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You are here: > News > Aug. 19, 2010

Extreme Weather a Function of Cosmic Dielectrics?

Paul Noel asserts that severe storms "are an electromagnetic effects of the plasma fields surrounding the solar system. These are what make sun spots as well. The driver is electrical. The mechanism is primarily capacitant and is based on dielectric." This is why opposite extremes appear at the same time on the planet.

While Russia is experiencing its worst heat wave in recorded history, Brazil is freezing.


Preface by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Back in 2005, we published a series of three articles by Paul Noel in which he described tornadoes and hurricanes from a cosmic energy vantage point. 

He said: "Energetically speaking, the vortex that forms in these storms is also a natural particle accelerator, and a massive capacitor bank. As the harmonic circuit develops, it resonates acoustically and functions as a capacitor, extracting the heat from the storm and transmitting it away. Without this electrical circuit, the storm would fail almost instantly due to the accumulation of heat from condensation of water."

The "Wilma the Capacitor" story was picked up by Slashdot, where Paul received a severe drubbing, being treated as an scientific imbecile.  However, Paul was vindicated (though no credited) nearly five years later by an article that appeared on April 14, 2010 in Science Daily: Giant Natural Particle Accelerator Above Thunderclouds.

So as you consider what Paul says here, and that it isn't yet something acknowledged by the scientific mainstream, I suggest that you have an open mind to the possibility that Paul may be ahead of of the scientific mainstream on the core concept here too.

Here is what he wrote to a New Energy Congress forum discussing the extreme cold weather in Brazil in contrast to the extreme heat in Russia.

[by Paul Noel

The real reason for the weather is something obvious from space research. You can get storms out at Saturn and even Neptune. Solar heating isn't the driver. Storms are electromagnetic effects of the plasma fields surrounding the solar system. These are what make sun spots as well. The driver is electrical. Because the mechanism is primarily capacitant and is based on dielectric, there are very little in the way of perceived electrical currents yet these are the most massive in the universe. The dielectric is very able to produce the transfer of energy place to place without conduction. It is also able to cool and to heat.

A Welding Analogy

I visited the NASA lab where welding was developed for Space Shuttle External Tank manufacture some years ago. Because of the extreme temperatures down to about 10 Deg. Kelvin in space, the welds have to be perfect. They also must not contain differential crystal structures to the aluminum next to them. They must not induce tension or compression stresses either. In order to do this the welds have to be frozen nearly instantly. They take a plasma torch welder using RF to strike a high voltage arc to conduct the low voltage welding current. After it passes nearly instantly the fillet is frozen using an electrostatic charge device that freezes the welds at about 6 times the rate you can get using cryogenic cooling. This is similar to what does a big chill similar to in Brazil and Argentina right now. It is electromagnetics and electrostatics. This isn't weird science, it is standard welding technology.

If the charge potential is differentially reversed the process will heat things up. Typically the charge potentials North to South on earth are reversed. They seasonally reverse as well.

Thunder Storm Analogy

The reason you have not heard of this in the weather is that weather scientists have not balanced their energy equations. If they do they get heckled out of the office. The simple equation here for a summer thunderstorm will illustrate.

In order to produce a summer thunderstorm, you must (1) heat the water to be in the storm to boiling point. (1 cal/g/deg C) (2) You must then convert it to steam (512 cal/g) (3) you must lift the mass to altitude. This is a complex algorithm but roughly it corresponds to the falling energy of the mass over the altitude and is anywhere from 10 to 25 times the energy in steps (1 and 2) above. On condensation and rain out you also get one more factor which is the decrease in temperature typically about 20 deg C of the water as rain. Sum up all these numbers and you get the heat that a thunderstorm must dissipate. Go looking for the hot air folks! Please do because you will not find it. Thunderstorms form at cold spots and they get colder even than the air around them. They chill the location. This means that the energy has to be going somewhere. Wind energy losses are essentially zero. The mechanism for a thunderstorm that drops 3 inches of rain over 1000 square miles in 1 hour is about as much energy as the detonation of a 500 Mega Ton Hydrogen Bomb every 10 minutes or so. That is a lot of energy to get rid of. Because it doesn't burn up the neighborhood and doesn't destroy everything, the energy went somewhere folks. Hunt it down. The mechanism is Dielectric Transmission of Energy. It works because of numerous mechanisms. Lightning is evidence of the dielectric driven to failure point. 

The seasonal differences are energy charge reversals with season as part of the tilt of the ecliptic related to the stellar field we are in. Please do not view this as a static field that doesn't move. It moves like the Northern Lights. In fact is it manifestly evident with the northern and southern lights.

