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You are here: > News > February 13, 2011

Oil Cleanup Confounds Coast Guard with Hutchison Solution

A report published last Friday by the US Coast Guard says they've reached a point where the disruption from their clean-up efforts is on a par with just leaving the oil as it is.  They have ignored eccentric John Hutchison's scientist-validated success in clearing the water back to a near pristine condition using a non-invasive method of radio frequencies and sound waves. 

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by Sterling D. Allan
for Pure Energy Systems News

According to the Associated Press, last Friday the US Coast Guard announced in a report that the cleanup of oiled beaches along the Gulf of Mexico has reached a point where crews, heavy equipment and thorough scrubbing can cause more damage to the ecosystem than good.  Birds, sea turtles, fish and other species are more likely to be harmed by an aggressive cleanup than by simply leaving remnants of oil and letting it slowly degrade, the Coast Guard said.  They are therefore in process of stopping the processing of cleanup operations on the beach sands of Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.

My associate Paul Noel writes:

The sad truth about the Gulf of Mexico is that nothing is cleaned up. Every time a storm wave ruffles the sea bed in the area, it will bring up tons more of the poisonous chemicals and spread them around. 

Recently I met the owner of a BP station in Huntsville, Alabama and I let on to him that while I had nothing against him, I am angry with BP. He said that he hated BP. He owns beach front property in Orange Beach, Alabama. He hasn't been able to rent the property one day since the oil started spilling. The fact is that the sea creatures are so full of oil that the fish have meat that is weak and which tastes bad. Nothing is safe. 

Now we are seeing reports that the NOAA sea surveys are finding fresh oil plumes leaking in the area. The sea bed appears to have been sufficiently unsettled due to the drilling that the sea is now leaking more oil in quantity. This fact cannot be verified in scale but BP continues to spray Corexit in the area. One can hardly imagine a reason for this unless the situation is still unstable. 

Medical reports from North Florida indicate that large numbers of persons exposed to the Gulf waters are now coming down with illnesses corresponding to the damages of Corexit and from petroleum compounds; in particular benzene, xylene and menthyl complex compounds. Some evidence exists that this may have penetrated inland a considerable distance and contaminated the ground water. 

There is good news in all of this, namely that John Hutchison and Nanzy Lazaryan continue to make progress, albeit on a small scale, in their Gulf-clearing operations that are not recognized or officially supported by the government, but which are far more effective and non-damaging than anything that the government is officially supporting.

The methods the government has been supporting are so damaging that now they have announced that they have apparently reached point where they should cease "clean-up" since the damage from clean-up has reached a point of being as detrimental as just leaving the oil as it is.

John's method of using sound and radio frequencies nearly eliminates the oil and toxins completely, and has no known dangerous side effects.  They can clear a radius of about a mile in one 24-hour session.  Dolphins come up and seem to thank them for what they are doing.

Here is a letter of endorsement that John forwarded to me the other day, from a scientific validation establishment:


Consulting Chemists, Scientists, & Engineers

January 27, 2011

        And/or any other party:

Reference: Mr. John Hutchison- Frequency Exposure Affects 
                    BP Oil Spill 

Analytical Chemical Laboratory, Inc. (ACT) has completed the analysis of water samples and sediment samples from many instances where John Hutchison has implemented the use of an Interferometer to send frequencies into oil affected bodies of water. Generally speaking, his work has had a very positive affect on numerous bodies of water and affected areas. ACT Lab technical staff has personally witnessed clean, green water bodies as a result of his efforts. ACT has documented the affect his treatment has had on these water bodies which include Perdido Bay, Dauphin Island, Cotton Bayou, and Indian Pass. I would plead with anyone concerned about the situation in the Gulf of Mexico, to allow him to continue his work to restore the Gulf to pre-spill conditions. He has undertaken this task with little help from Government entities, and ACT Lab has given full support with analytical testing to help document his results, and the great success he is having with the frequency treatments. The task he is undertaking is immense and he needs to be allowed to use his technology for the betterment of the entire Gulf of Mexico. While very complicated, his technology seems to be the only attempt known of its kind to help restore Oil/dispersant- affected water-bodies. He must be allowed to continue this work.

