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You are here: > News > July 14, 2010

Terawatt Research LLC defies free energy stereotypes

This overunity magnet motor company is opposite the typical free energy image.  They are low on fluff, have never been in the mainstream press; and they are and high on evidence, including test results from TάV and UL.  One of their strategic advisors (not suppressors) served as former director of the CIA and of the FBI.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

The motor on the top right turns the shaft connected to the red wheel, which is surrounded by impregnated magnets which cause the blue wheel on the left to spin, turning the generator on the upper left, which is capable of oscillating load fluctuations (patented).  At certain frequencies, the output is several times greater than the input.
Source: Terawatt dot com


Terawatt Research LLC (TWR) of Irvine, California, USA is a company replete with paradox in comparison to other players in the renewable energy sector, especially in the exotic free energy field.  They have one of the most promising free energy technologies, and they go about their work quietly.

Of all the exotic technologies I've seen, they have some of the very best evidence supporting their claims by two of the most reputable testing organizations in the world: TάV Rhineland of North America and Underwriter Laboratories (UL).  Both data plots clearly show performance frequency ranges in which much more energy is produced from the system than what is required to drive the system – at least three-fold.

A site map of the TWR site shows that most of the pages have to do with an elaboration of the TUV and UL data and its manner of collection.

In the world of exotic free energy, stories are abundant, and evidence is sparse.  In the case of TWR, they're not interested in telling stories, and their evidence is solid.  They state simply: "Extensive tests and studies have resulted in the successful development of a new principle of generating energy." They say they are "harnessing the energy of intermolecular fluctuations."

Back in September of 2006 when I was able to speak with the inventor, he said, in essence, that "The basic premise of the technology is that nature seeks symmetry and balance. The symmetry has inner stability. A temporary imbalance imposed wants to return to balance. This force can be harnessed for output energy." (Ref.)

At that time, they were using a series of torsion springs to create that im/balance, achieving slightly more energy out than what they put in.  Now they appear to be using magnets in the perimeter of two wheels.  On their "International Introduction" page, they say (translated into several languages): 

"Here you will learn about Terawatt Research's Development into Interactive Magnetic Oscillation, with the aim of producing power for the production of electricity. At present, Interactive Magnetic Oscillation (IMO) has been demonstrated and resulted in producing workable designs of an apparatus which will deliver energy."

As far as I can tell, it is a variation of what we, in our vernacular, call a magnet motor.  But with a new approach and description.

Their present efforts are toward turning this into a power system capable of producing electricity for homes and industry.  The first statement on their news page is that " TWR is moving from concept model towards production model".  On their home page, they say: "We developed a technology that allows this oscillation to be permanently harnessed."

You would think that with that level of proof they would have vast media exposure; yet an archive search by Google News comes up null for "Terawatt Research".  They are loath for coverage.  On TWR's "news" page, they don't list a single external news story.  When I phoned the company yesterday, they basically hung up on me when I identified myself.  Most people in the free energy field would be clamoring for attention if they achieved this level of evidence and overunity output.

James Magee &
 William Webster

Often in the world of free energy, stories of suppression by the powers-that-be abound.  Some government agency or some black operation bullies the inventor and/or his colleagues.  But in the case of Terawatt, according to their "about us" page, one of their key players is James Magee, former commander of the largest anti-terrorist organization in the Department of Defense, the Marine Corps Security Forces.  He serves in Terawatt's "internal security."  If that sounds impressive or extreme, another of their strategic advisors is Judge William H. Webster.  He's the former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Holy %#@*!  These guys are serious!  These are the kinds of positions one might traditionally suspect as being behind some of the suppression of free energy technologies, yet here these people are in a supportive role at Terawatt.

Another contrast between TWR and the stereotypical free energy company has to do with their facilities.  Most free energy researchers and inventors work out of their garage, if they have a garage or a shed out behind their house.  TWR has a large, plush building with their name emblazed out front (ref).

Apparently, they're not using the whole building at present.  A click on their building image takes you to Google Maps, showing the url:

Another contrast is that the photos usually presented by typical free energy inventors/researchers include clutter, whereas the TWR photos are absolutely pristine and clearly labeled, where appropriate.

Most (~95%) renewable energy companies are glad to get coverage, and are happy to let us use whatever images we find on their site, or which they send to us.  In the case of TRW, based on past experience, I predict that they will be royally pissed off because 1) we have given them coverage, 2) we link to their site, and 3) we have used some of the images found on their website.  But hey, that's what we do.  We are a free energy news service, and this is major news, even though most of it is a couple of years old.

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan July 14, 2010
Last updated August 18, 2010


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