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You are here: > News > Sept. 25, 2010

Creative Science & Research divulging more about Fuelless Engine

The Indiana company that has been doing alternative energy research since 1992 and producing 'free energy' plans, has announced that they will be revealing more about their fuelless engine.  Customer testimonials and critical review posted.

Full Disclosure: 
We at PES Network have an affiliate relationship with Creative Science & Research and are credited with links to their sites, receiving commissions on sales that result. This does not constitute an endorsement, inasmuch as we have not seen one of these devices working.

A diagram from Creative Science and Research's plans for the Fuelless Motor #362


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Back on July 27, David Waggoner, owner of Creative Science & Research sent me the following email:

We are now ready to reveal more about our Fuelless Engine free energy motor and why it works. The information will only be available in our plans and by e-mail to those who have purchased our plans. We have already begun sending out more critical information. Please remove any negative comments concerning our Fuelless Engine and the Fuelless heater. Both devices work very well.

We are good and honest people, and the devices work, and the plans are very well done! We have many happy customers that I am going to contact to give reviews on what they have built, and ask them to place their comments on your website.

We are still concerned about security for us and our families, but I think we can give out enough information to make more happy customers as well as not to rock the boat. 

I do not know why big brother will not allow us to manufacture our devices. But we are still selling plans and will continue to do so as long as we can.

Over the next few weeks I received several statements in support of the plans being sold by Creative Science & Research, saying that they did indeed result in functional free energy devices. I also received some comments from some associates, cautioning about the company and its alleged history of fraud.

As I received the testimonial statements, I followed them up with requests for photos, video, witness statements and other ways to verify what was being said. But only one of the people provided any such information (a photo shown below).  Creative Science & Research does have some videos on their YouTube channel: FuellessUSA, and their plans include photos.

As I read through the plans, I saw the likely reason why people were not responding to this seemingly reasonable request. The fuelless motor #362 plans, for example, say: 

(STATEMENT EXCERPT) Warning!  These plans are for your eyes only! This invention has been suppressed by very powerful people, person and companies...  This invention holds US Patents and these plans are protected.  Copyrighted.  ...As a backyard researcher you can build, discover, research, and build any free energy device you want just as long as you keep it TOP SECRET!.  You can build this engine and any other free energy device we sell the plans to for your own personal use only.  ...You can also never show a working Free Energy device such as this one, to anyone in the news media!

In one of his emails, on July 29, 2010, Waggoner gave the following overview of his technology: (slightly edited)

…My motor is not a perpetual motion device. But it is considered to be a free energy electric motor! I simply take Tesla's discovery of radiant energy from capacitors, and by using my special coils to receive the radiant energy pulse, the radiant energy is turned into free energy within the motor. The motor will then use that extra energy to run at very low amperage! 

Yes we do have some customers that have looped the energy back to run the motor and had plenty of energy left to run their home. But that does not make it a perpetual motion machine. Batteries wear out in about 10 years, the (2) bearings will someday wear out as well.

The word Fuelless is a name I came up with in about 1992 when I first started my research. It is basically a trade name or brand name. But, my Fuelless Engine motor is a free energy DC electric motor! 

Now, concerning the Fuelless Heater. Once the inner drum is turning it taps into the free energy created from the colliding effect of the oil. Atoms are like free energy generators just waiting to be taped into. You can then use our Fuelless Engine to turn the inner drum of the heater, to achieve a Free energy heating system for your entire home. As I have the time I will try and get more of our customers to contact you that have successfully built these 2 devices.

That same day (July 29), user mindprogram posted the following comment on the home page at (slightly edited)

For those of you truly interested in free energy & over unity systems CREATIVE SCIENCE is way ahead in their advanced yet very simple ideas! 

I have their plans and have built a system which is now powering my entire house for FREE! 

Yes, forget oil & gas fuels. This is the future. Unfortunately there is a lot of propaganda about CREATIVE SCIENCE from a very select few! SAD as that is, genies cannot be put back into the bottle! 

