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You are here: > News > Aug. 15, 2010

ExtraOrdinary Technology conference 2010 report by Riversong

A review of the four-day free energy conference held in Albuquerque, NM, USA from July 28 - Aug. 1, featuring John Searl and his antigravity technology, Marko Rodin and his toroid coils, health technologies, hydrogen/hydroxy, vortex, and more.

by Michael Riversong 
for Pure Energy Systems News

Jamie Burturff talks about the Rodin Coil.
Photos here by Mike Hedge, with permission.


Awareness of advanced technologies is expanding rapidly. This expanded awareness of Tesla technology among the public was reflected by good attendance at ExtraOrdinary Technology 2010.

We began with an afternoon workshop by Vernon Roth. He has been studying electronics and mechanical design since the age of 12. This workshop, entitled "New Power Paradigms”, contained information about the relationships between energy and consciousness. "How we make energy is a direct manifestation of our thought process and hence Consciousness.” Levels of consciousness were detailed and explained, as found in the book Power vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins. He also mentioned how "water is our direct connection to the etheric part of the universe.” All of these principles are involved in the development of his Hydrogen Energy System which is currently being deployed in many places and applications. With these thoughts in mind we went into the main part of the conference.

John Searl

The presentation by gravity and energy researcher John Searl was an historic moment – the first time he has appeared with all the current research models and parts. He presented along with John Thomas, Fernando Morris, and Russell Anderson. Models and demonstrations greatly enhanced the presentation. Serious research into his technology is currently advancing in several locations. Searl Effect Technology consists of the Searl Effect Generator which can potentially power houses, and the Inverse Gravity Vehicle (IGV).

Many have asked, "why can't he simply duplicate his earlier work now, on his own?” Searl explained that in 1946 he was in the right place at the right time, doing the right kind of work. That work consisted of doing repairs on many kinds of electrical equipment, giving him access to important items. His total development costs were only 108 pounds back then. Now it costs 3,500 pounds for one small part. It takes millions of pounds just to get set up.

Marko Rodin's daughter with John Searl

Morris and Anderson each gave detailed explanations of the models and demonstration units that had been set up for the conference. Extensive use of teflon, copper, and neodymium in layers is part of how this is being set up in the various labs involved.

Health Technology

Several speakers over the course of the conference commented that most, if not all, of the beneficial energy technologies under research tend to have beneficial health effects. Vernon Roth's explanation of consciousness levels may be part of this. Throughout the history of the Tesla Society and ExtraOrdinary Technology conferences there has always been a medical section, often on Friday mornings.

Dr. Robyn Benson and her clinical assistant Sudarshan Abhen detailed the effects of our environment on health. We are living in a toxic world now. How do we stay healthy in an unhealthy world? Robyn highly recommended the film "Food, Inc.” as a good summary of the problems in our food supply. Her Magnetic Resonance Stimulation mats with 6 Tesla coils inside provide relief and maximize the actions of herbs and supplements.

Dr. Steve Haltiwanger provided updates on his Lifewave patch technology, which can address many health conditions and has become very successful over the past few years. During the conference many people had the opportunity to try out the patches and reported good results. Another Lifewave executive, David Schmidt, spoke later on about the stages an invention has to go through getting to market.

Warren Starnes dynamically detailed several cancer case histories, including his own, and then informed us about the possible ways Ed Skilling's Photon Genius can work against many such conditions. He is an experienced legal and financial consultant who helped set up the Skilling Institute which is designed to preserve and enhance Ed's excellent electromedical work for future generations. Some of the portable Photon Genie devices were demonstrated in the lobby so people could experience how they feel.

Technical Director John Fiala put together a vendor showcase on Dermal and Subdermal Electromagnetic Therapy. Fortunately this was recorded, and is an excellent resource on a variety of electromedical technologies.

Hydrogen Technology

Moray King rounded up a variety of information showing how self-organization can happen throughout the universe, including in water. This has implications in the design of water electrolysis units and Brown's Gas generators. The principles of self-organization have not been well known until recent years. Moray's mathematics have been one key element showing that this can be recognized as a natural phenomenon, and thus key to the development of many new technologies. His presentation included several short videos showing stages of research worldwide.

Several speakers have connections with Marko Rodin in one way or another. Richard Motzer was the first of these. He detailed many tricks involved in the design of electrolysis units.

