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You are here: > News > February 14, 2011

Raphial's Radical Revolver to Start MYT-6 Engine

Before he invented the Massive Yet Tiny engine, Raphial Morgado designed a massive yet tiny gun.  Now an Italian company is marketing a breakthrough gun called the Chiappa Rhino 200DS than is very similar to that patented design.  This could provide a way for Angel Labs to get funding for the MYT-6 prototype development.  But the real kicker is the Integrated Case Projectile (ICP).

Interview > Listen
On the morning of Feb. 15, I conducted a one-hour interview with Raphial as part of the Free Energy Now show.

Inventor, Raphial Morgado, stands between a conventional engine and his engine that he says has comparable power output.  See comparison page on site.

Raphial Morgado, stands between a conventional engine and his engine that he says has comparable power output.


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Last Monday (February 7), I got a call from Raphial Morgado of Angel Labs, who has the killer Massive Yet Tiny (MYT™) engine technology, saying that he had decided to bite the bullet and sell his gun patent in order to finance the completion of his building the six-inch MYT engine (MYT-6) prototypes.

I could tell that this was a hard decision for him, almost like selling his firstborn, in order to accomplish a higher good: the super-fuel-efficient engine technology, which is actually a spin-off of the gun technology, both involving revolutionizing a well-entrenched explosion market.

The MYT Engine design is an internal combustion engine with multiple firings in one cycle, producing enormous torque in a small area. It features 40 times higher power to weight ratio, low parts count, low maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, and low pollution. It can also serve as a pump or compressor, providing massive pressure, volume, and flow; all in one unit.

Raphial has been flustered lately, spending too much time fixing inferior machining equipment needed to build his MYT-6 prototypes. He really needs funds to get the right equipment to speed things along.

Raphial's gun patent US6234058 for a "Semiautomatic pocket gun and ammunition" is nearly a decade old, but he has not been wanting to sell it, but has wanted to license it.  His other patent US5939657, awarded in 1999, emphasizes what Raphial calls "zero muscle rise" because the firing is in line with the holding of the gun.  The US military nearly bought in recently, but being in the middle of a war, they want already-produced designs. 

He is thinking the patents are worth between $5 and $10 million, and that would be a great deal.

Celebrity at Shot Show

When Raphial exhibited the technology with a prototype at the world's largest annual gun show about a decade ago (1998?) in Vegas, it was considered a true breakthrough and was the rage of the show. He said he had representatives from all the major gun manufactures from around the world, including Glock, Smith & Wesson, lined up at this booth wanting to talk to him.  "It was pandemonium," Raphial recalls.  Many news organizations featured the technology in their news. (See sample listing below.)

Also at that show, people from Arnold Schwarzenegger's team begged Raphial to let them borrow the gun in a movie he was filming; but there was just the one gun, and Raphial was in the middle of a show, so he turned them down.  In hind sight, that seems like a bad decision, considering the exposure the technology would have gotten by being in Schwarzenegger's film; however, destiny charted a different path.

After the buzz of the show died off, it seemed that timidity set in, and everyone was waiting to see who else would go first and how it would play out.  Then the Columbine shooting took place, which put a pall on the entire gun industry for the next 2-3 years.

Meanwhile, Raphial got sidetracked with the MYT engine, which has since become his primary focus.  His investor wanted the engine to be the first technology that came forward in Raphael's name, not the gun technology.

Summary of Raphial's MYT Gun Technology

His gun essentially did the same for weapons what his engine does for motive force: Massive Yet Tiny -- a lot of fire power, accuracy and efficiency from a tiny, light-weight weapon.

The US6234058 patent abstract reads:

Semiautomatic pistol which is small enough to be carried in a pocket or otherwise concealed on the body of a person, and caseless ammunition for use in the pistol. The pistol has a grip adapted to be held in the hand of a shooter, a barrel extending in a forward direction from the grip, a closed chamber at the rear of the barrel, means for firing a caseless cartridge in the chamber with the entire cartridge being discharged through the barrel, and means responsive to the firing of the cartridge for opening the chamber and loading another cartridge into the chamber. The caseless cartridge consists of a hollow projectile filled with gunpowder, and a primer for igniting the powder. The primer is mounted directly to the projectile, and there is no casing or other material to ejected [sic] from the chamber before another round is loaded. 

