps us from going into total economic meltdown because it gives you a productive capacity that you can then create jobs, you can create hope, and people get out of this morass we are in right now where they are not buying anything because of this feeling of scarcity the oil is running out, the nuclear is going nuclear, oh no we are just melt down melt down. 

The message I want to present tonight is that no we live in an age of abundance. This energy is all around us and it is cheap and easy to make.

G: And you know most people Sterling probably don't even think about this until something happens or the cost go out of sight. You know if their power goes out then they think about this.

S: So if anything they have actually made it easier for us by making it so hard. It has finally gotten people to think about this and realized we have to do something different, because the way we have been doing things is wrong.

G: I mean I would love a little power source at my house where I would not have to rely on the gird for anything. Is that doable?

S: Absolutely. By the end of this year there is not only going to be one there could be as many as five and some of these are going to be available as soon as June possibly.

G: That is dramatic. How will they market themselves?

S: Well, you know that is a whole hour discussion but at first they will have to be careful because they want to start out with two hundred and fifty thousand of these in the first run kind of thing. So when they announce it it is going to be like ok they can handle the rush it is going to go crazy. Some of these guys are talking about open sourcing so if you want one go start an industry and make them because they are that easy.

G: Can you make these at home once you get the plans?

S: Some of these will be that easy.

G: That is interesting.

S: Now beware because there are some frauds out there that are selling some stuff... magniwork for example saying that for a hundred dollars you can make something to power your house. That is bogus.

G: For a hundred dollars huh

S: You know some of these technologies are not far from that and they are real.

G: That is pretty dramatic. It really is...

G: Tell me about Andrea Rossi before he joins us in about twenty minutes.

S: Sure. Last January they had a press conference in Italy and they invited some fifty... it was by invitation only.... but they had a university of Bologna there which happens to be... and this is very auspicious along with the fact.... I don't think Lisa was thinking the 23rd is the anniversary of cold fusion lets do it on that date. Maybe it was and maybe she was on queue there. I do not realize it until a few minutes ago that today was the anniversary.

G: She misses nothing Sterling, nothing.

S: So anyway the university of Bologna is actually on Wikipedia calls it the first University that is still on going to this date. It turns out there are a couple of Muslim universities that are on going and are about five hundred years older. But it is the first University to use the word University so the university of bologna was there who witness and verify this technology and it really made a splash because this is a ten kilowatt unit. That is enough to run a house easily.

G: How big is that in terms of size?

S: We are talking about the size of a small filing cabinet kind of thing. It is not that big.

G: That is not bad at all.

S: No, and the fuel that it takes to run this thing we are talking, nickel, hydrogen, some pressure and about 400 500 degrees Celsius and off it goes. No radiation and we are talking fuel that is like dirt cheap almost and we are talking a device that is about four to five thousand dollars and produces ten kilowatts.

G: Could you get a tax write off on that?

S: I would not worry about the government... it is going to take the government a long time to catch up on this one. It is going to be ten years before we are talking tax write offs. But you do not a tax write off. It is a one year return on investment without even a tax write off.

G: Now would this power your house? Would it heat your house? If you run your house on gas you are stuck with gas right?

S: Right. Well, actually right now it is producing heat so to produce electricity you would need a generator on there and that would be another fifteen hundred dollars to get the generator and the turbine that turns the heat into electricity but that is just engineering.

G: I would think Sterling if these companies could finance these machines and these apparatus they could get their money back that way. If your payment is less than what your utility payment is people are going to buy these like crazy. I don't know how many people will want to write a check for five or six thousand. Do you?

S: Yeah, and that is another industry that springs up - the financing of these. But some people can. Some people can.

G: Some people can. 

S: Not everyone will be able to afford one up front because they will not have enough for everyone up front.

G: I think my electrical bill is 180 a month and my gas ranges from 90 to 300 depending on the winter in Saint Louis for example. I'm not sure if I would shell out that much money upfront because it would take two to three years to do. But it is not a bad investment because you will get your money back. But again if they finance these things from the get go they will sell like hot cakes.

S: But you also know that stuff is coming down and even though it will be a two to three year return on investment that in two or three years from now if we do not do something there is not going to be any power. It is either buy something now and have power when the grid goes down or have nothing.

G: Well, that's right if an X Flare wipes out the grid and you have your own little unit you are in good shape aren't you? 

S: Right.

G: And off you go.

S: Yeah, and you can grow food indoors while maybe there is ash from volcanoes or whatever that is going on outside. If you have the ability to grow in doors and you are set.

G: Don't you think businesses should use this technology?

S: Absolutely. And your car so you don't have to pay.. you can convert your car to run on electricity. You see this is just one technology... Andrea Rossi's technology.... we are talking five tonight we hope to get to or at least touch on them briefly and you can go to our website and we have these all listed on the homepage we have the news and headlines on the first part of the site and after that we have these technologies listed. The top five. And they may shift over time there may come a sleeper that is better than the ones we have there right now.

