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You are here: > News > December 2, 2010

A chat with John Hutchison -- on anti-gravity and more

Walter has posted a dialogue he had with John while driving a couple of hours to their next Gulf waters pollution clearing work in Grand Isle.  John reminisces about his experiences with anti-gravity and transmutation experimentation and reactions by neighbors, media, and government.

The camera was fixed in the back seat (with John's permission) while Walter and John drove from New Orleans to Grand Isle.

Jim Murray and Paul Babcock's 4790% SERPS Presentation

Ignition Secrets DVD by Aaron Murakami 

A&P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


Preface by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Since October 27 we have been providing reports about the famous anti-gravity researcher, John Hutchison, and his associate, Nancy Lazaryan, who have come up with a device that emits a combination of audio and radio frequencies that have the effect of clearing waters polluted by oil and dispersants, bringing the native life back.  You can see links to those below.

This episode is a diversion, featuring a fascinating conversation that Walter, the producer of the YouTube channel CleanTheGulf, had with John as they drove from New Orleans to Grand Isle, Louisiana on Nov. 17, 2010.  Walter edited two hours of footage into two 15-minute videos, graciously spending several hours to transcribe the dialogue and add subtitles so you can understand what is being said in the amazing dialogue.  I've included his transcription below, following the video embeds.

As you already know, John is an eccentric inventor, who for years has lived in a small apartment filled with highly sophisticated equipment in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.  Here we get to listen in as John shares his experiences and answers some technical questions.

At first, the conversation is about the recent work of clearing the Gulf waters (they were en route to the next location).  Walter told me: "I missed one very important event on Grand Isle on November 20th...and am kicking myself for missing; but, I had other commitments...darn it."

Today he wrote: "I just got off the phone with Nancy. They’re looking for a place along the west coast of Florida from which to work. So, if there’s anyone out there along Florida’s west coast who would allow them to work for a couple of days, please contact us through"  Nancy's email is listed below as well, following the coverage links.

Further in the Nov. 17 dialogue, John talks about his levitation and transmutation experiments as they were filmed by various crews ranging from National Geographic to the History Channel and Fox.  He describes some of the funky interactions with his neighbors who had things float and melt, much to their chagrin.  He also talks about his interactions with the government, ranging from the local police responding to neighbor complaints, to the Mayor telling him that this section of town isn't really zoned for anti-gravity research, to the Supreme Court interceding in the recent sale of his equipment to a German group.

I get a kick out of John.  I think you will too.  I concur with the first comment that was posted on the second video: "JOHN HUTCHINSON THE MOVIE :)"

Here's part 1 of what Walter pulled together.

On the road with John Hutchison - from New Orleans to Grand Isle, Louisiana. This is Part 1 -- the first 15 minutes of a 2-hour conversation I had with John. In this segment, John talks about his experiences in New Westminster and Los Alamos National Labs; scalar waves, the frequencies he likes to use and the unintended effects of his experiments. Since I had already been traveling with John and Nancy for a few days, I wanted to capture some of John's experiences on video tape.

I've added English subtitles, as the background noise in the car made our voices difficult to hear in places.

Here's part II.

John Hutchison shares more of his experiences during our drive from New Orleans to Grand Isle, Louisiana.

Here are a couple of snapshots Walter took of John and Nancy in Grand Isle, LA on November 17, 2010.


Part 1 

John: She's (Nancy Lazaryan) totally dedicated, you know? Her shoes got wet last night You need a new pair of shoes I'm gonna take you to a shoe shop So she's just...very dedicated.

Walter: Yesterday we were talking about the technology I asked you - What's a standing wave.

John: hmm - standing columnar waves?

Walter: as we're shooting videos here the questions that may be on the minds of folks out does this thing work? I mean, I've got a little bit of electronics background and we talked about how when you turn the power off the light goes off; but, that's not been so in your experience Could you elaborate on that in the context of standing waves?