Paul Pantone readily admits that a lot more development needs to be done on his GEET technology, which has many facets. He and others in his network are seeking to understand why the technology works differently according to both known and unknown parameters. Part of his presentation was given outdoors, where several small motors equipped with GEET modifications were demonstrated. Several enthusiastic young researchers, some from central Arkansas, were working with Paul at the conference.

Vortex Technology

Contemporary researchers are painfully aware of inadequacies in conventional models of physics. In a lively presentation with many slides and demonstrations, Greg Volk untangled these, showing how natural motions occur and exactly where we should be able to find free energy phenomena. Several important definitions were given to help clarify the process of research. "Energy is not a thing – it is a relationship.” Eventually toroidal structures emerge throughout the universe as a fundamental basis of energy and matter. In the demonstrations it became obvious how these definitions can facilitate research. No summary can possibly do justice to the depth and rich texture of Greg's work. This is a video to be watched many times!

Jeff Cook explained gravitation fields through relatively simple equations. Key to this process is recognizing what he calls the N field. A field requires mass to be present. There is a relationship between scalar and vector potentials. To have a field there must be an interaction. Dimension of a gravity field is electric field divided by charge. This was an extension of work done in Greg Volk's lecture and also provided validation for many claims made by John Searl.

Rodin Torus Technology

Last year Marko Rodin showed up at the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference with several associates and friends. He had not been scheduled to speak, but was asked to fill in when a couple of speakers couldn't show up. His presentation was of great interest and sparked off much discussion. Since that time several inventors and researchers have experimented with aspects of his innovative torus coil windings, with enough progress made to warrant a whole section of the conference devoted to this.

Randy Powell saw Marko Rodin's AeroDynamics book and went on a quest to obtain a copy. He stressed the role of faith, the importance of the number 9, and a breakdown of the math concepts in the processes of building on Rodin's work.

Jack Scholze demonstrated how the Rodin Coil can enhance the performance of an electric motor. He's using a spinning neodymium magnet with a toroid, running at 12 volts and only Ό amp.

Last year Jamie Buturff demonstrated some of the first experimental bench setups involving the toroidal winding method. Since then he has been investigating the relationships of musical pitches and intervals to the technology. He now believes that this has the potential to save 20 – 30% of America's electricity if applied.

As always, Marko Rodin did things in a unique way, and it worked. His evening presentation was informal and yet packed with both mathematical and practical data. Harvey Fiala, who has spoken at previous ExtraOrdinary Technology conferences, came up and spontaneously discussed specific suggestions for performing accurate and meaningful power measurements. Some of his colleagues, other speakers at the conference, joined him for chats about specific aspects of their research. This presentation brought out many aspects of both material research and faith.

Sunday Morning

Whenever you see those mysterious purple plates around, thank Joe Blankenship. This is a direct line from Tesla. A man named Ralph Bergstresser spent 6 months with Tesla in 1942-43, and got many worthwhile ideas which led to the original development of purple plates, which are said to enhance almost any material they're placed with. Joe learned the tricks from Ralph, and the purple plates are still going strong. The importance of magnetite, gold, and other minerals was given in detail.

Steve Bridgers has invented an excellent molecular modeling kit. He told us about Fullerenes, which are hydrocarbon molecules originally synthesized from benzene and which have potential significance in the development of nanomaterials. They have also turned out to be good conductors of electricity. In another reference to the work of Buckminster Fuller, he demonstrated the principle of tensegrity, which is a structural balance of tension. This can be contrasted with compression which is how most buildings were built up to now. Tensegrity is present in many gravitational structures.

Dan Davidson completed the conference program with many useful comments about the nature of ether, which pervades the whole universe and is an important component of most theories that indicate the possibility of more efficient energy generation. First, he emphasized the importance of spirituality in science. What appears to be empty space is actually filled with ether, which is difficult to detect partly because it moves with the Earth. He went into some detail about a few experiments that had in the past indicated ether doesn't exist, which is contrary to both ancient and contemporary observations. It has also become evident that the visible light spectrum is actually a fractal formation that repeats up and down the electromagnetic spectrum. This has a lot of implications both for energy and communications.

After these presentations there were afternoon workshops by John Searl and Paul Pantone which were recorded.

All the conference DVDs are available either singly or as a complete set from Tesla Tech: 

Steve Elswick, left, organized the conference.

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