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You are here: > News > March 14, 2011

Aviso Interviewed on Smart Scarecrow Show

Gary Hendershot interviews Ismael Aviso about his technology that apparently collects free energy from the surroundings and was recently witnessed by the Philippine Department of Energy. Other updates on this technology, including levitation R&D, MEG video, U replication.


by Hank Mills, with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The Nuclear plant problems in Japan have put the planet on notice about how urgent it is that we develop alternative, clean, safe, affordable energy solutions – which is what we focus on here at PES Network. 

One of the top five exotic free energy technologies is the Fymeg effect by Filipino inventor, Ismael Aviso. He has an electric vehicle that runs while keeping its battery topped off, as well as a motionless electric generator (MEG); and he's developing a new generator using his repelling force.

On March 10, he was interviewed by Gary Hendershot on the Smart Scarecrow internet show.

Below is a partial transcription and synopsis of that show that Hank Wills pulled together, along with some other recent news about the work Aviso and his team are doing.

The Interview

Here's the video of the interview.


- Host asks, "Do you know where your 401K is?" He proceeds to show a segment from a Southpark episode in which one of the children puts 100 dollars into a bank account. The banker then informs him seconds later the money has been lost.

- The strike in Wisconsin is discussed.

- The Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia is briefly talked about. 

- The poor state of the economy is mentioned. It is stated that a recent report indicates more than 30% of citizens are obtaining their income from the government. More people are on food stamps than ever before. The host mentions how we should be concerned about the true state of the economy.

- The host shows a video clip titled, "The Fed Under Fire." It talks about the Federal Reserve being the "Black Hole" in the American democracy. It is known as one of the most powerful and secretive institutions in the world. President Obama wants to hand it even more power over our economy. It shows a clip of Obama speaking about giving new powers to the Federal Reserve. 

- The video continues and discusses how a growing number of congressmen are calling for the FED to be audited. This movement was started by Texas congressmen Ron Paul who has been trying to audit it for years without success. But in the last few months it has gained support. Even former democratic congressmen Alan Grayson wants the FED audited. He started rallying fellow democrats to audit the Federal Reserve. Even Nancy Pelosi stated that the people want to know more about the secretive agency. She mentions a book about the FED that was required reading when she was in college. 

- The Federal Reserve has many conflicts of interests. The Fed refuses to release the names of all the banks it has given money too. People are questioning its close relationship with Wall Wtreet. A house committee is holding an investigation of the deal between Bank of America and Merill Lynch.

- Despite all the opposition, the Fed is fighting back. They have hired a woman to represent their interests when dealing with Congress.

- The moral of the story is not to be distracted by the Day of Rage or the strike in Wisconsin. Try to stay focused on the real problem that is the FED. We need to be aware of the FED and its activities. At some point we will need to do something about it.

Sterling Allan Joins the Show

Time: 13:49

- "This week in free energy," is discussed. 

- Sterling mentions Stiffler's amplifier and the three coil setup. He mentions the replications of it. 

- Sterling brings up Andrea Rossi's Cold Fusion technology. Edmond Storm's recent interview about Rossi's technology is discussed. Edmond Storm is quoted as saying there will be a stampede of orders for Rossi's device once the world realizes it is real.

- He continues and discusses Rosemary Ainsley's magnetic field model combining symmetry, patterns, and principles of correspondence. She has developed an alternative physics model. She has been able to experimentally prove her concept related to the electromagnetic interaction by producing more energy in a circuit than is available in the supply. Now Rosemary Ainsley claims to be working on a device with infinite COP. 

- The Morningstar Energy Box story is brought up. It is a partial replication of the MEC Russian energy converter. It will be announced at the upcoming SPACIF conference. The MEC was claimed to have gravitational, magnetic, and free energy effects. 

- The upcoming Bedini Conference in Idaho is talked about. It will feature electric vehicles utilizing their battery recharging technology.

- The Rickshaw Bike Project is mentioned. A man from Italy needs suggestions on how to implement alternative technologies to make a rickshaw bike capable of taking his kids to school. 

- Sterling then discussed a picture one of his children drew of a man in a grave stating, "I guess I should not have smoked." He mentions how his 5-year-old daughter noticed the man re-filling their propane tank was smoking. She then called out the window and told him he should not be doing that. 

Aviso Segment Begins

Time: 21:13

- Gary introduces Aviso.

- The host plays two videos about the work Aviso is doing.

- The video is about a self charging battery system for an electric car.

- The over 100% efficiency of the vehicle has been verified by the Philippine Department of Energy.

- The DC motor by itself (when running off power from mains) was wasting more than half of the input energy.

- The DC motor when powered by a small battery connected to Aviso's device that collects ambient energy from the environment had an efficiency of over 130%.

- His vehicle is shown being driven around. 

- There are images of the tests being performed on his device. There were three tests of the motor using wall power and three tests using a battery connected to his system. Images of meters, computer screens, and oscilloscopes are shown. 