G: Are these technologies getting capital by any chance. Are they getting venture money?

S: Lets talk about that for a second. This is crazy. I just found out about this last week the energy industry spends guess how much of their budget on research and development?

G: And the research is for themselves, right?

S: Well, for yeah... the industry all industries on average spend three percent on research and development. The communications industry spends 25% on research and development. Look at how the iPhone and these amazing Androids and how people are going crazy over these communication gadgets. Guess how much the energy industry spends on research and development.

G: I could not even guess.

S: .3%

G: .3%

S: Ten times less than the average of all other industries.

G: You know why they probably figure they don't have to.

S: They probably spend that much on suppression.

G: Right.

S: Point three percent to at least throw a bone so to speak and another .3 percent to find anything that might be a competitor and snuff it out.

G: What are the other kinds of technologies out there that are being worked on?

S: Well, we've got.... this is crazy.... this gravity motor that looks really interesting in fact today I saw a picture and a video of a production prototype of this thing they are going to start cranking out. I saw photos... these things are almost done. They were supposed to be done earlier this month but they are really close. And we are talking something that would be three to four thousand dollars that would power your house and that is retail after you know with a fifty percent mark up for the distributor fifty percent for the marketer and we are talking you know a thousand five hundred dollars in components that your garage mechanic could make. You are talking bicycle wheels, you are talking a welder, you are talking sprockets, and.....

G: Where would you put the unit? In the house or outside?

S: You could put the unit in your garage. It is not very loud and would not be disruptive.

G: Now do you have a capacitor? Can you store any of this energy or does it run when you need it?

S: That one would be continually running so you would probably would want to have some kind of a battery bank or you would just throw it away and not use it just have it run at max because it is so cheap.

G: What about the other ones?

S: Another one I hope to get too really quick is the PlasmERG. It is a noble gas engine. We are talking xenon.. helium.. these inert gases that are not supposed to burn because their electron shells are so full and happy. They turn it into a plasma state and then back out each run of the piston and runs an engine... we are talking the engine has five to six moving parts so it is a third the cost of what it is replacing and the fuel is like 17 cent a fill up which might last six months. These guys are ready to go too. They are just waiting for some good money to go into production, but they have nine months in their production prototyping.

G: I cannot understand those why they can't get the capitol to go wild with their technology.

S: The people with money or so greedy they want to control and own the company.

G: That is what happened to Tesla. Same thing. They wanted to crush him and take him over.

S: Here is another one really quick. Down in the Philippines we have a guy....

G: It's Art Bell. We have Art Bell in the Philippines.

S: Yeah, he ought to check this guy out. He is over in the Manila area...

G: That is where Art is..... 

S: Cool. Have him go check this guy out. This guy was on channel 7 which is the big time down there. He was validated by the department of energy down there last month.

G: So what does his unit look like?

S: He's got a car that runs on a Tesla like coil that keeps the battery charged so he can drive down the road and not have to stop for fuel.

G: Lets talk a little more about that after we are done talking with Andrea Rossi who is going to join us next live from Italy to tell us about what he has perfected.


G: Welcome back to Coast to Coast I am about to tell you a little more about Andrea Rossi an Italian engineer and inventor. He has been working on energy related projects for decades. Currently, is the President and Founder of Leonardo Technologies which is incorporated in Bedford, NH right here in the USA. They are manufacturing the first 10 kW modules of the Energy Catalyzer in Miami, Florida which will be ganged together to make a one megawatt plant by mid October in Greece. Lets bring Sterling Allan back in Sterling tell us a little more about Andrea and we will bring him in as well.

S: Yeah, that one megawatt plant will actually be a production facility where they will make 300,000 of these 10 kW units a year. And just think of the computer industry and how expensive and big they were at first and how much they were miniaturized and made cheaper over time. That is going to happen with these devices as well so even at the entry point they are cheaper than what we have available from fossil fuels and they are going to go down from there.

G: When we have heard so much about cold fusion yet we have not really seen anyone develop something so where are we now?

S: So we have someone who has developed something. The junk science is not junk science there have been 17,000 replications of cold fusion. That is an estimate by a Japanese group that documented and did an analysis of how many people are out there exploring this they have several conventions every year exploring cold fusion yet you cannot go to the US patent office and use the word cold fusion if you want to get a patent.

G: Why?

S: Because it is politicized. And the .3% that the energy industry spends on suppression while they spend another .3% on research and development that is a throw of the bone so to speak. Yeah, it is just crazy. It is time we rise and up and do an active resistance by supporting free energy technologies both in words and in action by buying these things and helping these inventors and going out and doing research and development and getting involved here. Lets go to Rossi and see what he has to say.

G: We are going live to Italy right now. Andrea Rossi is with us who has perfected this incredible device. Hello Andrea. How are you?

A: Very well. Hello to you and thank you very much for calling me.

G: Tell me a little bit about your system.

