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You are here: > News > January 17, 2011

Cold Fusion getting hot with 10kw heater prepping for market

Italian inventor, Andrea Rossi, claims to have an industrial product ready to manufacture that produces large amounts of energy reliably, safely, and much cheaper than coal or natural gas power.  It utilizes the fusion of hydrogen and the common element nickel at relatively low temperatures.

by Sterling D. Allan, with Buddy of Georgia, USA
Pure Energy Systems News

Andrea Rossi, left, demonstrates the 10 kW heat generating device during the Italian press conference last Friday.
Photo by Daniele Passerini, the who reported the day's proceedings in his blog.

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Last Friday, January 14, we reported about a press conference held in Bologna, Italy in which Professor Sergio Focardi and Eng. Andrea A. Rossi, both of the University of Bologna, announced to the world that they have a cold fusion device capable of producing more than 10 kilowatts of heat power, while only consuming a fraction of that.  This is the first public demonstration of a nickel-hydrogen fusion reactor capable of producing a few kilowatts of thermal energy.  At its peak, it is capable of generating 15,000 watts with just 400 watts input required.  On Saturday, a forum was opened allowing for questions online from around the world.

This recent public demonstration alone is is a huge development, but what's more, they also claim to be going into production, expecting to have these available for purchase commercially within a year.  This would become the world's first commercially-ready "cold fusion" device.  The first units are supposed to ship in three months, with mass production commencing by the end of 2011.

Licensees are mentioned, with contracts in the USA and in Europe. Mass production should escalate in 2-3 years.  Presently Rossi says they are manufacturing a 1 megawatt plant composed of 125 modules.

In his forum, Rossi wrote:

We have passed already the phase to convince somebody. We are arrived to a product that is ready for the market. Our judge is the market.  In this field the phase of the competition in the field of theories, hypothesis, conjectures etc etc is over. The competition is in the market. If somebody has a valid technology, he has not to convince people by chattering, he has to make a reactor that work and go to sell it, as we are doing.

Inquiries about purchasing are to be directed to 

Rossi estimates that the cost of energy made with this system will be below 1 cent/kWh, in case of electric power made by means of a Carnot cycle, and below 1 cent/4,000 M J in case of thermal power production for heating purposes.  That is several times cheaper than energy from fossil fuel sources such as coal or natural gas.

According to Rossi, the demonstrated device shown last Friday is their industrial product that is claimed to be reliable and safe. In normal operation it would produce 8 units of output for every unit of input. Higher levels of output are possible, but can be dangerous. They will soon start serial production of their modules. Combining the modules in series and parallel arrays it is possible to reach every limit of power. The modules are designed to be connected in series and parallels.

In describing the batch processing operation of the device, he said: "To start up the reactor you have just to turn on a switch. The reactor works with enormous margins of safety, so there is no need of a particular skill. Just follow the instructions. The refueling is every 6 months and will be made by our dealers."

Rossi also says that they have had one reactor that has run continually for two years, providing heat for a factory.  Also, the reactors can self sustain by turning off the input, but they prefer to have an input.  The device will be scheduled for maintenance every six months.  You control it "just as you turn on and off your television set."

Here's a video excerpt of the demonstration in Italy last Friday.  They allowed six people at a time to go into a smaller room where the equipment was located.  The tac, tac, tac sound is made by the water pump, which is a precision dosator. You can see all three videos (in Italian) on the efagroup2010 YouTube channel.

According to Daniele Passerini who reported Friday's proceedings in his blog, the private invitation press conference was attended by around 50 people.  Professors from the University of Bologna were on hand to verify that the experimental set-up was credible.  Rossi explained that they were producing from the reactor about 10-12 kW, while the average energy input was 600-700W, which was also measured by the dryness of the steam. The experiment was performed by the patent application holders and professors from the University of Bologna unrelated to the project.

The amount of energy being produced was estimated based on how much water is vaporized per second.   Also, to understand the source of the process of energy production, they sought to ensure that hydrogen was not being burned, by measuring the mass at the beginning and end of the experiment.  A professor Levi used two sodium iodide scintillators to measure the radiation output.

Today, Rossi said:

"The report of the test that has been made by the independent reviewers in Bologna will be put online as soon as the Prof. of the University of Bologna, who made the test, will deliver it. I think it will take a week, while they are elaborating the data. The publication will be made on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, and all the magazines and blogs will be free to publish them."

According to a Rossi-Focardy paper (p. 4 of 9), similar results have been obtained in the factory of EON in Bondeno (Ferrara, Italy) in a test performed with ENEL spa  on June, 25th 2009; as well as in tests made in Bedford, New Hampshire (USA) in a lab of LTI with the presence of the U.S. Department of Energy (November 19 2009) and of the U.S. Department of Defense (November 20 2009).

Some related research was published by New Energy Times in 2004.  And even earlier in November 1998 at  In March of 1995 came a report titled "Italian cold fusion succeeded", stated that a 40-watt battery had been operated for four months continuous.  So these guys have been at this for a long time.

Doing a lot of digging into Rossi's Journal of Nuclear Physics blog shows that scientists are posting and linking speculation that "hydrinos" (of Blacklight Power fame) or shrunken hydrogen atoms may be involved in this cold fusion and process and their formation may be the source of most of the energy released.