On Aug. 21, 2010, Paul gave the following explanation in an ongoing discussion in a New Energy Congress forum stemming from the above information:

[by Paul Noel

First let me say that science does not require agreement. I appreciate it personally but in good science we look at facts not opinions. We try to find out what reality is. Thanks just the same.

Next I will try to explain the issue of Dielectric Cooling:
Dielectric is the term we use to describe the function of a Capacitor. 
Capacitors use two hopefully very highly conductive plates separated by what we call a Dielectric. The Dielectric is a very highly resistive to conduction material such as plastic, glass or such. When we charge one of the conductive plates, we instantly see on the opposite plate the exact same charge form except it is opposite to the one we just added.

Theory: The explanation we have (It is probably only a "good explanation") for heat is that it represents how fast the molecule is vibrating. More deeply the atomic theory says this is related to proton spin. 

A simple illustration:
If you take a large bowl of water that is round and not irregular and spin it round and round it will form a spinning pool of water. This only stops after being pushed when friction slows it down. This in a large pool of water can take days or months. If you then start pushing the water into the opposite direction it will slow down and then stop. If you stop pu\sing at this point it will sit there not spinning. If you push some more it will spin in the opposite direction. This will correspond to the right and left hand spinning of a magnetic field or a proton spin. Please note: I had to add energy to make it spin. I had to add energy to stop the spin. I had to add energy to reverse it. The only thing that changed was the direction. Energy only appeared when it was spinning. It disappeared when it was stopped.

Now to your question about the Microwave: It is pretty simple here. Microwaves are an Alternating field like AC electricity. Your understanding is about correct except that you have to understand that the field we are dealing with is equivalent to a DC field. This is rather like a river. If you are sitting in a flowing river, the river appears to have no flow at all you just move along with it. If the river speeds up or slows down you get changes you can see. Dielectric is about like that. 

In the case of a Dielectric a more simple example can be seen if you take a magnet and have a thin plate of plastic and then a lump of good magnetic type steel. When you put the magnet next to the plastic and the steel is on the other side the steel becomes a magnet exactly opposite in direction to your magnet. Energy transferred through the plastic but you couldn't measure any current or see any voltage. (No amps no Volts) This is why in the weather you don't see the energy move. 

Now you referred to resonating dielectric fields. When a lightning bolt happens a short happens between the two plates of charge. When this happens something happens to the dielectric. It was highly compressed like between two magnets. It then is uncompressed. We all know that this produces Adeobatic changes or Air pressure changes. The lower pressure causes water to condense. This also changes the dielectric properties and causes the charges to reform. This is why lightning strokes and restrokes several times. The result is exactly what happens in a freezer or refrigeration unit. The Air gets cold and the water condenses. Lightning is not needed to do this. It can happen as a vortex flow in the air similar to a jet turbine. In every case the dielectric effect transports energy. The energy of a thunderstorm or Hurricane etc is transported two ways. It goes into the ground and it goes into the upper atmosphere plasma layer. Both layers have essentially no resistance and can transport the charge very long distances. 

If you remember my bowl of water example, the energy state can appear or disappear without measure in our classic sense. This is a key principal to "Over Unity" energy issues. The energy can literally appear or disappear without trace. This principal is used for Laser cooling of matter. We resonate a beam to zero out the spin of the matter down to absolute zero. This is also the principal of MRI machines as they orient everything one way using a massive magnetic field and then let go and it rebounds. The energy released appears as radio waves that are detected and imaged. 

If we can destroy energy by this means or create it by this means which we do all the time the game is on. I hope this lesson in atomic physics with simple real world examples is not taken too precisely by some. It is intended to be a simple way to help someone understand It isn't intended to be exact. But those who get too locked into the latest physics examples from the Nuclear or other Physics guys should realize that their examples are nothing but "good examples" too. They may not be as good as these. View the examples sort of like a parent trying to explain a complex subject to a child. They are approximations not exact. I have tried to be very close though. 

If you want to see this dielectric in action look up a voltage doubler. 
In order for this device to work everything I have described here has to be a fact.

The only other thing I can suggest is that you watch the silly movie "Horton Hears a Who". It will be good to get you to understand that things have scale and may extend past normal understanding. 

One fact you can rely on. The Macro World we live in is nothing but the sum of the micro world that exists beneath us. No principal existing below comes without expression in our world.

- - - -

I appreciate a kind word and hope this has helped others understand at least on a simple level what is going on.

