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You are here: > News > February 8, 2011

BlackLight Power Vs. Rossi's Cold Fusion - Related Technologies?

Two new revolutionary technologies are being developed that could change our planet. Are they related to each other fundamentally or do they utilize different phenomena?

Buddy of Georgia, USA
for Pure Energy Systems News

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Today we are facing an energy crisis that threatens the future of our species. Cheap energy from fossil fuels has allowed civilization to grow and expand. In the past hundred years the human population has went from millions to billions. As access to cheap fossil fuels becomes more difficult, all of this progress is threatened. Currently, there are at least two companies that claim to have technologies that could provide a solution to the energy crisis. One of these companies is Randall Mills' BlackLight Power (BLP) and the other is Andrea Rossi's Leonardo Corp.

BLP and Cold Fusion in a Nutshell

BlackLight Power claims to have a technology based on producing shrunken hydrogen atoms called "hydrinos." Basically, their claim is that when atomic hydrogen comes into contact with one of several catalysts (there are at least a dozen) the orbit of the electron around the hydrogen nucleus is reduced below the "ground state" and energy is released. The energy is claimed to be in the form of extreme ultra violet light, X-Ray radiation, and "third body radiation." This energy is claimed to be hundreds of times as much energy as would be obtained by burning the hydrogen chemically. In fact, it is claimed to be an energy between that of chemical and nuclear. 

Andrea Rossi claims he has produced a cold fusion technology that utilizes nano-nickel powder (with special preparations and processes), hydrogen gas, and special undisclosed catalysts. The reaction between these components produce a nuclear reaction which results in a release of energy in the form of radiation. This radiation heats the material of the cell which warms water. The reaction is controlled by manipulating the pressure inside the cell and the temperature of the cell. If this is a true nuclear reaction then millions of times the energy of chemically burning the hydrogen could be produced. 

BLP's Similarities to Cold Fusion

These two technologies seem to have some similarities. They both use atomic hydrogen as a fuel. Also, they both use special catalysts. However, the main difference is that BlackLight Power does not claim to use nickel as a fuel to fuse with hydrogen. BlackLight Power denies any sort of nuclear reaction is taking place and claims the only source of energy production in their cells is the production of hydrinos. In fact, it seems BlackLight Power has made a special effort to distance themselves from claims of cold fusion. This is despite the fact that some of their early experiments seem similar to cold fusion experiments that have been performed. 

The following is a document that details one of the tests Thermacore did to confirm BlackLight Power's claims. Notice how the use of potassium, hydrogen, and nickel is similar to other cold fusion experiments. 

Here is another document that details an early experiment. The cell has a platinum anode and nickel cathode in a solution of water and potassium carbonate. BlackLight Power claims this setup also produces hydrinos.


There has been some speculation on the internet about the possibility that Rossi's device and other cold fusion devices are also producing hydrinos. This could be since the BlackLight Power effect seems to produce hydrinos utilizing so many different catalysts. On page 104 and 105 of the following document there is a list of the catalysts BlackLight Power has publicly disclosed. 

Could Rossi be using one of these catalysts? We do not know, because for proprietary reasons he does not disclose the catalysts he is using. However, if he is using one of them, how could the production of hydrinos allow his device to produce fusion? One hypothesis is that somehow the shrunken hydrogen atom is able to more easily break the coulomb barrier and allow it's nucleus to interact with the nickel nucleus. 

A paper was published on Rossi's blog (The Journal of Nuclear Physics) that explores the possibility of hydrino like atoms being formed and allowing nuclear fusion to take place. Even though Rossi denies his technology has anything to do with BlackLight Power's the fact this was published makes me wonder if he is accepting the possibility of a new form of hydrogen being created in his device. (Ref.)

However, please note that the atom proposed in the above document has some fundamental differences from a hydrino. They are clarified by the author of the paper here.

Byproducts and Transmutations

There is another interesting difference between BlackLight Power's technology and Rossi's Cold Fusion technology. Rossi claims that his device produces transmutation of elements due to nuclear reactions. One of these is copper and another is zinc. BLP claims that hydrinos can interact with other elements to form, "hydrino hydride compounds." These compounds are claimed to have special properties which allow for many applications. (Ref.)

"The novel compositions of matter and associated technologies could have far-reaching applications in many industries including the chemical, lighting, computer, energetic materials, battery, propellant, surface coatings, electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, and automotive industries."

If BLP can indeed produce new compounds, that would confirm the hydrino hypothesis. If Rossi can produce transmutations of elements, that confirms cold fusion. However, I wonder if Rossi has found any "hydrino hydrides" in his cells and if BLP has found any transmuted elements? 


One more issue that needs to be addressed is the similar types of radiation being produced by BlackLight Power's (Randall Mills) and Leonardo Corp's (Andrea Rossi) devices. It would be interesting to determine if any gamma or neutron radiation is ever emitted from BLP's device which might be a sign of nuclear transmutation. It would also be interesting to find out if Leonardo Corp's device emits any EUV or X-Ray radiation which could possibly indicate hydrinos are being formed. Rossi claims that testing for X-Rays has taken place, but he has not yet received the results. (Ref.) The lead shielding around the device indicates X-ray protection.


Are these two technologies related? 

On one hand we have BLP, that uses openly discussed catalysts and hydrogen along with sometimes nickel components to produce "hydrinos" and energy.

On the other hand we have a cold fusion technology that utilizes nickel, hydrogen, and undisclosed catalysts to produce transmuted elements and energy.

They seem very similar in some ways. However, what we need is more information. Unfortunately, I doubt BLP will reveal any time soon any testing they have performed that might indicate fusion reactions, gamma rays, or transmutations. Also, we do not know when Rossi might reveal the catalysts he is using and the results of the testing for X-Rays. 

If these two technologies are related it means that if either one of them ever hits the mainstream we might have both cold fusion and a hydrino technology on the market!

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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Feel free to view post comments down below.  Here is one that is particularly relevant and astute:

Randall Mills thinks hydrino's may have a nuclear catalytic properties

On Feb. 7, 2011, Wesley Bruce wrote:

Good report but those that have been in the game from the start know that Randall Mills thinks hydrino's may have a nuclear catalytic properties explaining Cold Fusion. But that these nuclear reactions are not the main source of the energy, his blacklight process is. Essentially he thinks the "fusion (actually transmutation) process is mainly endothermic and dependant on his black light energy and the photons of radiation it produces (the exothermic bit). Given that we're probably talking nano-seconds its a bit fuzzy. Like many he is distancing himself from Fleichmann and Pons while confirming their full hypothesis which was that the reaction was like the D - D nuclear reactions but due to the lack of hard neutrons and the different branching ratio the implication is that it may be more complex than that (The last paragraph of the Fleischmann /Pons paper remains correct. ) Randall Mills' theories Are analogues to the Widom Larsen theory. Electrons and protons can form Neutrons or heavy collapsed atoms that behave like neutrons in some specific contexts. Effectively the three theories may be the one theory written in three different systems of notation. That is Randall Mills, Widom and Larsen and the theories snippets posted by Focardi and Rossi may all be saying the same thing. In Mills' work one of the catalysts is a nickel Ion I beleave. See for the full Widom and Larsen papers.

* * * *

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