John: I sure can; I mean, sometimes when we're running tests for the US Government, the machinery wasn't even plugged in and it still worked. We're tapping actually into zero point energy of some kind...that supplies all the power need to cause these effects to maybe my theory and probably the theory of some scientists I know.

Walter: And the theory of theirs as well?

John: Yes. Zero point energy and quantum physics. The RF (Radio Frequency) operations in creating standing waves and (inaudible) wave forms have been analyzed quite a bit by different scientists; and, they've come to the conclusion that there's a secondary effect that happens, which is pretty powerful to cause those metal bars to bend (inaudible) Terawatts of power.

Walter: But you weren't applying terawatts of bend those bars. You were not applying those levels of power, were you?

John: No...not Terawatts of power, just regular line voltage which would be about...anywhere up to the highest level I ever used was 4000 Watts.

Walter: 4000 watts?

John: (inaudible)

Walter: A hair drier

John: Yea...two hair driers

Walter: We talked about frequency too...what kind of frequencies were applied. You mentioned a range - the frequencies that were used.

John: One of my favorite frequencies is 450 KHz (Kilo-Hertz)  RF continuous wave they call it... and 760...750 KHz wide band...Tesla coil type wave form 14 MHz (Mega Hertz) wide band, yet again and also, which (inaudible)...large spikes on each side of the (inaudible). I've used 2 GHz (Giga Hertz)...RF... (inaudible)... uW (Micro Watts)

Walter: Microwatts?

John: Yea, Microwatts of Power.

Walter: Wow - what did that accomplish?

John: Well...when all the stuff is in operation, especially the big laboratory ones had their...creates these standing waves all over the place - which creates a secondary effect...which (inaudible) zero-point energy to cause things to float in the air; or, it can bend and twist metal

Walter: Was it just the one frequency, or a mixture of frequencies?

John: A huge mixture of frequencies (inaudible).

Walter: And when you did that, did the metal get hot?

John: No. No, the metal was actually cool - colder than normal. Once we turned off the equipment, we then...the guys were actually going in... pick up the find it to be cold.

Walter: Colder than room temp? Colder than would normally be expected?

John: Yea, extra cold.

Walter: When you say "the guys", who are these guys? (paraphrasing) "...the GUYS would go in and pick up the sample..."

John: Yea, the scientists and TV crews.

Walter: Is this while you were with Los Alamos? We talked'd mentioned Los Alamos at one time.

John: Yea.

Walter: so, I was wondering whether it was THOSE guys, or some other guys.

John: Oh no, it'd be Los Alamos - Colonel John Alexander.

Walter: Colonel John Alexander?

John: Oh, McDonald Douglas Aerospace Corporation that report is not classified, so...

Walter: Right.

John: The Television people. I'd be too busy operating the controls. I'd be seated adjusting all these frequencies...monitoring voltage levels as well as making sure there are no fires or any strange things happening. So, they'd be filming the effects, or observing the effects; and, then say, "oh, I see something moving"; or, "The metal's moving, the table is moving"; or, "Something is floating in the air".

Walter: (chuckling) Something's floating in the air?

John: Yea, so I'd be just (inaudible) really listen to them. I'd just keep going.

Walter: You were tending to the equipment?

John: Attending a jog (job?), in a way; but...because there were so many groups of people who came in over the, I wouldn't actually be in that whole area the 'active zone' as they call it, or the 'target area'.

Walter: The active zone, or the target area?

John: That's right, yea. They'd find or locate the target areas. In the bigger labs and in the one I set up in Vancouver...

Walter: (smiling) OK, I'm not gonna let you go on that, "...find or locate the target areas..."? OK, how do you locate or find a target area if you don't know where it is?

John: Well, it's a matter of observation It's a matter of scientists taking measurements in different areas.

Walter: You mentioned a type of light bulb that one guy was carrying around?

