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You are here: > News > January 19, 2011

Fighting the Infection of Cynical Skepticism with Cold Fusion

Given the abundant evidence available, both for cold fusion in general and for the recent Italian 10 kW demonstration in particular, why is it that mainstream science's first reaction has to be crass criticism instead of curiosity and tentative support?

Buddy of Georgia, USA
for Pure Energy Systems News

Rossi and Focardi's 10 kW cold fusion heat generating device is demonstrated during the Italian press conference Jan. 14, 2011.
Photo by Daniele Passerini, the who reported the day's proceedings in his blog.

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A week ago today there was a demonstration and test of a cold fusion system in Italy. The inventor, Andrea Rossi, was there along with several scientists, and observers. This system used the common elements hydrogen and nickel to produce a nuclear reaction which resulted in a large gain of energy. For every unit of input there were many units of output in the form of thermal energy. Although some details of the system had to remain confidential (special catalysts used and the preparation of the nano-sized nickel powder) to protect the inventors intellectual property, the facts were clear: the first robust "on demand" cold fusion device emerged to the world. 

The proof of the non-chemical nature of this device is the large gain of energy, the nuclear transmutation of nickel into copper, and radiation. In fact, the radiation is so strong it is what produces the heat as it interacts with what is used to construct the cell. To shield the radiation two centimeters of lead must be used! These signs make it clear that this cell is utilizing a novel and new process that needs to be investigated.

Skepticism Galore

However, over the past several days I have read many negative and hostile comments made by overly cynical skeptics. Instead of simply wanting more evidence, more testing, or more information; they have resorted to the same old tactics they usually utilize. These methods of pushing their agenda are name calling, mud-slinging, making totally false statements, and speaking before doing their homework. So far, Andrea Rossi and those that consider this work to be worthy of intense investigation, have been libeled by being called, "believers", "nutters", "cranks", "pathological", "kooks", and have been accused of believing in "snake oil." Popular Science resorted to calling the whole situation "dubious."  In fact, instead of discussing the data, some of these naysayers are attempting to cast doubt on the sanity of anyone who shows an interest in this new technology. It seems to me that individuals who claim to honor science, reason, and truth should have the moral character to act in a civilized manner.

What also amazes me is how many of these individuals make comments without checking the facts. Some have claimed there is "no way" this system can be nuclear without producing radiation. Well, it does! Also, it has been stated that if the energy produced was nuclear everyone at the demonstration should be dead due to radiation exposure. Apparently, they refuse to accept that COLD FUSION does not work exactly the same as HOT FUSION. I read yet another comment in which someone pronounced that there is no way someone can produce a nuclear reaction at room temperature. They did not bother to read how the cell is heated to 400 to 500 degrees C.

Of course this is not the worst part. Instead of being hopeful that this technology could be legitimate, some overly skeptical individuals began to talk about different ways those involved could use it in a fraudulent scheme to make money. Someone went so far to say that they could claim it worked, buy electricity cheap from one building, and sell the electricity back to the electric company at a higher rate claiming it was "green." It seems some naysayers would rather have a fraud play out than see an amazing new technology change our planet.

I'm convinced this technology is legitimate. However, I want to see more data, additional testing, and learn more about the nuclear reaction involved. To not want to see such things would be foolish. However, I'm not about to criticize the inventor, slander curious individuals, and bash everyone involved because I don't have ALL the information I want YET. It has only been about a WEEK since the demonstration was made. The scientists involved are studying the data and will be presenting more detailed findings in the near future. I'm willing to wait a few days. I have some level of patience. Apparently, some of the cynics who claim to be the guardians of science from the "pathological idiots" have none. 

For years overly skeptical scientists, journalists, and other individuals have attacked cold fusion. It has been dismissed as pseudo-science, snake-oil, fairy dust, woo-woo, and pathological science. My hope is that when this technology when is sold on the market, used to produce energy to power our homes, and proven beyond any doubt as a technology that has a place in industry, that this will be a warning to future scientists not to mock new discoveries, becoming an embarrassment to mainstream science more grave than their assertion a century ago that man could never build a flying contraption. I hope those that have criticized those of us who have been following cold fusion for many years will openly apologize for their remarks. 

However, a thousand apologizes will not erase the harm done to our society by their intense skepticism, closed mind, and greed. If they had showed honest curiosity about cold fusion over the past couple of decades instead of hostility we could have been at this point many years ago, having received the needed funding and scientific resources needed. Instead, we have had to use up more oil reserves, pollute the planet even more, fight wars over oil, and continue using primitive technology. 

Cold Fusion could be the discovery that lets humanity know ALL things are possible. If humanity dreams something it CAN be done. However, the skeptics and cynics did not contribute to the bright future that may be ahead of us due to this technology. It was the minority of scientists and researchers with an OPEN mind that were willing to look at NEW POSSIBILITIES. These individuals endured hostility, assaults, and attacks of all kinds. They need to be remembered.

Postscript by Sterling D. Allan

Jed Rothwell of pointed out that "cold fusion has been reproduced roughly 17,000 times according to an estimate published by the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences."

The story seen here with mainstream science versus "alternative" science, is the same as is being seen with alternative news versus mainstream news. The "alternative" crowd is becoming much more popular because it is so much more relevant and enlightened – and advanced. 

The well-entrenched status quo gets too big for their own good, and get bogged down with bureaucracy, loosing vision and innocent curiosity. They won't cover something unless it is thoroughly proven, forgetting that the bleeding edge is where the real action is at. 

So even though they surely were made aware of the Italian press conference by their readership, it took them a week before any of them (first by PhysOrg, which cited us as their primary source) finally get around to covering what could be the energy breakthrough of the decade.  And when they did begin to cover it, all Popular Science could muster is crass skepticism. 

Their days are as numbered as oil, which will always be needed for certain things such as lubrication (thought that function may also eventually be superseded by some improvement), but which is growing obsolete by new breakthroughs coming along by maverick inventors. The days of big brother, to which the establishment, including the mainstream press and academia, pander as lap dogs; are coming to an end, thank God.

An article posted later today by Discovery is totally lame, saying "Pons and Fleischmann ... remain adamant that their research was valid, though no one has been able to reproduce their findings."  Mainstream publications are digging their grave by such ridiculous idiocy.  I responded in part:

"Cold fusion has been reproduced roughly 17,000 times according to an estimate published by the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences." -- Jed Rothwell,, Jan. 19, 2011

Here's a spoof video that is relevant.

# # #

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This story is also posted at BeforeItsNews


Feel free to view/chime in down below.  The following came in by email:

Scientists Want to Know HOW

On January 21, 2011 6:26 AM MST, 'ABC' wrote

Sterling, you are missing the boat when you talk in scientific circles. Scientists care to understand the theories/principles of how things work. You don't seem to understand that the Nuclear Catalyst folks don't have any theories or principles or data to share, so what do you expect scientists to think? Of course they could care less about LENR, because they have no knowledge or data to learn from or study. They are not interested if a machine works or is credible or not. That is NOT their interest or concern. They care about knowledge, and none is being offered. They don't care about all of the emotional things that excite you. 

So, your last article bashing scientists for not sharing in your interest or excitement appears foolish. That is not what scientists do. Scientists are not interested in "chasing a story". 

* * * *

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Jan. 20, 2011
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   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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