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You are here: > News > July 29, 2010

GEET plasma fuel processor kit now in production, available for purchase

The kit targets do-it-yourselfers and is designed to fit carbureted engines in the range of 1 to 16 HP, allegedly increasing their fuel efficiency by at least 30 percent.  It goes along with the plans which can be downloaded for free. 

C3 Universal Kit

Total Kit


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Steve Casey, CEO of Natural Energy Works Research & Technologies LLC (NEWR Tek), contacted me today to let me know that his company now has a universal kit available for sale for people who want to build GEET devices for small carbureted engines in the size range of 1 to 16 horse power. They just received their first batch from the manufacturer this week, with 75 in stock.

An engine with one of these GEET devices applied is said to increase its fuel efficiency by 30 percent on the conservative side, with a concurrent reduction in emissions. Paul Pantone, inventor of GEET, claims that when properly tuned the improvement can be several-fold, not just a few dozen percentage points.

NEWR Tek is working in partnership with GEET International Institute. The manufacturer is someone who has been working with Pantone since before his incarceration.

NEWR Tek has had a production prototype for about six months now, which they say they have successfully tested on four different systems. "The manufactured version is identical to the production prototype", Casey said. They've also tested the manufactured version with success on the slave unit.

This comes just in time for the four-day TeslaTech conference starting today in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Casey said they will have a sample unit on display for demonstration, with 5-6 dealers ready to take orders. Also on display (according to plans) by yet other dealers will be a motorcycle and a lawn motor which have been converted to run on GEET.

The TeslaTech, or ExtraOrdinary Technology conference has long been a strong supporter of Paul Pantone, inventor of the GEET. It was probably largely a function of the many supporters raising a stink about Pantone's wrongful incarceration at Utah's state hospital that resulted in his release after 3.5 years, while the establishment intended him to be lifelong fixture there. (I'm sure that Paul's son's posting YouTube videos featuring his interviews with his dad while incarcerated, showing him to be of clear mind and certainly not "mental institution" material, helped win the case for Paul's release.)  The conference organizer, Steve Elswick, made Pantone's plans available from his website; prior to the time last year when Pantone decided to make them available for free from [correction:], which he announced during his interview on Coast to Coast AM, shortly after he was released.

Pantone will be giving a special three hour workshop a the conference on Sunday beginning at 1:00 pm.

According to Pantone, what happens in a GEET reactor is that the incoming fuel goes in the opposition direction to outgoing exhaust in a chamber that surrounds the fuel, heating up the fuel. In the middle of this exchange chamber is a rod of a certain composition and length, which takes on magnetic polarity. Supposedly as the fuel encounters these conditions, by the time it exits past the rod, it turns to a plasma state, at a relatively low temperature, and the fuel molecules are broken down into their most elemental state, creating a new fuel state. 

click for enlarged view

A diagram illustrating how the GEET reactor works.

This new state burns much more readily, and with different properties (e.g. implosion rather than explosion) than regular petrol. It's this plasma phenomenon that explains why a wide range of substances can be fed into a GEET system, similar to what a plasma arc does in a municipal waste-to-energy plant.

Over the years, Pantone has played up this feature, allegedly demonstrating his engines running on Windex, soda pop, pickle juice, urine, water, waste oil, etc.

I'm guessing that if the improvements are only in the 30% range that the plasma state phenomenon has not kicked in, and that the improvement is merely a function of pre-heating the fuel so that more of the fuel is in vapor form and less fuel goes unburnt. It's when the plasma state kicks in (if that truly is the case with these systems) that the several-fold increase in fuel efficiency takes place.

I was contacted a couple of months ago by a guy who had attended Pantone's classes and had been participating in the forum of those who had attended, who said that people had been having a hard time replicating the GEET effect. Apparently the tuning of the rod length and orientation is a science that even Pantone doesn't fully understand yet, and the research and development will be ongoing for quite a while before a unit that increased mileage several-fold is available for sale.

But this step of a GEET component kit being made available will hopefully accelerate such research and development.

The kit is intended to go along with the plans that are available for free from The installation is still targeted for DIY types of people, requiring skills such as spot welding and wiring. They'll also need to be able to figure out air:fuel ratios.

The GEET kit prototype applied to a generator.

History of the Kit

Casey provided the following description of how he came to get involved in making and distributing this GEET kit.

