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You are here: > News > July 10, 2010

Passing the hat on Tesla's B-day

On the 154th anniversary of the birth of the father of free energy, we honor the memory of the man who is finally beginning to get the attention he deserves in the mainstream; and we pass out the hat to keep the news, directory, and networking service we provide going.

It's humiliating to say this, but we are maxed out on our credit and near zero in our accounts.  Our need is acute presently.  Exotic free energy is indeed the hope of the future, but until it kicks in, we struggle.  If you could afford a small or even larger donation, or a monthly pledge, we would be most appreciative.  -- Sterling (July 22, 2010)
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Nikola Tesla (I added the hats)


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Today is Nikola Tesla's birthday! Born July 10, 1856, the man had a gift in which a vision would come to him in a flash, like a blueprint; and he would remember it, draw it up, built it, and it would work.

The huge AC power plant at Niagara Falls – the first of its kind, commissioned in1895 – was financed and built because of adequate confidence in his ability. It is known as "the birthplace of the electrification of the world." (Ref.)

Not only did this gifted genius bring the world AC power and radio -- the foundations of modern civilization -- but he progressed far beyond in the latter half of his life; and the world is still playing catch-up, a century later. He is the well-deserved icon of the free energy movement, providing inspiration to thousands of researchers around the world, who labor to embody some of Tesla's later work, with the vision of having devices that can harness the inexhaustible sources of energy available to us freely from the environment and cosmos.

While there have been many brilliant inventors through time, and there are many gifted inventors alive now, Tesla is the deserved icon for the free energy movement.  That's why we feature his image at the top of the home page at

It's unfortunate that due to the politics of his day (especially J.P. Morgan), that didn't want to see the emergence of un-metered power, Tesla was marginalized and became unfairly associated with fringe science.  But thanks to the Internet and the momentum of truth emerging due to the efforts of so many to bring it to light -- both his reputation and his technologies -- his fame is beginning to pick up more in the mainstream as well.

Last year, on Tesla's birthday, Google posted the following logo for that day:

When a cursor was rolled over this logo a message popped up: "Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!" (Ref.)

One of the most well-known new car companies, who has helped bring electric vehicles into vogue, is named in his honor: Tesla Motors, Inc.

As of 2 am GMT, July 10, 2010, there are 325 returns for a query on "Nikola Tesla" in a Google News search, beginning with a Wired News article titled: "...Visionary Tesla Born at Midnight".  That story opens:

1856: Scientific genius and visionary inventor Nikola Tesla is born at the stroke of midnight... He wastes little time in revolutionizing the world through foundational developments in electromagnetism, electrical current, wireless power and communications, weaponry, robotics, computer science, mass media and much more.

"Tesla is like a character out of a science-fiction novel, the quintessential mad genius," journalist Tom McNichol told by e-mail.

I've personally noticed that most people have a deep respect and admiration for the man.  As the "father of free energy" his fame will continue to grow as the work of the latter half of his life begins to come into modern use, saving us from our dependence on fossil fuel and the criminals who have been using oil as a tool to usurp totalitarian control over the planet.  Though these New World Order conspirators are presently coming into in the zenith of their power, their days are numbered, as their brazen evil works on the conscience of humanity to demand their removal, while simultaneously rendering them obsolete through the emergence and embracing of far more enlightened ways of living.

While the future belongs to the visionaries, we're still in the birthing process and have need for infusions of help.  The same holds true of most of the cutting-edge companies and technologies we talk about.

Passing the Hat; Looking for Major Sponsor

Green Power Inc., a waste-to-fuel company in Pasco, Washington; generously sponsored us this past winter.

Last fall, I put out the hat, and many of you generously contributed to help us make it through then.  Some of you are still making monthly donations commenced back then, which we greatly appreciate, whatever their size. 

Green Power, Inc. (GPI), a waste-to-fuel technology company, was especially generous, coming forward as a major sponsor, providing many helpful financial infusions, including enabling my wife to join me for the Earth Transformation Conference I was invited to address last January, talking about the ten most promising free energy technologies.

Unfortunately, GPI has come on several challenges, including some personal burdens of the CEO, who hasn't been as careful as he should be to take care of his own health.  They seem to be in the process of getting back up, but have not been able to continue in their sponsorship as they had hoped.

So we are now to a place were we need to put the hat back out; and we would be especially happy if one or more of you could come on as a sponsor, so we could pull the hat back in, and put you on our site as a major sponsor.

In the last passing of the hat, we were hoping to raise $20,000.  We pulled in a little more than half of that; so that gives you an idea of what we'd like to do this time around.  We have some debt we're servicing which would be nice to get out from under so we don't have that monthly hit.

Another way we could pull the hat back in is if we doubled our daily traffic, which is presently around 30,000 page views per day.