I have built mine, and I pay NOTHING for power! I am U.K based and it took me a couple of years on & off to build; but it was well worth it! 

I recommend CREATIVE SCIENCE to any truth seekers looking a better future!

Here's yet another statement I got on July 29 via email.  This one seems the most credible: (slightly edited)

My name is [D.S.]. I'm writing today just to let you know how much I enjoyed building the Fuelless projects. I found the plans are easy to follow and most importantly they do as advertised. I think I was probably one of the first to build a self powered engine and generator set using the plans. I also tried the [Magniwork] Mag motor/generator plans..that every one said works.. selling for 40 bucks...I got my money back.. they don't work and the seller could not even provide a pix of one...the lying whores...

Bottom line the Fuelless stuff works. I also built some of Bedini's toy's.. they work well also....I have attached a pix of the 1910 repletion of a Fuelless engine and Heater...  This is only the engine and heater...  They fit in to a nice 1910 wooden and leather train case...  It all works on 360 volts DC...from a 12 volt battery..

I built an electric car in 1976 that would go 90 miles between charges... A 15 hp starter motor from a jet a Honda Civics body...using 4 deep charge batteries. Built an off grid home solar heated and wind powered in the 80's...put an on demand hydrogen boost on my SUV ten years ago..still getting 40 plus mile per gallon... I built a fuelless engine three years ago that runs on a 12 volt system...three batteries, one runs, one resting and one is coupled to a sp5000 disc type generator with two extra coils to charge the battery. [...]

May I suggest you buy one of Dave's plans and get it going...stop looking and get on board or go back to your oil buddies....There is no market in this country for free energy, thanks to big business...There is no new stuff..all the things I build are from a 100 years ago....but it all works now just like then...I teach people how to build there projects..I'd be glad to help you with your free energy only looks hard....

No info on my builds..been there done want to build one..

Then following a response from me, he continued: (slightly edited)

I will apologize for jumping the gun.  After forty years of crap..I have a attitude.  The fuelless design is only a base of info to follow.  Every machine will be different in out put and inputs.  I have students that have said Dave's people were not too helpful, but then I have to hold the same people's hands until they get 

The thing is I have a student that is dying to get this Fuelless gen-set out to the public.  He's new to the world of home made energy.  He is in the final stages of construction of a 3kw self-power unit.  I'll talk to him and see if he will give you numbers and pixs.  I use a fab shop to build a lot of my parts and assemblies, so you don't have to be too good with your hands to have a machine like no one else.

The fuelless engine is nothing more than a hi voltage dc emf pulsed motor.  The plans are good, if you have a basic knowledge of electricity.

I have bought and built most all of Dave's toys and found the plans vary workable.  No scam.  

I insist that any one I help buy the large fuelless engine plans... for reference and a common understanding of the principals used. 

I'm tired of explaining the old world to the oil junkies.  Most people buy a set of plans and never look at them...we have all lost the Battle wins..every time....the planet never wins...The bottom one cares....

If you want to contact him, send me an email with the subject line "To D.S. regarding Fuelless plans", and I'll forward it to him.  Or perhaps he will give me permission to post his email here, cloaked from spambots.

Here's another statement that arrived on July 29 via email: (slightly edited)

I am writing in regards to information put out about Creative Science research.

I would like to inform you that I am U.K based and one of the many happy people
Who have built an over unity working system, which has been powering my house for over 6 months now.

It took a lot of time and patients but was well worth it in the end.

I hope this information is useful to anyone doubting Creative science’s research.

It is very advanced and made as simple as possible. I am NOT an engineer, but am good at making things and most of what I have learnt has been through this project with Creative Science!

I have patients and time and that is key to a successful working system invented by Creative Science. I have a free energy system in place, and it works for me!

