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You are here: > News > Oct. 7, 2010

Interview with Dave about Freddy's water fuel cell powering his truck

David Seigler describes his experience with his Dodge 2004 pickup truck apparently running on nothing but water via a hydroxy unit installed by his friend, Fred Wells.  As far as he could best determine, it was a genuine system.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

David Seigler stands in front of his Dodge 2004 RAM 1600 that had Freddy's water fuel cell installed on it back in August, allegedly enabling it to run on just water, without gasoline.


     "I saw the thing making bubbles like crazy, and I saw my truck running." 

– David Seigler (Oct. 6, 2010)

Note: Dave is wishing to pull away from the spotlight.  We are grateful that he has allowed us to post this interview, but we ask that you honor his wish to get back to his charitable fundraising specialty.

Context: Claim to Running Truck on Water

A couple of months ago, we reported that a Dodge 2004 pickup truck in Prescott Arizona appeared to be running on water via a hydroxy system by Frederick Wells (Freddy). He had an electrolysis unit that produced hydroxy gas (HHOi, H2, O2) on board, powered by two 12-V batteries. The hydroxy gas was pressurized to around 60 psi then injected into the fuel rail, with the gasoline line disconnected. The HHOi (apparently a linear, ionized form of the water molecule that is gaseous) appears to be where the magic appears, somehow harnessing environmental energy (ZPE?) in its formation in the tradition of Stanley Meyers.

Freddy and his associate, David Seigler, are shown in a video driving Dave's pickup truck around town, after the fuel line is shut off and the hydroxy system is turned on. This was alleged to have happened shortly after Freddy took the truck on a 3,000 mile drive on the hydroxy gas.

Freddy and Dave were going to do a demonstration of the technology to a few people on Aug. 21, but the hydroxy system allegedly developed a leak a couple of days prior, and Freddy also had some serious health problems arise. (Ref.) At that point, Dave disassembled the system from his truck.

Since then, we have been in process of getting plans from Freddy to enable others to replicate the effect, per his willingness to open source the technology. That has taken a lot longer than any of us, including Freddy, had anticipated, but it is moving forward. It has been made difficult in that there were so many iterations involved in Freddy getting to that point, so conveying just which design elements are relevant and not getting confused between versions, has not been easy. We now have a set of plans, and a couple of guys are in process of building a system, which they will then be applying to their vehicles, hoping to be completed in about a week. Once they are able to get it working, then they we will be publishing those plans.

We've registered the following shortcut domain that forwards to our PESWiki feature page:  And we've created a forum at Yahoo!Groups for those wanting to be directly involved in the project.

Dave's Input on Truck Experience

In all this time, though I have had a lot of communication with Freddy, I had not spoken with Dave, until now. This is not because Dave was being evasive. It is just that we both have busy lives and our paths had not crossed yet.

I called and left a message with him on Monday. Then on Wednesday evening, he called back while I was riding to my boy's first flag football game. It would have been nice to have recorded our conversation so you could listen to it (with his permission); but I was able to take notes on my laptop, and I'm passing this by him before publishing.

I prefaced my phone conversation with him saying that my questions were not so much because of skepticism on my part, but more to address the questions that others had been voicing. I tend to have a high belief threshold, easy to believe something that to others is embedded in their minds as being "impossible." Yes, I want to see proof, but I tend to believe what people tell me, and then want to see it backed up with physical evidence.

My first question to Dave was, "How sure are you that gasoline was not involved in the running of your truck?"

He replied: "… as certain as I could be without getting inside the engine."

He said he didn't go on the long trip with Freddy, but that he did go on several shorter trips such as 180 miles round trip to Sedona and back, and several trips around the block and around town.

One time, when Freddy wasn't around, Dave said he replaced the fuel valve, just to make sure that it was bona fide, and shut off. He then made several trips around the block and up a steep hill, where it stalled. Over all, with the new valve, nothing changed- the machine still was working.

I asked Dave if he smelled the exhaust from the truck.

He said he did, and that "it smelt nasty". He said the explanation that he was given was that "there is a lot of crap in the engine from the 75,000 miles it has been driven previously, which is coming out." Dave said he never smelled it "completely clean."

I asked Dave about the fuel gauge. "Going on the longer trips, like going 180 miles, you would be able to notice if the gauge has moved."

"Especially on that truck, which prior to running on water got about 12 miles to the gallon", Dave added.

"Did it move?" I asked.

"It didn't move," he said.

I asked him about the two 12-V batteries that were involved in running the hydroxy system, which he confirmed.

Regarding the stability of the system, he said: "It was by no means running perfectly." He said that when the truck was running from zero to around 35 miles per hour, "it sounded bad, timing missing terribly, making a rumble sound. It made me concerned for the health of my beautiful truck." But above 35 mph, "it smoothed out and ran pretty darn well."

He set the record straight saying that when the vessel malfunctioned prior to the demo scheduled for Aug. 21 that he was the one who took it out of his truck. He also noted that there are still wires and cables in the back of his truck left over from that installation, but that there are no hidden fuel lines or fuel tanks that could have caused the effect. He specifically looked for something like that.

"The vessel broke the evening prior to our demo. It broke while in my charge. While I did not knowingly activate it, I believe I must have brushed up against the controls and inadvertently activated it incorrectly, thus causing the break. If not that, then someone entered my truck while I was away from it for a few minutes and purposefully did damage to the vessel. Ultimately, I am not sure."

Distancing from the Company

Those of you who have been following this situation closely know that Dave has distanced himself from Freddy's business. He was President of Future Energy Concepts, LLC until recently. In that last part of my phone conversation with Dave, I asked him about this.

He said he is still involved as an investor and part owner of the company, but he listed several reasons for stepping down from his role as President of the company.

The first thing he mentioned was that he didn't like being followed and watched. "I didn't like weird people coming by my house. They followed me and my daughter around town. When we got home, we turned on our house spot light, approached the vehicle while visibly armed, and they left."

The second reason he gave was that he felt like he was in over his head with the technology. His specialty is fundraising for charities. Getting involved in an exotic energy technology was far out of his comfort zone. "I know where my limits are."

Photos of Prototype 7

I should also mention that earlier in the day, Freddy sent me some photos of his newer version that he is calling "Prototype 7". Prototype 6, version C is what was shown in the video in August, supposedly running Dave's truck.

Here are the photos (click image to download original, full resolution version):

Photos of Freddy's prototype 7, received Oct. 6, 2010.

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Oct. 7, 2010
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