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You are here: > News > Sept. 2, 2010

Update on Freddy: prototype 7, lab tour, forum

The open source project to replicate Future Energy Concepts water fuel cell technology is getting under way. A forum has been launched, a project domain name has been registered, and more photos and videos posted. Freddy shows a glimpse of his machine shop.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News


Quite a bit has been happening with Frederick (Freddy) W. Wells' water fuel cell open source project, which we at PES Network are helping to coordinate.  Our PESWiki feature page for this technology, which you can get to through the shortcut url: will serve as the project home page, with sub-pages built as needed.  Since the cite is wiki, you can log in and help keep those pages up to date and accurate.

Several people are working closely with Freddy, of Future Energy Concepts, Inc., to replicate the effect, as part of the process of documenting how he accomplished allegedly running a Dodge 2004 pickup truck on hydroxy gas along, electrolyzing water on board, sufficient to power the vehicle.

He wasn't setting out to actually be able to power the vehicle under load.  He was just hoping to get it to idle.

As mentioned in a previous story, prototype 6, which was the one powering that set-up, has been disassembled, due to damage incurred.

Now Freddy is working on prototype 7, which he hopes will be far more robust.  At $8,000 for components, he may be overdoing it, but he wants to be sure that his unit will hold up, given all the scrutiny that this technology is coming under.  Both he and his associate, David Seiglar, have liquidated some assets in order to come up with the funding needed to press forward in this project.  I personally think that this speaks volumes about their integrity and intentions.

This time, rather than apply the cell to run a truck, Freddy plans to run a 36 kW generator that usually runs on propane.  He hopes to have it ready to go within a couple of weeks.  It will be housed "in a beautiful Ό-inch acrylic vessel, impervious to heat and pressure," said Freddy in his update video 1 below.  The new cell is probably going to be called a "cascade cell", using a cascade wave effect.  He said it is a combination between a Meyers cell and a Joe cell.

Freddy has confirmed that he is dedicated to open sourcing the core concept so that this technology can go out into the world quickly, and benefit from many sharp minds and skilled people tackling the myriad of issues associated with the technology.  One of the things that open source projects are great for is finding cheaper/easier ways to do things, as well as finding local materials sources around the world.  Another key issue will be how to get vehicles to run on the HHO fuel.  That is not simple matter, which a lot of people involved in hydroxy research have been working on, with varying levels of success.

We've commenced a Yahoo!Groups discussion list is for those who wish to be part of this open source project to replicate, characterize, optimize, and improve Freddy's water fuel cell technology.  This is an open forum viewable by the public. Usual rules of decorum apply. Violators will be put on moderated status or blocked from posting. There will be little tolerance for unproductive skeptical or critical comments. Please keep it professional and scientific.

Even though the project is going to be open sourced, doesn't mean that everything will be given away for free with no revenue source.  There will be well formatted plans made available for download for a fee, kits will arise, which will help bring in revenue, and finished products will likewise provide a revenue source.  If you are involved in commercializing this technology in any way, we ask that you coordinate with us to see that Freddy gets a piece of the action -- e.g. at least a 5% royalty on all devices.

Freddy appreciates the "prayers" that people have been putting up for him.  He's is not feeling well today, having another ulcer.  In his first update video below, he said that he came close to death with his illness.

He has plenty going on.  In addition to this water fuel cell project, which is kind of a hobby on the side, he runs a sporting good store business.  And he told me he has 2 horses, 58 chickens, 18 dogs, 2 hybrid wolves, a milk cow, 2 goats, 2 acres of crop, and a cockatiel.  And he's looking at other renewable energy technologies that he might help out with.  Meanwhile, he's getting tons of emails, phone calls inquiring about his water fuel cell technology.

Hopefully some of the people that are coming along to help will reduce his load so he can focus on what he does best.

Adam W., who also lives in Prescott, has agreed to serve as a project coordinator.  His first task will be to replicate the technology himself.  He was hoping to meet with Freddy today to get some parts and instruction, but apparently Freddy wasn't feel up to it.

James Sharp is going to be helping with Freddy's website, and he's going to help coordinate the open source project.  He travels regularly between California and Prescott, AZ; which spurred him to get into HHO technology a couple of years ago, by which he was able to improve his mileage.  Professionally, he has experience in corporate communications, especially in making presentations, including 3-D animations and other multimedia.

Freddy is also grateful to have the assistance of Square1, which we featured in our news last week.  They have donated laboratory space, instrumentation, and a special controller being fine-tuned for this application.  "Hopefully working together we'll have something that works extremely well."

Freddy seems undeterred from some underhanded things that have been going on, including possible poisoning being behind his illness, having been shot at once in the last two weeks, and a bullet having pierced the propane tank at his house (which gratefully was empty).  The ATF audit of his shop ended well, thanks to his good documentation.

# # #


The stainless steel tubes have to be firmly anchored, to facilitate the crucial resonant vibrations.


Here are a few photos Freddy sent me on Aug. 30.  The time stamp on the photos was June 30.  You can click on the photo to download a much higher resolution version.


Update 1

YouTube; Sept. 1, 2010

Update 2

(Video shows some real estate he's looking to to build an off-grid, "earth ship", powered by solar/wind energy farm.)

Update 3 (lab tour)

YouTube; Sept. 1, 2010

# # #

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