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You are here: > News > Aug. 26, 2010

Chat with Freddy (guy claiming to have gotten a pickup to run on water)

Frederick Wells talks about the recent demo that had to be scrapped; points to plans for the design; talks about his early days of research, including time spent with Stanley Meyers.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Freddy said we could post the plans he made available in 2002, from which he built the device that allegedly enable them to run a 2004 Dodge pickup to run on hydroxy gas only, with no petrol.


I had my first phone chat with inventor Frederick (Freddy) Wells, Vice President of Future Energy Concepts, Inc. (FEC), yesterday (Aug. 25, 2010), and learned quite a few interesting things about him and his history. Last week I published a Q&A email we got from him, but being able to connect with him on the phone was refreshing.

Recently, he and his partner, David Seigler, have stirred up quite a buzz with their claim and videos depicting a Dodge 2004 pickup truck running on water via hydroxy from onboard electrolysis -- without any petrol -- supposedly having made a 3000+ mile trip on that configuration.

That excitement was chilled when the demonstration planned for last Saturday ended up not happening. "Another bogus claim bites the dust," is the conclusion many tended toward in their minds, though not giving up hope all together.

The guys from ChavaEnergy who flew in for that demo were adamant to urge me not to draw that conclusion until FEC had been given an adequate second chance to prove themselves.

According to Freddy, they were able to show their unit running on Wednesday to one of the people who had come in to validate the technology, though they didn't have all the test equipment needed at that time to draw a full conclusion. 

Then tragedy struck. On Friday, Dave inadvertently let the cell go dry, and "cooked the PVC vessel". It would take three days to reassemble the device, and the demonstration was scheduled for the next day. What were they to do?

Freddy developed a bleeding ulcer and took ill, perhaps botulism. He said he had a temperature of 103 as we were talking today. When I called on Tuesday, the person I spoke with on the phone said he had been at the VA hospital all morning.

Of course the skeptics and the skepticism in us all had a hay day with this development, jumping to the conclusion that this was probably a botched scam. 

One of the first things Freddy said to me in our phone chat was "I assure you, on my father's grave, that this is real."

In the midst of this recent turmoil, Freddy has made some excellent contacts in the field with people who are likely to not only be able to help him reassemble what they had, but to increase its stability and performance.

He has also gotten a secretary to help with the thousands of emails that are coming in (1000/hour at one point), and the myriad of phone calls. He also has gotten an engineer to help.

Freddy also gave me the link to a website where his plans have been posted since 2002. He didn't want me to give the link out, but he did give me permission to copy the page onto our site, which I have done. See  
I didn't quite understand the reason for that; and I hope I heard him correctly about being able to publish it. "You can post anything from there, but don't link to it," is how I recorded his statement in my notes. 

Reviewing those plans, an expert in the field said: "They are not complete... However they point you in a direction if you can read through the lines."

Freddy said he's been interested in this stuff since he was in Junior High school as a kid, when he did his first electrolysis experiment. "It's the only think I could think about," is how he described his lifelong obsession with the technology.

He said that in 1985 he was able to meet Stanley Meyers while he was working on some auto technologies.

I didn't catch clearly what he said next, but the gist of it seemed to be something about threats being made to keep this stuff quiet, which he did for years. I would guess that this is why when he posted the above-mentioned plans, he did so under a different name.

When the Gulf Oil Disaster happened, he had to pull the plans out and build a device. He could not sit quietly any more.

Before he got out of range on his phone (he was on the road), he was able to start sharing some of the theory behind what he thinks is going on. You'll have to excuse my lack of understanding in conveying this, and edit my wording in you mind to what makes sense if you are more familiar with this field.

He talked about a "super wave" and a "super cancellation wave", being "180 degrees out of phase" "with the inner tube". As the molecules go slamming into the 180 degrees change of direction, the electrons tend to keep moving -- commonly known as a "180° phase change". "As you pressurize, bubbles rise up to the top."

Referring to the work of Stanley Meyers, and what he himself has been able to accomplish, he talks about the steps of "fracture;" followed by "ionize, to stabilize"; followed by a "minute amount" going to the "injection rail" "to produce power." It's a matter of harmonics.

Apparently, that is why so little water is used, and so little hydroxy gas is needed to provide enough fuel to propel the vehicle.

The call dropped out, so I wasn't able to get any clarification on this. That will have to come another day.

Earlier in the call, Freddy said he wants to see this technology go out to the world and be a worldwide effort.

Earlier in the day I spoke with a person (Adam) who also lives in Prescott, who has been subscribed to my news for years, and who hopes to be able to help Freddy in a number of ways, including communicating clearing a set of plans that can result in a successful replication of this effect. We'll be posting those at PESWiki.

# # #

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Aug. 25, 2010
Last updated May 05, 2011


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