- Unknown sources of energy such as Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Vacuum Energy are discussed.

- Free energy devices from the past such as Floyd Sweet's technology, DePalma's N-Machine, EV Gray's device, Stiffler's LED system, and the Lindermann Attraction motor are briefly discussed. 

- It is stated that Aviso is using a high frequency shorting effect like the one Nikola Tesla utilized. For example, perhaps this is the same technology Nikola Tesla used in his Pierce Arrow that was powered by a small box of electronics.

- The video states Aviso's device has two inputs: one from the user and one from the environment. More energy is produced from the device than is put in by the user, so some portion of the energy must come from the environment. This validates the claim of self running. 

- With further sponsorship and endorsement, this technology can be taken to a stage where it can be used to power electric vehicles. (Currently, it has some issues. For example, the system overheats after being in use for 40 minutes or so.)

- Aviso wants to use the technology to help people in his country who are living in poverty.

Interview with Aviso 

Time: 33:50

- The host starts talking with Aviso. He asks him some basic questions about his technology such as where the energy is coming from.

- Aviso claims his system utilizes the back EMF produced whenever a current is ran through a coiled wire or is disconnected. He claims that when you put a current through a wire (even a strait wire but even more so with a coiled wire) there will be a force that opposes it. This effect is well known and is from Lenz Law. He claims this back EMF draws energy in from the ambient environment. He claims the coil created a "power" (the back EMF) in addition to the current going through the wire. So you have both the energy you put in and a secondary source of energy (the back EMF) that draws energy from the environment.

- He claims once you disconnect a circuit, an inherent property of the coil is to produce a "power" opposing the circuit being disconnected. It absorbs this power from the ambient to make sure the circuit is not disconnected. Apparently, the circuit does not want to be disconnected (opened) and is drawing energy in from the environment to stop from being disconnected. For example, he claims that when you disconnect a wire from a battery you can often see a spark. That is the energy trying to prevent the circuit from being disconnected. The spark is jumping from the wire to the battery to try and keep the circuit closed.

- He gets power on connect and disconnect due to the back EMF produced in both situations, which absorbs energy from the ambient. When you connect the circuit or disconnect the circuit it absorbs energy from the ambient which you can harness. You could show an effect doing this slowly. However, he does this millions of times a second. By doing this so fast you can collect even more energy from the ambient.

- Aviso talks about his meetings with the Philippine government. They agreed to do testing and they agreed on the protocols of the testing. They measure the efficiency of the DC motor using electricity from the wall outlet. Then they measure the efficiency of the motor when it is connected to his system. Using his system to power the motor the efficiency is 136%.

- Gary mentions how there has not been a measurement of watts into the system and watts out. Aviso claims you can take measurements of the battery and the motor. However, he has to put something on the battery to make sure the voltage spikes do not go through the meter. Apparently, it is not too difficult to take measurements of the battery because the voltage spikes are not too high. However, he cannot guarantee their devices will not be damaged if they take readings of the motor or capacitors used. 

- He cannot guarantee the voltage of the motor and capacitors will stay the same at all times. His capacitor can sometimes go up to 2000 or 3000 volts. This is because he does not have a setup to regulate the incoming ambient energy. If they want to provide a piece of test equipment with a range of 3000 volts they can use it to test the system. But they are scared to because those instruments are so expensive and they are concerned they could be damaged.

- What they are concerned about now is measurements of the battery alone -- how much it is draining, and the performance of the battery. 

- The Philippine Department of Energy and Department of Science and Technology are involved.

- He thinks a car being driven with such a small capacity battery and small device connected to the battery has never happened before. (Hank's note: Don't forget Tesla's Pierce Arrow). He thinks is the only one to do that. Even skeptics he talks to are amazed. No one has driven an 11 kilowatt motor with such a small battery for as long as he has without it being drained. 

- The longest time he has driven the car is 35 to 40 minutes. However, he will do this repeatedly and between runs perform measurements on the battery. The reason for this is over heating of his coils and the motor. That is why he cannot drive it longer. The electric motor is over heating and you can smell the insulation of his coils burning.

- Standard magnet wire cannot be cooled off enough unless you use liquid water, but liquid water cannot be used in his system. The only way to cool it is to use some other kind of fluid. His coils can get so hot the insulation burns off. This can be solved. It just needs funding and money. Some of his existing investors are helping him continually. But he still needs more help.

- Karl Palsness has replicated the shorting effect for harnessing ambient energy. What is needed is for a coil to be shorted millions of times a second.   Douglass Konzen (Konehead) has also replicated certain aspects of Aviso's technology, and has served in an advisory, participatory manner in Aviso's progress over recent years.

Q and A

Time: 54:20

(Question: How many watts are going into the system from the environment?) 