John: Oh, John Rink at Los Alamos National Laboratories; and, he had all these different types of bulbs (inaudible) that contained helium, zenon, argon, little fluorescent tubes...and he'd go walking around checking outside the building inside the building and, locate active areas, while Colonel was running around with the Geiger Counter checking for scalar waves. That's how the staff would locate target areas. Myself, when I was alone, when I recreated the lab in New Westminster, British Colombia I basically did it through observations, myself. Once I pinpointed the target area, then I concentrated all the different equipments and sensitivity that area. So my first...let me think. There were several film crews that came before 2000. Then I gave my first demo for FOX TV. It was called 'GHOST: BEST EVIDENCE CAUGHT ON TAPE' and, narrated by Jonathan Frakes of actually Star Trek fame. So, that was 2000, actually.

Walter: So you were talking about your lab you were trying to find the target area Once you got there, you would 'zero-in' on that?

John: mm-hmm

Walter: You would focus the transmission on that area. What did you hope to accomplish?

John: Well, I - at that time, I was hoping to re-accomplish the levitation and also the bending of metal and other strange effects which I did do and there was like many many different film crews that came until the beginning of 2009; so, what I did do is leave everything plugged in and turned on; because, putting it all together with cables - endless cables - and tuning it (chuckling) was a real problem. I'd save everything in these great big (inaudible)...and when National Geographic came; or, whoever came...I'd just take the whole thing and push it right into a great big square box like that (inaudible) unplug everything and (inaudible) and sit down and fine tune everything JUST before they came and, basically start filming and keep going I'd keep going as long as they wanted me to. Then we'd do an interview, and then they'd (inaudible) talk (inaudible) and film production stuff [] the 1980's...experiments. But, little did I know what I created in what used to be the bedroom, which was active...a really active area filmed by (inaudible). But I had groups of people come film it as well. Little did I know, the effects were going way out in the city of New Westminster that caused objects to float in the air plate, dishes, artifacts, doors opening and closing, car alarms going off all the time. So, I had a bit of a problem when I went outside to get some groceries, or do my business; and, people would stop me on the street and say, "Did you have that machine running? (inaudible) giving these strange sounds in mid-air and my door is opening and closing by itself, or (inaudible) falling apart; or, an ornament melting." A big metal ornament just flopped over. So, these people would actually call in - this is kind of funny and strange. These people would actually call the NEWS media to cover their stories. It got so heavy, that the Mayor whom I'd known for quite a while - Mayor M. Wright of New Westminster - visited my lab in 2005; and later, he just said (Paraphrasing) "I really appreciate what you're doing; but, your area is not zoned for levitation...or this kind of research". And as witness to that and helping me out was Doctor Judy Wood.

Walter: You talked about Judy Wood a couple days ago.

John: Yea. Girlfriend, actually. We were together for a while. We were traveling on lectures and that kind of thing. She was also very interested in what I was doing; so, she was on a conference call with me to the Mayor talking about all this stuff. And the Fire Marshall came, not looking too happy; because, PRIOR to that, the other Fire Marshall was very happy that there was not a fire (inaudible). My place was raided in 2000; but, it passed all the inspections - the engineers and Fire Marshall. The Police took my antique gun collection; but, shortly after, returned it - apologizing. They should not have done that kind of thing. But, they inspected everything. Everything was in order; and, (laughing) it's kind of funny. I have the original reports...from their inspection. But, being so active and doing the experiments, there were so many other complaints, I had a representative of THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT film the momentary lift of 1500 pounds up and down; it shook the whole building.

Part 2

Walter: What was lifted that weighed 1500 pounds?

John: I had suspended on chains...a 3 feet by 8 feet long heavy plywood with chains running up to the joists above. On that piece of plywood, which was about 4 feet down from the ceiling...was all this electronics equipment. On that piece of plywood, which was about 4 feet down from the ceiling...was all this electronics equipment. So, it seemed to shake like this (hand motions up and down)

Walter: What did the neighbor have to say about that?

John: (John laughs) Oh, sometimes they thought there was a minor earth quake. The odd part about all of this was...the plywood...on the outside of the building...on the veranda porch...seemed to be actually affected itself. It come together like this (hands moved together and fingers of each hand collide) squished together like a great force that came together and pressing. Wouldn't they buckle...when they did that?