As we said last time . . .

We love what we do here at PES Network, Inc., covering and cataloguing breakthrough clean energy technologies.  The words of encouragement and support from so many of you means a lot to us and helps spur us forward, despite the difficulty that this task entails.

The primary difficulty is financial as there is not a lot of money out here in the fringes of science.  Certainly you are aware that the inventors in this arena are fledgling in their efforts to get the meager finances they need to take the next step.  That phenomenon spills over to us as well as people are slow to open their wallets to buy the gadgets and gizmos we advertise on our site, which helps keep us afloat.

It is true that renewable energy is the wave of the future, but it is also true that the more exotic you are, the less support you typically get.  As we say at the bottom of our site: "He who is one step ahead is a genius.  He who is two steps ahead is a crackpot."  There are very few people who dare hang around the latter crowd.

Until last Fall, it had been like three years since we at PES Network have passed the hat to get financial help for our own support.  We've been able to stay afloat from advertising and a few products we sell.  However, the economic downturn has effected us to the point that we now need to do something to pull out of a red trend that we're in.  When I say "we", simply put, that entails me, full time (supporting my family of 6), the many volunteers in the New Energy Congress, along with the expenses involved in keeping the websites up.  The rest of the network is a voluntary force of advisors and brains who help us bring you this news, directory, and networking service.  I mention that so that you can get a ballpark figure in your head as to the level of funding that would be helpful.

In passing the hat, I anticipate a couple of types of donations.  One would be some small donations by those of you who use this service regularly and want to chip in what you can, even if it is just a token amount.  The other would be some of the companies out there who have benefited directly and substantially because of the coverage we have given you, the people we have recommended, and resources that have materialized as a result.  We would like to ask you to return the favor and bestow a commensurate donation if you can.

To Donate

You can make a donation through our Fund Drive page at  If you can, we would appreciate it if you could sign up for a monthly pledge.  And of course we encourage you to support our sponsors, which helps them and us and you.  Note: PES is not a tax-free entity.

# # #

Progress (Thanks everyone so far!)

7/9: ImZane; Australia: $10
7/10: Jason W; Australia: $20
7/10: Eirik H.; Norway: $20
7/10: David G.: $50 (monthly)
7/10: El Rancho Market: $10 (monthly)
7/10: Larry V: $20
7/10: William C; USA: $20
7/10: Thomas C; USA: $20
7/12: George H.; Canada: $25
7/13: Chris S.; USA: $20
7/14: Gary H.; USA: $50
7/15: Mike H.; USA: $7
7/15: Dow S.; USA: $20
7/16: Jean C.; Canada: $10 
7/20: Sean M.; USA: $20
7/20: FoodIsLife; Japan: $25
7/21: Lary S.: $10 (monthly)
7/22: Timothy S.; USA: $50
7/23: Bill C.: $5 (monthly)
7/23: Campbell M.; New Ze: $10
7/23: Thomas W.; UK: $10
7/23: Frank M.: $30
7/25: Christopher W.; UK: $50
7/25: James B.; USA: $50
7/25: Randolph D.; USA: $10
7/26: Simon N.; Switz: $80
7/26: Robinson O.; USA: $10
7/26: Florencio F.; USA: $25
7/27: Victor M.; USA: $10
7/27: Michael T.; UK: $15
7/27: Jeremy M.; USA: $25
7/27: Alan M.; UK: $35
7/28: Stephen L.; UK: $8
7/28: Dan. E.; Sweden: $25
7/29: Gad H.; Israel: $18
7/10: Jason W; Australia: $20
8/1: Jonathan B.; $5 (monthly)
8/2: Erwin S.; Austria: $20
8/2: Georges D.; Belgium: $50
8/3: Cigola R.; Italy: $30
8/3: John S.; USA: $10
8/4: Dennis R.; USA: $5.23
8/5: anon.; Norway: $10
8/8: Robert B.; Australia: $15
8/9: Harold A.; USA: $1 (monthly)
8/10: Keith B.; USA: $10
8/10: David G.: $50 (monthly)
8/10: El Rancho Market: $10 (monthly)
8/10: Kurt S.: Canada: $25
8/11: Gary H.; USA: $16.17
8/11: R.Y.; USA: $20
8/17: Julia F.; Czeck: $1
8/18: Arthur M.; USA: $200
8/18: David S.; USA: $10
8/21: Jan P.; Denmark: $40
8/21: Lary S.; $10 (monthly)
8/21: Frank M.; USA:$50
8/23: Jean-Pierre E; Switz: $75
8/23: Susan L.; USA: $25
8/23: Bill C.: $5 (monthly)

Subtotal: $1526.40
(Subtotal commenced July 10, 2010)

Follow-up Fund Drive

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan July 9, 2010
Last updated November 26, 2010


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