Here's yet another July 29 statement that arrived by email: (slightly edited)

I have enjoyed all the plans I have purchased from you. I built a small fuelless heater and it got too hot to touch, with a 18v Dewalt drill as the power source. We had to move and I have not got to try to build anything else.

On July 28, Judy Tait of wrote the following about a non-energy set of plans:

I have used their plans to build a 5 colour silk screen printer about 12 years ago. My wife has printed many thousands of shirts. The plans were easy to follow and the parts were easy to find. We are very pleased.

Here's an email I received on Aug. 3: (slightly edited)

Recently I noticed some negative comments about Creative Science in your website, so I thought I should do my part to set the records straight.

It is sad to see all the negative feedback you are getting about the people from Creative Science. I have purchased their plans and built their motor, and it does exactly everything that they have claimed it should do.

I have had much communication with these men and I can only say that I believe they are honest men who are part of the genuine core of people who are pioneering pure energy systems around the world.

Their plans are so simply and clearly laid out. I don't understand why people can't get the correct results from following the plans. And when you have any questions, I have found their support and answers to be exactly what I needed and they always reply to my emails. 

It just doesn't add up to me, as to why someone can complain so strongly about them.


Derek - a satisfied customer of Creative Science 

Waggoner sent me copies of a few email testimonials he received about his various products. (Slightly edited.)

December 27, 2009
Comments: So far I have produced 335 degrees out of my 4"by 10" multi-disk bean can heater with my 3 amp ac motor working at 70%. What can I expect from a 12" wide by 24" tall unit with the same basic construction as the first? What has been the highest recorded temp to date using your heater 

January 14, 2008

Have built three engines and they work great. Have also constructed a 3 capacitor/3 diode booster. WOW! Super power!

Am wondering why you guys don't start a periodical Newsletter??????? It would get everyone subscribing and earn some money to help support your great efforts. WHY NOT? 

Will be investigating more plans soon.

On July 29, this same customer, Herbert Craig <hhartman2 {at}>, sent the following by email: (slightly edited)

Your input is right on the money with your windings and magnet power. I have personally built several motors and generators that work extremely well. What I remember now was that I had mentioned you writing a newsletter on this engine where subscribers could input their ideas and thoughts. This energy system will soon replace most oil dependency in the world if we keep after it and work it until we come up with a quality product we can build and use consistently, indoors or outdoors. My motors and generators are small, and produce good voltage, but I am limited in knowledge to store it for future use. 

Thank you for getting me started with this free energy system. 

On Sept. 25, Herbert added: (slightly edited)

I welcome any news you guys can put out with this engine.

I love the magnetic energy I can get from magnets and coils, but how do I control it and charge batteries with it? Need help with this.

I took a short piece of sewer pipe and made a twin-blade propeller driven by wind and could easily attach the magnets and coils circuitry to produce ac electric, then convert it and multiply it as dc current. Do you get my method? Second problem is protecting the bearings from the environment and dampness. More help needed.

This next comment was posted to one of the Creative Science YouTube videos (The Fuelless Engine, Alternative Energy, Free Energy Motors) by user chuckluvs35 on Jan. 14, 2010. (Slightly edited.)

I love this engine. I have built the small one and it worked just fine, but to put it to the test I connected it to a gocart. MAN what speed I got out of it. My next project is to build a big one and put it in my pickup. Wow, wouldn't be great to drive right pass the gas station. Also if the big motor runs like the small motor… hell I only need one battery! hook up an alt[ernator] to keep the batt[ery] charged just like my gocart I got it made BABY!!!!

He added the following in a message to me today.  I'm guessing from how his original message has a lot of ",,,"s in it, that this is the same person as D.S. above: (slightly edited)

Yes you can use my full name...I don't care about that!....But i will tell you this...It works!!!  My son said no for pics!!! To tell ya the truth, who the hell cares about bigg gov! We need to take this nation back. but on a softer side...  Some folks should not build this unit all by themselves. Some will need help..  If ya build it, it will work, as with all the rest of Waggoner's plans.  I will say this: his fuelless gen was one of the best I've ever seen.  Yes, it did cost a lot to build up, but once it powered my whole house.  Yes the power company is mad and took their meter off my house, but who cares!!! We make what we need to run the house and that's all any of us need to do.  Thanks David for your help, and we love ya for the plans.....DON'T EVER STOP!!! Charles l Greer Sr.

