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You are here: > News > February 23, 2011

Free energy antidote to $4-7/gallon gas; $200/barrel oil; dollar collapse

Lindsey Williams said yesterday that his insider sources say U.S. gas prices will go up to $4 and $5 a gallon by the end of 2011, and up to $6 and $7 per gallon in 2012; and the U.S. Dollar will collapse completely by the end of 2012, wiping out the wealth of the Arab oil countries; and US will then open US oil fields in violation of secret agreements. Ramifications of free energy technology emerging as a stop gap.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

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On Tuesday, Pastor Lindsey Williams appeared again on the Alex Jones radio program to give one of the most troubling reports yet from his insider sources from the top three oil companies.

Background on Lindsey Williams 

I've been listening to his reports for a while, and have found his sources to be very accurate, though I don't care for his delivery.  He could present in five minutes what he takes three hours to milk and hype, with a lot of repetition, urging the audience to take notes, setting the context that he already set 10 minutes ago.  That aside, his information is valuable.

Back in the Fall of 1992 I had Lindsey Williams come speak to a large group of people at a junior high auditorium in Spanish Fork, Utah.  It was the last formal event of the American Study Group that I founded, and which dissolved over concerns that the group was causing people to question the Church to which they belonged; urging people to stand independent rather than leaning on an organization in their standing with God.

Three decades ago, Williams served as Chaplain of the Alaska Pipeline Company, and bush pilot.  In that capacity he struck up life-long friendships with several executives in the oil industry who have kept in touch with him over the years, feeding him key information about the plans of the global elite.  Their disclosures to him are not so much along the lines of "whistle-blower" as they are holding true to an edict they conspirators live by that they will not do something before first letting people know what they're going to do (like a bully saying, "I know where you live.").  And Lindsey Williams happens to be one of their methods of letting the public know their conniving plans.

Here's a video of Alex Jones announcing the upcoming interview, in which he summarizes William's credentials and what he would be talking about the next day.  (

Recent Track Record

Two years ago, when oil prices were at $140/barrel and rising, Williams came on Alex Jones' show and said that his sources had told him the price of oil would drop to $40/barrel.  That was laughable then, but it turned out to be exactly what happened, actually dropping to slightly below $40/barrel.

Then, around the same period of time, Williams said the price of oil would gradually climb for the next two years but pretty much stay the same, which is what has happened.

More recently, before the Egyptian turmoil, he came on Jones' show and said that there would be a crisis in the Middle East that would drive up the price of oil significantly.

I remember hearing each of these predictions (they're available at YouTube), recalling how unusual they might seem to someone not familiar with the manipulative capabilities of the conspirators but just looking at the trends that had been in play at the time he gave the predictions based on his insider sources.

Yesterday's Predictions

In his interview yesterday, he said that U.S. gas prices will go up to $4 and $5 a gallon by the end of 2011, and up to $6 and $7 per gallon in 2012.  He said that the (secretly caused and controlled) disturbances in the Middle East will push oil prices up to $200 a barrel in 2011/12.  The rising oil prices will make it difficult for truckers, airlines, drive up food prices.  And at that point the U.S. will begin opening its own oil fields to get oil domestically.

He said the U.S. Dollar will collapse completely by the end of 2012 and that will wipe out the wealth of the Arab oil countries, and the U.S. will stop buying from them and put them back in tents on the desert like they were 60 years ago before the U.S. discovered and drilled oil wells for them.

Williams and Jones talked about how in 1977, Nixon brokered deals with the Arabs that U.S. oil fields would not be harvested but that the U.S. would buy oil from the Middle East, under the condition that the Middle East would buy U.S. T-bill debt notes.

So once the dollar becomes worthless, not only will the Arabs loose out on their T-bill investment, but the U.S. will  double cross by pulling from its own oil supplies.  Neither of these things will ingratiate and already tense Arab world toward the U.S.

The collapse of the US dollar is engineered to be able to introduce a world currency to replace the dollar.

Williams and Jones also talked about how George Bush Sr. was the ambassador to China.  Prior to that, China was a closed society who did not do business with the outside world.  "We'll give you cheap labor; you give us your patents" was the deal.  These actions made the US dependent on China and the Middle East so they could then leverage that against us.  Bush Sr. was the one who announced at the U.N. that a "New World Order" is arising.

China "is the big one".  They will not be effected by Middle East prices, because they get their oil from Russia.  So these changes will further boost the strength of Communist China.

All of this is high treason, inimical to principles of freedom and the Constitution.  It has been engineered to bring about the collapse of the United States with its freedoms and give rise to a world police state tyranny.

Does It Have to End This Way?

While these conspirators have been plotting the overthrow of the United States and its freedom, I'm convinced that ultimately their plans will fail, though not before bringing a profound extent of destruction, as is already set in motion.  Destiny is on the side of freedom and goodness, and an enlightened society that will emerge in the end.  Momentum is heading in both directions simultaneously: the mainstream worldwide is plummeting downward, both physically and spiritually; while an enlightened remnant is increasing in strength and spiritual fortitude.

Even as the American Revolution was won by a small portion of patriots (5% of the population), so also will goodness and freedom ultimately prevail in the the coming days, lead by a relatively small, enlightened remnant who will put on strength as independent emissaries of God or universal goodness.

Role of Free Energy as a Tool of Victory

Trends Researcher, Gerald Celente, says that one thing that can turn around the collapse of the US economy (and hence of the world) is the emergence of "productive capacity"; and in his 2011 trends forecast he specifically mentioned a breakthrough energy revolution -- "not wind, solar, geothermal, biofuel, but something much bigger." (Ref.)

Imagine a free energy technology that can be manufactured in simple shops around the world, both providing jobs and providing cheap, reliable energy that frees people from dependence on the grid.  Imagine how personally empowering that will be.

Instead of electricity and cheap transportation becoming a thing of the past as the societal infrastructure collapses, leaving people to try and live off the land but not knowing how; electricity and transportation could be provided cheaply.

There isn't just one such technology offering such hope, but there are actually several, which we try and report on and help facilitate here in our news.  And hopefully we can get at least one of these groups to open source their technology, which would make it easier to widely disseminate it in this manner, while still providing a substantial revenue flow for the inventor.  We stand ready to facilitate this approach if someone wants to do it with a sufficient breakthrough technology that is relatively easy to understand and build inexpensively, while not being encumbered in its intellectual property claims.

Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones Show

Here are the videos from the recent interview.

 Part 1 of 5

Part 2 of 5

Part 3 of 5

In part three, Williams talks about how in 1977 Kissinger struck a deal with Middle East oil countries that the U.S. would not develop its own oil sources but would buy oil from them; if they in turn would buy U.S. T-bill debt notes.

Now what is going to happen is that the globalists, through their puppets, are going to double cross the Middle East, bringing down the dollar, making their T-bill investment worthless, and at the same time, they will start opening the U.S. oil fields, further enraging the Middle East, taking away their key customer; and introduce a world currency to replace the dollar.  The rising oil prices will make it difficult for truckers, airlines, drive up food prices

China "is the big one".  Will not be effected by Middle East prices, because they get their oil from Russia.  So this will boost the strength of Communist China.

Part 4 of 5

George Bush Sr. was the ambassador to China.  Prior to that, China was a closed society who did not do business with the outside world.  He announced that there will be a "New World Order."  Made us dependent on China and Middle East so they could then leverage that against us.  "We'll give you cheap labor; you give us your patents" was the deal.

Part 5 of 5

Alex takes some calls, including a Muslim who says the protests were staged/fomented.

To order Lindsey William's material, call toll-free: 888-799-6111 or go to 

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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