A. Yes. It is a module which has a power of about ten kilowatts. It works making a reaction of nickel and hydrogen and that reaction of that. More energy is produced from the output in respect to the energy that is fed to the module. So that due to the first and second of thermodynamics necessarily we have in this case a nuclear reaction. You know I am not so prone to call it cold fusion I prefer to call it Low energy nuclear Reactions, but in any case we have a source of energy which is clean, quite cheap, and which does not leave radioactive waste.

G: What is your vision for it's use? Would we have it for homes, businesses, what would we do with it?

A. Well, good question. In the short term necessarily it will be just an industrial use to produce heat and power. In the longer term I suppose that it would be really also for household use. But in this last case there are difficulties to overcome for what concerns the certifications said to get all the necessary authorizations to go in a home. You can easily understand there is a big difference between putting a plant in an industry or in a site where there are skilled persons to control it and to put them in a house where not necessarily there is a skilled person to use it. So it will take more time to go in the households while in October we will setup the first one megawatt plant in an industry.

G: How much would a unit cost for industry?

A. Well, the cost I can give you a cost per kilowatt of power installed. Leonardo Corporation... first of all let me say that this stuff is made in the USA. Because....

G: At least something will be made here in this country. It has been a long time.

A. In this wonderful country we produce everything good. This is one more product that will be made in the United States. And the exception will be in Greece and the Balkans where we have given a license of manufacturing. The cost at the moment the cost which is a subject to degrees as usually happens with an increase in the scale of production. But in any case the cost is around 2000 dollars per kilowatt installed so for example a one megawatt plant has a cost of production which is around 2 million dollars. A one megawatt power plant which means a plant that is capable of producing one thousand kilowatt hours per hour. I assume you also want to know the cost of the energy produced. The energy produced has a cost of about 1 cent of dollar per kilowatt hour.

G: That is almost nothing.

S: Utah has the cheapest power around the world just about and it is 4 cents per kilowatt hour wholesale.

G: Not bad at all. Andrea, what kind of fuel does it consume?

A: Yes. First of all, Thank you very much for how you are speaking English. You are really helping me speaking that way, because I can understand you perfectly. The fuel is made by nickel powder which is a powder of nickel metal and hydrogen.

G: Is that expensive to use and is it readily available?

A. The nickel powder costs about 20 dollars per kilogram which is 10 dollars or something around nine dollars per pound and hydrogen you know perfectly how much that costs. And you consider that producing ten kilowatt hours the consumption is around one gram of hydrogen per day. When I say day I mean a twenty four hours. And about one hundred grams of nickel powder in a period of about six months.

G: Every time when someone develops what could be alternative energy something happens either a big corporation tries to buy them and bury it or they get threatened, they get scared, they stop working on their projects. Has that ever occurred to you? Have you been forced to try and stop? Have they wanted to buy your idea and sweep it under the carpet?

A. Sincerely, no this did not happen to me because we made quite a different policy than what others made. We did not ask for external funding. So I have put into this operation all my money and I did not want external financing for two reasons. One is to avoid that something like what you say would happen and secondly it was very risky because when you do something really new the risk that you meet an unsuccess is very high. So I wanted not to make American football with the bones of the others.

S: If I can interject here really quick you actually had an event in an earlier technology you worked on that would turn waste into energy and fuel and it was politicized and you ended up spending some time in jail. You were later exonerated completely but you have had experience with that and that is why you are playing smart now.

A: yes exactly. Yes this is a very good consideration. At this point being completely free you know I arrived... I said to myself I had to arrive not with a theory or with a toy on a table. I have to arrive with a product. In fact we will begin to earn money in October after the successful start up of the plant of one megawatt. Until that moment all the moment on the table has been and will be my money. The only money that has been risked is my money. This way I have cut all the voices about this guy is trying to make some trick, etc, etc. Any attempts to diminish the importance of the technology has been foiled. Because it is clear if somebody puts all his money in a thing if this is a trick he is just tricking himself. The rules are very clear here. Money will change hands only if the plant will work. No good work no money for anybody and a loss of money for me. 

And I this approach has saved us from the risk that you say. Now all the people who are approaching us are approaching us on a positive attitude and we have extremely important contacts going on and we will... we base our contracts on the fact that the plants have to work. We earn if the plants work. I hope we will be able to defend these policies.

G: Are you beginning to get sales for the plants? Are you getting orders from companies that want this?

A: I am getting proposals for orders, but I am not accepting orders because before that I want to setup the plant that we will setup in Athens in October and that we are manufacturing right now while we are speaking. We are manufacturing it in Florida United States and after that we will accept orders. As I say we are going step by step basing our activity exclusively on the base of research and the contract we have with the Greeks are very clear. First test of the plant and then payment. Should the plant does not work properly I just get it back and all the money involve will have been only my money.

G: Lets hope you get your money back. It sounds like you have risked a lot of money to do this. How much as it cost if I can ask?

