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You are here: > News > November 2, 2010

ARL announces a one-kilowatt cold fusion system

Chilean inventor, Nelson Camus, of Atomic Remediation Labs (ARL) in California allegedly ran his house for three years back in the late 1990s on a solar generator supplemented by cold fusion technology involving lead acid batteries. Now he's apparently willing to release such a unit for sale under beta testing terms.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

On Dec. 6, 1997, Dr. Nelson Camus received an award in Zurich, Switzerland from Inga Schneider during the Transaltec Conference.

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Chilean inventor, Nelson Camus, Ph.D., of Atomic Remediation Labs (ARL) in Van Nuys, California, USA allegedly ran his house for nearly three years back in the late 1990s on what he calls the "Boy Scout System", which is a solar generator supplemented by cold fusion technology. Given that the World's need for the technology surpasses his concerns about what could happen to him for releasing this, he's now apparently willing to make such a unit for sale under beta testing terms.

The "Boy Scout" name came from Dr. Camus' desire to come up with a system consistent with the Scouting slogan of "be prepared," and to provide the Boy Scout society with a reliable generator system.

Unlike solar or wind technology, this Boy Scout System would be a unit capable of continuous output of one kilowatt, regardless of the weather or of the day/night cycle.   The price of $35,000 for the 1 kW system reflects nearly four times the price of a 1 kW solar system, but bear in mind that the constant output capability of the Boy Scout System is four times what solar produces in a 24-hour period on average.  So the one-off, beta testing unit pricing will be roughly comparable to solar energy for the same net output.  Mass production priced could come down from there.

Ironically, the "cold fusion" system actually uses standard lead-acid battery technology as the primary reactor chamber.  No special plating, such as with palladium, is required.  The secret is in the circuitry and cycling of the batteries, which are combined with Dr. Camus' ATP Batteries in a proprietary way.  

It's not too hard for me to believe this because I've had a HP calculator for more than 20 years, and I've never changed the battery in it, yet I've been using it several times a week that whole time.  This probably wasn't intended by them, but it has happened nevertheless.

Dr. Camus told me that back when he was running his house on this, his monthly electrical bills were routinely low (like $7-14/month, when they should have been more like $120/month); and he actually had visits from people from the power company, wondering how he was consuming so little power.  They even showed up with the police in tow one time, accusing him of stealing electricity.  When he came back from Canada one time, his system was gone.  Someone had taken it from his house, and he doesn't know who.

If you happen to be one of the first to purchase a 1 kW cold fusion generator capable of powering a house, I hope you'll let us report on the results. If successful, this could change the planet.

I am not aware of any other cold fusion technology that claims to be able to produce anywhere near that amount of power, nor am I aware of any other cold fusion devices being offered for sale or beta testing. The closest I know of is the work being done by Dr. Mitchell Swartz of MIT, whose company is JET Thermal Products.

Back in 1999, Dr. Camus' unit was tied to a solar panel. He had it tested by one of the foremost engineers in the Solar industry, who measured his unit producing 2.4 times as much energy as a control unit. Apparently, this technology was tucked away due to its being too radical, but is now being brought out to see if the timing is now right.

The "1 kW" is arbitrary at this point.  You could probably order a 500 W or 500 kW or 5 MW system if you wanted.

While this announcement sounds like incredible news, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration before either purchasing such a system, or before considering entering into a business relationship with Atomic Remediation Labs.

Inasmuch as this is a new genre of device, it does not yet have UL or similar listing or certification. So the beta testing installations will most likely need to be by those who are presently disconnected from the grid, unless it is tied to a solar panel, like Camus did.

Because the unit that was on Dr. Camus' house was stolen, there is presently no demonstration unit available to see running.

As is often seen in cutting edge technologies, Dr. Camus' company, ARL, isn't a model of polished personnel and presentation. It is a company with a lot of inventive talent but little business talent. That will need to change if they are to become successful, despite the myriad of great technologies they may claim to have. 

I was first made aware of ARL last August when one of Dr. Camus' business associate contacted me. He told me about a wide range of technologies that Dr. Camus has allegedly come up with. It was definitely one of those "sounds too good to be true" types of presentations. But being one who doesn't want to dismiss a true breakthrough, I've entertained their calls and have tried to help line them up with some people who might help them move forward, whether as customers or as partners.

There is "a lot more where this came from" when it comes to Dr. Camus. He invented a lithium-ATP battery that was patented in 2001, which purportedly can last a lot longer and hold more charge per its size than other batteries presently available. If done right, that one supposedly could be a real game-changer in the battery industry. He also has a power conditioner technology that harvests EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation. In 1993 he presented the world's first urine-powered battery, which received world media attention.

His bio is featured on Adolf & Inge Schneider's website.

ARL is open for licensing agreements on any of these technologies, including the cold fusion generator system.

I've had a couple of groups look into these other technologies (not including the cold fusion claim), but they walked away due to the unpolished presentation of the ARL team.

