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You are here: > News > Aug. 24, 2010

Donations SOS: Keeping PES Afloat

We're in a particularly tight spot right now and could use donations or other financial help.  A special thanks to all those of you who have been chipping in.

December 2010 Update

Green Power Inc.
, the waste-to-fuel company in Pasco Washington, USA, has stepped forward once again as an official corporate sponsor of PES Network, Inc., making this fund drive no longer necessary, as of December, 2010.  You're still welcome to contribute if you wish.
Click here to donate.


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

First, I want to thank all of you who have been chipping in to help us keep our free energy news and directory service going. We really appreciate the assistance that has come in so far during this skinny time.

I realize that these are hard economic times for most everyone, even as we hope for better times to come as new energy technologies break onto the scene to make energy cheaper, more reliable, and more clean than what it has been traditionally.  When that happens, we anticipate that PES Network Inc. will do well, being in the middle of this success.  And we expect many of you will likewise prosper.  For example, once the technology is ready to go, we see ourselves selling plans for free energy devices, facilitating open source projects, as well as developing and marketing fully-ready free energy devices.  We also expect to realize some finders fees for helping investors and inventors find each other, among other fruitful business contacts we are likely to facilitate.  And I envision many of you likewise being involved in the wave of prosperity that will emerge with proven free energy technologies galore.

Meanwhile, we need to keep holding out the hat for donations, and even need to ask for more than we have been getting because the rate of donations has not been keeping up with the financial needs to keep us from sinking. Today, for example, we hit a crisis point when our business account, zeroed out, pulled from overdraft protection when a check hit it, drawing $228.43 from our credit account, which will now add to our monthly debt load, but at the high-interest, "cash" APR, until that card is paid off.  Ouch.

As long as you see the flashing "critical" image next to our passing the hat news bullets at (, it means that we are too close for comfort, as epitomized by the 'ouch' scenario described in the above paragraph. We're presently below our break even threshold and are in "sinking" mode.

We're doing all we can to try and find ways to keep this service afloat, ultimately without requiring donations as we've been able to do in years past; but until we do, we deeply appreciate the help that so many of you have been providing.  We also appreciate the words of encouragement that you have been giving us.

I'll take that flashing "critical" image down once we get above the "too close for comfort" level.

Thanks for understanding.

If you know of a product that might do well for our audience, or of an advertiser who might want to reach our audience, or of a business deal that might work well for us, please let us know. 

Also, maybe one of you deep-pocketed people out there with favorable inclinations toward free energy might be willing to entertain a bailout of our various debts so we don't have those monthly service fees that drain so much. I'd much rather pay interest to you when we can, as some of these deals come to fruition, than to be paying the credit card companies every month. We could probably get by without donations if we didn't have to make monthly payments on our debt load.

To Donate

You can make a donation through our Fund Drive page at  If you can, we would appreciate it if you could sign up for a monthly pledge.  And of course we encourage you to support our sponsors, which helps them and us and you.  Note: PES is not a tax-free entity.

# # #

Progress (Thanks everyone so far!)

Dec. 1: Larry O: $1 (monthly)
Dec. 2: anon: USA: $20
Dec. 2: David P: USA: $30
Dec. 3: Michael S.: $500
Dec. 7: Michael S.: $500
Dec. 9: Harold A: $1 (monthly)
Dec. 10: Alfred H: $10 (monthly)
Dec. 15: Glenn H: Denmark: $10
Dec. 18: Michael S.: $500
Dec. 21: Lary S.: $10 (monthly)
Dec. 23: Bill C: $5 (monthly)
Dec. 24: Mohamed A: $5 (monthly)
Dec. 25: Derrell Y.: $5 (monthly)
Dec. 28: Michael S.: $500
Jan. 1: Larry O.: $1 (monthly)
Jan. 9: Harold A.: $1 (monthly)
Jan. 10: Alfred H.: $10 (monthly)

Subtotal: $2109
(This subtotal commenced Dec. 1, 2010)


Previous Fund Drive:

  • Feature: Tesla / Finances > Donate to PES Network >
    Passing the hat on Tesla's B-day - On the 154th anniversary of the birth of the father of free energy, we honor the memory of the man who is finally beginning to get the attention he deserves in the mainstream; and we pass the hat to keep the news, directory, and networking service we provide going. (PESN; July 10, 2010)


'Wish we had more to contribute

October 20, 2010 10:08 AM Mountain, Nicki Price wrote:

We find your newsletter inspiring; for what had once appeared to be corrupt and destructive times, they have provided insights on a growing, positive revolution which will become mainstream someday. It is only a matter of time. 

Postings such as yours help to spread the word for those innovative ideas, at their inception, and to offer some form of peer review for the budding inventors.

Hopefully you'll be able to keep it up and thank you for your efforts and time to make such services available.

I wish we had more to contribute.

* * * *

The Secret

On October 23, 2010 10:49 AM Mountain, a contributor wrote:

Sorry it was so small, we lost our own business last year, therefore we don't actually have extra money since we're nearly $100k behind. Anyway, it was much more about sending the "energy of intention into the universe", to support you and all those you showcase - that it will attract more money for the PES network, and those working in garages around the world to bring us out of the dark ages.

If you've never seen the DVD "The Secret", it's about you creating the actual energy of the path and events you want in your life, and the underlying power we have partnering with our higher self to bring it into reality. 

Although my wife and I are behind financially, it's in some ways illusionary, and can be individually and collectively eliminated, by the faith in this process, and it's been hidden by our own fears and the surprisingly effective control mindset throughout history by those in power, whether political or religious.

You are helping to shine light on truths and realities of what we are capable of, and have been since long before Tesla. The answers are already here, have always been here, we just need to honor the context in which it's given, or it will once again, be used against us like our current structure of control via lies since so many have been easily deceived.

Thank you for continuing to shed light, you are sending out "energy" every time you send your emails, and that energy is the light that exposes the deceit, so it's incredibly important and we all are better for it, so thank you.

When asked permission to use his name with the above, he added:

Sure, I'm glad that it may lift spirits, inspiration often comes in small ways. I honestly believe the energy behind your successful effort to publish new ideas is as important as the content itself. 

If you're not familiar with the prayer "energy" of intention, you can view the results of it from Dr. Emoto's work. The link below is more related to what you're doing, Tesla's done, and how it all ties together. As you well know, biomimicry strives to replicate the power of nature, but we too possess the ability to impact our environment in amazing ways.

All I can say is keep up such important work, and know in your heart that your words and stories are being viewed by many who matter to our coming changes, and indeed you increase that empowerment of movement.

Brian Acuff
Pyramid Energy Resources, LLC

* * * *

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Aug. 24, 2010
Last updated January 21, 2011


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