A. It has been a matter of millions and I can tell you very sincerely I have put in all the money I had.

G: So you must believe in this project Andrea

A. yes, I have sold you know my friends who knows me knows perfectly know that I have sold all of my former business which was a company that made bio production power plants. I have sold everything to finance this.

G: Lets hope it works and comes back to you many many ways.

A: I hope that it will be useful for mankind. Because you know I am doing this because I think it is something it is worth spending a life for. 

S: Now Rossi aren't you licensing the technology at least provisionally right now?

A: At the moment the only license that we gave is to Greece and Balkans we will start the licensing policy after the start up of the plant which means after the end of October. 

G: so it is coming along you are meeting your goal are you excited about this?

A: Yes, because basically my life is on the stakes.

G: I understand. How old are you? Can I ask?

A: Yes. Of course. I am 60.

G: That's still young isn't it?

A: Absolutely. I want to tell you this. One of the men which works in one of the most delicate phases of our manufacturing which is the production of powders and he works with very sophisticated apparatus we have built to prepare the powders. He is you can't believe it he is 96 years old. I think he is the best man in the world to do the job. He is 96 years old. I am very glad of it because it means I still have 36 years to work well.

G: Good for you. How is my Italian here. Grazi Tonto.

A: Perfect. Much better than my English.

G: Your English is pretty good yourself. Andrea thank you keep in touch with us.

A: thank you very much and thank you very much

G: Andrea Rossi.. he has invented what could be called a cold fusion device. It is pretty darn remarkable.. absolutely remarkable indeed.

G: Sterling we will have to find out what happens? 

S: yeah, and our news service is right on top of this if you go to you will see an overview and a run down of the news as it happens. PhysOrg picked us up and then Popular Science picked them up and bunch of others but it has been pretty quiet and I appreciate you with your coverage picking us up and covering it because these guys really need.... people need to be talking about this getting excited about it and standing in line to be the first to buy one.

G: It is exciting and we are going to take phone calls with you next hour Sterling. By the way do you know what I said to him as we said goodnight in Italian?

S: Grazi means thank you isn't it?

G: Thank you is what I said. Grazi Tonto. We will be back with your calls in a moment on Coast to Coast AM.

Second Hour of the Two-Hour Segment
(not edited yet)

G. And a special guest tonight Sterling Allan we will take your phone calls as we talk about energy. Sometimes I find this to be very exciting I really do. Back in a moment on Coast to Coast AM.

G. Sterling tell me a little bit about you. How did you get interested in this? Alternative energy and this entire area.

S. You know that is a long story. I started in actually the medical sciences my degree at BYU and I spent about nine months at the University of Arizona in physiological sciences. And I then got off for about ten fifteen years in politics. Not politics as in running for office although I did a little bit of that too. You know I was fighting against the new world order, bunkering down. Joe Scout we had on a couple of days ago I was good friends with him. We had Lindsey Williams in and really an activist along the lines of Alex Jones kinds of stuff. Helping people get ready for doomsday kind of thing. Bunker down. And back in about 2001 I was involved in an organization with Joe Scout in which we were trying to get a document that would basically be an alternative to the United Nations saying you know these nations are working together. Obviously, there is world government. The question should not be if but what kind. So lets have a constitution of freedom based organization that would basically repair the freedom for world government as opposed to socialism and taking away people's freedom. And so we didn't have money to support that and so you know I was looking around... what can I do for a job... and someone told me you need to stick with something. Just stick with it and do it for the long haul.

G. And have a passion for it.

S. And somebody gave me a call, a guy named Walton Meyers. He said you... He just went on. He loved to talk. He had my ear for several hours talking about all these free energy technologies and I said I know I don't have anything talking about that on my website. It was that is on the back burner now I still have the website up but it is back burner stuff. It was on alphabetics code where I was studying the alphabetical sequence of words there is basically a code like the Bible Code in the alphabetical sequence. You take word 4150 which is the last four digits of the LDS church offices [zip code] and word 4150 in the old testament lexicon is a place of assembly, place of the temple, seat of the tabernacle, seat of the prophet. That is the definition for 4150 and that is the last four digits of the zip code. I found thousands of those kind of stuff. Anyway, I was wigged out on that stuff and anyway I just decided to focus on energy. And you know I didn't know how long I would be doing this. Someone contacted me down in South Africa they were doing... they had a magnet motor. Mike Brady the parent of magnet motors. So we got involved in that we were going to help them manufacture it and bring it to the world and that ended up eventually fizzling, but that technology is legitimate. He had actually powered and had technologies from a guy in Brazil who had patented it five years before he came on the scene. And there are some other inventors in South America that actually have a home running for a year a twenty kilowatts load following magnet motor.

G. Sterling do you get frustrated when so many people like Andrea Rossi come up with these innovative ideas, great ideas, but nothing ever seems to happen to them?

