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You are here: > News > January 14, 2011

Multi-kilowatt Ni-H cold fusion demo under way January 14 in Italy

Today, Sergio Focardi and Andrea Rossi held a press conference about kilowatt cold fusion reactor using nickel and hydrogen that can produce up to 10 kilowatts: with 100 of such modules being made for a 1 MW plant in construction. A reporter posted live updates from the scene.

Bologna, 14/1/11 - Focardi-Rossi Ni-H cold fusion test reactor - A report from the demo that took place Friday, Jan. 14, 2011; with photos.

The Italian press conference was Friday, but the live, international/English one was held online via the Journal Nuclear Physics website on Saturday.  Rossi says that they will endeavor to respond to questions posed thereafter within 24 hours.

Prof. S. Focardi (left) and Eng. A. A. Rossi (right) work on the prototype device (10 kW reactor Ni-H module) during a preliminary test. 
December 15, 2010 Photo courtesy of G. Levi. 

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Craig Brown brought to my attention an announcement of a ten kilowatt cold fusion demonstration that incorrectly was reported as being scheduled for this coming Saturday in the outskirts of Bologna, Italy.  It is now taking place.  This is the first public demonstration (by invitation) of a nickel-hydrogen fusion reactor capable of producing  a few kilowatts of thermal energy.

The event is being held at the GM System plant at the Roveri industrial zone from 15:30 to 18:30.

The announcement stated, 

"Sergio Focardi and Andrea Rossi will hold a press conference about the presentation of the 10 kilowatt module reactor: with 100 of such modules is made the 1 MW plant in construction.

The press conference will start at 10 a.m. Italian Time.

It is a public demonstration of a significant level of power."

An Italian blog post by someone who has been following this since 2008 says:

"From what I understand, the equipment is tested and refined successfully for some time (at least one industrial building would be heated for years to nothing by cold fusion) and it's engineering is almost complete, is ready for large-scale production and to be used primarily in industry and then in civilian homes. For at least a year moving "rumors" by which was also overseen by the DOE (Department of Energy) and the DOD (Department of Defense) and the U.S. further tested to generate propulsion in one or more US. Navy warships. I will try to gather more information about the issues."

A press release says:

"Tomorrow at the GM plant system, in electricity (Roveri industrial zone), we replicate the experiment in front of accredited witnesses. The expected energy from the reactor is equal to that which would satisfy the needs of a couple of apartments. They will also measure the radiation emitted from the apparatus as a confirmation of the origin nuclear energy produced."

The following is the entire Italian press release translated by Google

"I made cold fusion" 
Announcement of the physical shock Focardi 

For scholars is a chimera. Friday before the test to the experts. The experiment does not convince Bologna magazines most reliable in the industry

Bologna, 13 January 2011 - is a chimera of science for decades. A dream called cold fusion. The team of physicists at the University of Bologna, led by Professor Sergio Focardi, announced to have discovered the secret and made an appointment tomorrow to a small group of researchers and journalists to watch the live demonstration. Unlike fission, which 'breaks' an atom with consequent release of energy, nuclear fusion is the joining of two atomic nuclei, which produces a third, new element with the same issue of enormous amounts of energy. It is the reaction that keep lit the stars, the same one that makes the sun shine, where the temperature conditions are so extreme as to allow a merger between atoms. How is it then possible to reproduce on Earth? 

THE FUSION 'cold' - at ordinary temperatures - in fact never taken place. Although many times scientists around the world have given their announcement, regularly denied by trial and error, cold fusion remains an attractive field of study: to gain a 'stellar furnace' of energy to Earth from a space-saving device just like a table revolutionize consumption of society and certainly would be worth the Nobel Prize immediately. An interesting bet that Focardi, and partners with the inventor of the reactor, the engineer Andrea Rossi, put on paper the method patent-pending worldwide. A bet, because, for now, the team has not yet been presented with the papers in front of the community of colleagues drafted the article, after being rejected by accredited scientific journals, was published independently in the Journal of Nuclear Physics , an online magazine founded by the same authors and the scientific committee of which appears as the first name the same Focardi. But an interesting challenge, because if the experiment could be reproduced and shows that the control system of peer review, 'peer review', which the world views and valid according to standard eligibility criteria of what is produced by the scientific community, but too hard and made available: as a spam filter but also rejects the important e-mails. 

'Experiment we obtained copper - Focardi said - and we believe that its appearance is due to the fusion of atomic nuclei of nickel and hydrogen, just the' ingredients' that feed our reactor. Since hydrogen and nickel 'weigh' with less copper must have released a lot of energy, since "nothing is created and destroyed." Indeed, "The Missing Mass - Focardi says - has been transformed into energy and we have measured: it is in the order of a few kilowatts, two hundred times the energy that was the beginning of the reaction." 

The mechanism remains a mystery of alchemy: "We can not explain how one can trigger cold fusion, but the presence of copper and the release of energy are witnesses, we have the tests but not theoretical." If the device Focardi, Rossi is a magician's hat or a cold fusion reactor can not be established without the theory. This is why magazines have returned to the sender the article. 

Tomorrow at the GM plant system, in electricity (Roveri industrial zone), we replicate the experiment in front of witnesses credited. The expected energy from the reactor is equal to that which would satisfy the needs of a couple of apartments. They will also measure the radiation emitted from the apparatus as a confirmation of the origin nuclear energy produced. 


Here is an earlier Rossi-Focardi paper describing their experiments and what they believe is nickel being fused with hydrogen into a copper isotope.

A process (international patent publication N. WO 2009/125444 A1) capable of producing large amounts of energy by a nuclear fusion process between nickel and hydrogen, occurring below 1000 K, is described.

# # #

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Follow-up Questions

If you find the answer to any of these questions, let me know.

  • What is the name of this company? (team of physicists at the University of Bologna, led by Professor Sergio Focardi)
  • Website?
  • Where is the demo?
  • Can anyone show up? Open invitation?
  • Do I understand correctly that you have a continuous 10 kW output system, and are building 100 for a 1 MW system?  How many have been built?
  • Would you please provide a diagram, a material list, and instructions for the simplest possible version of your cold fusion cell that can generate a self sustained reaction? I am sure there are hundreds or thousands of individuals on the internet that would be thrilled to replicate and confirm your technology.



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