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You are here: > News > November 17, 2010

Career opportunities abound in exotic free energy

Though the world economy is tanking in general, cutting-edge free energy technologies have a rising destiny as illustrated by several emerging modalities.  The industry is ripe with opportunity for entrepreneurs who have what it takes to see the opportunities and run with them.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

I went to the podium near the end of Joel Garbon's presentation at the Abundant Clean Energy symposium to clarify a key point.
Photos courtesy of Charles B. Maclean, PhD;

Jim Murray and Paul Babcock's 4790% SERPS Presentation

Ignition Secrets DVD by Aaron Murakami 

A&P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


I woke up around 3:30 am this morning with a strong desire to add a clarification to something I had written on caption of Joel Garbon and myself standing together at the podium at the Abundant Clean Energy symposium organized by John Cornett.

All I had said in the caption was: "I went to the podium during Joel Garbon's presentation to clarify a key point."  I hadn't said anything about what that key point was.

He had been saying that we all work without pay. I needed to correct him, saying that I've been doing this as my career for 8 years, and while it is a sacrifice, often requiring donations to get by, I am able to make a living doing this, supporting a family of six.

I told the audience that I didn't want them thinking that there is no money to be made in this sector.

A dedicated person can make the leap of faith can make a living in this sector if they have what it takes:

  • In it for the cause, not the money.
  • Willing to sacrifice comforts and niceties.
  • Willing to go through times of extreme poverty.
  • Willing to put up with the ridicule that comes from working in a "fringe science" arena.
  • Willing to put up with the many disappointments that come along, and push through.
  • Putting in 14-hour days, 7 days/week without getting burned out because you love what you do and are fulfilled by it, having a vision of and hope for the better world that will come.
  • Willing to forego trivialities such as watching inane TV and going to spectator sporting events (that don't involve friends or family members playing)
  • Being assertive in pushing for your dream, seeing opportunities and taking them, finding needs and filling them.
  • Most importantly, there has to be a sense of destiny or mission -- and inner compass that pushes you in this direction.

I have always believed that free energy is in our destiny (not just for me personally, but for the planet at this critical juncture in time).  The title of my presentation at the symposium was "Our Free Energy Destiny Emerging."  I made that point that while the economy in general is in meltdown mode, getting worse and worse; that free energy will emerge (actually is in process of emerging) as a solution on many levels.  It is the next revolution that will boost the world not only financially, but will empower people to free themselves from dependence from the (extremely) corrupt powers that be, who have been engineering the collapse of the free world and the enslavement of mankind.

2010: Year of Crowning

"Crowning" is when a baby emerges from the birth canal.
Photo courtesy of Patti Ramos

I shared with the audience that last December in our annual New Energy Movement board of directors meeting, when we were having our closing "visioning" session, I had the impression and said that "2010 will be known as 'The Year of Crowning', to use a childbirth analogy."

I joked with the audience that I had a photo to include in my PowerPoint presentation, but when I asked Jeane Manning and Joel (the other presenters at the evening event) if I should include it, they both gasped and said, "nooo, that's a bit too much."

The image I had was more graphic than the one shown on the right.

For all these decades, exotic free energy technologies have been in various stages of gestation, but now we see things materializing.  They're not in the marketplace yet, but we see things being beta tested and even in early market presentation (e.g. building them one at a time, for much more cost than they will be when they can be mass produced).

And true to the childbirth analogy, crowning it's not a pretty sight.  The head coming out resembles a walnut emerging from muck.  And so it is during this phase of free energy technology birthing.  It's not a pretty sight.  The prototypes are often a hodgepodge of duct tape and bailing wire, so to speak.

Hey, I just thought of another analogy, using the childbirth comparison.

The phase just prior to crowning is pushing, that was preceded by transition.  During transition, the mother is in her extreme of pain and exhaustion.  She doesn't want anything to do with the dad; she doesn't want to talk; she is at a breaking point emotionally.