S. Well, that is where the intuitive comes in because so many people get burned out and there is also a lot of nay saying and skeptics just calling you names. You have to have a thick skin in this industry because one of the primary tools that the adversary uses is making fun of people. Oh you believe in that? Oh Man, you got to be crazy. Everyone knows that is quote and quote impossible or stupid or junk science. They use these names to get you side tracked and say well maybe I should not do this because I don't want to be called junk science or I don't want to be called a quack or a... We have a saying on the bottom of our website. He who is one step ahead is a genius. He that is two steps ahead is a crackpot.

G. Lets go to some of the calls here. Sterling lets go to...

S. Hey, you know can we maybe postpone just for a.... I want to talk about one other technology that is really really killer and spend maybe ten minutes and then we can go to calls?

G. We will take a few calls first. Lets go to Wasilla Alaska west of the Rockies. Go ahead Jeff.

C. I was going to call and ask the gentleman about some of the new technologies that you have. Is there any way you can get online and look at those and pricing or anything like that? 

S. Yeah, at  which forwards to to our news and directory service we have all kinds of stuff listed by... There's solar, wind, magnet motors, cold fusion and it is all organized and it is a Wiki so you can actually if you don't like the way it is organized you can actually log in and fix a spelling error or add a feature page about your favorite technology if it is not on the site already.

C. Can you use one of these technologies on a boat motor. Let me give you an example. I spend about leaving go to my cab and then back to town I spend about 250 dollars round trip. That is just one trip going into town and back. Could you apply this technology to a boat motor.

S. Sure.

C. You could?

S. There are... each technology there are hundred of applications and some things work better for boat applications as compared to another... yeah there are going to be ways you can improve that mileage just using the engine as it is and there are things that you could use to replace that engine so that you have free energy driving that thing as opposed to fuel.

G. What was that other technology you wanted to mention?

S. There is one out of the Philippines that I have mentioned just briefly at the beginning because I wanted to give it a quick plug before we have went this far. But I wanted to spend a little time on Ismael Aviso down in the Philippines. Here is this guy who is working on this for fifteen years and he recently has been making all kinds of breakthroughs and there is a lot of people chasing this technology that have been talking to him and collaborating and confirming certain key aspects of what he has been doing. He shows this video and here is the epitome of this industry. This guy is working out of basically the size of a one car garage. That is his laboratory. 

G. Geez. You know what Apple computer was made that way.

S. And he is driving down the road he has got this video and people are... it is a third world kind of situation. This is not a posh neighborhood. Going over speed bumps and kids walking down the street and you know you can see a lot of love there but there is also a lot of poverty. And he goes to his church and he makes a few circles around his church. He stops and he takes a measurement. He has one twelve volt battery powering this thing and it's thirteen volts. And it's running 11 kilowatt forklift battery that he is using. He is basically taking an old frame from a vehicle and he has put this forklift DC motor on it and one twelve volt battery is powering this thing and then he stops and he takes another measurement. Thirteen volts. Then he drives a little more. Thirteen volts. He stops. Thirteen volts. He does this for twenty six minutes in this one video he posted last month. 

Anyway he has also been contacting the government saying hey you know what can we do to help and they said basically the most they could offer would be to validate his technology. So they pulled together a special council actually of some engineers and people who have the necessary skills to sign off on this thing and last month he went to their office with the dynamometer and they measured off the wall running his 11 kilowatt motor a 45% efficiency. Which is about what you would expect for that particular motor. He then hooked up his little antenna that is pulling energy from the atmosphere and was keeping that battery charged and they measured a hundred and thirty three percent efficiency.

G. Tesla would have been proud, huh?

S. Absolutely, and this guy he has had 42 people invest in his company about 400,000 dollars to get to this point and now he is getting some big money. Billionaires talking to him and what not. But they want to control it....

G. They want the whole thing don't they?

S. They don't want him to talk about it and they don't want him to tell other people how he is doing it. But he is willing to open source this thing so he is like how do I get the money I need and move this thing forward and not keep this thing hidden for two to three years that it would take to take it to market to do all the research and development, improvement, and testing and certification, and UL testing and then you can introduce it to the market after you have done a million miles of road test. Three to four years down the road we see it as opposed to open sourcing it. Now we let the world start working on this and if they go commercial they do a five to seven percent royalty. That is open source and we are talking now we can start seeing this stuff. He wants to see a million installation facilities by the end of the year.

G. That is pretty aggressive. Are these people particularly... would you call them geniuses? The Rossi's this guy here, Aviso? Are they?

S. I mean he has one year of high school. That is all.

G. That is amazing.

S. Yeah, and because he did not have all that training to tell him what he can and cannot do. He is self taught. He has obviously learned a lot from books, forums, and talking to people. He actually came up with this before he learned about Tesla and then he learned about Tesla and it corroborated a lot of stuff he had learned intuitively. And now this guy is willing to open source if this guy can get some money. 