Based on testing performed from samples received, his frequency exposure resulted in the complete removal of Oil and Grease from the after treatment sample source tested in Perdido Bay, and great reductions in Cotton Bayou, Dauphin Island, and Indian Pass. ACT recommends that doubters investigate this process further to determine large-scale capabilities in cleaning water bodies and areas affected by the dissolved oil/dispersant in water. 

This applied Frequency Exposure process may have extreme value in the removal of petroleum contamination from a large body of water. It is the opinion of this analyst that the persons involved with this process could have a very serious positive effect on the removal of hydrocarbon contamination from bodies of water. These individuals should be allowed to remain in this country to offer their services to State and Federal Agencies, and Municipalities. I would like to recommend that interested parties be open-minded to their capabilities because some petroleum contamination likely exists in all Gulf of Mexico water sources/bodies.

Because this process has proven to be capable of petroleum clean-up, it should be given an opportunity to be showcased to any interested party, including The US Federal Government, US EPA, Homeland Security, as well as BP and any other interested State Environmental Agencies. The process has been proven to be an excellent manner to approach the petroleum-contaminated water columns that are currently present in the Gulf of Mexico. 

It is clear that all water bodies have been affected by the dissolved hydrocarbons. Solutions to this condition have not been presented as of the date of this writing. It is not clear what the impact of dissolved hydrocarbons in Gulf waters will mean. The treatment process John is using may help develop a clean-up plan that can reach a large-scale area. 

The best and easiest-to-see example of water column contamination can be found in the lack of the existence of pole-mounted barnacles. These barnacles have become non-existent in every affected water-body seen by the undersigned, in the last several months. 

While the technology is not completely understood by many non-physicists, it has been investigated by the undersigned, and he has been given positive feedback from technical persons, colleagues, and other scientists, including the undersigned, and it is clear that the process has extreme value. It should be given a chance to be presented and tested on a large scale basis. At this point the undersigned is not aware of any entity that has attempted to undertake the biggest remaining problem that currently exists in the Gulf of Mexico, which is water column contamination by dissolved petroleum due to dispersant use in the Deepwater Horizon Spill. 

A laboratory (The Subra Company) has presented alarming data on the high presence of Oil-based hydrocarbons and Polynucleated Aromatic Hydrocarbons( PAH’s)… from 2,000 ppm to >10,000 p.p.m. …found to be present in shellfish and finned fish. ACT is conducting similar tests as well. 

Your decision should be clear…allow John Hutchinson’s work to continue. He may be our only hope. This situation cannot be corrected by Mother Nature. It’s too much to ask. Once Southern winds start blowing submerged hydrocarbons to shore…and it will happen…his technology may become more necessary than ever. I would be pleased to discuss his technology with anyone.

We appreciate this opportunity to submit this information. If there are any questions, please feel free to call.

Very truly yours,

State of AL Certified Engineering Co. #CA-1936-E 

Robert M. Naman, President, Analytical Chemist
Fellow, American Institute 
of Chemists, Reg. 15488


P.O. Box 161198 • Mobile, Alabama 36616 • 251.479.9205 • Fax 251.478.8181

So a major point of action here would be to contact the Coast Guard and other involved government agencies to encourage them to support John and Nancy's work.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

What You Can Do

  1. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources to have them cover it too.
  2. Contact the Coast Guard and other involved government agencies to encourage them to support John and Nancy's work.
  3. If you have beach property along the Gulf and are willing to let John and Nancy operate from your beach to clean up the region, contact Nancy (see contact info below).
  4. If you have a barge you could let John and Nancy use, let them know, so they can speed up their work, operating from the water, rather than having to find friendly beach property.
  5. We at PES Network are in a pinch right now.  Donations would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.


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To communicate with the Hutchison-Lazaryan team, Nancy can be reached by email at nancylazaryan {at} 

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan May 23, 2010
Last updated December 24, 2014




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