They didn't buckle. They sort of inter-meshed... broke apart all along the edge of it...and, that was a mystery; because, there was no other structural pressures that were (inaudible) even on the inside. But, one time there was a neighbor above me and (inaudible) was Bill...the neighbor above me... and one day while filming -- working with [? Films] Productions, for 'Beyond Invention' The stuff above in his apartment was levitating... the TV set and other things. So, he called the police, and went on this know, about me - downstairs. and the police actually took him into custody for mental evaluation. This was witnessed by yet another neighbor, who was affected by me...Leigh Denise. She's a girlfriend too... and her stuff melted. [Lama Lee]

Walter: Her stuff melted?

John: Yea, so, she saw what happened to Bill, who was living above me. She was trying to say it was true; but, the police said, "Stay inside...". Stay inside your apartment.

Walter: Yea, that sounds right. That sounds about right for police.

John: So, they had no clue. They thought somebody talking about TV's floating around...chairs or what ever else there was; and, that I had film crews downstairs; and , I was causing all this things; and...

Walter: Ah, and this is while they were filming too.

John: mm-hmm.

Walter: nice.

John: What we were filming was a toy flying saucer... on a small chain...a string, actually...I could get it to move around in different directions. The reason I put it on that chain was that Peter set up all the equipment - lighting and all that. And I said, 'Well Peter, it's just that...what will happen here is that I can do nothing, or move a bit; or, if it levitates then, out of our area, so then we'd have to shoot everything again". So, We decided a chain down to it. We got it on Beyond invention TV series. It would start to move around like this...and yet for FOX Television, I had it levitating up to the ceiling. My toy UFO thing - which I don't have anymore - starred in two films FOX TV, and Ghost: Best Evidence Caught on Tape...Beyond Invention. But we had other things happen too... like water...would start to levitate...

Levitating water:

Foamy water:

Walter: Water would start to levitate?

John: Yea.

Walter: OK, can you describe what that looked like?

John: Oh, it was fantastic. Waves started to form on it... in a container about 3 square feet of surface area... and, I had toy navy ship about a foot long in there...because, I was doing the Philadelphia Experiment for another TV show (inaudible).

Walter: So, this levitation of water happened at the same time you were trying to duplicate the Philadelphia Experiment...with a toy ship?

John: Yea.  The water, it started to turn all foamy. This water would turn would just rise up out of this container in small droplets.

Walter: The droplets were coming up?

John: Yea.

Walter: You know, I think I saw the video; but, I didn't see the droplets.

John: OK, I've got still pictures of it; but...I did History Channel Earth's Black Hole. The Director of Photography was John Ealer...a famous photographer...and he actually filmed all that; but, to my disappointment, he never put it in Earth's Black Hole TV show that aired on History Channel. I'm thinking 'all that great footage in high definition...and he didn't put it in there? That's kind of (inaudible)'. I had the same thing with (inaudible) Film Productions. We had a radio host actually overseeing the whole experiment. Rob Simone in this show, he never aired it. It's not aired yet. It had probably one of the longest levitations - 15 minutes...a container like that started just (mouth noise and upward hand motion) went up about two feet...and started spinning around.

Walter: I've seen that one with the metal ball - the canon ball? It looked like a canon ball, you had?

John: oh, yea...

Walter: ...on the plywood...that one was kind of going around; and, I think you had a hammer, or something toppled up. It looked like it was falling up the wall, or some such thing.

John: Yea, that was I believe 1987 when I was with another group who were sponsored by Boeing Aerospace Company...and the cannon ball - it weighed, I imagine, 80 pounds. So, I don't know a different time... every time they air a's a defend weight...a great big round heavy cast iron ball...and that thing started to move around...and the photographer - Brent - covered all of that, the canon ball is kind of intriguing. He got up close to it. I would not get too close to it. So, they use that footage a lot in some of the documentaries...probably a small part of the documentaries. So, that's dealing with 80 pounds. Now, we managed to levitate, I would say probably 2000 pound the 1987-88 time period.