So here is the plea I would like to give to your audience. Lets get it through donations. He needs about five million dollars to do the research and development and to get a facility to produce.... there is a particular circuit involved here. He actually creates a transistor type of device you can't buy. You have to make this thing so it can handle the high voltage spikes that he gets because he is using super high frequencies and he is shorting out capacitors and he has a spark and he has to use some special stuff. To manufacture that he is budgeted out that it is going to take about five million dollars. Well, an investor would be glad to come along with five million dollars, but would want to own 51% of the company.

G. Do you blame the investor?

S. Well, of course not. That is the way it works. But if....... you know you have three million people that are listening to your show and if they all chipped in a dollar and some gave him two dollars we would be there. Not everyone can do that obviously. I know that is the case, but if we got on Rense and we got on Alex Jones and if we got all the active resistance to the oil and the powers that be lets fund this guy through donations. So he does not have to give away the technology and he can open source this thing. He can take care of his family and people involved can take care of their family they can get the money they need to build the manufacturing plant.

Today I got a phone call from a guy that is going to be part of our safe haven villages project. We are building an intentional community here in Utah. His dad financed a company that is a manufacturing facility to manufacture and his ex girlfriend just came across one point five million dollars and is wondering where to put it.

G. How did she just stumble across that?

S. Her dad died and gave it to her.

G. A little inheritance.

S. Yeah, and so there is cool stuff happening and lets get the Coast community to get behind this. They are doing a money bomb on the website if you go to They just got it up today. I pushed on them said can you get it up in time for this show.

G. Do you know this guy? You can vouch for him?

S. Absolutely. I have been on the phone with him on Skype a whole lot. He is the real deal. I really have a lot of confidence in his technology. It has been validated by people I trust and this guy is for real. He is not perfect. He has his flaws just like anyone else, but you know if you want to do your due diligence before you put down ten thousand dollars it is not going to hurt you to go read what is up there. What is available. We have coverage on our site as well about this. We have been one of the only people who have been reporting on it. But because again this is way outside the box stuff. Who would ever think you could drive down the road in an electric vehicle and not have to stop or recharge.

G. We will put information on him on our twitter feed too so people can at least check this guy out and see what he is doing. Lets take some more calls. Lets go to Charles in Los Angeles. Hey Charles welcome.

C. Well, thank you very much. First time caller from southern California and this is the last hour. Two things I want to bring up and I will take the response off the air. While we wait for these ideas to get properly capitalized which is a big challenge. I have a good idea about beating swords into plough shears. How about we take our navel fleet and instead of taking their operations out to war, but we take them and plug them into the grid. Every one of these submarines and aircraft carriers have sophisticated nuclear reactors and on the island of Kwalwi hurricane Eniki this was used to temporarily give power to that island as it was ravaged by the hurricane. 

To give an example the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan produces one point three gigawatts of power the island of Wahaho demand is one point two four gigawatts. So that means one aircraft carrier could actually power Wahahoo 24/7. I say lets bring our navel fleet back and plug them into the grid from Washington, Oregon, and across the United States. Instantly reducing our electrical demand and saving all of us middle class people on our electric bill and even the decommissioned submarines those nuclear reactors are still good. 

And lastly, a good guest who has not been getting any attention who a woman who has a BS and a MS and a PHD in different types of sciences. Her book has finally been released "Where did the towers go?" Dr. Judy Woods because what possibly might have happened to the twin towers was a use of Nikola Tesla free energy type energy but used in a very negative way. If this is true that the technology that has been kept by humanity by the powers that be that David Icke has been talking about we take that and use it positively then we will not need oil, coal, or any of these old GE nuclear plants and George if you could seek this woman Judy Woods it would be one heck of an interview. Thank you very much I love this show tonight.

G. Lets comment on using our navel forces for power. The problem is if you ever need to use them for defense purposes you got to yank them out and then down goes those towns those cities you are powering up. Novel idea though Sterling.

S. You mean it is an interesting concept and I think it is a good use of our navy because we are using it for empire building and that is obviously way out of order and needs change. But I think even better yet lets come up with technologies that are distributed so you don't have to rely on a central grid. Now you can have a device that powers your home. He is saying while we are waiting for these to come out there is not going to be much a wait because if we open source this technology which we are talking about in the Philippines we could be having plans and kits available in weeks not months.

G. We are going to track down Dr. Judy woods and see what that story is all about. That is what we have producers for. 

G. Sterling have you heard of John Searl and his work.

S. Yes, he is a very interesting book and he actually has a team of people wrapped around him. He came back from Britain he is back in the United States and is working on replicating what he had running. It is my opinion and I am not certain on this but from what I can gather having been exposed to him and after watching that for a long time that he was probably one of the if not the first father of UFOs. Things that we see flying around are largely of human origin. Yes, well not necessarily that they were him but he came up with technology and they took it and ran with it and put him in jail. 

G: He was talking about how he launched one and it just kept going. He thinks it is still going. It's gone.

