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You are here: > News > November 13, 2010

Coast Guard chases Hutchison away from clearing section of Gulf water

While clearing an area of oil- and Corexit-polluted water and air at Dauphin Island, the "command center" for the Coast Guard, who appear to be involved in the continued Corexit spraying, John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan were asked by the police to leave.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

A bird inspects Hutchison's trailer.

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On October 27, we reported that "Famous anti-gravity researcher, John Hutchison, and his associate, Nancy Lazaryan, have come up with a device that emits a combination of audio and radio frequencies that have the effect of clearing waters polluted by oil and dispersant in less than 24 hours, bringing the native life back."

We've followed up with additional reports which are linked below.

Here is the latest report from Nancy, submitted to us on Nov. 14.

John and I were asked to go to a private beach on Dauphin Island, Alabama to treat the water.

Read about Dauphin Island here:

Apparently, Dauphin Island is the "command center" for the Coast Guard, and it is the Coast Guard that is spraying the Corexit dispersant. The air on this island is THICK with chemical odors. BP has been piling up huge amounts of sand (dirty sand) along the north shore of the island. Some piles are over three stories high. There are BP "workers" on the island. We noticed these workers wearing there own bandanas over their faces. We were wearing respirators, even had to sleep wearing the respirators because the air is so "bad".

We began the water treatment, then took a break for dinner. I went to get Subway sandwiches, came back, we ate and restarted the equipment to do the final phase of the water treatment...doing the frequencies across the calm night water. A heavy mist was rising and we were anxious to treat the water as it developed the mist.

However, a 7:30PM local police came and demanded that we shut down the equipment and leave the area. Which we did.

I ran to the beach and took a water sample. The next morning I returned to the beach and took another sample.

The results are attached.

BTW the air "cleared" and we were able to breathe without the respirators after about an hour into the treatment. We also had a very large heron stroll up from the beach and stand in front of the equipment for about 10 minutes. We were on the north side of Dauphin Island, projecting the audio and RF into Mobile Bay. Nancy

These tests were conducted by chemist Bob Naman, President of Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc. (ACT) of Mobile, Alabama. He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists, (Reg. 15488). You can download (pdf) a copy of that report titled: "Chemical Analysis – Water Samples After Frequency Exposure: BP Oil Spill Study – Perdido Bay Water", dated Oct. 26, 2010.

He concluded his report:

Based on testing performed from samples received, the frequency exposure resulted in a 60% reduction of Oil and Grease from the (12 hour) after treatment sample source tested. ACT recommends investigation of this process further to determine large-scale capabilities in cleaning water bodies and areas affected by the dissolved oil/dispersant in water.

This applied Frequency Exposure process may have extreme value in the removal of petroleum contamination from a large body of water. It is the opinion of this analyst that the persons involved with this process could have a very serious positive effect on the removal of hydrocarbon contamination from bodies of water.

If this process proves to be capable of clean-up then it should be given an opportunity to have the process showcased to any interested party, including The US Federal Government, US EPA, Homeland Security, as well as BP and any other interested State Environmental Agencies. The process may be proven to be an excellent manner to approach the petroleum-contaminated water columns that are currently present in the Gulf of Mexico.

While the technology is not completely understood by the undersigned, it is clear that the process may have extreme value, and it should be given a chance to be presented and tested on a large scale basis. At this point the undersigned is not aware of any entity that has attempted to undertake the biggest remaining problem that currently exists in the Gulf of Mexico, which is water column contamination by dissolved petroleum due to dispersant use in the Deepwater Horizon Spill.

On Nov. 11, John Hutchison wrote:

Dolphins on film today [at] Cotton Bayou, Alabama yesterday tests came back positive.  Some media starting to come out from the west coast.  Large bird picture yesterday:

Sterling Allan and Cara Faye on Nov. 11, 2010He may be referring in part to Cara Fay, who I had the privilege of meeting Thursday in Portland.  She flew in to participate in the Abundant Clean Energy seminar, recording that event.  What an amazing and energetic person!  Networking happens for her naturally.  She's also involved in a team of people who are building a support group around John Searl.

I should also mention that after posting the previous story on Nancy and John's work, I received the following comment from Steve St. Clair, President/Co-Founder of EnerHealth Botanicals.  His product is named the "Best Superfood" by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger; and is endorsed by Alex Jones.  We recently became affiliates as well.

Back in the 50’s a friend of his was in the merchant marines/coast guard and when they were to dump fuel over board they would hit it with very high frequencies and the oil would just ‘disappear’. This was done on purpose and for that reason. So the idea of high frequency ‘treatments’ to various substances has been around for a long time. It just hasn’t been ‘common’ knowledge.

This same person was in the formula 1 race car business and 20 years ago they were treating their fuel in the same manner and getting some pretty amazing results. His opinion was that it was before it’s time, no one would believe them.

It's my hope that this exposι of the Coast Guard can shame them like Who Killed the Electric Car shamed the auto industry into making electric cars popular.  The co-story in our news today is that Chelsea Sexton, who produced that film, has now been chosen by GM to be one of 15 beta test drivers of their new Chevy Volt.

The Coast Guard should be our friend on this frequency work that John and Nancy are doing, not foe.

Today Nancy wrote:

We added this song [Michael Jackson: Earth Song] to the "list" to use:

The war is over.
We declare peace.
Mother Earth has given us everything...FREELY
Restoration has begun; there is no going back.

# # #

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To communicate with the Hutchison-Lazaryan team, Nancy can be reached by email at nancylazaryan {at} 

* * * *

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