Here's the video he was commenting on:

Critical Reviews

I mentioned that in addition to testimonials I also received some negative reviews.  Here's an excerpt from Patrick J. Kelley, author of Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices, a pillar figure and document in the free energy community. (slightly edited)

I looked at the offerings from this man some years ago. He produces very good documentation with many practical techniques and he has encouraged one or two people to start making devices. I know this because they have contacted me afterwards for help and advice on making their prototype work, or alternatively, making something which works as described.

He is very close to being a con artist because:

1. He offers to sell plans for making device "A" and when you buy those rather over-priced plans, you discover that you can't actually build the thing unless you buy additional plans for one or more essential components, and those plans are expensive, and not mentioned before you make the initial purchase.

2. He includes non-original information which is available free and which the average person will not be able to implement. For example, Ed Gray's motor patent which omits the subtle details of how the components are angled laterally and which does not mention the fact that Marvin Cole's engine which Cal-Tech certified at COP>250 gets it's power, not from the motor design, which Ed claims as his own, but from the preceding power amplification devices, and the engine itself is not COP>1. 

Yes, I too, include enhanced patents but that is to help people understand operational principles and not with the suggestion that people will get COP>1 by building one for themselves.

Having said that, he has a magnet motor design which I don't recognize from anywhere else and which might work. I can't comment on that as I have not attempted a replication nor do I know of anyone who has, so it might work.

One man contacted me after building the motor in your attachment. That is a good motor design as pulsed high-voltage is effective, but as he found out, it is most unlikely that you would ever get it to COP>1.

Today, Sept. 25, he added the following: (slightly edited)

It is possible that he has changed since and perhaps he does have a winner of a free-energy device suited to easy home-build.  Unfortunately, unless you are willing to pay him a good deal of money, there is no way of knowing.

I sent the following follow-up question to Patrick: "I've not seen a listing for a set of plans that I would consider to be pricy as you allege here. Do you happen to have a link to the product that isn't mentioned that is required for a complete understanding?"

He responded, saying: "It depends on what you buy first what additional purchases are needed later on.  By all means check it out further."  He gave a screenshot of the purchase option on their home page to buy the entire set of various plans and CDs for $300.

Offer of $10,000 Prize to Waggoner

During this exchange, the well-known free energy skeptic, Eric Krieg, set forth the following to Waggoner: (slightly edited)

I saw your add for plans that enable people to seemingly create electrical energy out of thin air with no fuel. If these plans don't work, I ask you please stop ripping people off and warn you that the FTC may well soon be shutting down such phony kit scams.

Now if these plans really do work, please have one of your success cases (perhaps you have a working one so you can know that they really do work) contact me to arrange winning my prize for proof of free energy as found at  
If one of your happy customers (or you) wins the prize, I will gladly use my web page, credibility and my contacts at Dateline to give you publicity so you can [no longer] just appear like crooks to most people, but rather make a ton of money. 

Getting such independent validation would not just enable you to make much more money, but it would enable you to help more people save money. It would also help this great but stumbling nation to stop paying trillions of dollars to countries that hate us for oil that kills us. Please consider just making a few phone calls to help you get rich and flip-flop your credibility and save our planet and the civilized world. I was thinking of focusing some media and attorney general attention on your claims, so please do get back to me.

In Closing

I need to apologize that it has taken me this long to finally compile this story for your benefit.  It seems to me that Creative Science & Research should perhaps be taken seriously.  As I look at their plans for the Fuelless motor, they seem plausible to me.  But as stated above, this does not constitute an endorsement, inasmuch as we have not seen one of these devices working.

