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You are here: > News > Sept. 26, 2010

News update on Bob Boyce

The latest on the famous Boyce's travels, projects, accomplishments, plans in hydroxy research, pulse width modulator controllers.  A mention of feeding HHOi under pressure with air into the fuel rail for eliminating the need for petrol in a vehicle.

by Bro. Andrew
Adapted for Pure Energy Systems News

Sterling Allan met with Bob Boyce in Salina, UT as Boyce was traveling with Sid earlier in Sept. 2010.  Boyce phoned Allan on Sept. 26 to provide input on this present story before it was published, giving clarifications and corrections.
(Photo taken with cell phone camera.)


Bob came and hung at the garage for a month and a half this summer. About 5 different hydrogen & related companies came and pow wowed. We had a great time! 

Bob is tired from beating cancer almost 90%. He also lost his wife last Christmas and has a big hole in his heart. It is hard for him to live. We tried to be as comforting as possible while he stayed here. 

Took him to our gold claim in N. Cal. for a week. Bob knows all about gold mining and about mono atomic gold in the water. We want to make a device to grow gold crystals from magnetite (black sands from our concentrates) from the gold and black sand left in our pan. Put the back sand in a clean SS cook pot and ground it and have one vertical plate into the water as the anode, pulse with a radiant energy, wait a year and see if the mono atomic gold will form to a metal state and bind to the other small trace (flour) gold in the pot. [He also did a method of extracting minerals, including Au, from sea water.]

We attended the Tesla Conf. in New Mexico as well. Joe Blankenship a AZ gold miner spoke about the magic of magnetite and growing gold as well. has books on the subject.  Moray King was a speaker at the Tesla Conf. He was so excited to talk with Bob. Every morning he came and had breakfast with us. His talk was about electrolysis cells and had a new book out. One day I wondered where did Bob go, I went back to the hotel room and about 10 people where in the room listening to Bob talk. One was Moray. It was a good time.

As for the B-Hex Controller to be let out, he says he may never let it out. He says that circuit is way too dangerous. We ordered a PWM3H pcb board samples when he was here. It will be a micro controller version of the PWM3G.  The PWM3H will replace the PWM3G board. Not date on the release, yet. 

Soon we will have a BB controller for the HO booster people. It will control the gas production of the your HO cell to the MAP vacuum from your engine. At idle your cell will only produce a little gas, as you press the gas pedal the cell production will increase, a Volo or EFIE may not be needed any longer once this controller gets finaled. Look for it at and and and and 

Bob is tired of posting and getting bashed. Nor does he do interviews any longer. 

One thing is sure.  He is healthier than he was.  My friend Sal went back with him [back East] to help him as an assistant. He still has the one verichip in his shoulder and still battling Poachin from the gay pink cell company "worst cell design in history". They continue to sell the chrome polished plates to hide the roll ($250K)worth of cheap Chinese SS that he bought. Chromium on the surface of the SS plates, does not let "ortho" hydrogen to be made, therefore they don't get any gains in the diesel trucks, the only gains they get is to lean the truck's electronics. No refunds, many, many dissatisfied customers. He is almost out of business, give it a few more months. A 10K$ pink lemon cell.

I thought I would give you ha head's up as what Bob is doing with the B-Hex Controller at this time. 

Another exciting adventure is the "Freddys Cell" forum that Sterling started up.  This guy in AZ has got his Dodge 2004 truck to run off of 100% water. He has a tall Stan Meyer type of tube cell, where he tunes the pipes. So he claims, his cell cracked so he is making a new cell at this time. Many don't believe him, many do believe he might have something there and he is willing to communicate with the people. He does not post there, like Bob does not post here [B-Hex]. 

Keep up the good works!

Bro. Andrew - Central Coast of California


Update Comments from Sterling

I enjoyed my brief visit with Bob Boyce and Sal as they passed through Utah a couple of weeks ago.  It's the first time I've met Boyce in person, after having spoken to him so many times by phone and email.  He told me that he is close to having his patent relevant to the Hex filed, after which he will be able to allow those who know how to do the B-Hex to share what they know with the forum.

He and Sal seemed to have really enjoyed themselves in the mining expedition Andrew mentioned above.

He showed me some of his hardware that was stashed away in their very full Prius, which they had adapted to run on hydroxy gas, with good results in mileage improvement.

Boyce appeared to be in good spirits and in relatively good health, and in good hands with Sal, who seems to be a very decent human being.  I should also mention that Brother Andrew (the author above), is the one who prayed for Bob when he was close to dying from the tumor that arose in his shoulder when the first of two chip implants was removed (second one is still there); and Bob then had a sudden reduction in his pain.  Andrew has been a great friend to many in the hydroxy community.

Just a quick memo about Moray King, mentioned above.  I talked to him by phone today for about an hour.  He lectures widely about hydroxy technology and the mechanism by which the excess energy that shows up is a function of harvesting zero point energy.  He said of Boyce, "He is the leader in the movement right now; the #1 guy."

I plan to share more in a pending article (tomorrow?) on feeding HHOi under pressure into the fuel rail, which is becoming the cutting edge in hydroxy research, enabling a vehicle to run on HHOi and air alone, without petrol.  Bob is extremely knowledgeable and expert on this topic, and seemed to confirm the working premise that we're developing.  King also keyed into this.

- - - -

CAUTION: Pressurized hydroxy gas can spontaneously combust under pressure. Extreme caution should be used in experimenting with these systems.

# # #

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  • Feature: Electrolysis > Hydroxy > Boyce >
    News update on Bob Boyce - The latest on the famous Boyce's travels, projects, accomplishments, plans in hydroxy research, pulse width modulator controllers. A mention of feeding HHOi under pressure with air into the fuel rail for eliminating the need for petrol in a vehicle. (PESN; Sept. 26, 2010)

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Sept. 24, 2010
Last updated October 13, 2010



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