S. Yes. Up into space. They are making some pretty good progress. They post new videos almost every three to four days of their progress in replicating his technology.

G: Lets wrap this up with final calls. Ray is in Gainesville, Florida. Your up. Go ahead Ray.

C. Good morning George and /Sterling. Listen I have yet to confirm this maybe but I think I partially can explain how Tesla was able to pull energy out of the air and also I had made a device that had. It did not create much it only created about half a volt and a milliamp. But it wasn't basically, basically what it was it was a capacitor we used aluminum foil and wax paper and if I had panned for gold and made gold leaf I could probably make it work real well. 

The Bible has a thing where the Arc of the Covenant which was basically an Orgone Box. Overlaid with gold. They had to use sage and had to wear a hazmat suit with crystals and valves and stuff on it because they would get zapped the life energy would be zapped out of them into the box and that is how Tesla pulled energy out of the air. Like a capacitor.

G: You are right. I think the arc of the covenant had that.

C. Energy is all around us.

S. The device we are talking about with this fellow Aviso and there are thousand of people playing with this by the way. He is one of many, many hundreds or a few thousand who are experimenting along the lines you are talking about where they short out a capacitor and use a high frequency and low inductance coils and you know we have got the details at You can read up on it. But it really does work and its free energy is not junk science. It is coming from somewhere. Its new science. We are discovering stuff that we did not know before or we are coming into new going to have to rewrite some physics. And that is fine. Isn't that what learning and science is supposed to be about?

G: What is new with Hutchinson and the John Hutchison effect?

S. Yeah, you know I called in on your show a few months ago. He and Nancy Lazaryan are down in the gulf and have came up with a device that combines radio frequencies and audio frequencies and they aim that tout at the polluted waters and they are able to get it back to a pristine state and they actually had it validated by a scientific organization that has signed off on the before and after effects of this clearing and they are having the hardest time getting any attention from the coast guard, the US government......

G. Why? Because no one believes them? What do you think?

S. Well, you know John he is way out there. 

G. Sure, but he is a Genius.

S. He is a total Genus and you talk to people like that and the tendency is that it is way over your head so you assume he is a crackpot and you walk over and talk to someone else. But they have hard science to back up what they are doing. And they just keep chugging away even though the Corexit is effecting them as well. They are having some health issues due to being down there.

G. Lets go to Topeka, Kansas. Hey James. Thanks for calling. Go ahead.

C. Hello gentlemen. I was actually intrigued by what you were saying about the last guest. We need more people to think outside of the box you know and think different about things. I am a firm believer that the people that control the energy control the people who need the energy and you know so I am always skeptical, but I was intrigued by Michio Kaku's concept with the magnet as well. And in terms of propulsion and I know they have applied that to roller coasters and stuff but in terms of mass transit. I wonder if these increased our ability to harness that energy.

S. You know one of the things... and this may not be a direct answer to your question my brain went on a tangent while you were talking there... but I think you will appreciate this... one of these things we have been approached with for open sourcing is a guy who has figured out a way to do some antigravity and propulsion technology that he is willing to open source. So we are hoping to put that up on our site in the next few days. Be looking for that and while we are talking about open source projects before we run out of time I want to mention that the people at the new energy movement I am also part of I am also part of new energy movement. org they are working on a couple of open source projects that look really good for energy generation. Let me just make the point there's so much going on in this industry right now. There is no lack of solutions. 

One of the cool things that is going to happen when we finally get out of the scarcity mentality and the economic collapse and the go through the earth changes that we are going through is when people are able to start being productive again and they don't have to go to a job that they hate and they start doing something they love it has been shown that they are seven times as productive as they are when they are doing something they don't like. So imagine the world right now and then multiply it by seven in terms of people's happiness and fulfillment and productivity and also we are going to be cleaning up the planet and we are not just going to trash the planet with these gifts and talents we have been given. We are not just going to use this free energy to just destroy everything. We are going into enlighten the world and that is why I think free energy has been held back is because we have not been mature enough until now. We are in this birthing canal process. The new baby is coming out and the old is on it's way down. And so maybe you can ask your question again. Sorry about that.

G. You know the other thing too is you know I think its between these world powers who want this one world government and you know keeping energy like this suppressed. I don't think they want it in our hands. Do you Sterling?

S. No, not at all. They have been fighting this for over a century starting with Nikola Tesla.

G. Next up with go to San Antonio and it's Curtis on Coast to Coast AM.

C. Hello Sterling. I am in Texas, but I have relatives in Michigan. I went to TWM technologies which is on the peswiki site and I looked at their motor. It has potential. They had some problems and I have been trying to work with them to help them. I have had to return here for a medical problem.

