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You are here: > News > November 16, 2010

Chukanov quantum free energy 600 kW heater for sale

Launching the "plasma in a microwave" concept 25 years ago, Kiril Chukanov says he is now ready to build a patented product for end users that harnesses quantum energy in the form of "ball lightning" to create excess heat.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Kiril Chukanov stands in his garage with what he has assembled so far for his 600 kW prototype.

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Have you ever seen one of those videos in which a person lights a match under a bell jar (or similar) in a microwave, shuts the microwave and turns it on; and a plasma type of brilliant light forms and floats to the top of the jar?  Back on December 20, 2008, I posted a page at PESWiki about this.

In the following sample instructional video: "How to Make Plasma in a Microwave", iFirebird shows how to do this.  The experiment consists of a small block of wood to hold the match upright so it doesn't burn the bottom of the microwave.  Three spacers are placed around the block of wood, to hold the glass jar up off the bottom of the microwave to allow air to go in.  He sets the timer for just 20 seconds, lights the match, closes the door and turns the microwave on.  The effect begins nearly immediately.

It's really quite phenomenal to watch a small flame suddenly burst into a large ball of "plasma" and float up to the top of the inverted jar and dance around -- very bright, and much larger than the flame that started it.

iFirebird cautions again doing it longer than 20 seconds because the plasma will burn through the glass.  He also cautions about opening the microwave door too soon because the heat differential can cause the glass to shatter.  He also warns: "If you do this too much, you'll destroy the magnetron in your microwave."

Kiril Chukanov with his Quantum Free Energy Generator in Canada, March, 2007

Kiril Chukanov says that he was the first to do this, around 25 years ago, back when he still lived in his native Bulgaria.  His quantum free energy technology that he has been pursuing with a passion for as many years is an advanced version of this concept.

He calls this patent-pending process "ball lightning", and says it is a form of quantum energy.  The real kicker is that he says that more energy can be produced than what it takes to run the device -- by quite a bit -- enough to serve as an answer to the world's energy needs.  This would provide constant output, anywhere in the world, and could be portable.

It seems to me that he really does have an awesome technology and knowledge of how to develop the technology.  I hope he can somehow work through his challenges to successfully introduce the technology into the marketplace.

We've covered Kiril's work over the years.  I used to stop by once in a while when he lived in Salt Lake, before he moved to Canada with some serious funding to pursue developing a commercial version of the technology.  He was set back a year when an expensive prototype exploded, destroying all of the key components.

I fell out of favor with him a couple of years ago when I told him he needs to stop saying that his is the only legitimate free energy technology and all the other exotic modalities (e.g. cold fusion, electromagnetic overunity, zero point energy, magnet motors) are bogus.  It is egotistical to presume he could know enough about all these fields to be able to denounce them; and it doesn't create good karma to belittle the work of  other maverick researchers.  I also said that he comes across as narcissistic when he talks this way.  His bitching about how little support he gets and what a hard time he is having is also annoying and tends toward becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.  He is yet another poster child of having an eccentric and even dysfunctional inventor personality that stands as a potent impediment to progress, making him his own worst enemy.  The fact that he still has such a difficult time speaking and understanding English after living in the U.S. and Canada for a decade illustrates his self-absorbed tendency.  Do any of you know of some remedies for narcissism?

I've been back in contact with Kiril in the past week, and was able to stop by his house last Friday on my way back from the airport, returning from the Abundant Clean Energy symposium.  His Canadian funding dried up before he was able to complete a practical embodiment for market, so he moved back to his home in Salt Lake City.  Angelina, his dear wife who is a very gracious hostess, helped translate so I could understand Kiril and vice versa. 

To this, Kiril responded:

"I read so many books in English, I understand English much better than Angelina does. I wrote in English many books and articles without the help of  [an] editor. The reason I need Angelina for 'translator' is that I'm deaf! I ask also Angelina to "translate" the words of her mom , who is speaking Bulgarian, but not clear enough for my ears. You speak low, so, I cannot catch your words. I'm deaf because of my QFE long experiments."

Kiril is working on building a prototype in his garage (won't be able to stay there as the components are assembled) that would produce around 600 kilowatts worth of heat, using just 60 kilowatts of input energy.  He says he has figured out a very simple way to do this.  The ingredients are very similar to the microwave oven experiment mentioned above.  There is a microwave source, a bell jar, and ignition source; and he will surround this with a water jacket and an air flow heat exchanger to capture the heat energy generated.  Of course it will be more complicated than that, including some proprietary elements that he didn't share with me.  The primary expense is the microwave generator ($20,000) and the bell jar ($13,000).  He has three bell jars on hand.  He has spent around $30,000 of his own money on the prototype so far.

He said that with some modifications he has thought of, he will be able to greatly improve on what was third-party validated in Canada, in which 60 kW input resulted in between 90 and 100 kW output, as measured by air circulating by the chamber -- measuring approximately 160% efficient.  A control consisted of a 60 kW heating element in place of the bell jar; and it produced 55 kW of heated air.  I asked if I could see this report, but he said that it contained proprietary information, and that he did not have it with him.

He expects that the modifications he's making on his present version will boost the efficiency from 160% up to 1000% or 10x output versus input.

I take issue with his assertion that the excess energy that shows up in his system "comes from nowhere" -- which has been his position as long as I've known him. I told him, "It's got to come from somewhere.  You could at least say that you don't know where it comes from."  He agreed that the answer that "It comes from quantum effects" would be far more palatable for scientists.

The prototype that exploded in Canada was using amplified quantum excitation and had military applications as well.  Kiril said that the 600 kW version he's working on now will be "safe," without military applications.

When reviewing this story prior to publication, Kiril commented:

I would like to point out for you that 160% over-unity (measured by independent experts in Canada) is for my last QFE technology (very simple technologically and not expensive). All tests were performed on ANLAUTRON-IV (you can see video of it on my web-site). ANLAUTRONS I-IV were built for my first QFE technology "excitement of ball lightning" (there is issued US patent). This technology shows very big over-unities, but the process is very violent and not safe for the generator and the personal around. So, I put this method on hold (also because it needs big additional research and investment). However, this method has good future mostly because, in parallel of big heat free energy effect (big over-unity), it generates powerful backward wild (million volts and Amps) electrical current in powerful short bursts.

He said that what he really needs is to have the kind of facilities, personnel, and funding that is available in a national laboratory.  When I asked him if he had tried pursuing that avenue, he said that he would not consider it, saying something about his mistrust of government (I can relate to his sentiments there).

What he is willing to do is to sell this 600 kW heater, built one at a time, for $100,000 each, taking a couple of months to build. He anticipates that in mass production the price would come down to half that -- which, he added, is 10 times cheaper than solar, wind, and other renewables (if it actually works and actually can be produced at that price).

One thing I often see from inventors is that they think they are further ahead in the development process than they really are, leading to over-promising and under-delivering.  This head-in-the clouds syndrome is part of the inventive creativity, but can get them into trouble with investors and customers.

If you are interested in chipping in, he does have a "donate" link on his site:  Even small donations would be a morale booster for him.  Many of the components for his prototype that are time-consuming to build are relatively inexpensive: screws, bolts, etc.  He also has stock for sale.  He prefers donations at this point.

To his credit, Kiril's response to my criticism in this story was: "That's fine, Sterling! It's your report. I respect your opinion. Thank you!"

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Nov. 7, 2010
Last updated November 29, 2012




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