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You are here: > News > January 25, 2011

Update on Keshe free energy and healing initiative

Belgium inventor who claims anti-gravity, space propulsion, and free energy generator technologies also has a water entrainment technology that has helped some 400 people especially with neurological disorders including M.S., lupus, and fibromyalgia; offers to help Congresswoman Giffords.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

M.T. Keshe attends to a Coma patient who has been responding to his water entrainment.


Mehran Tavakoli (M.T.) Keshe phoned me Sunday from Belgium, and we were able to chat for a while, filling in some pieces and giving me some information on the latest. 

He's been trying to reach me ever since we published a story on January 15, Keshe was 'kidnapped' in Canada over false nuclear weapons concerns. He told me that Mr. Ad van den Elshout, who was behind the events leading to that situation, can be heard (in Dutch) in a recording posted on his site, admitting that he had been paid 55 million dollars from a company in Delaware, U.S., for what he had done. In the recording, there is another person who he shows a bank document to that corroborates that fact.


Independent of, and without the knowledge of the Keshe Foundation, Elshout had been registering domains and created bogus business cards to portray himself as the director and owner of the Keshe Foundation. And unbeknownst to the Foundation until recently, he has been going around Europe, China, and Korea misrepresenting the Foundation and drumming up fraudulent business deals in their name. In the midst of that, he was portraying the foundation as being involved in nuclear weapons research, which is not true. And that lie has been creating many problems for the foundation, preventing them from launching a manufacturing facility, and causing Keshe to be interrogated for 11 days last June in Canada in a nightmare situation resembling something out of Nazi Germany or Communist China. (Story)

Keshe is the one we've periodically reported on who claims to have a counter-gravity technology and energy generating technology that would enable the kind of flight attributed to UFOs – rapid flight, sudden trajectory change, run on energy harvested freely from the environment. (Story) His foundation is involved in research in the sub-plasma nuclear structure. He also claims to have the ability to capture CO2 and methane into liquid form through a nanotechnology and create energy in the process. (Story) He also claims to have amazing healing technologies. (Expanded below.)

New Technologies

In Sunday's conversation, Keshe told me they have a power cell that generates more energy at night than during the day. A ½ meter squared panel will generate 2-3 kilowatts day and night, he said. He also described a torch that has been burning for now for the second year straight, which doesn't burn gas, but is based on "sub-fusion in nano materials." He also has systems for space motion that would enable space propulsion without the need for carrying fuel aboard, he claims.

He said he just got back from Tehran, Iran, his native country, where he had tied up an agreement with the Iranian government regarding his energy and counter-gravity technologies. I've heard a number of interviews over the past two years that say that (due to the influence of dark conspiratorial forces pushing for a world police state) the West has been demonizing Iran as a bombastic, rogue nation out to destroy Israel and the West; but that the Iranians are generally peaceful, and that the leader's statements are exaggerated and sometimes taken out of context.

He said he had wanted to open a manufacturing plant in Antwerp, Belgium, which he had been endeavoring for two years to do, but the U.S. government had intervened in causing his permit applications to be declined.

He also said he had meeting with officials from Boeing, but they overtly delayed follow-up communications. It took "two months" for a CD with his video of the technology to make it from Brussels to their offices in the U.S.

Keshe said that for two years he has been working closely with a university in Belgium, testing and validating his various technology claims, including making CO2 liquid at room temperature through a nano gel, and making energy in the process (story), which Keshe says is ready to go into production. But recently they have been prohibited, with Keshe having been blacklisted by the actions of Elshout.

The day after Keshe arrived back in Belgium from Tehran, he said that a Belgium military helicopter hovered over his house for around ten minutes. "They're just doing their job," he said.

My guess is that the black ops in the West do not want this technology coming from the private sector, as they have had a monopoly on it for several decades now. Much of the "UFO" craft flying around is of human origin, and not for the benefit of the private sector. That's not how Keshe sees it. He thinks they are just blind to technology that is far advanced from anything presently commercially available, and they are embarrassed.

If Keshe has his way, this technology will be made available for commercial transportation and distributed power generation.

Water-based Health Technology

In looking toward space flight, the Keshe Foundation has also been thinking about how to handle health conditions that might arise during a flight.  Since on a long flight, a craft could not possibly contain all the needed medical supplies using conventional methods, the foundation wanted to devise a way to heal people that does not involve medicines and vast equipment.

They have thus developed health technology that involves the entrainment of water that has healing properties.   

"...We have learned the real process by which the human body works in its real term plasmatic, nuclear and atomic structure; and the use of these systems and processes are very simple."

The method is quite simple.  A person is analyzed, either by coming to a clinic, or by sending blood and/or tissue samples; then a device is adjusted to address the problem, and the device is sent with the patient. A glass of tap water is set successively in a "box" within the device where it is entrained, and the patient drinks the water.

The water can't be shipped. It has to be used soon after entrainment.

They have had around 400 people use this method, with positive results in conditions ranging from cancer to M.S., but is especially good in restoring neurological function, such as in epilepsy, lupus, or even coma. Keshe himself said he had an enlarged liver problem that was cleared up using this approach, restoring him to "the condition of an 18 year old," according to his doctor.

He said that the physician who has worked with the American cyclist, Armstrong, has been supervising his coma and MS volunteers using this approach.

It is a bit pricey, depending on the condition; but averages at around 3000 Euros. M.S. cases are typically around 9000 Euros.

They are presently launching a clinical study, looking for 1000 volunteers, 500 with M.S., and 500 with fibromyalgia.

Offer to Help Congresswoman Giffords

Keshe said that this technology would work with Senator Giffords, the sooner, the better, for restoring brain function that might have been destroyed or damaged by her gunshot wound through the brain. He asked if I could try and contact someone in the Giffords family or staff to extend this offer to them. I've left messages, but judging from their website, they are being inundated with well-wishers; so if someone has a more direct line and wants to inform them of this offer, that would be appreciated.

In her case, he would be willing help free of charge, as long as they promise to try it and ship the unit back when they're done.

Keshe told me he is "color blind and nation blind" when it comes to helping people.

Jan. 28, 2010; 9:10 am MST Update: 
I just got off the phone with someone from Congresswoman Giffords' office. I told her about this water entrainment technology and claims and offer to Giffords. She said she would pass it on to the appropriate parties.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews


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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Dec. 4, 2009
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