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You are here: > News > December 27, 2010

Roobert33's V-gate magnet motor for real?

Just when he was about to report on his finishing replicating Roobert33's design, CLaNZeR's website is closed "until further notice", and his replication videos have been made private.  It turns out that the inventor is Robert H. Calloway, who says it has been running continuously.  Rotation data posted.

See December 29 update from CLaNZeR below.

Gif animation by Sterling Allan from the video screen grabs.

Gif animation by Sterling Allan from the video screen grabs.

Jim Murray and Paul Babcock's 4790% SERPS Presentation

Ignition Secrets DVD by Aaron Murakami 

A&P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Back on November 18, I posted a feature page at PESWiki about a "Mechanical Opener for V-Gate Magnet Motor - A video originally posed by Roobert33 shows a V-gate magnet motor that supposedly is made functional (rotation maintained) by means of a mechanical method for moving the stator magnets in and out of the way of the gate ('re-gauging') so that the gate doesn't become a lock-up point that otherwise would stop the motion of the magnet motor."

Gratefully, Stefan Hartmann and I grabbed a copy of the video and posted it on our accounts before Roobert33 deleted the original from his account.

While the design makes a lot of sense for those of us who believe that magnets can be arranged to provide primary power (e.g. a rotational device from the power of magnetism alone), the community was thrown off by Roobert33 saying he had posted it as a joke.  However, quite a few of us, myself included, tended to think that he may have been saying that out of frustration and a weird mechanism of self-defense (or self-sabotage); and that the design was probably legitimate. 

CLaNZeR was Nearly Done Replicating It

One of those who saw promise in this design was one of the best free energy replicators in the world, CLaNZeR from the UK, who was in process of replicating it, and was giving updates as he went along.  Like always, it was gorgeous work.

I posted a feature page about CLaNZeR on November 20, 2010, as he was toying with the idea of providing custom CNC milling services to the free energy community.  I posted links to many of the replications he's been involved with.

On December 10, 2010 6:31 AM MST, CLaNZeR wrote to me:

Last weekend I spent cutting out coloured acrylic signs for my partners new shop sign, as well as sitting around the Airport for 9 hours trying to get home! This weekend will be taken up mostly by putting all the Xmas lights up outside before flying back upto work again for next week.

But will try and get the Relica finished, I need to add looser sliders and cut out the Cam and then can give it a go.

The accompanying video that he posted said: "Mounted V-Track on the Rotor and made the uprights. Next the top bar and cam to be added."

Unsettling Developments

Then today I was contacted by Steve Marshall of Los Angeles with several key pieces of information that shed light on who Roobert33 is, as well as some alarming information about the status of CLaNZeR's replication.

This isn't just hearsay.  Most of this stuff can be immediately verified by clicking on the links provided.

CLaNZeR Shut Down?

First, take a look at CLaNZeR's website:   It's down!  It says "Offline until further notice."

[On the morning of Dec. 28, 6:30 am MST, I checked again, and now it reads: "Sorry is Offline till the New Year."]

Steve said that one of the last posts in the comments section, if not the last post by CLaNZeR stated: "It is easy when you know how, just do not let others know how."

Now here is the kicker.  Go to*/  It shows 0 results for 2009 and 2010. (backup screen grab)  Usually the content is current to about six months back.  I've been to CLaNZeR's site many times over those two years, and I know that there was plenty of stuff there to be indexed at  Even when nothing changes, grabs copies at regular intervals.  Someone seems to have ordered that material to be removed.

He had a lot of recent material up.  Here is a screen shot of what is now the most recent version of his site as of July 30, 2008.

[December 28 7:30 AM MST update: appears to be having some technical difficulties in general. The info from 2009-2010 is missing from any search right now.]

And if you click on the two Roobert33 replication videos he had posted, they have been made private.

What's going on?!!

I sent CLaNZeR an email asking him about this, and I'll let you know when he has responded.

Response from CLaNZeR

On December 28, 2010 6:07 AM MST, I received the following response from CLaNZeR 

Subject: RE: what's up with your site?

Hi Sterling

Everything fine this end, I took the site down over the Xmas period to have a break from the emails that flood in from people.

Need to do some family time and a few other things popped up.

The site will be back online after the New Year.

Finishing the V-Track is top of the list to do this break, but other unexpected things got in the way and family has to come first this season.


And here is something he wrote to someone else on December 15:

Thanks for the compliments.
I did on plan on finishing the V-Track by swapping out the linear slides and cutting out the Cam two weekends ago, but as I work away from home 5 days a week, with the run up to Xmas my weekends have been tied up doing normal stuff and not had time to finish it.
After this week I am on Xmas break, so hopefully then I will get it finished and post the results.
The response to me offering CNC services has gone crazy with a Mailbox full of inquiries that I have not had time to get around to; and hence at the moment I cannot reply to your question of cost, but the flexible V-Track has gathered a lot of interest and may be the first project I will plan to cutout and sell on as such.
I will pop your email into the CNC folder and hopefully get around to replying to everyone for their personal needs sooner than later.
Have a great Xmas that end.