There are several methods of cooling going on in the area of thunderstorms. In the upper atmospheric region there are several layers of plasma causing a multilayer capacitor to form. One of the most famous of these is the "Van Allen Radiation Belts." These are called Radiation belts because they were detected to contain in various layers electrons and protons not associated with any other matter. It turns out that this is a capture of the "Solar Wind" a plasma coming from the sun in the earth's magnetic field. 

If one does a bit of research they can see that NASA is very interested in this issue of ionized particles. will lead you to a lot of data on this. Most of the effort at Wallops Island is research into these issues. All of the data is coming back in support of what I have said. Unfortunately the Phyics Police as I call them still destroy the career of those who try to get at the truth. 

Recently there was a NASA Project "Gravity B" which was billed as trying to prove Einstein's work. Actually the effort was to get the facts and it was essentially killed as the data poured in telling how the whole universe worked the way I have said. 

(Please excuse me for a minor blow of my own horn!)
On the issues here in physics, I have been told I was an idiot for years by the "Physics Community." But the technical people told me to keep on going on. I was right and the Physics guys were wrong. 

I believe I also gave the first "rational" explanation for what a magnet is. It is a diode in the ether of space. This explains its behavior pretty well. Just try to get an explanation out of the Physics community as to what a magnet is. They don't have one!

On the BP Macondo Well. The only thing that is still in any doubt is the exact output of the well and even now the estimates from the scientific community are pushing above 250,000 BPD. That would be only a 33% error on my part and I am still betting they get to my numbers. I was the first one who told about the fact that most of the oil didn't make it to the surface. Researchers from Georgia and Florida now say it was over 78% didn't make it to the surface. Now they are even talking about the methane effects. 
I would say even if I am considered in error, you have to remember that those who guessed against me were supporting estimates like 5,000 BPD and 1,000 BPD. Those guys even by lowest scientific estimates now missed by between 95% and 99%. I think you could trust my error factors. I am more like "Spock" in my estimates.... Sorry for those who thought I should have my estimates taken with a grain of salt....

I hit the plumes. I hit the processes and now I am going to even tell people that the real horrors are about to begin as we see top to bottom damage to the ecosystem and a government who will tell any lie to sell contaminated seafood and prevent BP from facing the damage it did. OH! BP corked off recently for anyone who thinks that $20 Billion Escrow which they have only put $2 Billion into was a shakedown.... BP said that up to date the cleanup and damage costs were $26.6 Billion and counting. Actually I was a bit low on my damage estimates at $1 Trillion in 3 states. The damage because of the 6 month shutin of drilling is estimated to do $5 Trillion in damage. This is tilting the USA into an extended depression much deeper than the meltdown 2 years ago. This well has done more damage than the Fiscal Crisis did. Maybe you can see as an advocate of alternative energy why I said do not stop drilling only do it safer!

This having been said, I would much rather be right about good things and happy topics. I am very sad that I had to take the front on this issue. It seems nobody else was willing to take the issue on. The press was all too happy to swalllow money from BP and tell lies.

I remain a very hopeful for the future if we press forward on the Alternative Energy front. I am hearing good news on several fronts. It is coming along. We have to keep pressing forward. We have no hope without this. The issue is freedom not energy. Energy is required for freedom. The energy must come from our friends and not from those who hate us. The energy cannot come from those who want to exploit us either. This defines the parameters. The physics are with us. The facts are with us. The needs of mankind are with us. We need to keep our goal. Study, Work and Invent for the future depends on us. The future will never come from those who cannot see. The Bible says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." 

Paul Noel

On August 22, 2010, 4:05 AM Mountain, Hugh Campbell wrote:

Nice to see someone also thinking differently about magnets. I personally believe that magnets are lenses in the same manner as a Gaussian lens works with a laser. If you follow the extended lines from a laser they eventually loop all the way around and appear as a very large magnetic field. The magnet acts more like a lens in a Gaussian system as it essentially creates a beam waist the same as with a laser. It is just a matter of realizing that lenses do not have to be clear or made from glass. Kind of like when germanium, which you can not see through with visible light, is used to focus infrared light. It gives you a different thought process as how different materials might be used to focus or concentrate energy. A diode needs to be part of a circuit where a lens causing a local space distortion causes coherent energy paths to appear as a magnetic field.