We do not yet know how many watts are coming into the system from the ambient energy. This is due to voltage spikes in the system preventing measurements from being taken without equipment being damaged. He has destroyed equipment and oscilloscopes that have been damaged. The spikes have damaged multimeters and other equipment.

(Question: Why does he use litz wire in his coils?)

Litz wire has an advantage. It originates from German inventors. The current is just traveling on the surface. This is the skin effect. The skin surface is greater with this wire so more current can flow. Litz wire is the best to make a coil.

(Question: What is the frequency he is switching on and off? Did he say millions a second?)

He is switching less than 10,000 hz (ten thousand) times a second. That creates many many millions of vibrations or oscillations in his coils. 

(Question: Where can I get a written copy of the third party evaluation?)

They have been released and you can get it from the PESWIKI website. The whole council's report has not yet been completed. Just yesterday Aviso called the organizer of the testing and he told him to wait. The report the Philipine DOE issued will be the same thing the council will issue. 

(Question: Are you using back EMF flyback effect?) 

Yeah, back EMF is just one of the effects. He collects energy from the "engage and disengage" to attract the ambient energy. Sometimes you can see the spark when you disconnect a coil. There is a lot of power produced when a coil is disconnected. 

(Question: Ambient Harmonics and the potential for EMP? Can you play an AM radio and not have it buzz?)

He uses his house and cellar as his lab. Now he is renting another house. When he first started doing experiments he was inside his house and realized it was affecting his TV. 

(Question: Any teaser you might be willing to give us on the MEG device?)

First he wants to say MEG is his dream. It would help everybody. It would be a technology that is small, cheap, and convenient. This MEG he is working on is costing a lot of money especially for the semiconductors. It was two days ago he made the lastest reading on the MEG. He has more or less a steady 168% to 176% efficiency. This is based on testing comparing a normal battery, compared to a battery interfaced with the MEG. He is now dealing with resistive loads. The MEG will be a household generator. It will power any load resistive or inductive. 

He is aiming for a five kilowatt generator with his repelling force device. 


Gary mentions how people can make contributions to Aviso's work. is a shortcut url (presently to PESWiki) where people can contribute to Aviso's R&D efforts. He needs money to continue his work. The donations he has been receiving has helped spur him in the direction of strongly considering more of an open source type of roll-out.

Parting Comments by Aviso

He thanks Sterling Allan, Jerry Decker, Stephan, and others that have helped him and sent funds. He appreciates it very much. He is still trying to figure out which way he should go. He will try his best to make the product available within this year (especially the electric car). 

Gary takes some last comments and ends the show.

Other Developments


In addition to his 1) self-running electric vehicle, 2) motionless electric generator (MEG), and 3) repelling force generator under construction; Aviso also claims to have a levitation method that he worked on a couple of years ago.

He said he was able to levitate a small 1-foot-square-by-4-inch-thick platform up to a foot off the ground.

Until he realized the upcoming SPECIF conference is so soon (March 15-17), he was going to try and prepare a 100 kg platform of size 1 meter x 1/2 meter x 5 inches thick, which could be levitated for an indefinite period of time, using a 12-volt battery.  There would be vertical rods around the perimeter to keep it from straying from over the levitating mechanism.

He still plans on building this, but it will take 2-3 weeks if he concentrated on it, but with the other projects he has going, it will probably take 3-4 months.  Once done, he said he would hold a press conference there in Manila to demonstrate it at that time.

He said he drew his inspiration for where he wants to take this from  a 1935 Popular Science article about a Reaction Motor reprinted at Rex Research.

Video of MEG Measurements

On March 4, Aviso shot a video of some of the measurements they were taking on the MEG set-up.  He uploaded it on March 12.

Testing of MEG with 508 watts actual load, from 20pcs x 100watts, ( 220V, 480Ohms) =2,000watts bulbs. Batteries used 6000watts. Input volts across the bulbs 112V. 

Rattling sound from Low freq shorting of coils & translate into 25KHZ oscillation and cascade so far only up to 100Khz.. Target oscillation 750Khz. . Still A LOT TO DO & MORE FUNDING TO SCALE UP TO 2,500WATTS.
Once I am successful on MEG , It will become the most affordable Household level Genset ever build.

He's hoping to get the system up to 2.5 kW, but for now that project is set aside because they don't have enough room in their shop to have it set up along with the repelling force generator, which is taking priority right now due to the interest from one potential investor.

University Group Replication

A university group who has been following Aviso's work has replicated the antenna-capacitor-short-frequency amplification effect.  Pending permission, we can't say more yet.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

What You Can Do

  1. Donate (via link or button at right) to Ismael Aviso R&D while he is waiting for his funding to come in.
  2. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  3. Join one of the Aviso forums we've launched.
  4. We at PES Network are also in a pinch right now.  Donations would be greatly appreciated; but if you have to choose one or the other, send your donation to Ismael.
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  6. Let professionals in the renewable energy sector know about the promise of this technology. 
  7. Help find a moral investor for this group.

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