Roobert33 is Robert H. Calloway

Steve also told me that he had just talked to Robert Calloway of Texas, USA, and that "he is Roobert33".  Robert has been working on magnet motors for years, as can be seen from his website: (backup)

According to Steve, Robert told him "it works perfect" and that it has been running continuously for "several weeks".  "It's lighting a light in front of me right now."

He also gave him some input about the device, saying that all the key components are magnets in attraction mode.  He said the top bar could be iron, but it wouldn't have as much power.

Click to see enlarged screen grab from Calloway's V Track Motor page on his site as of December 27, 2010.

Going to Robert's website, he has posted the animated gif (that I created for our coverage) in the upper-left hand portion of the header of his site.  And from the home page, you'll see a link to this V-gate design.  The brief description on that page that is titled, V Track Motor, states:

"Nobody seems to believe anything. The V Track motor will work by lifting the stator magnet above the sticky spot using a ramp cam mechanism. But the lever on the bottom plate raises a magnet by the same cam to assist in pulling at the start of the V magnets on the rotor wheel. The mechanical gate assembly is also supported by a spring which assists in lifting the gate. It is a complete attraction design. This gives the rotor wheel enough speed and power to overcome lifting the stator magnet. Notice the video at the upper left. This same principle can be applied to a PFI application. I have talked about this extensively on this website. There is even more advances to this design by using up to 4 stator magnets to help get through the sticky spot. It will be interesting to see how the laws of physics will explain this."

Steve said that Robert bemoaned that people didn't believe that this was real.

I don't know why he should wonder.  Robert is the one who said he had just done it as a joke, and was sorry it got out of hand.  What does he expect?

He did a similar thing back in February of 2006, as documented in a story I posted here at PESN about his open source magnet motor project based on the Perendev design, calling it an intentional wild goose chase.  That is what he later told me it was.  Apparently that was a deflection as well, from something that may have been real after all.

When I phoned Robert today, he said he wasn't Roobert33, that he didn't want me using his name in this story, that he had no further comments for me, given how I had represented him in the past.  Yet even in that very call he was obviously lying in saying he wasn't Roobert33.  It is clear in looking at his website that he is the inventor of that design.  And his flip-flopping on his story about the recent V-Track design is also consistent with how he has behaved in the past.  Some inventors are eccentric and haven't learned fundamental social skills, becoming their own worst enemy.

So why did people say this recent V-Gate mechanical over-ride design was a hoax?  For one, the inventor said it was a hoax; though not everyone believed that, including me and CLaNZeR and Steve.

Time for the Hydra Effect

Well now with CLaNZeR's shutting his site down after being so close to having this replicated, and the Wayback machine erasing two years of backlogs from his site, and CLaNZeR making his videos private, and saying "It is easy when you know how; just do not let others know how"; I'd say it's time to up the ante and see a whole slew of replications of this design come forward.

As I told Steve, "Once the scientific community realizes that magnets really can be arranged in such a way as to provide base load power, their minds will be opened, and a flood of creativity will result; and the world will see a whole slew of amazing designs come forward."

Steve expects to have his replication done within 3-4 days, and he is more than happy to share how he did it, and to post photos and videos and schematics and materials lists so that others can do the same.  He said he has dropped everything to work on this.  He can be reached by email at or by phone at 424-634-9963.

We will be posting that as it becomes available -- or your design.  

The main reason I launched PESWiki back in 2005 was to provide a publicly editable site to facilitate such open source projects.  Together, the community can post clear and concise designs, materials sourcing for various regions of the globe, translations, replication documentation, quantification and optimization, improvements, kits availability, and completed units availability.

The home page for this open source project is: Directory:_Mechanical_Opener_for_V-Gate_Magnet_Motor  And even though Robert H. Calloway denied being Roobert33 to me today, let's be sure that he gets his fair share of any revenues generated from this project (such as from plans sales, kits, completed units, manufacturing licensing, etc..).

Let's roll!

Remember CLaNZeR's last statement: "It is easy when you know how," but as for the last part of his statement: "...just do not let others know how"; let's show him that there is safety in numbers.  Remember the scene from A Bug's Life, where the grasshoppers point out that if the ants ever realized their strength and how they outnumber the oppressing grasshoppers, their gig would be up.

Fresh Data in from LightRider

Last month, when this video was posted by Roobert33, I asked LightRider if he wouldn't mind analyzing the video.  This evening, after posting the above story, he sent me an email with his results:

for larger image file

He wrote:

I have done a speed analysis of this video 
This is only Raw data. Time vs RGB tracking region of the video (automatic analysis)
Based on these data, the RPM seems to be 115 RPM
A rapid acceleration and constant speed for the rest of the video. 
No variation Mylow (type).
The possibility of an external power source must not be rejected at this time.