I would encourage those of you with strong DIY / replication skills to give this a whirl, and let us know how it works for you.  I wouldn't take their warnings seriously in which they say you must not post videos or photos.  Momentum and destiny favors free energy, and we definitely live in a day when these things will emerge for the benefit of the planet -- not to say that there will be no obstacles, for certainly there will be.

Nor do I agree with Waggoner's sentiment that the world will not let these kinds of technologies go to market.  I would refer him to as an example of a group of highly talented and motivated people dedicated to seeing free energy go to market.  I predict that we will see several exotic free energy devices emerge into the marketplace, at least in a limited manner, next year, possibly beginning this year, if not this month.

# # #

Site Link


Very Similar to Keppe

On Sept. 26, D.C. wrote:

I have the PESWiki site as my home page and consult it more than once a day. Thank you for the good work.

As for the story, I bought the plans for the small Fuelless engine, well as a result of the story. When I read through the plans, the concept is exactly that of the Keppe 1.0 motor. The major difference is the way the coil is wired. They spend a lot of pages on this way of wiring. Another difference is that Keppe uses a magnet and reed switch combination for switching, where Creative Science uses mechanical contact commutators. I would say the reason is the high voltage that they use for the motor would cause problems with the reed switch solution.

My plan now is to rewire my Keppe motor's coil and see what it does.

* * * *

They Have Routinely Lied

On Sept. 25, 2010, Peter Lindemann wrote (slightly edited): 

I am very disappointed that you would "endorse" the Creative Science group. They have routinely lied about the usefulness of their plans and never once respected their own "money back guarantee" for over 15 years. All of the testimonials you received from David Waggoner are written in the same style, and I would bet "dollars to donuts" that they are all fake. Not one of them talks about efficiency tests or self-running characteristics. After the Milo incident, I would have hoped your standards were getting more stringent. I would not believe a word these people say unless I saw and tested working models of their designs at their facility. The idea that the plans sold by this group show competent model builders how to build a self-running power plant, or a super-efficient heater, is preposterous in the extreme. A silk-screen system for tee-shirts, maybe. Sorry, but I am 100% with Patrick Kelly and Eric Kreig on this one.

I rate Creative Science second only to Dennis Lee in the number of people that have been separated from their money with nothing to show for it.

Sterling's Response:

I edited all of the comments some, which is why some of the comments might appear similar. They are more unique sounding in the original.

I did go the rounds with Waggoner and his associate trying to get more evidence. They were quite mistrusting of me, seeing me as a "journalist" and pegging me with mainstream journalists with which they have had bad experiences in the past.

I am hopeful that someone will come forward with more evidence, either who claims to have been running stuff with it, or who will yet build it (hopefully both).

The allegation that they don't honor their "money back guarantee" will quickly cause them to loose their new e-Junkie account if that is still their modus operandi, because e-Junkie's terms of service do not put up with that.

* * * *

Intentional Scam

On Oct. 7, 2010, a free energy scientist, M.S., who wishes to remain anonymous wrote:

OK – I have read through the plans in detail. This is a total and intentional scam – at least that’s how it is presented.
The motor and generator plans are for the same device!
The inventor is highly ignorant – he believes that electrons come in negative and positive versions!!!

It is VERY sad that these guys are scamming people and avoiding jail.

Their design is a Jospeh Newman motor. They are claiming that all back EMF is free energy – and that capturing it automatically makes their Newman style motor overunity. 

They offer no results to back up any of their claims.
Their “plans” consist entirely of other peoples IP.
Their plans are highly repetitious (could eliminate about 4 or 5 repeats on average).

Argh – it makes me sick to read their crappy scam material. I imagine that if David Wagoner exists and he ever comes out of hiding that there are a lot of people who would wish him dead.

* * * *

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Sept. 1, 2010
Last updated November 11, 2010


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