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You are here: > News > February 28, 2011

Future Impact of Rossi's Cold Fusion

Italian inventor Andrea Rossi claims to have a commercial ready cold fusion technology that can produce large amounts of energy dirt cheap from nickel and hydrogen. The technology is supposed to be safe and reliable. Recent testing hints this might be the case. If true what does this mean for our future?

Andrea Rossi with Sergio Focardi of the University of Bologna, standing with their cold fusion apparatus demonstrated at a press conference on February 14, 2011.
Photo by Daniel Passerini


by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

There are many alternative energy technologies being developed. Many of them are very well known - such as solar, geo-thermal, wind, hydroelectric, and bio-fuels. Others are not so well known - such as those that utilize magnetic interactions to gain energy, tap energy from electromagnetic waves all around us, manipulate electric circuits, or produce reactions between atoms that are not understood. Until recently, none of these technologies (mundane or exotic) seemed ready to make a major impact on the energy crisis our civilization is facing. But one technology is emerging that seems to have the potential to rapidly change how we produce and utilize energy. It has the potential to impact all aspects of our civilization. This is Andrea Rossi's Cold Fusion Energy Catalyzer technology.

Andrea Rossi is an Italian inventor that claims to have produced the world's first commercial ready "cold fusion" or "LENR" (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) reactor. Cold Fusion and LENR are terms used to describe nuclear fusion and other nuclear reactions at low temperatures. For 20 years or longer scientists have been producing nuclear reactions at low temperatures in small reactors that cost a fraction of what is used to produce "hot fusion." There have been thousands of successful cold fusion experiments in which nuclear reactions have occurred. But none of these experiments come close to the robustness of Rossi's device. Many cold fusion devices only worked intermittently or produced low levels of output. Andrea Rossi's device seems to work on demand and produces extremely high outputs. As an example, in a recent experiment over an 18 hour period with an average input of 80 watts it produced at least 15 kilowatts continuous, and sometimes as high as 20 kW. 

Another interesting aspect of Andrea Rossi's technology is the materials it uses. Some cold fusion experiments have used expensive materials. For example, instead of ordinary hydrogen, deuterium has been used. Also, more expensive metals such as palladium and platinum have been utilized. Rossi's device simply uses ordinary nickel powder (but in nano-sized particles), ordinary hydrogen, and undisclosed (due to proprietary reasons) catalysts that are claimed to be inexpensive.

The device is also claimed to use very little of this nickel and hydrogen fuel. It is claimed that one gram of nickel powder in the device can produce as much energy as 500 barrels of oil. At 100 dollars a barrel 500 barrels of oil would cost 50,000 dollars. I have seen 150 grams of nano nickel powder on EBay for $150. In bulk I'm sure it would be even cheaper. Also, it is claimed it uses even less hydrogen than it does nickel. Basically, the fuel for this system is almost free.

The Laws of Thermodynamics are Obeyed

Please note that no one is claiming this device produces "free energy." The reason the fuel for this system is almost free is that nickel and hydrogen are cheap and that huge amounts of energy are released from nuclear reactions. A nuclear reaction can release a million times the energy of a chemical one. 

A Note on Safety

Andrea Rossi constantly repeats this technology is safe. He claims he knows exactly how to control his reactors so no radiation escapes. However, the fact that radiation is produced at all might be scary to some people. In fact, the main issue holding up the construction of a one megawatt thermal energy plant in Greece using this technology is due to obtaining "authorizations." Basically, they have to prove the technology is completely safe. In many ways, this technology is inherently safe. No radioactive materials are put in and there is no nuclear waste when the reactor is opened. One concern though is that the reaction could increase beyond safe limits. This could have happened in a recent experiment in which a reactor had to be throttled down from producing 130KW to 15KW. Rossi has warned that in previous experiments with high levels of output there have been explosions.

More Positive Aspects

There are even more positive aspects of this technology. It is claimed that even though nuclear fusion occurs in the device there is no radioactive waste. Rossi has stated that no residual radiation is detected just minutes after turning off the reactor and opening it. 

Perhaps what makes this technology seem even more amazing is the potential power density. Rossi has been working exclusively with a reactor that has a volume of one liter. Even at a very low power level it can output 15KW of constant thermal energy with very little electrical input. However, during a recent experiment for a period of time the reactor was producing 130KW of thermal energy. There are 1000 cubic centimeters in a liter. That would mean the power density was 130 watts per cubic centimeter. If you could scale up the size of the reactor and maintain that power density a device that could fit inside of your closet could produce megawatts of thermal energy. 