Looking at the graph, I asked him if he didn't mean "120" RPM, to which he responded:

No, I mean 115 rpm.
The graphic contains 106 spikes for 55 sec, each rise represents a revolution, this give us 115 RPM for 60 sec (106 * 60sec / 55sec = 115.6 RPM)
Or from the Excel data that come from the RGB tracking... it take 0.52 sec for one revolution... this give us 115 RPM (60sec/0.52=115.4 RPM)

PESWiki Down for Nearly 2 Hours

On December 28 from ~4:16 am to 6:02 am MST, PESWiki was down.  I've asked the server host to tell me what was up with that.  The site rarely goes down.  The timing here is suspicious.

At 12:13 PM MST our host responded: "It was a problem upstream provider switch. It has been replaced."

Mostly Unfounded

[Note from Dec. 28, 12:25 pm MST]

So it looks like our concerns were mostly unfounded.  CLaNZeR is just taking a break (he will probably have an increase rather than decrease in email volume, though, from people wondering what is up), is experiencing a general issue, and PESWiki coincidentally experienced a technical glitch.

December 29 Update from CLaNZeR

This morning, CLaNZeR sent a link to the following "quick update video" at 7:22 AM MST:

He also embedded the above video on the home page of his site, after the statement: "Sorry is Offline till the New Year."

At 9:10 am MST, I responded:

Roobert33's setup

Thanks for the update.

Here are some of my observations, some of which you also noted in the video:

1) Your cam shape needs improvement. Note that Robert's cam is gradual, followed by the rapid drop. Yours is sudden, with a flat plateau portion, which will contribute to too long of a dwell-time. I'd try to replicate Robert's cam shape the best I could. Your cam almost looks circular, whereas his is more parabolic or logarithmic.
2) Your up-down sliders have way too much drag. There should be no horizontal angling as it goes up and down. Horizontal angling contributed to huge frictional losses. Note that on Robert's up-and-down mechanism, the rod on the right is very long, and holds the 90-degree horizontal piece straight very well. The long upright contributes to less friction, because leverage isn't nearly so great across such a long piece, compared to the short segment in yours. His friction on that component is very low.
3) On Robert's there is no vertical component on the far side of the 90-degree horizontal piece. There is only a slot to act as a guide to keep it from swinging left or right.
4) I take it you've not yet gotten to building the bottom flipper yet.

As for his calling "rubbish" the hype of his site going down and archives being missing from and videos being made private, I would remind him that we are in an industry where suppression is part of the legacy.  What does he expect when he pulls down his site with no other explanation than "Offline 'till further notice" and makes his videos private?

I seriously doubt these measures contributed to less email load on his part, which was his objective.

December 30 Update from CLaNZeR

On December 30, 2010 9:59 AM MST, CLaNZeR sent the following message:

This email is sent to all members of forums.
Just a quick email to wish everyone all the best for 2011 and to let you know that the forums are now back online.

They have been upgraded to Vbulletin Version 4.x also, so if you have any problems or spot any bugs, then please let me know.



December 31 Update from CLaNZeR

On December 31, 2010 10:19 AM, CLaNZeR sent a link to a couple more videos with the following intro:

Subject: V-Ramp Update

Hi Sterling 

Managed to find a couple of hours to have a play today. Couple of videos posted.

As interest has been renewed over the V-Ramp Rotor this holiday season, I thought I would pop out in the workshop for an hour and have a play around with the Rig.

So just a video showing a few observations.

It is surprising how only a small movement is needed to keep it rolling.

If you wish to chat about this, please feel free to post over at my forums 

- - - -

Quick try at using magnets to push the top bar up.

If you wish to chat about this, please feel free to post over at my forums 

On January 01, 2011 6:17 AM MST, CLaNZeR wrote:

The point of the last 2 videos was to follow up on some of the comments in certain forums, to show that using magnets to push the rise bar up or to use pivoting etc etc all have their pitfalls.

Sticking to the original design is still on the cards and will indeed be working on it over the next few weekends to try and get it as close as I can to the original.

If I can get rid of this hangover I may even try to get out in the workshop later today LOL

# # #


In addition to the comments section found below, the following came in by other means:

Related to Kedron Approach

On December 28, 2010, 4:07 PM MST, anonymous wrote:

The principles of the V motor on your website are related to the following technology. Directory:Kedron:Eden_Project:Permanent_Magnet_Energy_Gain  I know that the claims of Kedron have been verified by other parties. I think there is a very good chance the V motor works. I do know that Clanzer has not successfully replicated it yet.

* * * *

See also

Resources at

Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Dec. 27, 2010
Last updated November 29, 2012




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