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You are here: > News > January 29, 2011

Water as Fuel: Thoughts on Improving Freddy's Cell

Some input from Welton Myers, who is working to commercialize the open sourced technology launched by Frederick Wells, who claimed a water-fuel cell technology that enabled a vehicle to run on water through on-board electrolysis, while harnessing excess energy from the environment somehow.

by Sterling D. Allan
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I received a call yesterday from a former associate of mine, Welton Myers, who has been deeply immersed in the task of understanding, replicating, and improving the open source model # 6 water fuel cell technology by Frederick Wells. Freddy make a big splash last August when he claimed to have run a pick-up truck on nothing but water, via what he called the "Hydrogen Hog".

This system is similar to the design by Stanley Meyer, utilizing a system of tubes activated to produce electromagnetic resonant frequencies that disassociate water between the tubes into hydroxy gas. Freddy modified that design with larger center tubes and other improvements that create steam, which mixture is then fed into the fuel rail under pressure and injected with proper timing in a plasma-like manner into the cylinder. Somehow in this process, energy shows up in the system that was not input by the operator, thus enabling the self-looping with substantial productive energy capacity left over to power the vehicle.

Welton said that prior to the video posted early this month that showed Freddy again driving down the road using his proprietary model # 7 system, allegedly on nothing but hydroxy, Freddy posted another video somewhere (that apparently is no longer there) showing the truck climbing up a steep hill with great power, in hybrid mode, using hydroxy and gasoline. They calculated that they were then averaging 400 mpg.

Apparently, given the political dynamite that 100% hydroxy systems represent, they are backing away from that, and aiming for more gradual steps, like in the range of three to eight-fold improvement in mileage. It could also be that this level of increase is all that is practically sustainably at this time.

Meanwhile, some people still want to replicate the earlier effect that Freddy claims to have achieved and tried to share openly with the community, made difficult because of how many iterations were floating around in his head as he tried to communicate those to people trying to take notes and not be frustrated by the contradictions and changes. That system had some flaws which have been identified and should be taken into consideration when replicating.

An analogy I've used to describe this phenomenon is the way I play the piano. I play by ear, and I can compose a song on the fly, making it up as I go. I can also play popular tunes, in my own way. But if you put a sheet of music in front of me, and ask me to play what is there, it's a slow and awkward process for me. It is also very laborious for me to try and notate a song. In this analogy, Freddy "plays by ear". It's difficult for him to pin down exactly how he does something, because for him, it just comes naturally. But from what I hear, he is making some great progress on his improved proprietary version.

Replication Tips

Welton seems to have several concepts that he and his team have proven that are valuable to consider for those in this pursuit.

He said that the outside 6" vessel tube needs to be hard and solid, like stainless steel, otherwise it tends to deteriorate and crack, preventing the buildup of pressure and temperature that is needed for the effect.

The PWM needs to be more effective in controlling the timing and air/fuel ratio, and heavy duty to handle more than the 150 watt rating used in the original prototype system. 

The objective of the center tubes is to produce steam.

One of the things Welton's group is doing to heat the water to steam is to pull the heat from the vehicle exhaust system with a boiler like heat exchanger, to be injected into the lower part of the vessel heating it and rising to the top of the vessel (to obtain its charge and to mix with the hydroxy gas produced by the smaller sets of tubes) and from there, feeding it into the fuel rail under pressure.

Welton also made a very interesting comment about what may be going on in the cylinders. He thinks that the plasma like heat injected into the cylinders and ignited, causes the air previously pulled into the cylinders to rapidly expand, which pushes the pistons. In other words, it's not a normal explosion or impact that drives the pistons. 

He says that many erroneously believe that the normal expulsion impacts the pistons to drive them, when in reality, in all internal combustion engines it is the rapidly expanding of air, caused by the heat transmitted from the explosion, that pushes or drives the piston.

# # #

What You Can Do

  1. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  2. Use this info to improve your Freddy's Cell design.  Feel free to contact Welton on any major questions you might have.  He is very helpful.
  3. Get involved in beta testing.
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This story is also published at BeforeItsNews

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Jan. 29, 2011
Last updated November 24, 2012




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