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You are here: > News > February 10, 2011; 9:30 pm MST

Port of Pasco approves Green Power Inc to return

After 1.5 years of being closed down, first for an unwarranted shut-down by the State Ecology department later overruled by the EPA, then by the Port of Pasco for past payment problems; today the Port commissioners voted to allow GPI (municipal-solid-waste-to-fuel company) to renew their lease, with 6 month pre-payment terms.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

This is a photo I took in May 2008 when I visited the plant just after it was first operational.
Note: I have a relationship with GPI, so this report is not truly independent.

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A low-resolution blueprint (high resolution is confidential) of GPI's 100 ton/day plant, which can soon start being made for customers around the world.

PASCO, WASHINGTON, USA -- After a year and a half of being out of operation, first from an unwarranted shut-down by the Washington State Ecology department; then by the Port of Pasco, who was reluctant to let them get going again, given their problems with making payments on time; Green Power Inc. (GPI) was approved today by the Port of Pasco to return to their plant so they can resume operations there.

GPI claims to have a technology to turn municipal solid waste (MSW) into synthetic liquid fuel and electricity, and they have plans to begin the manufacturing of plants in fulfillment of orders from around the world.  The photo on the right shows their 100 ton/day pilot plant.

This fuel would be of higher quality and cheaper than fuel derived from crude oil -- and it comes from local feedstock, while turning waste into energy.  Green Power claims it manufactures equipment that can convert 100 tons of garbage into 12,000 gallons of diesel fuel at 78 cents a gallon.  So not only would the fuel be cheaper, but it doesn't come from countries who aren't always so friendly, mitigating these unsavory international dependencies.  It addresses the pollution problem, and the energy problem, and the political tension problem.  "We would not need to import any foreign oil if we could turn our municipal waste stream into fuel," GPI's CEO, Michael Spitzauer has told me.

So the year and a half delay due to red tape has been aggravating.

On November 20 we reported that GPI was ready to get going again, paying down its obligations, made easier now that the US Environmental Protection Agency has overruled a Washington State Ecology department shut-down order that inaccurately classified their municipal-solid-waste-to-liquid-fuel plan as an "incinerator," which it is not.  They said they were going to start hiring, eventually employing up to 700 people by the end of the first quarter of 2011.

Then on December 3, we reported that Spitzauer had approached the Port with a proposal of paying the lease six months in advance, now that GPI funds had materialized.  However, the holidays prevented a special session to consider that proposal.  Then in January, the Port heard Spitzauer's proposal, but tabled it.  A second hearing was disrupted by a health emergency.

However today, things finally opened up for GPI as the Port commissioners agreed to let GPI back on the property, with a 6-month pre-payment of the lease, with extensions.

Once GPI is back in their facility, they will then be able to file all their paperwork and permit fees to the Washington State Ecology department.  These are all ready to go, but couldn't be filed until they have the site secured.  The permit is expected to take less than 30 days to be processed; at which point GPI will be given the full green light to move full steam ahead.

You can imagine Spitzauer's elation when finally, after all this time, he has been given the ability to move forward with the facility, soon creating jobs and creating plants for his backlog of orders of these waste to energy plants all over the world.

In a Skype chat he had with me when he got the news, he said he was crying tears of joy.  Finally, he can move forward.

Yesterday, Spitzauer confidentially shared with me some of the letters of intent from the various groups around the planet who want to build these 100 ton per day plants.  These were presented to the Port as evidence that the operation will be able to meet its financial commitment in the long term.

As I stated back in November, "Most people would have folded under the pressure of all the setbacks Spitzauer has encountered (many of them self-imposed due to his laid-back nature in a punctual world). And some of these stresses are likely involved in the serious health issues Spitzauer has faced and still struggles with. But he is not giving up."

Today is a very sweet day for him.

The 500 local hires they plan to do in the next few days will be welcome news to a local economy that is in the middle of 1600 layoffs from a Hanford plant nuclear clean-up operation.  (Ref.)  GPI plans to donate 5% of its profits to local charities to help the community.

They have sales teams all over the world ready to promote the product, but they have been on hold until the plant is running again so they can give demonstrations to prospective buyers.  They have over a hundred people on a list to fly in to see the plant in operation.

In his letter to the Port commissioners, Spitzauer said that "GPI will make sure that it is up to date on all environmental permits, etc."

Near the conclusion of his 4-page plea to the commissioners, he wrote:

"At this moment, the government is supporting all over the US all kinds of green energy projects for billions of US dollars.  I did it all on my own.  Every new business set up costs time, money, and energy.  Please take into consideration that I had a hard financial time, but I survived and can now be proud having a factory that will conquer the world like we Americans always did in the past.  When you look at the premises I am leasing from you now, [they were] built in the past to deliver tanks for the second world war in Europe.  Give me the chance to do it for Pasco again with my factories, and ...also to conquer [enable] a cleaner world."

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

Elsewhere in the News

  • Green Power gets 1 more chance at Port - Before Thursday's meeting, Spitzauer sent commissioners copies of letters from government officials in four cities -- in Mexico, Spain and China [and US] -- expressing their intent to buy one of Green Power's facilities. Before Thursday's meeting, Spitzauer provided commissioners a stack of letters from previous creditors that said Green Power had paid off its debts. Spitzauer said he had set up payment plans with six other creditors, as well as with the state Department of Labor and Industries. Van Roosmalen said his report will recommend Spitzauer get a financial officer and a good sales manager, and then his business should run smoothly. He said many government officials have shown interest in buying a Green Power facility, but they first want to see one functioning plant. Klindworth expressed concerns that "40 truckloads" of trash might be coming into the port facility each day. Spitzauer said it would only be a demonstration project and not a fully operational facility. As part of the lease agreement, commissioners directed port Executive Director Jim Toomey to prepare wording that would limit how long trash could stay at the Green Power site. (The News Tribune; February 11, 2011)

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