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You are here: > News > Aug. 10, 2010

Company runs truck on 100% hydroxy

In the tradition of Stanley Meyer, the people at Future Energy Concepts, Inc. have allegedly configured a 2004 Dodge 4x4 pickup truck to run on nothing but water via their on-board hydroxy gas generator that uses the the truck's alternator to electrolyze water, which is then ducted into the air intake.

by C. Michael Couch 
for Pure Energy Systems News

Future Energy's hydroxy unit sits in the back of the truck it supposedly is powering.


Here is the initial response to my request for article info from Future Energy Concepts, Inc. which posted a reported 100% Hydroxy Truck video on Youtube.

Three weeks ago, Future Energy posted a reported 100% Hydroxy Truck video on Youtube which has caused a huge stir. Future Energy claims to be running at ~60PSI though most researchers believe HHO or Hydroxy Gas to self ignite at 15PSI. Below are the responses to a brief e-mail interview with Frederick Wells the Vice President of Future Energy Concepts Inc. and owner of the intellectual property pending patent on the Hydrogen Hog.

The system is shown to be a basic Meyers type cell with somewhat conventional PWM driving circuitry. Any patentable information that might be unknown to those proficient in the Hydroxy/HHO Arts seems to have been omitted thus far. The only obvious difference to the trained observer is the oversized central tube pair. Further research will verify whether this is one of the original Meyers configurations or not. The writer of this article seems to remember seeing a similar configuration before in his Meyers research though it could have been by a replicator, possible something posted much earlier by Mr. Wells, himself.

I (Frederick Wells) am the Vice President of Future Energy Concepts Inc. and own the intellectual property and patent pending Hydrogen Hog which I lease to the corp.

Web site addy for linking 

Youtube video, live demo near the end. 

1. Are you running on 100% Hydroxy or HHO Gas?

Yes 100% HHO.

2. Is the gasoline totally shut off except for when the pressure of the HHO drops below 60PSI?

We no longer even use the fuel system after fine tuning our PWM we produce over 50LPM @ 3.02v 55A, which is more than this engine needs to run. The fuel system is kept intact for emergency in case the HHO system has a problem.

3. It is commonly known that 100% high grade Hydroxy ignites at 15PSI, how are you compressing it to 60 PSI without it exploding?

Pressurizing the vessel makes the free electrons normally lost in a pvc breather system. ionize the HHO mixture, and having very little inner annular space in the vessel does not allow for large accumulations or volume of gas. The now ionized pressurized HHO gas when compressed on the compression stroke of the engine, and then ignited by the spark plug and being preionized, liberates vast amounts of energy.

4. What is this controller that you are using? 

At the present time we are using a simple DC motor controller with a few modifications for frequency and the addition of several more mosfet transistors in the driving stage.

5. Did you make it yourself or is it available commercially? If so, where can it be found?

The unit unmodified is sold on eBay [PWM Pulse Width Modulator 55A HHO Hydrogen Generator] from Arizona Video, and the parts for modification were purchased from a local electronic distributor.

6. Are you making any modification to the Truck's ECU or pollution system?

We are working on new running parameters for the ECU, and plan on removing the stock exhaust, and replacing it with a stainless unit. The valves in the future will be replaced with SS ones, and the piston tops will be ceramic coated so we can start leaning out our fuel ratio for better performance.

7. What is the electrical power input to your cell?

see Question 2.

8. Does your cell run until it reaching 60PSI and then shut off or does it run continuously when the Truck is running?

The pressure switch cycles the PWM after it reaches 68 PSI, and turns it back on at 62PSI, then the small regulator before the injection rail regulates the actual rail pressure. Normal driving we have observed about a 30% duty cycle, unless we are going up a large grade or passing, in which the vessel duty cycle increases to about 85%.


Warning: Hydroxy gas can be extremely dangerous, especially under pressure.  You should become familiar with the hazards and be sure you know the work-arounds and precautionary steps that should be taken for safety.

Regarding the PWM Pulse Width Modulator 55A HHO Hydrogen Generator available from eBay, on Aug. August 10, 2010 1:38 PM mountain, Frederick wrote:

This is unmodified! Must be modified with a different IC so frequency can go down to 15Hz, and heat sink compound added to mosfet transistors. I change the Mosfet transistors to a heavier rated unit----for the first prototype units did not operate at rated capacity. Our version 6 prototype has been tested to 150amps @ 14.9 volts for 8 hours in oven @ 110F without a problem.

# # #


Truck Driving Down Road on 100% Hydroxy

We are back!! Here is the old video of our number 5 prototype. The final version is coming. Please stay tuned!!! (YouTube; July 16, 2010)

FEC Prototype

1995 Chevy Blazer.  Producing hydroxy at 2 L/second. "Our first test vehicle and first HHO setup. We achieved 78 MPG during our 350 mile test run!" (YouTube; July 16, 2010)

Collage of Photos

Preview of coming attractions. (YouTube; July 16, 2010)

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