Rossi Energy Amplifier

They have filed for a PCT patent, number WO/2009/125444, published October 15, 2009, but they are keeping some information proprietary until the patent is awarded.

Simply put, the effect involves pressurized dihydrogen gas (2 bars is the lowest mentioned in the patent application, and 80 bars is what was used in the demonstration) is placed in metal tube with nano powdered nickel and a heating element (resistor). Somehow the dihydrogen gas is split into atomic hydrogen. When heat is applied the atomic hydrogen reacts with the powdered nickel to produce energy up to 400 times the input energy. Undisclosed catalysts are used to increase the efficiency of the cell. 

Andrea Rossi is listed as the inventor.  He is also the primary operator of the website and forum, where the information about the technology is posted.

Some other technical attributes of the process include:

  • Regular Ni is used even though other isotopes may provide better efficiency. They think all the isotopes work to produce the effect. 
  • For some unknown reason, not all of the Ni in the cell reacts with the hydrogen to produce energy. The percentage of the Ni that reacts is very low.
  • Even though the percentage of the Ni that reacts with hydrogen is very low one kilogram of nickel powder should deliver 10 kW of energy for 10,000 hours. The consumption rate of hydrogen and nickel are 0.1 g of Ni and 0.01 g of H to produce 10 kWh/h.  Note that for every picogram of nickel that is actually fused or reacts to the hydrogen, much more must be added. Not all the nickel added will react. So if you add 0.1g of Ni to produce 10kWh/h only a small fraction of that Ni will actually be utilized. When the device shuts off due to running out of fuel most of the .1g could be remaining.
  • Tungsten is in no way used. However, "other elements" are used.
  • Radiation is produced. However in the device demonstrated which is made for commercial use no radiation escapes due to lead shielding. The fact that radiation is produced is proof of a nuclear reaction.
  • In the demonstration device for every unit of input there was approximately 37 units of output.
  • A small percentage of the nickel is transmuted into copper. The amount of copper found in the cell is far greater than the impurities in the nickel powder. None of this copper is "unstable."
  • There is no radioactivity in the cell after it is turned off. No nuclear "waste."
  • All of the information needed to successfully replicate a self sustaining system is in the patent application (which is being held proprietary presently).
  • The power density for thermal energy only is 5 liters per kilowatt. 
  • The hydrogen has to be all hydrogen with no deuterium or heavy hydrogen.  Apparently, any heavy hydrogen stops the reaction.
  • This current system never goes below 6 times more energy out than in. During the test it produced 20 times more energy out than in.  In the lab they have done similar tests and obtained 400 times more out than in, but it produced explosions.

Reaction to the Press Conference Announcement

You would think that something of this magnitude would be reported widely by the media -- at least the alternative media -- but as of Sunday evening, 9:00 pm MST, there have only been three hits in Google news, including our story from Friday.  It demonstrates to people that the mainstream press is bland, and that they should abandon them as their primary source for interesting news.  At the same time, I can see benefit to the mainstream press ignoring this.  In our audience are some very talented mavericks who can do a lot to help these guys move forward. One needs to grow incrementally.  Too much attention too soon can be detrimental.

Steven Krivit, who specializes in cold fusion reporting, wrote a couple of pieces at (2), but both were critical.  I wrote the following comment in response, which he posted.

Hi Steve,

I read your two stories at New Energy Times, and while I appreciate the points you brought up, I need to say that I’m not convinced that these discredit him substantially.

First, I looked through the website (linked from the Wikipedia article), which describes the waste-to-energy and imprisonment from Rossi’s vantage point.

Given how corrupt the various governments of the world have become, it seems to me to be more of a case of suppression on their part than of an act of a serious moral breach on the part of Rossi. At worst, it was a violation of a law unknown to Rossi. We see that kind of thing regularly in the free energy world as outside-the-box inventors try to also run businesses, but don’t know how to do so and can get in trouble.

Second, regarding the Journal of Nuclear Physics; again I can relate to Rossi. In a world where academia has spurned cold fusion as a political hot potato, rejecting papers on political, not scientific grounds, I can see why someone would try to provide an alternative method of publishing material along these lines.

I agree that it does look a bit hokey, but I cut him a lot of slack for the above reason. I certainly wouldn’t call it a "scam" as a result.

It seems to me that rather than jumping to a stance of criticism, you should try to encourage and validate the amazing claim.

Though he did spend time in jail, Rossi said he was eventually cleared of all charges against him in this matter.

Meanwhile, I got a couple of emails from some other associates who apparently are in process of checking into the claims and the company with the possibility of striking up a business relationship.

The claims of Rossi are very bold to say the least. They claim to have an industrial product that produces large amounts of energy reliably and safely. This product is not claimed to be a prototype, but is said to be ready to manufacture. These claims deserve serious attention. Could the alternative energy solution we have all been hoping for finally have arrived?

Feature Page at PESWiki

We've created a feature page at with an overview, with key links.  Inasmuch as PESWiki is a publicly editable site, feel free to help us update this page as new coverage comes in and new developments arise.

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This story is also posted at BeforeItsNews

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