The US5939657 patent, which Raphial calls "Gun 1", abstract reads in part:

Semiautomatic pistol and ammunition in which the pistol has a grip adapted to be held in the hand of a shooter, a barrel extending in a forward direction from the grip, a magazine of cartridges positioned above the barrel, and an action located within the grip for firing cartridges through the barrel. Cartridges are transferred from the magazine down to the action, and spent cartridge cases are ejected down through the lower portion of the grip. The barrel intersects the grip below the top of the grip at an angle such that the barrel will be aligned axially with the forearm of the shooter when the grip is held in the hand with the top of the shooter's wrist level with the top of the forearm....

The patent contains 32 defensible claims, which is an unusually high number for one patent. His patent attorney said he'd never seen anything like it.

Here's a promotional video I just uploaded that Raphial and his associates produced in 2002.

The video features his QT .427 ZMR (zero muzzle rise), semi-automatic pistol.  The brochure the image to the right is taken from describes the gun as super light, just 5 ounces; and super compact, with folded size of ~4 inches long by 3.25 inches high (2.8" without tube magazine) and 0.875 inches wide.  The grip folds for safety and concealment.  It uses Integrated Case Projectile bullets to load and shoot.  No case, no case ejection.

This is the gun that Raphial envisioned letting the James Bond movies use, while the Gun One would be used by Schwarzenegger.  Raphial also had a "Cowboy 467" revolver that he envisioned letting Clint Eastwood use.

The Chiappa Rhino 200DS, which resembles Raphial's patent, is available for sale for $641 from OnPointFirearms, among other places.

That Is My Gun!

But then, last Thursday (February 10), Raphial called me all excited. He said he wanted to call me the night before, but it was too late; though that didn't keep him from waking up his two brothers and his attorney friend.

He was at Wal-Mart, and there he saw "his gun" (on the cover of a magazine, shown below). Some company in Italy had taken what appears to be a key part of his design and had brought it to market without contacting him. It's called the Chiappa Radical Rhino .357.

And it's becoming quite a sensation in the gun community, noted for its light weight and miniscule rise because of the lower position of the barrel -- which is specified in Raphial's patents. 

Here's a review video at YouTube from OnPointFirearms, dated September 22, 2010, with 28,000+ hits:

"The Chiappa Rhino is a lot like a Lamborghini with its exotic Italian design, advanced engineering, and of course: blistering speed. With this snub-nose revolver, you can send six rounds of .357 magnum down range in 1.39 seconds-- with a minimal amount of felt recoil. Kick is mitigated thanks to the bottom chamber firing position. Although the Rhino looks like it came off the set of Blade Runner, the unique styling has really grown on me.

The first thing you notice about the Chiappa Rhino is the position of its barrel: at the bottom of the cylinder. This form follows function and allows shooters to align the bore with their index finger naturally. The synthetic grips are very comfortable and allow you to get a really high purchase on the weapon. The Rhino's forward-thinking design also introduces radical improvements to the internal mechanisms over a conventional revolver. These features afford the Chiappa Rhino superb reliability, a super-smooth action, and improved safety. Its hexagonal-shaped cylinder creates a flatter profile ideal for carrying the weapon concealed…."

It made the cover of February 14, 2011 Gun Digest magazine where it is called the "Radical Rhino". Note that Gun Digest describes themselves as "The World's Foremost Gun Authority."

One thing is for sure, and that is that Raphial has been vindicated as a substantial inventor.

Integrated Case Projectile

One thing that no one has yet taken to market, which Raphial thinks is the most valuable portion of his intellectual property, is the Integrated Case Projectile (ICP) concept, in which there is no separate case that has to be expended after a bullet is fired.  He thus reduces 3 steps (load, fire, eject) down to 2 steps (load, fire); and this reduces the weight as well.

The ICP integrates the powder inside of the bullet, eliminating the power cartridge completely.  A description page Raphial sent me states:

The bullet leaves the barrel at 2.5 times faster speed, taking the heat with it.  This reduces the heating up of the barrel by a factor of seven.  The ICP can be manufactured at one tenth of the cost of a conventional bullet, and four ICP bullets can be packed in a space of one conventional bullet.

The brochure on the right states:

The projectile is hollow and serves as the case that holds the powder charge.  It also contains the bulk of the heat from the ignition and is show out of the barrel.

The primer seals and ignites the powder charge.  As soon as the powder is ignited, it pops off equalizing the pressure within and around the ICP.  This allows the ICP to pass through the barrel without expanding.

The powder propels the ICP and blows the primer out through the barrel.

This concept is applicable to all bullet scenarios, not just pistols, and makes it possible to standardize ammunition of the handgun, rifle, machine gun, etc., with bullets of standard boar.

