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You are here: > News > Nov. 11, 2010

Mr2tuff's Replica of Freddy's 100% HHOi

"I plan to run a large 20 Kw Generator and disconnect my house from the power company. All for less than $500.00. Zero carbon foot print and Big Oil can kiss it. Knowledge is the True Power not money. 75% of this planet is salt water and that's the big secret."

Preface by Sterling D. Allan
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Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


Michael Couch sent me an article to post.  it looks interesting, but I've not had the time to look into it well enough to understand what is being claimed.  Did Mr2tuff actually run his vehicle on 100% HHOi using a system similar to Freddy's?  Or was he just idling it? or was he using it as a fuel-assist, in the more traditional manner?

I'm busy getting ready for my trip to Portland, OR tomorrow where I'll be speaking at Pacific University at the Abundant Clean Energy seminar; and I'm busy processing the myriad of amazing things going on right now.  To give you an idea, here is what is in my hopper for coming feature coverage.

And on Monday, I'm scheduled for a hernia surgery (hard work on the Safe Haven Villages project) [don't worry, the hernia is stable and not painful at all].  I don't plan to miss the news reporting, but it might slow me down a little.  And on the SHV arena, we're trying to push through a 5-acre solar farm project.  So I've got a very full platter right now.

This evening, I just about decided to try and head to the Bedini conference, catching a ride and sharing a room, etc., to not miss out on what is slated to be a historic event; but it's just too late to pull off the logistics.  The thing that really tugs at me is the video Rick has at the top of the conference site page, showing an animated cartoon of an electromagnetic overunity device powering a house.

Anyway, you're not reading this story to hear hear my story.  You want to hear what Michal Couch reported.

Fast Freddy 100% HHOi replication?

by Charles Michael Couch

"Free Energy. I plan to run a large 20 Kw Generator and disconnect my house from the power company. All for less than $500.00. 0 Carbon foot print and Big Oil can kiss it. Knowledge is the True Power not money. 75% of this planet is salt water and that's the big secret."

The above is the caption text from the video link Freddy Wells gave Captain Willy to pass on to the Future Energy Concepts Yahoo e-group dedicate to replicating his device that claims 100% HHOi operation of a Dodge Truck. While there are definite differences between the two devices there are many striking similarities.

This replication uses 12 plate pairs whereas Freddy's uses 10 pairs of tubes. Both however claim to be using 12V at ~255 amps at ~60PSI for input to the system. While this latest video doesn't show a road test, nor definitive proof that the device is actually the fuel source for the truck, it at least counts as a replication claim of sorts and a 2nd witness to the working of the technology.

Mr2tuff's Youtube channel shows more detail of the cell's construction. It is an open bath type plate system of 12 pairs of electrodes 3" x 6". In a new take on the pop bottle output test, Mr2tuff, places his bubbler in backwards and the device expels the water in it; which seems to be a cool way to measure output but may only work for these 50+PSI devices.

It is well known that quality HHO or Hydroxy is supposed to self ignite at 15PSI, so there can be little doubt that the gases being put out by the Fast Freddy device and this one are not pure Hydroxy or HHO. However, they do appear to run internal combustion engines quite well on this HHOi. In recent posts Fast Freddy has acknowledged that there is anode sacrificing going on, but says that tubes should last for a couple 100,000 miles. 

This fact has yet to be demonstrated. So, these type cells seem to run on HHOi and tube/plate material; which is different from HHO or Hydroxy where voltage and amperage are limited to avoid deterioration of the stainless steel plates or tubes. It is not know if the plate material adds anything to the process or is just a casualty of it.

If Mr2tuff can run a 20KW generator for a year or more on 12 3"x6" plates and distilled water using NaOH as a catalyst the cost of operation will only be a few hundred dollars for plate replacement. This makes the most pressing question about this design the rate of plate/tube deterioration.

Fast Freddy is now saying that the tube coils in his #6 version may be unnecessary and that an additional mystery ingredient in the electrolyte is playing a key role. The mystery ingredient is due to be released in the e-book of plans scheduled to be released to the public for $100 upon completion.

# # #

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Nov. 11, 2010
Last updated November 29, 2012




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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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