In the fall of 2007 I began looking for ways to save on fuel cost due to a 100 miles per day commute. I purchased a diesel Mercedes and began using WVO [waste vegetable oil] for fuel. I continue to use WVO and see a savings of $2 per gallon.

During my research, I discovered HHO technology. After successfully building a unit for my vehicles, I began working with Ozzie Freedom and Water4gas and began posting adds in some Midwest Auto Sales magazines for internet sales. I didn't intend for my phone number to be listed, but it was, and I began getting calls from people who wanted HHO kits. My wife and I started a business, YouCanDriveOnWater, and began selling kits. We stayed very busy for a number of months. Our customers shared various fuel savings with our best result of 45% mpg increase to a VW Jetta Diesel. 

In the summer of 2008, I met two local men who were experimenting with HHO and we came together to pursue a more serious approach to the HHO market. After months of combining our efforts, we realized that without more money we could not adequately pursue the HHO market as it relates to third-party testing. We shifted our energies to the GEET technology we had been reading about on the Internet.

It just happened that we made this decision two weeks after Paul Pantone was released in 2009. We purchased the Deluxe Set of plans from Tesla Tech and set to work. When I called in for some support, I was fortunate to be able to talk directly with Paul, and he patiently guided us with our project. 

Our first GEET conversion was on a 5000 Watt Generator with a 10 hp motor. In our initial testing on this generator, we hooked up multiple 500 watt halogen lights and ran large shop grinders and were able to see improved fuel efficiency of over 50%. 

Seeing how well this worked, I took my two partners with me to Duncan, OK to Paul's class in November ‘09. Once home, we converted a 4000 watt generator with a 9 hp motor to GEET. We did more precise documentation on this conversion and found that we got between 70 - 80% production out of the generator with an excess of 50% fuel improvement. 

While building this unit we shifted to stainless steel pipe which was much lighter and mounted much more compactly. We got the idea of building a Universal Kit for the DIY market and set to work making that happen.

The end result to date is that we have our "GEET" C3 Universal DIY Experimental Kit for gasoline conversions for 1 to 16 hp engines. To explain the name, here is a quick breakdown. "C" is for my three children whose names start with "C". "3" is supposed to always show up as cubed, (some software doesn't allow for superscript) because we are working with 3 of the 4 states of matter-- liquid, vapor and gas. "Universal" is because it can be positioned in any of the three positions a "GEET" unit can be mounted -- horizontal, diagonal or vertical. "DIY" is for the ever famous Do it Yourself army of people around the world who like to start with a kit and then make it fit their own unique project. "Experimental" is because many people are in the experimenting mode. The Kit is manufactured to the exact specifications given by Paul Pantone in his classes. Some of this information is confidential to dealers only and so we save the "DIY" community a lot of guess work. "Kit" is pretty self explanatory. We want the "GEET" community to know that there is some work left for them to do in the conversion of their engine. The kit comes with all parts needed to make a basic reactor including the rods for all three application positions. They are constructed of 304 Stainless Steel. Laser cutting assures precise joints and machine welds means solid joints. After the fitting is complete, our customers only have to drill four (4) holes and make 11 spot welds and they have a lightweight heavy duty “GEET” Fuel Reactor.

Our business plan includes creating kits for larger applications.

We are currently in the process of converting a 4 hp motor so it can be used as a slave unit to provide fuel to a burner application. You can see videos of our progress on YouTube by searching, "Building a GEET Slave Unit".

We have converted other engines with varying results. The trick is in the air/fuel supply and that is why we have also put together a "Total Kit" which includes everything but the fuel line going from the reactor to the engine. We also have "Bubbler" accessories and kits. 

NEWRTek provides custom design work which is supported by a complete machine shop and two manufacturing companies. 

NEWRTek is positioned to be a leader in providing "GEET" Technology to the public.

For more information and to purchase your own "GEET" C3 Universal DIY Experimental Kit, Total Kit, or Bubbler Kit, visit 

Intro Video

Here's a video that NEWR Tek has on their site describing the kit:

# # #

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Good Start; Retrofit for Cars Next?

On July 29, 2010 6:21 AM marthale7 wrote:

Good start, would be nice to see this operating on an engine, and a full kit be made for common engines like generators.

* * * *

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