Applying Knowledge to MYT Engine

Raphial tackled two major modifications in these gun and ammunition patents.  First, lowering the barrel; and second, making the integrated case projectile, eliminating the shell.  The went strongly against the grain of the minor incremental changes that are typical in the gun world.  Yet they make a lot of sense, and people can see that when they think about it.

The same is true of his MYT engine.  It is simplicity and obvious principles that should have been implemented long ago, but no one dared be so presumptuous as to state the obvious, so everyone has assumed the status quo is just fine.

What Raphial learned in "taming gun powder" he brought to play in designing the MYT engine.  In my interview with him on Feb. 15, he points out several similarities between the designs.

Tie to Valentine's Day

Given my close friendship with Raphial, I have to mention a cool coincidence. His patent was awarded on my wife's and my wedding anniversary: May 22, the first patent was filed on May 23, and the Gun Digest issue featuring the Rhino variant was dated Valentine's day, which is when my wife and I got engaged. And I'm writing this story on Valentine's Day evening.  I've been wanting to do a Valentine's story for our news today, intuitively feeling like there would be something related.  I even did a Google search today on <Valentines+energy+power> but nothing relevant pulled up.  That's why I went ahead and published this story tonight, a few minutes before midnight MST, in order to get the Feb. 14 date on it.

The story of Valentine is that he was a priest who in 269 A.D. defied the Roman edict that there be no marriages, because the Emperor, Emperor Claudius, had found that when men got married, they didn't want to go to war. The radical Valentine was killed on February 14, with a parting note to the daughter of the prison guard: "Love from your Valentine"; launching Valentine's Day.

Now we have Raphial, who wants to sell his gun patent so that he can have the finances to build a super-efficient engine to help clean up the planet.

Fortuitous IP Infringement

But now it turns out that someone has already taken it to market – at least the gun part, not the ICP portion yet – so all Raphial needs to do is have a nice little chat with them about paying the neglected license fee, and set up a royalty arrangement; and also sell them on developing the ICP. The hard work as already been done. A good portion of the design has been vindicated, and now it is being very successfully implemented.

Raphial's attorney friend has long told him that the best thing that could happen would be for someone to do just what these Italians apparently have done.  And I bet they would much prefer paying Raphial and having those funds go toward an awesome technology of similar ilk (MYT) than paying a bunch of legal fees to fight a court battle. 

I'm not a gun guy myself, so this discussion is outside of my comfort zone, but from what I understand, the ICP makes a lot of sense; and I would think the company that designed and manufactured the Rhino would want to tackle the ICP as well, to continue their radical trend.

Most inventors are lucky to have one major invention. Raphial has two: the ICP and the MYT engine.

Business inquiries about the MYT-6 and the ICP ammo should be directed to Raphial at +1-209-224-1891

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.


What You Can Do

  1. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  2. Buy a Rhino, it may ultimately help Angel Labs, either through the deserved license and royalty, or through court mediation.
  3. If you know a non-greedy funding source, let them know about Angel Labs.
  4. We at PES Network are in a pinch right now.  Donations would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.
  6. Let professionals in the renewable energy sector know about the promise of this technology. 


Media Mentions of Angel Arms

This is a sampling of the coverage received.  Click here to download a pdf document with the following magazine covers and relevant page about Angel Arms.  The last page shows data by Oehler on the QT firing the ICP ammo.

  • "Most Interesting Shot Show Handguns?"; (Guns, 1998 (month?); p. 88)
  • "Shot Show: Part III: New Products"; "Gun One"; (Peterson's Shot Business; April 1998; vol. 6, no. 4; p.30)
  • [French] "A / Nouveautes Armes"; (Guillaume tel)
  • "Autopistols for '98"; (The Complete Book of Autopistols; 1998; p. 99)
  • "From Pistols to Rifles to Ammo, '98 SHOT Had It All"; [opening sentence starts with Angel Arms]; (Gun Week; April 20; vol. 33, issue 1569; 1998)
  • "Handguns of the1998 Shot Show"; (Combat Handguns; Buyer's Guide 1999; p. 50, 67)


Feel free to view/post comments down below.  Here is one that came in by email:

I'll not buy a Rhino until Raphial gets royalties

On 15 Feb 2011; Glenn Hampton wrote:

Hi, Raphial,

I just read the article about your gun on Peswiki from Sterling Allan. 

I would LOVE to buy one, but I won't, until you start getting your royalties.

I'm emailing the link to that article to everybody on my list of course.



P.S. I've got my good old 1987 motor home that just SCREAMS for a MYT engine. Hurry up, would ya? ! 

* * * *

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