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You are here: > News > Nov. 1, 2010

MYT-6 engine getting closer to market

Having moved to a better-equipped location, Angel Labs reports that they are still making progress on the 6-inch MYT™ engine, establishing relationships with various suppliers and reputable customers.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Inventor, Raphial Morgado, stands between a conventional engine and his engine that he says has comparable power output.  See comparison page on site.
Inventor, Raphial Morgado, stands between a conventional engine and his engine that he says has comparable power output.


Though it has been a while since we've reported on the Massive Yet Tiny engine invented by Raphial Morgado of Angel Labs, there have been quite a few exciting things happening behind the scenes that I wish I could tell you about, but which will have to wait until official press releases are issued from the secondary parties involved. 

Meanwhile, Morgado did give me permission to let you know about a few things that are developing with their technology that revolutionizes engine efficiency. With 40 times higher power-to-weight ratio, low parts count, low maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, and low pollution, the MYT™ Engine is poised to benefit pretty much any engine application, from ships to small generators. The MYT™ Engine as a pump/compressor also exceeds existing pumps/compressors in providing massive pressure, volume, and flow, all in one unit. 

Angel Labs just moved to a better equipped and more secure location where it continues work on the 6-inch MYT™ engine project, or "MYT-6", affirming its commitment to the MYT-6 engine project without reservation. Angel Labs has also engaged several independent machine shops to assist in the manufacture of less sensitive parts. Angel Labs is discussing various applications of the MYT-6 engine with numerous reputable businesses and nongovernmental organizations, ranging from compressed air to alternative fuel power.

Necessary funding for production at scale remains elusive. However, Angel Labs remains confident that sufficient resources will become available through ongoing negotiations with various prospective lenders.

Morgado said: "Production at scale will no doubt generate thousands of new jobs for the USA and a spur a 'reindustrial' revolution."

Angel Labs is grateful for the generous support of its suppliers and supporters who have helped them persevere.

# # #

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Oct. 31, 2010
Last updated November 29, 2012 


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