Basically, if this technology works as it is claimed to, and as recent testing by outside scientists indicates, it is a game-changing technology. It is revolutionary in the highest sense of that word Never before has there been a technology that could instantly address such a huge problem. The solution for the energy crisis could be here -- cheap, simple, and non-polluting. 

Global Uses of Cold Fusion

What would this mean to the world? Well, it could potentially solve lots of problems and open up many new possibilities.

First of all, the energy crisis (once enough of these reactors were built and utilized) would be over. Energy would be cheap and clean. We would never run out of fuel. The fuels would be found everywhere so no nation would have an advantage over another. Over a period of time we could phase out fossil fuels all together. Oil could be saved to be used to produce fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, and plastics instead of being burnt. 

Secondly, our environment could get a boost. Greenhouse gas emissions could go down significantly. Also, with less exhaust coming from power plants there would be a higher air quality in many areas. If we can get this technology into the poor areas of the world perhaps it could help prevent deforestation. With an unlimited source of energy, water desalinization would become much cheaper. Instead of using freshwater reserves for irrigation and industrial purposes, sea water could be used. 

Third, there are many industries that could benefit from a source of cheap energy. For example, the recycling industry uses a huge amount of energy. If energy was "free" these industries could expand. Perhaps landfills could be dug up and the metals recycled. This would reduce the amount of land needed for mining. 

SCIFI becomes reality

There are also some exotic possibilities with cold fusion. For example, it sounds like a good power source for a Mars rover, a lunar outpost, or a space craft. Perhaps the energy from cold fusion could be harnessed for propulsion. If this is the case perhaps space travel could become more practical. [Editor's note: Most of the "UFO" craft flying around are probably of human origin, so obviously some subset of humans, probably black-op, have already figured it out and are keeping it from the rest of us. Cold fusion and other such breakthroughs could help us play catch up.] 

This technology could also spark a new scientific age. If Cold Fusion turns out to be a reality then what else might turn out to be possible? Cold Fusion has been demonized by overly cynical skeptics for years. These same skeptics have been bashing other topics too. A few of these are the possibility of faster than light travel, superluminal communications, "free" energy from magnetic interactions, and other exotic energy technologies. To mainstream scientists, thinking cold fusion is real is almost as bad as believing in the Easter Bunny. If Cold Fusion turns out to be real then almost anything is possible! It could open the minds of a whole new generation, who wonder "What else that we've been told by scientists is 'impossible,' might also actually be possible after all?". 

Remember the quote, "Science progresses one funeral at a time." This is the idea that due to excessive skepticism new ideas and possibilities are not allowed into "mainstream" science until an older generation dies off. I hope that with this new technology enough minds might be opened, so that science can progress decades before the present, controlling generation is in the grave. 

How can this technology help us in the near term?

It is fun to think about the long term potential of this technology. If humans use this tool appropriately it could allow us to produce a near utopia. However, we are in a situation where we need immediate answers to avoid a collapse of our civilization. To start with, the global economy is in horrible shape. Almost all of the nations of the world are in bad financial shape. Part of this is due to higher oil prices. In addition, we are due for a "black swan" event. Sooner or later an asteroid is going to hit, a solar flare will damage our electrical grid, or a hurricane will hit oil producing regions of the Gulf of Mexico. Also, we have a growing population that is demanding more and more resources. The industrialization of Asia is increasing the price of many goods, increasing oil demand, bringing an end to cheap labor, and making food more expensive. How can this technology help solve these issues? 

One good thing about this technology is that it seems very simple. It is likely they could be mass produced quickly using ordinary parts and materials. Right now there are thousands of conventional fossil fuel burning and conventional nuclear power plants producing electricity and an infrastructure that distributes it. These plants produce electricity by making steam and spinning a turbine with it. Why not just drop in cold fusion devices into these power plants to produce the steam? Pre-existing generators and distribution networks could do everything else. This way cold fusion technology could start making an impact on the energy crisis very quickly.

It will take time to get cold fusion devices into every home. However, it seems very possible that before too long individual homes could have cold fusion devices at a minimum producing hot water but also powering generators. If a black swan event did occur that threatened the power grid (look up the Carrington Event if you are interested in learning of a potential threat), perhaps homes and communities could be self sufficient in terms of electricity. If nothing else, critical aspects of our nation's infrastructure could start being powered by cold fusion. For example, communication networks, hospitals, emergency response centers, etc. 