Considering how difficult it is to deal with free energy inventors, using this analogy helps us understand why.  They have been at this for so long, and they are so tired.

But that baby is coming out.  Our job is to help.  Or if we are the inventor, our job is to push.  Some mothers don't make it, and some babies don't make it; but most of the time they're both fine, and soon the euphoria of birth envelops everyone, forgetting how awful the birthing process was, making it all worth while.

Examples to Illustrate 2010: Year of Crowning

To support my case about this year being the "year of crowning", consider some of these headlines from our news from October and so far in November:

  • Feature / OS: Magnet Motors >
    Hatem Magnetic Cogging Device Open Source Project - Several people are claiming that they have achieved more energy out than in with a system in which a motor drives one magnet disc that propels a second, non-touching magnet disc that drives an alternator, introducing nearly twice as much power as was input. Or is it a matter of measurement error? (PESWiki; Oct. 5, 2010)

Though the rate of such stories is increasing, there were a number of these kinds of developments earlier in 2010 as well, which you can see going back through our news archives. Bear in mind too, that there are some developments that we have not been permitted to report on yet.  2010 truly has been the year of crowning.

I've found my niche in this free energy world, being the Free Energy News and Directory man, supporting vetting of those technologies, and helping network emerging technologies with the talent needed to take them to the next level.

Free Energy Career Opportunities Galore

As I review the field of exotic free energy technologies, I see a vast number of career opportunities.  Rarely are these in the form of a job listing for which you need merely apply.  Most of them are things you'll need to be proactive about: invent the job and fill it.  An entrepreneurial spirit is a must.

Take a look at our list of the Best Exotic Free Energy Technologies to get an idea of the technologies that are percolating close to market readiness.  If those are a bit too fringy for your temperament, you could make a go of the more conventional free energy technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, tide, waste to energy, piezoelectricity, human-powered, and biofuels.

The hardest part will be the start-up phase as you get the thing launched.  There is latency between getting the idea and implementing it to the point that it generates revenue.  And in some cases there will also be some start-up capital requirements.  So part of your entrepreneurial charge may be composing a thumbnail business plan that you can present to rich friends and/or family members to get some start-up funding.  You could do this phase on the side while keeping your day job.

One class of job types is providing support for an inventor.  So many inventors are good at the technology aspect but lack other skills needed such as business, legal, financial, marketing, and public relations.  They could use someone to play the CEO or other directorship role, leaving them to the technology, and assuring them that you will be looking out for their best interest.

Another class of job types is finding financing for technologies.  This matchmaking takes a special set of skills, being able to match the idiosyncrasies of the inventor with the demands of the funding agency.  Inventors think they should be in control, since it's their technology.  Financiers think they should be in control, since it's their money.  Knowing how to make both groups happy is not easy.

Another class of job types is taking a do-it-yourself technology or an open source design and turning it into a manufacturing operation, taking it to the next level beyond DIY, either as a kit or as a completed unit.  There will be regulatory hoops involved that you'll need to understand and either work around, change, or comply with.  Be sure that in doing so that you have an amiable relationship with the inventor, providing a reasonable royalty.

Another class of job types is professional services for free energy inventors and companies:

  • creating better websites,
  • creating logos,
  • creating promotional videos,
  • doing artwork to illustrate their concepts,
  • providing physical security, 
  • editing their technical writing,
  • translating foreign sites into clear English,
  • providing patent information advice,
  • providing directorship for open sourcing the design,
  • creating kits for open source project designs

Another class of job types is creating niche information specialty websites or books, becoming the go-to expert for that topic.  For example, the hydroxy (hydrogen boost, water fuel) industry is very active, nearly to the point of being chaotic.  People who can bring clarity and good suggestions to both newcomers and veterans are greatly appreciated.  Ditto for the electromagnetic overunity industry and the fuel efficiency industry.  Someone could specialize in providing suggestions about how nanotechnology could be used to augment free energy applications (e.g. in cold fusion, zero point energy, or even hydroxy).  Providing a listing of specific job opportunities in the free energy sector is another niche information service that could do quite well.  Of course we'd love to see some of that expertise go toward cleaning up our pages on those topics at PESWiki.

