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You are here: > News > July 31, 2010

Revealing what I know about building the Perendev magnet motor > Pre-Perendev Patent

Having honored the NDA long after the term expired, given new unsettling developments I now reveal blueprints, photos, and other insider information in hopes that it might help the many people out there trying to replicate Michael Brady's all-magnet motor.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

The following 1989 patent (expired after 20 years) is closely similar to Mike Brady's magnet motor, yet Brady makes no reference to it in his work.  It predates Brady's work by around a decade.  I found out about it in around February of this year (2010).


Patent Context

The inventor does not want to be contacted.  That is why the patent link is not given here.

He said he had it running in order to get the patent.  However, he was using ceramic magnets, and he said they degaussed (lost their magnetism).  He gave up on the project as a combined result of the expense of the ceramic magnets and the frustration of trying to get people to pay attention to something that they considered "impossible.

He said a person from South Africa had called him a number of times, asking very probing questions about how the motor worked.  The voice resembled the voice of Mike Brady he later heard on Perendev video, and the motor closely resembled his design.

When I was with Brady in S. Africa, it was clear to me that he did not honor intellectual property.  He didn't have a problem buying pirated videos, nor in using pirated software.  He was using a $60,000 (?) Caedra (sp?) software package that he had pirated.

And regarding his own claim to a patent, he never produced a number or any other evidence of the patent he claimed to have for his motor.  We asked him at least 100 times for this information, and he promised to give it to us many times, but never did (because he didn't have an awarded patent, just a provisional filing).

# # #

See also

Sterling's July  31, 2010 Disclosure

  • Introduction
  • Blueprints that Brady conveyed, along with some notes I took about them in our phone conversations.
    • new: (6.5 Mb download) - Brady's AutoCAD files? [posted Dec. 8, 2010]
    • new: (5 Mb jpg download) - photographs of the blueprint printouts I had on file [posted Dec. 8, 2010]
  • PHOTOS we took while in Johannesburg, showing the motor from various angles and in process of being assembled.
    • Assembly
    • Around Johannesburg - including the machine shop we went to to pick up the newly fabricated motor components (rotors and stators); neighbor Nielson Mandela's home; opulence/poverty contrast; street vendors
    • Brady's House - including a shot of the kitchen table I was sitting at when a witness confirmed he had seen the motor running
    • History Snapshots - of various iterations also tried and claimed to work
    • Aluminum Version (pre-dated the polypropylene version seen in the video)
  • Plans for the 1/4-scale version by Doug Furr
    • new: (23 Mb download) - AutoCAD files by Doug Furr of his 1/4-scale replica [posted Dec. 8, 2010]
  • Pre-Perendev Patent (Expired) - most likely pirated by Brady, with no credit
  • Witnesses - three people who said they saw it running
  • Johannesburg Trip Report

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan July 31, 2010
Last updated July 31, 2010


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