To which Paul responded as follows:

[by Paul Noel

I will not argue with a "good explanation". I have learned that these things tend to be sort of like the story, "The blind men and the elephant." Your explanation is probably actually the same as mine just using a different view. Clearly a magnet projects an energy beam. (Another of those undefined Physics things!) The Gaussian Lens sort of says we are looking at it pretty much the same way. Remember Maxwell statement about Light, Electricity and Magnetism.

A classic of this sort of thing is the famous argument between the various sciences over the description of:
(1) Color
(2) Frequency
(3) Wave Length
(4) Wave Number
(5) Electron Voltage

Well folks those things get lots of argument but they are exactly the same thing. Color is typically somehow limited to the visible range but extends into all EM field frequencies. The others are just how you look at frequency. A Red beam for example at 635nm is still Red and has a wave length of 635 nm while its wave number is 635 and ... 

This is something people need to understand in physics, chemistry, optics, astronomy and similar sciences. They get so proud of their definitions that they are unfriendly, unkind and just plain obtuse. I try to keep science as friendly as I can. I will also state for the record that the Physics, Astro-Physics etc communities are particularly proud of their equations. While the equations may or may not be useful, for the most part they hide a complete lack of understanding of the condition. If you cannot describe something fairly simply, you probably don't understand it.

For example: Math is really proud of its calculation engines and formula. In Astrophysics they get so proud of their Age of the Universe, Red Shifts and such. The problem they have is that they have exceeded the limits of their math. Floating Point Math is an approximation. It is never accurate. The only real math that exists is Integer Math. This is quite obvious when you understand that the smallest number of something (Whatever) there is, is ONE. View it this way. If I shoot a queue ball at a rack of 15 other balls, I get a set of interaction reactions that are essentially 15:1 The division reaction is 15/1. It is not 1/15 as the astrophysics guys discuss. The equation is upside down in their mind. This may seem trivial but if you shoot ZERO balls at 15 balls you get nothing. That is simply the reaction 15/0 = NULL. Now we computer scientists understand NULL but it seems most people do not. NULL isn't ZERO. It is NOT A REACTION. In our math it is an empty address. In Astrophysics this is really important because this reaction underlies all of the Age of the Universe, Distance and other supposed definitions. 

What this says is that reactions have ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE. That is they have size. Below that size they do not react they do nothing! This shows up in the quantization of reactions in the universe. It says that if you get too small nothing happens. The upshot of this is that you should be careful not to believe very much coming out of the Astrophysics bunch. They are wrong because their math is wrong.

This leads to the most important understanding people need to know in science. Math is not a fact. Math is a model. Just as a model car is not a car and is no matter how accurately made not exactly what a full car is, math is not 100% accurate. It is always an estimate.

The other thing that needs to be understood in science is that FACT and LAWS are really hard to come by. Everything is open to checking and challenge. In science we have many things people have not accepted as fact for a long time. For example Archimedes Principal: This involves the displacement rules for boats and much more. It has never been shown to have one exception. It still isn't accepted as a LAW of science. Newton's LAWS are for example some how magically supposed to be absolute and in fact we know exceptions. I have a friend who has a patent on Machinery controls that eliminate Newton's laws from machine shop feed ways. His name is Ilmar Ilkuk. (The Teaching Factory) The man is brilliant. His stuff works every day. At the same time we have the Maxwell Equations which are proved well and have never been found to have an exception yet they are not generally considered laws of the universe. Ilmar's invention is based upon how NASA manages the attitude of the Space Station. 

All of this having been said, I will not tell all of my details here, but I am slowly working down a magnetic research project and it is getting results. It appears very possible to control one magnetic field with another in fact it follows exactly the same rules as with RF transmitter fields. It is possible to add, subtract, multiply and divide fields. Leverage works quite well in the effort. I want to encourage others to do research as well. The generation of energy without fuel is not only possible, it is not difficult once you understand this. 

I forsee a world soon without any fuel use at all. I can see us having energy where and when we want. Long distance transmission will be a thing of the past. Fuel stations for vehicles, batteries etc will also go away. I am making progress. I encourage others to make progress. If you get there before I do, lets celebrate and be friends. 

When mankind is able to generate energy where and when he wants the only issue will be his character. 

Freedom is the issue.

# # #


Electric Universe Theory supported by the IEEE

On August 20, 2010 10:03 AM mountain; S.S. wrote:

Regarding your recent article Extreme Weather a Function of Cosmic Dielectrics?

This is part of the Electric Universe Theory supported by the IEEE. Please check out below for some articles related to EU and weather. 

Further reading  

* * * *

See also

Resources at

Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Aug. 1, 2010
Last updated August 28, 2010



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