Another class of job types is creating specialty online stores geared toward free energy projects.  You could sell ebooks, kits, and individual components commonly needed but hard to source.

Get Listed

As you get involved in creating a business, be sure to post a listing about it on our PESWiki site, which is publicly editable -- the "Wikipedia of Free Energy".  Feel free to create a feature page about it, along with a bullet that links to that page from the various relevant index pages.  When you're far enough along, we'd love to feature it in our news.

How I got Started

Maybe some of you will draw inspiration from hearing the story about how I got started and what I've been through to make this my career for the past eight years.  It has not been easy at all, but it definitely has been worth the effort, bringing me fulfillment in doing my part to help the world be a better place doing what I love and would do even if I didn't get paid (but wouldn't be able to spend as much time doing without pay).

I started with getting involved in the Perendev magnet motor back in May of 2002.  Intuitively, I had the feeling that I needed to stick with this career (free energy) and not give up.  For the first two years, I held construction jobs to bring in enough money to pay the bills.  Then one day, as I was working on a log home up in Sundance, I got this very strong feeling in my gut: "This is not you.  This is not what you are to be doing with your life."  I let my boss know that I would not be coming to work for a while, possibly never again.  He thought that was quite odd, seeing as I was barely making it financially with the job.  What would I do without?

My wife, who has been wonderfully supportive and patient through all this (a key ingredient to success, by the way; you can't do this without your partner's support), cooked meals from food storage that had been donated to us.  We also received cash donations.  I remember calling around to various of my associates to get one to three hundred dollars, about once a month.  We lived ultra meagerly like that for nearly a year.  Another thing that has been a huge help has been my parents support by way of helping provide our housing.

In the Fall of 2004, we were promised a grant of several million dollars to launch PES in a major way, complete with research facilities and peer review facilitating capabilities.  Week after week, for nearly a year, we were told it would come "next week."  It never did materialize, but it did keep us going, inspiring us to plod onward.

Then in 2005, we started getting revenue from Google AdSense, and from ebooks; and within a year we didn't have to ask for donations but were able to get by.  As gas prices rose, so did our revenue stream -- nearly in a lockstep relationship.  I hired one guy to work full-time and paid several others on a 1099 contractor basis.

Then the housing bubble burst, and the economy started tanking, and the price of gas went down, and our revenue stream took a major hit.  Unwise on my part, I kept the full-time help on too long, going into debt to make payroll, before finally letting him go (for reasons more than financial).  So now we are saddled with some pretty heavy monthly debt payments.  In the last year, once again we've had to pass the donation hat, and gratefully our website visitors and other benefactors of our services have stepped forward to help us make ends meet.

Several projects are percolating, an one of which if it materializes, could provide us once again with a healthy revenue stream.

And that is my hope for you as well.

# # #


  • Featured / Classifieds: Tools > Construction >
    Sean (CLaNZeR) Offering Custom CNC Milling Services - In response to the above aritlce, master replicator, Sean (CLaNZeR) from the U.K. is putting out feelers to see about offering his professional services to build other people's prototypes or kits as a career. Let him know if you are one who would like to take him up on this, as he may be freed up in the next couple of months to start doing this. (PESWiki; Nov. 20, 2010)
  • Featured: Classifieds > Electromagnetic OU >
    Volunteer Researcher, Jose Ruiz, Looking for an OU Lab - Single, 34-year old mechanical engineer from California State University, LA, is looking into the possibility of volunteering on designing, building and testing overunity devices. "I ask for a few things: food, shelter, high speed internet, a few free hours a day or night for trading and, most importantly, interesting projects to work on." (PESWiki; December 15, 2010)

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Nov. 7, 2010
Last updated November 29, 2012 




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"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right."
-- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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