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You are here: > News > January 23, 2011

Fear Mongering: From Cannabis to Cold Fusion

Considering the wide range of practical uses of cannabis, the politicizing of the plant and general banning has been more about protecting competing industries.  We need to make sure something similar doesn't happen to cold fusion as it emerges into commercial use. 

Buddy of Georgia, USA
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Humans fear the unknown. If they do not understand something their first reaction is usually to run from it or attack it. Certain parties that understand this can use that fear to their advantage. There are examples of this throughout history and even more so in modern times. By manipulating fear political parties, corporate entities, big businesses, military complexes, and nations can herd the masses. Fear can be used to start wars, entice hatred, manipulate economies, and make normally intelligent and rational people do irrational things.

Unfortunately, scientific advancement has not been free of the fear factor. As we speak a new "Cold Fusion" technology is launching. How will the world react when they realize it is real and not a hoax? Will they accept this amazing new technology and quickly utilize it to benefit all of humanity? Or will powerful entities fuse fear and science to slow down and limit the utilization of this technology? Lets take a look at an issue we are facing today in which fear is used to push agendas and manipulate the masses.

Phony 'War on Drugs'

For thousands of years humans have been using plants and other substances for medical purposes. Sometimes it is to treat a disease, other times to relieve pain, and other times for recreation. The use of these substances always have risks involved. Some drugs can have severe side effects, others can be habit forming, others can kill in improper doses, and others can impair judgment. These risks have led governments around the world to start a "War on Drugs" which prohibits the production, cultivation, possession, and usage of many natural and synthetic medical substances.

This "War on Drugs" has been a disaster. Despite severe penalties for breaking drug laws they are violated frequently. Most school children can obtain just about any drug they want. Our prisons are filled with individuals who were convicted of a drug related crimes, but for every one that is caught many more elude the authorities. It can be debated if drug laws should exist or if certain drugs should be legalized. However, no one can deny fear has been used by law enforcement, special interest groups, governments, and schools to propagate specific propaganda and beliefs.

One drug that has been victimized by fear is marijuana. Of all the illegal drugs in the USA it is probably the safest. Some studies indicate that it is safer than alcohol or tobacco. Yet it is illegal in most of the USA. However, certain groups have lied repeatedly to keep it outlawed. It all begins during the "reefer madness" era when logging companies were threatened by "industrial hemp" which is a form of marijuana with almost no potential for drug abuse. Specifically, it is low in THC which is one of the main natural chemicals in marijuana that produce euphoric effects. The logging industry was threatened by the fact that industrial hemp could be used to produce fiber, rope, paper, clothing, and food. So they began to encourage newspapers to write up false stories depicting individuals using marijuana and committing violent crimes. This scared countless people. Before long marijuana and industrial hemp were both illegal.

In more modern times governments and groups have continued to lie about marijuana. For example, the 1980's commercials on TV claimed marijuana fried brain cells. However, we now know THC is a neural antioxidant. Also, there are studies which show THC has cancer fighting properties. The government also tries to tell us there is no medical use for marijuana when modern science has proven it can help relieve pain, prevent nausea, reduce stress, reduce pressure in the eye in glaucoma sufferers, etc.

Another example of propaganda about marijuana is the idea that if made legal it would fill the road with dangerous drivers. However, studies indicate that people who drive intoxicated from marijuana have less chance of getting into an accident than people who drive after using alcohol.

Perhaps another interesting fact is that it is almost impossible to overdose and die from using marijuana. Large quantities of marijuana can be consumed without significant toxicity. However, it is very easy to overdose on alcohol or caffeine which are both totally legal.

How does this relate to cold fusion? There could be people who try to claim cold fusion is dangerous for various reasons and should be closely regulated. Yes, there will be dangers using a cold fusion device. However, there are dangers using almost any device. A turkey fryer can catch your home on fire if you do not watch it. A small heater can tip over and catch your home on fire. A saw from home depot can cut your finger off if you are not careful. An internal combustion engine that is not maintained can catch fire. The list goes on and on!

There is no reason a cold fusion device should have any more regulations than other similar LEGAL devices that are also dangerous. Do you have to have a license from the NRC to buy a generator from Home Depot? If you run that generator inside of your home you can gas yourself to death! This happens every year! It is possible a cold fusion device could emit some low level of radiation. In my opinion if you disobey safety guidelines by sleeping next to it to stay warm then it is your fault if you get radiation burns or cancer!

With any product PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY is the key. Anyone that buys a product has the responsibility to follow the instructions that come with it. If they do not follow the instructions and something happens it is their own fault. Also, if they use a product recklessly and harm someone else they can be found criminally responsible!

However, there will be fear mongers that will yell and scream about the safety dangers of cold fusion reactors. They will say allowing private citizens to own them is "irresponsible." In addition, they may claim having one in a vehicle is insane. Instead of EDUCATING people about the risks involved and trying to make these devices SAFER they might simply advocate a ban on these devices outside of power plants.

What is scary is that they may go further. The loggers who got marijuana banned did not stop there. They got industrial hemp banned too. It is possible that lawmakers, corporations, or advocacy groups could demand no use of cold fusion until hundreds of millions of dollars worth of testing is performed. This could take many years. During this time we will have used up more oil reserves, polluted the planet even more, and our economy will have crumbled. In this time period we could be phasing out oil usage for energy, the internal combustion engine, and using the monetary savings to benefit our species.

Instead of banning cold fusion like marijuana and industrial hemp it should be utilized! For example, industrial hemp was a huge industry in the USA until it was banned. Cold Fusion could be such an industry! It could be enough to boost our economy! Just imagine the ripple effects as thousands of factories are opened or re-tooled to build Cold Fusion generators. This would create countless jobs!

I consider cold fusion to be a very safe technology. It poses some risks, but the fact of the matter is they will probably be minimal like those associated with marijuana. For example, if you have a cold fusion reactor if they tell you to keep it shielded do so! Also, if they tell you not to open it up and work on it yourself do not! If they tell you not to override the fail-safe that prevents it from overheating do not!

My guess is there will be a few incidents with cold fusion reactors, but they will actually be far fewer than those with internal combustion engines. Due to the very nature of the devices they will have to be built with EXTRA safeguards. I doubt most models available to civilians will work at 1/10th of their potential to prevent the possibility of an overload. But what would happen if a "melt down" did happen? With a cold fusion cell probably not much more than would happen if a generator or car engine blew up. There would probably relatively little radioactivity and once the explosion occurs the reaction would end. I doubt most cells would even "blow up." My guess is that they will have some sort of pressure relief valve which will activate to vent fuel if the cell becomes too hot. Also, they could have a small canister of nitrogen or some other substance that would open up and end the reaction if the cell becomes too hot. The worst that that would happen 99.9% of the time is that your generator would be non functional and if you bought a warranty you would get a new one.

Unfortunately, if fear is used most people will not consider the facts. They will listen to what government agencies, advocacy groups, politicians, and others have to say. Even if Cold Fusion could benefit them they will jump up and start protesting against it.

My hope is that lots of people will stand up and say NO to the fear factor. If enough of us DEMAND that Cold Fusion technology be utilized the powers that be will have to listen to us.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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