Walter: So, the force is with you. [being silly]

John: Yes.

Walter: You could levitate the X-wing.

John: An X-Ray transformer, it was. And, not only I; but, the people I was with. George and Alec were able to do the same thing when they were there, so...we had entities appear out of nowhere.

Walter: Entities?

John: Yea.

Walter: How were they manifest?

John: They come right up out of the ground. It was like - how would I describe what Alec and I filmed? ...were like, like...a cloud. A red cloud would come up out of the ground and go though the ceiling.

Walter: Now, this was visible to the human eye, not...?

John: Absolutely.

Walter: y'know...because, you've seen the pictures of the orbs, where you can't see [them] with the human eye, but you can see them on ' camera...

John: yea...

Walter: I was thinking...when you mentioned entities... that was the first thing that came to my mind.

John: The entities are quite unique. They'd appear out of the ground and go right through the ceiling... and where we were...also nails would come out of the wood and fall on the floor.

Walter: whoa...

John: ...which Alek thought was kind of cool.

Walter: I think anybody would think that was cool... Oh look! Nails are coming out of the wall!

John: Well that's Alek. He's used to this kind of stuff. He's from the Soviet Union.

Walter: Oh really?

John: They've seen this before.

Walter: This is like 'old news' to him?

John: Yea, to Alek, it seems like old news. He'd come over to my place and fall asleep on the floor. We would have an annual levitation party with a (inaudible).

Walter: So, you remember his last name?

John: Alik Shereveseky.

Walter: Shereveseky?

John: Yea, in Vancouver. I'm still in contact with Alec. He was one of my partners in the 87 to 89 time period...but the other guy, George Lisacase took some of my technology - power cell technology - and used it for detection of oil.

Walter: Really?

John: Yes; and he made himself $70 million from that... getting money from the Stephens Group and formed Pinnacle Oil International. Then later turned into XEnergy Corp...exploration, oil exploration. He's got a website on it. He's still making money. He's still using the device I made; and, he refers to it as a Field Stress Detector. I actually Google searched XEnergy corporation and field stress detector and up pops George and his demonstration of it on a video. So...that was pretty wild. We broke partnership when I was invited to Germany...that was quite a riot.

Walter: A riot?

John: Oh, the police got involved. The lawyers got involved. Even a court...a standing court order got involved.

Walter: When you broke partnership?

John: Yes; and, I was going to ship the lab to Germany; and, it turned into a huge chaos. There was a British Columbia Supreme Court Order above the lab stating that the lab shall remain at its present location. Myself - the other people - are allowed to come in and work there, but not to remove any videos, documentation...samples, or anything from the laboratory until it went to court. So, I took off with Ian to Germany. The lawyer said they'd handle everything...and the whole thing turned into a massive chaos with the Canadian Government stepping in; and, ignoring all the court orders; and, just seized the entire laboratory. We tried to keep it a secret; but, it made the front page of the Newspapers...and I have copies of those. I was in Europe when all that happened; so...when I was in Europe, I had people calling from North America - Henry Chap, NBC - Electra Briggs - an unknown somebody. Some people say she worked for the CIA - I don't know. She's just a mystery lady, who I never met; but, I was always in contact with her. I mean, this was like a whole massive chaos - which would probably be like a motion picture unto itself. Luckily, I have it all documented too...and ready... so, when I return to Canada, I fear I might get that's what THEY said...but however I didn't. I was handed all of the documentation from Richard Gluw (sp?)...the environmental - head of environment, Canada. I was given back my arms collection and test equipment, which filled my sister's garage to the ceiling...but all the Tesla machines and machine tools and that gun...and what I found out later through the newspaper articles was they built a fence around the lab; and...warning signs, which actually was printed in the newspapers...really spooky stuff.


Notes from Annotations and Description


Levitating water:

Foamy water:

# # #

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To communicate with the Hutchison-Lazaryan team, Nancy can be reached by email at nancylazaryan {at} 

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