G. That is electromagnetic right?

C. It is a magnetic motor. It is a DC pulse magnetic motor. They actually got a patent. And that is really something. But basically they have a demonstrator motor which is on video and Youtube and everything else but basically we had an engineer and a physicist come in and they looked at and they said you got something here now tell us what the efficiency of this motor is. They told us and make a generator and find out how much power it is producing compared to the power that we are putting in to power it. It is 98% efficient. And turning right around I was there when another outfit came in and they wanted to take over the company and they wanted to take the company with 51% and take everything. 

G. How much did they offer?

C. It never got past that and they were pretty much told to leave.

S. One of the thing about TWM technologies is that they really down play what they got because they try to come across as being just more efficient than what is already out there. But from what I understand they are way overunity. One of the first demonstrations was a moped that was powered by this thing going around the gymnasium for an hour or so and they checked the batteries at the end and they were still full. So you know I don't know exactly what to believe about this because I get two very diverse stories one guy tells me we are just this and then someone else says they are actually that. It may be somewhere in between but they are definitely one to keep an eye on. They are listed on my best exotic technologies page as well.

G. What do you think what kind of other energy source will hit the market first?

S. One of the things... the last one we have not mentioned yet number five on the list is water fuel. People who are using electrolysis and harnessing zero point energy in the process so that..... the reason scientists balk at this is because according to our models of science if you electrolyze water into hydrogen and oxygen and you burn that it is going to take more energy than it produces. But if you start expanding your imagination to say maybe there are some other energy from the environment coming in here in the process of electrolyzing maybe zero point energy is showing up. There was a guy in Prescott, Arizona Freddy who last year was running a truck around on nothing but water and you know he does exaggerate a bit in how he describes things, but I think he has something and he is one of the people he gave me permission to say that he is hoping to have 230,000 of these units for sale by June. 

G. That is not bad.

S. Back up a little bit. The first ones will probably be parked back because rather than have a unit that can run a car on water they will probably have..... be like we can improve your mileage by 50% or 100% we can double your mileage. It will be parked down and then incrementally ramped up. Of course you know their strategy there is blown up a little bit by me saying that is their strategy on a show as big as this. But it gives you an idea of the kind of thinking that goes on in this industry, but there is an incremental ism in the electrolysis. You have these hydroxy it's called the word for this is HHO. When you electrolyze water what happens is if you do it right it goes into a linear form rather than a V shape when its in liquid form, but when you hit it right it goes into linear form and it becomes gaseous even though it is still H2O. It is linear form and it becomes ionized so when you light a brown's gas torch you can wave it across your arm and it does not burn. I've done this before. You can feel the heat but it doesn't burn. Your hair might singe just a little bit, but you can take that same setting and hit a piece of tungsten and in two seconds it will turn red and sublimating.

G. Sterling why does it seem like so many people are interested in listening about energy. For example, phone lines are jammed and people are calling and people are emailing. Why are people interested in this?

S. Um... well I see energy as being the core of our civilization. Everything we do is energy based. And right now our crisis is energy driven. Oil is going up because of the crisis in the Middle East which are directly related. And the nuclear crisis in Japan has everyone really up tight because look at all the nuclear plants around the world. All of that stuff becomes obsolete and we become empowered as individuals so we can now spend time starting making a living we can start doing what we are really good at and what we really came here for. That empowerment is the fear of these guys that are controlling the planet. They don't want people to realize. It is like the story ants where you have this little funnel with the he says, "you are worried about one little ant?" He opens it up the stopper and all these little nuts or whatever the ants stored up there come pouring out and completely buries this guy. He says this is what happens when these little ants realize there are thousands of them for every one of us. 

G. next up we go to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Hey Noah welcome to the show. Go ahead Noah.

C. Hi, how are you doing George?

G. Good. Thank you.

C. I just been listening to the program. I just wanted to tell you I am a high level engineer in the field of energy. I am from one of the top five schools in the country as far as that is concerned. And I have heard a lot about Tesla and I think that is very important and where we need to start. I think everyone remembers the quote from men succeeding in attaching machinery to the wheel work of nature. That is humanities goal. I am right above Sterling and Andrea. I am ten miles north of Miami. Cold Fusion is not the answer. Wind power is not the answer. Wave power is not the answer. Solar power is not the answer. It is not going to do it. We have hit a ceiling. I have worked for multiple energy companies down here and independent energy developments on my own. We have been featured in popular science burning everything from dust to algae and basically we hit a ceiling.

G. Are we back to oil?

C. No. Oil is what has been killing us. Like what has been said. It is what has been suppressing us for over a hundred years. It was Tesla first Morgan cut him off. Some other guys you know including like Moray. 

G. Look we are at the top of the hour. Sterling I want to thank you for being on the program and thank you for bringing Andrea Rossi to the show. I like him.

S. Yeah, you can tell he is for real he is genuine. You see that fairly common in the industry. I really appreciate you having me on.

G. Look, anybody that would put all their money into their idea like he has he has put it all on the line. He deserves some success indeed. All of Sterling's websites and he has like 600 websites they are all linked up at Coast to Coast AM. 

# # #

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