When it comes to increased oil demand part of this is due to billions of Asians starting to drive cars. Perhaps these new vehicles could be the first to be directly powered by cold fusion devices. Or there could be an immediate switch to electric vehicles. These electric vehicles could use electricity distributed by the grid produced by cold fusion. Perhaps the next billion vehicles made might not use fossil fuels.

An unlimited, cheap, and clean supply of energy could also bring down the cost of food and other goods. Right now a huge amount of energy goes into producing the raw materials, manufacturing, and transporting every item we purchase. If most of the energy cost was taken out of the equation all of these goods might be cheaper. Also, when it comes to food production, cold fusion would allow cheap desalinization plants that could allow countries with little fresh water to produce their own crops. Eventually, farmers might be able to have tractors and other devices that do not run on fossil fuels. Perhaps hunger might be a rare thing years from now. 

Political Ramifications

Of course there are political ramifications associated with this technology. Suddenly, certain areas of the world that have built up economies based on oil production would become less important. These areas might suffer economically. However, it would take a period of time for the world to transition to a cold fusion based economy and these nations would have years to prepare. 

The "powers that be" also might not like the idea that this technology could give individuals, communities, cities, states, and small countries energy independence. Cheap energy represents unlimited wealth and wealth brings power. The powers that be do not like sharing power. A technology that could give people the ability to live "off the grid", start self sufficient communities, or liberate themselves from oppressive central governments might be considered a threat. 

This technology literally gives power to the people. How will the governments of the world respond to that? Will they try to put heavy taxes of the technology to make sure that individuals using it do not experience true energy independence? Perhaps the leaders in some nations will try to argue that since this is a "nuclear" technology private citizens do not have the right to own them. Horrifyingly, it is possible the ownership of cold fusion devices might be restricted to industries with government licenses. Could the government call you a terrorist because you ordered materials to build your own cold fusion device?

If they did, I suspect that this would be a good time for civil disobedience.

Ignorance and Skepticism - Not Suppression

At the moment I think the most significant issue is not suppression, but ignorance and extreme skepticism. Thousands of successful cold fusion (LENR) replications have taken place in the last 20 years, but few mainstream scientists take them seriously. The mainstream media also act like they have not happened. They cover billion dollar projects such as CERN and hot fusion reactors, but refuse to give attention to successful experiments that can be performed on a shoe string budget that show "impossible" signs of nuclear fusion at low temperatures such as production of helium, transmutation of elements, gamma radiation, production of neutrons, etc. 

Now there is a cold fusion technology BEYOND the experimental stage that is COMMERCIALLY READY, but is being ignored (for the most part) by the mainstream media and most mainstream scientists. Most of the coverage of this technology has been on alternative media sites and blogs. There has been some TV coverage, but mostly outside of the USA. Right now, due to this most people in the world are ignorant that a breakthrough technology is about to launch. I think that when the 1MW thermal plant does open and the scientists and mainstream media cannot ignore it any longer the people of this planet will start asking questions. 

Why wasn't I told about this sooner?

Why didn't more scientists jump on board this technology sooner?

It will be blatantly obvious that alternative media sites were covering this breakthrough long before the mainstream media.

Hopefully, they will begin to ask even more questions. Maybe they will ask questions about the failure of the scientific community over the last 20 years to take cold fusion seriously. It's my hope they may also question where they obtain their news and information. I think they will realize the mainstream media cannot be trusted to provide them with updates about the most important things happening in this world. Obviously, the mainstream media can be trusted to provide us with the latest news on Lindsay Lohan's drunken rampages, but not issues that will affect the future of our civilization.

The Future is Full of Hope

The most important aspect of this cold fusion technology in my opinion is that it gives us hope for a better future. Right now, the next few months look bleak and the next few years look terrifying. There are going to be billions of new mouths to feed, an economic collapse to avoid, and many challenges to overcome. Cold Fusion could give us a tool that could allow the human species to survive and one day travel the stars.

