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You are here: > News > May 24, 2010

Open letter to Clickbank regarding Magniwork scam involvement -- Warning of possible legal action

For the past year, Magniwork and others have been using Clickbank to sell $49 DIY plans for a device alleged to cost less than $100 in parts and which can power a house.  Clickbank continues to allow this to go on, despite our warnings that the plans are bogus and that we've received no evidence to support the claim.

On May 17, the following letter was sent to Clickbank, but as of May 30, pm, they have not responded, even though their contact page says a response should be expected within two business days.  Instead, they continue to allow this scam to be run through their service.  Also on May 17, a copy of this letter was submitted to the New Energy Congress (NEC) and a poll was posted that "The NEC stands behind the story as posted", which was answered in the affirmative.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010


An Open Letter to Clickbank:

Several times in the last year I have warned you that Magniwork is a scam, referring you to our exposι page at ; yet you have ignored these warnings and have continued to allow them to collect their revenue through your service.

They claim to be selling plans for a cheap device that can power a house using free energy. Their opening statement says: "The magniwork generator creates energy by itself and powers your home for free." Further down their page, they say: "all the raw materials needed cost less than 100$."

As founder and CEO of the New Energy Congress (.org) and of Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network Inc., I am a proponent of free energy technology with a reputation in the field for seeking out the best clean energy technologies of the exotic kind. You can see my listing of what I consider to be some of the most promising exotic clean energy technologies at  

From that listing, you will see that I would love it if Magniwork was actually promoting a working device. However, it doesn't work. It is totally bogus. Despite Magniwork's claim on their splash page: "Hundreds of successful magniwork generators have been built around the world", never once have we or anyone we trust seen a video or photo of a working device, let alone seen one in person. No data has been produced as supporting evidence of a working device. 

All we've seen are written claims of a working device by people who are selling the plans and reaping the financial benefit from this scam.

There are a few of variations on this scam: and and, which also sell through Clickbrank. Each has a separate set of affiliate partners.

There are now more than 50 domain names that have been purchased by various affiliates of these sister scam. Most of the time, when I see a new affiliate show up in my AdSence space, and see that the advertiser claims to have built a successful device, I contact that person and ask for evidence. Never once have I received a response.

The technology did not originate with Magniwork, but is plagiarized from .  The originator made no claims along the lines that Magniwork is making.

There are yet other violations of Clickbank terms and of the laws of the land. Magniwork does not have permission to use the SkyNews video from YouTube that they have been using on their splash page from the beginning. In fact, Lutec, whose technology is featured in that video, published a repudiation statement that they have nothing to do with Magniwork and that Magniwork is not authorized to use their video in this way. That repudiation was published in my news on Nov. 10, 2010; yet Magniwork and its affiliates continue to use that video.

People are being ripped off $49 dollars, but I imagine few seek remedy as the amount is not that great..

Back on Aug. 16, 2009, we posted a poll "Regarding the Magniwork generator", which as of today has the following results: 

Though 22 respondents supposedly confirm that the plans resulted in a device capable of powering a house, no one provided any evidence, as requested.  It is likely that all those affirmative votes came from the scam perpetrators, using different computers, or clearing their computer cookies so they could vote multiple times.

To illustrate the level of ethics or lack thereof, by those participating in this scam, earlier on there were two instances in which someone removed our PESWiki site content about Magniworks and replaced it with promotional material linking to their affiliate code.  Here are the links(2) from the history function of that page showing that unethical action.  I had to place a "protect" status on that page to prevent future abuse, so that only sysops can update its contents.  I've never had that happen to any other page on the entire site in the six years I've been running it.

Though Magniwork claims a 60-day money back guarantee; I'm guessing that some people are too embarrassed by the time they realize they've been had.  $49 isn't going to break most people's bank, and they probably just let is slide as a slip of judgment on their part and not worth the hassle to try to get the refund.  Because the scammers offer the money back guarantee, I'm guessing that a class action suit might be hard to pursue.

But if there is some kind of legal action, I would think that Clickbank should be named as a party to the scam, inasmuch as you have been warned about this scam but you continue to allow Magniwork to use your service to propagate their scam.

Over the past year, since Magniwork began this scam, our page at PESWiki has consistently pulled up in the top 1-5 returns for a Google search on the term "Magniwork".  Presently, according to Alexa, "magniwork" is the top query bringing people to our site.  I would think that if this technology really worked, then someone would have told us about it (a working device) and given us adequate evidence.  But none have. To the contrary, many people have thanked us for our page of warning about the scam, which prevented them from getting ripped off.

I know a lot of the key players in the free energy field, and I have never encountered any one of them who vouches for Magniwork. Rather, every one of them I've asked agrees that Magniwork is most probably a scam. We don't appreciate this because when a real free energy device finally does emerge (which harvests inexhaustible environmental energy), people will be much less responsive due to the "boy who cried wolf" syndrome that the plethora of Magniwork ads have created in the industry. Furthermore, they are leaching on our hard work of building hope for the emergence of such a device, and are answering it with a bogus device, ripping people off.

Despite my overflowing schedule, I'm considering commencing action against Magniwork, collecting a list of ripped off customers. Clickbank will be listed as auxiliaries to the crime. At a minimum, I will be encouraging someone to step forward and head up this initiative; and I will gladly provide our news service as a venue for getting the word out.

I will be encouraging anyone who is presently using Clickbank for their ebook promotions to switch over to other similar services, such as  At least in this case, Clickbank has not been serving as an upstanding company but appears to have been more interested in making money rather than making sure that customers are getting what they think they are getting when they purchase a product through Clickbank.

As I see it, the only way you can recover your reputation in this matter is to stop allowing Magniwork or any of its affiliates to use your service to promote this fraudulent product; and do what you can to see that all the customers who bought the Magniwork plans are refunded.  I think it would also behoove you to seek to obtain a refund from Magniwork for the funds they received through you; and bring legal suit if necessary against them for their fraud and to recover as much of the funds as you can which they obtained with your assistance.

# # #


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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan May 12, 2010
Last updated June 11, 2010


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