Solar e-bike

One thing they've been doing to try and bring in some capital has been to sell a solar e-bike.  The $1,995 price tag, in this economy, has made this a challenging sell.  They offer a free demo.

I don't understand the particulars, but apparently now ARL is in a last-ditch effort to secure adequate funding, or Dr. Camus will probably be leaving the U.S. I can't help but think that getting a different venue and group around him might be just the thing he needs. He's not been able to make a success of these technologies using the approach he's been using.

That tenuous position is hardly a solid footing from which to launch a product availability announcement.

If real, a 1 kW cold fusion generator is the biggest news on the planet, but the deliverability quotient is pretty weak. If I had money to throw around, I'd definitely do some more checking into this one, and see about helping them stay solvent long enough to get properly launched with the right team.  They do not have the funds to pay for a team people to move forward the company ahead.

What they can demonstrate presently, with prototypes available, includes their AC Battery technology, their Power Conditioning technology, and the Solar E-bike.

Jeane Manning, co-author of Breakthrough Power said:

"Nelson deserves help.  He is dedicated and a gifted inventor and has invested too many years of sacrifices in trying to get clean energy tech onto the market."

I'm going to be sharing the podium with Jeane next week at Pacific University in Portland where we will be speaking at the Abundant Clean Energy seminar organized by John Cornett.  I'll probably make a big plug there for these systems and see if I can't talk some visionary, adequately talented and mature student into walking away from school and making leap of faith career out of helping Dr. Camus finally see these technologies go into the market.

After announcing this, I received the following email from Joel Garbon, who is co-author with Jeane on the Breakthrough Power book, and who will be the third speaker at the above-mentioned event:


Since first meeting Nelson Camus in 2004, I have worked closely with him at various times on projects related to his technologies. Nelson is the inventor of the "Urine Battery", based on his ATP technology, which one first place in a 1992 technology expo held in Pasadena. His demonstration at the expo was featured on the evening news on all 3 major networks (I have seen the video archives of those broadcasts). Supposedly after demonstrating the battery in an electric vehicle, he licensed the technology to one of the major oil companies for several million dollars for a 10-year year period. The oil company apparently shelved the technology, and it reverted back to Nelson after the 10 years expired. 

Nelson plowed most of the money back into inventing and into a failed movie production about the events of 9-11. The film was essentially a precursor to "Loose Change" and was leading edge at the time as far as content goes but without sufficient polish. The film was submitted to the Cannes Film Festival, and was pre-selected (I saw the actual pre-selection award notice from the Cannes Selection Committee), but then was rejected due to its controversial content. This appeared to be an act of suppression of the 9-11 "inside job" information. I was quite close to this project, and provided services as a script editor. The failure of the film was a huge setback to Nelson financially and emotionally, as he was counting on it to be an explosive, expose-the-truth blockbuster (which it could have been if the Cannes Committee had the courage to make the official award and promotion as originally indicated).

Nelson personally demonstrated to me his "AC Battery" which somehow harvests EMF leakage/radiation from typical household appliances when a load is applied to the appliance. The AC Battery also utilizes the ATP technology.

Nelson is no doubt a brilliant inventive mind. However, he has challenges as a business person, in substantial part due to communication problems with English being his second language. I personally like the man, and admire his "never say die" attitude despite the obstacles and suppressive tactics he has endured. It is why I have spent hundreds of unpaid hours over the years trying to help him. It would be great if Nelson had a funder and a rock-solid business team who could let him stick to the technology side of the equation.

There is much, much more I could say based on direct experience with Nelson Camus, but this will suffice. I sincerely wish for him success in introducing one or several of his technologies into the public domain, and building a profitable, sustainable business. He cares deeply about the state of our planet, and has been trying to help in various creative ways. He is also one of the most gracious and sociable gentlemen I know.

Joel Garbon
President, New Energy Movement
Co-author, "Breakthrough Power"

Dr. Kamus then responded:

Hi Sterling,

I could go to the seminar next week at Pacific University in Portland and demonstrate that the cold fusion reaction is real. Could you get funds from some entrepreneur for my round trip ticket, hotel, meals, prepare a demo set, etc. $3K will be enough. I could prepare a small unit and show "It is REAL".

I could build a proof of concept for a demo within a week.

The cold fusion reactor's proof of concept shows that the power output of the device is higher than the power input. The reaction is running at room temperature and produces a pulse of power in a short period of time where in the same period of time a lower power input is applied into the device.

Power input = 10 Watts in 1 second
Relax time of 9 seconds
and then withdrawing power output >10 Watts for 1 second.

IT WORKS indefinitely.

We certainly are appreciative of this offer.  However, given that properly demonstrating such a system beyond doubt would take many hours, inasmuch as it involves batteries, and would be technically over the heads of most participants; we recommend that it would be best done in a different venue.

# # #

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Nelson Camus, Ph.D.
phone: 818-574-8932

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Nov. 1, 2010
Last updated November 29, 2012




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