My long term dream has always been to travel in space one day, meet members of other civilizations, and learn about the universe. For this to happen (unless disclosure on the UFO topic happens immediately) civilization needs to last long enough for anti-aging breakthroughs to occur that can extend my lifespan to hundreds of years. Right now scientists are learning a great deal about the core mechanisms of the human aging process such as telomere shortening, mitochondrial DNA deletions, advanced glycation end product accumulation, and other mechanisms that cause humans to age. There are drugs in clinical trails right now that could potentially extend the human lifespan. I want to be able to take them. That will not happen if civilization does not continue. 

If Cold Fusion can allow humanity to continue it is possible with the current rate of scientific advancement (and the acceleration that would occur due to the existence of cold fusion) the world in 20 years could be very different than it is today. I dream of a world in which...

The energy crisis is a thing of the past.
There is less human suffering, hunger, and disease.
The human aging process has been reversed.
We can control all aspects of nature from inertia, gravity, space, etc.
We have made contact with other civilizations in our galaxy.

Maybe you think I'm a little "out there." Well, the Kepler Space Telescope has discovered over a thousand candidate planets outside of our solar system. This has taken place by studying just a few months of almost two years of data. The conclusion so far is that out of every two stars in our galaxy one might have planets. Also, the data indicates that most planets in our galaxy are not gas giants, but smaller rocky worlds. All the evidence so far is making it clear that Earth is probably not a special place, but a very ordinary one.

The future could turn out to be a more technologically savvy place than the Federation of "Star Trek." 

We just have to get there.

Cold Fusion might be how.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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PESN Coverage of E-Cat

For a more exhaustive listing, see News:Rossi_Cold_Fusion | Mainstream | News:Cold_Fusion  



Correction on Numbers

On March 16, 2011 10:39 AM MST, Andreas Zetterstrφm of Sweden wrote:

Subject: Minor fact update of article might be needed...

[...] In the fourth paragraph you write about Rossi claiming that one gram of nickel can produce as much energy as 500 barrels of oil.

If we look closer at that:
It is stated in this ( article in NyTeknik by Rossi himself that they fuel a reactor with 100 grams nickel every 6 months, ie 200 grams per year.
Assuming this reactor has the same power output as from the 18 hour experiment, it continuously outputs 15 kW of heat energy.
During a year this would amount to 15 kW * 24 h * 365 = 131,400 kWh.
Divide by the 200 grams nickel used to power it to get 657 kWh per gram nickel.
From Wikipedia ( we can read that 1 barrel of oil produces 1700 kWh.

1,700 kWh / 657 kWh = 2.6
I.e. one barrel of oil equates 2.6 grams of nickel, not 0.002 grams as stated.
With your value of 100 dollars per barrel and 1 dollar per gram nickel it's still much cheaper with the nickel (38 times cheaper), but it's not 50,000 times cheaper.

Now of course I'm no expert, I'm just a guy with a calculator and I might have made a mistake somewhere, or made an incorrect assumption. Also Rossi might be calculating on some much more efficient reactor or multiple reactors, what do I know, but it seems strange that my number is so extremely much lower than his. His estimate is 1300 times larger than mine. One must ask oneself how he has calculated that...

For his number to be true the reactor would have to produce 19.4 MW at which time I would assume it sooner explodes than produce any power.

- - - - 

On March 16, 2011 8:33 PM MST, Hank Mills responded:

The statement that one gram of nickel could produce as much energy as 500 barrels of oil was directly from Rossi.

Also, the energy output of his technology can go beyond 10 to 15 kilowatts for the same 1 liter volume. We are in the early stages of this technology's development and I find it very easy to think that the energy produced could go beyond the brief period of 130 kilowatt output Dr. Levi witnessed.

Also, only a fraction of the 100 grams of nickel in a system actually reacts. Rossi has stated in blog comments that when the energy output is increased to higher levels the reactions become more energetic and more of the nickel reacts. So for example, if we put in 100 grams of fuel and keep the energy output at 10 kW only (making up a number here) 10% of the nickel might react. If we push the energy output up to 100 kW it is possible 50% of the nickel might react. So we are burning the nickel fuel more efficiently. It is like the opposite of when you press on an accelerator in a car. As you go faster in a car your efficiency goes down. The reverse is true in Rossi's system. Your fuel efficiency goes up WHILE you produce more energy.

In addition, Rossi has stated the un-reacted nickel remaining after a "charge" has been used up could be taken out, recycled, re-processed, and put back in.

* * * * 

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Resources at

Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Feb. 28, 2011
Last updated May 22, 2012 


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