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You are here: > News > February 1, 2011

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A Simple, Local, Affordable Hot Fusion Approach

On December 21, 2010, Eric J. Lerner, inventor and founder of The Focus Fusion Society held an in-house seminar about their breakthrough "hot fusion" technology. A recording of the informative meeting has been posted to YouTube in five parts. 

by Buddy of Georgia, USA, with Sterling D. Allan
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MIDDLESEX, NEW JERSEY, USA -- Focus Fusion technology entails hydrogen and boron combining into helium, while giving off tremendous amounts of energy in the process, without any radioactive waste.

This technology could give birth to a non-polluting power plant the size of a local gas station that would quietly and safely power 4,000 homes, for a few tenths of a penny per kilowatt-hour, compared to 4-6 cents/kw-h of coal or natural-gas-powered plants. One technician could operate two dozen of these stations remotely. The fuel, widely available, is barely spent in the clean fusion method, and would only need to be changed annually. 

The size and power output would make it ideal for providing localized power, reducing transmission losses and large-grid vulnerabilities. The cost and reliability would make it affordable for developing nations and regions.

Solstice Seminar

Here are the five parts and a description of each. 

Video 1

The theme of the seminar is the solstice. Several comments are made about the solstice including how it is unreliable. The talk about the solstice leads into discussion of how our sun is a fusion generator, how we need to be like Prometheus (the mythical titan that gave fire to humanity) and "take matters into our own hands" (but we don't want to end up being chained to a rock having our livers continually eaten by a large bird), how the solstice is the birthday of the sun gods Mitra and Mithras, and how we need to be victorious getting fusion from the stone age to the modern age. 

A general summary about fusion is provided. Focus Fusion is an aneutronic fusion which means that it does not produce neutrons. This allows it to be very safe in that it emits less harmful radiation, require less shielding, and does not produce radioactive waste. Areas that require focus are mentioned including how researchers need support, governmental policies need to be changed, and fusion itself needs to be reframed.

It is stated that 22.4 billion dollars has been spent on fusion research in the last 60 years. This is about the same amount of money that BP put aside for one oil spill. The vast majority of this was government funding. However, very little of this was spent on Focus Fusion technology which requires only a fraction of the funding of mainstream fusion research.

Video 2

Eric J. Lerner gives a more detailed presentation about the Focus Fusion technology. It is mentioned as the fastest route to cheap and clean energy. It uses hydrogen and boron to produce fusion in a device called the Dense Plasma Focus. Instead of emitting dangerous gamma or neutron radiation it only emits ultra high intensity x rays. It also emits charged particles that can be directly converted into electricity. It is mentioned that the fuel for this system is common and abundant.

They hope in the next eight months to demonstrate they are getting enough energy out compared to energy put in to prove that the device can be engineered into a practical source of energy. They hope to develop a 5MW prototype in four years. They also hope to produce spin off technologies.

One negative about the device is that it requires twice the temperature used in tritium fusion reactions. It requires temperatures of about 1 billion degrees to fuse boron and hydrogen. The device has been around for 40 years, but is underfunded. Dozens of groups have worked on it because the reactor is very affordable to build. 

One interesting note is that they have tried to patent ideas of how to build a transformer to turn the beam of charged particles into electricity. 

It is also mentioned other groups are working devices that utilize pB11 as fuel such as LPP, Tri Alpha, and EMC2. However, Focus Fusion is ahead of all of them.

Video 3

Decaborane H14B10 is mentioned as the compound they would like to use as fuel in their final reactors. It has a good ratio of hydrogen to boron. It is toxic, but at room temperature it is a solid. When put into a reactor and heated, it turns into a gas.

They are currently doing tests with tritium. This allows them to produce large amounts of neutrons which lets them determine how many fusion reactions are occurring. They are producing more neutrons than any other group working on boron-hydrogen fusion.

Axial field control is a technique that can be used to increase the efficiency of the device. Also, it is mentioned you can increase the efficiency of a DPF device by reducing the electrode length. Currently, they are testing their system with 25KV. They hope to test their system with 35KV in the near future. A final interesting note is that in the final system, instead of using copper rods, they will use beryllium rods.

Video 4

A list of achievements in their recent year of R&D are mentioned. Some of these are clear and repeatable confirmation of high ion and electron energy over half the amount needed to ignite the pB11 fuel, more than a 15 fold yield in maximum energy efficiency, ten thousand fold yield improvement in fusion yield since first shots of their first prototype, exceeded by six fold best fusion yields compared to all other teams working on DPF, and a partial confirmation of the ability of an axial field coil to improve fusion yield. 

Images taken inside of the reactor are shown. The camera used to take these pictures cost 65 thousand dollars. These images show the plasma forming in the reactor.

A brief update about their financing is given.

The question and answer session begins.

Video 5

More Q and A, including talk about what the device could fit in (perhaps a large truck), what it will take to get the device up and running, engineering issues (how to remove waste heat from the device), discusses how these units could be distributed, etc.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Inc.
40 Ridge Drive
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
Phone: (732) 356-5900
Fax: (732) 377 0381
For email, 

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